“Get off the horse?”Cui Kai glanced at Qiao Tianyu next to him。

“Do not,This is disgusting!”Qiao Tianyu smiled,It seems that Raman pays enough attention to Qiao Tianyu’s opponent today,Prepared a lot of tricks。
“Leave it to me。”Qiao Tianyu smiled,Stood up slowly。
“Whoops,It seems that Mr. Delfino is very familiar with the world’s major hedge funds.!But the bargaining meeting was postponed for an hour,They want to short the international gold market,It’s too sloppy?”
“What do you think?Who do international hedge funds want to short,Do I have to discuss with you??”Delfino asked not convinced。
“Of course you don’t need to discuss with me,It’s just that I don’t understand what Mr. Delfino means。”Qiao Tianyu explained with a smile。
“Did you mean to say,International hedge funds may short the international gold market at any time,In order to withstand the impact of international hedge funds,Five big gold merchants want to unite,Raise the price of gold together,right?”
“This.”Qiao Tianyu pushed Delfino back in one sentence。
Yes,The least willing to see gold prices rise now is their Credit Suisse First Boston Bank!
Delfino wanted to use international hedge funds to hit the international gold market,Give the new Qiao Tianyu a blow,Come on,But I don’t want to be logically reversed。
Delfino’s head hit his head,He was choked for a while,Sit down。
But the whole process,Raman’s face didn’t show anything from beginning to end,Qiao Tianyu was a little surprised,What does this big bald head mean??
Such a nonsensical attack,Is it the level of the famous Raman?,He threw Delfino out so anxiously,Just for disgusting Qiao Tianyu?
Leave it alone,Can only go one step at a time,So Qiao Tianyu quickly closed his eyes,Waiting for the decisive battle。
“As usual,Now first determine the opening suggested price this morning。”Karl saw the scene calm down,Then said。
“The closing price of the London gold market yesterday afternoon was376Dollar an ounce,This morning**The price of gold in the gold market is374Dollar an ounce,Just after internal discussion,Our Rothschild Bank’s suggested opening price is375Dollar an ounce,Please quote your respective merchants!”
This opening suggested price is just a price recommendation based on the previous transaction price,It also needs to be revised by the five major gold merchants based on the situation of the customer’s transaction sheet,Not final price,The major gold merchants don’t care too much。
So after Carl’s voice fell,then“Golden House”There was a crackling sound of typing on the keyboard,The trading representatives of the major gold merchants immediately passed their trading systems,The opening suggested price was sent back to the respective trading control center。