Li Xiang is trembling,But I don’t know when Abao had such a group of friends。

Seeing that the black plastic bag containing money in her bag was taken out,The contents of the bag are also poured out,The man taking the lead is looking at her bag,She couldn’t help saying:“Isn’t it?Even the bag?”
“This bag is good,I can just send my wife off。”The man is smiling,Put the bag aside,Then say:“As for you——Give me all the bag and money you got from Abao,Nothing to do with you。Obediently, the matter is over,trouble making,Waiting to become a cat face,Do you understand?”
“Bright、understood。”Li Xiang repeatedly promised,I wonder who these people are。
She was escorted out of the room one after another,I found out that I was living in a rented house。
So he was so coerced back into the house,Put valuable jewelry,package,All installed,Was taken back again。
Those people took her card,Forcing password,Sent someone to withdraw the money。
“Just cooperate,That’s it,As for you——What did you do before,We all know,Go to the police,Then see who squats longer。”Those people threw the empty card back to Li Xiang,Take her downstairs,Then he walked away with a smile。
Li Xiang is angry and scared,I don’t know where these people come from.,Why would you stare at her……but,Her hard work for so long,Almost all searched,Waiting as someone else’s wedding dress,This taste,As if killing her!
She was already rich!
But now、What is left now?
Li Xiang felt ashamed for a while,But I have to go back and clean up the embarrassment in the house,Desperate to go back to the night scene。
Abao was looking for her,Strange question:“Where did you go?”
“A sister is short of money,I went back and gave her all the bags and sold it to the second-hand store to collect money。”Li Xiang made up lies,It’s also to explain the problem that the bags in the house are gone。
“Sick you?Don’t tell me if you lack money?What bag are you selling!”A leopard listens to the fire,Isn’t it a big loss to sell the bag??I bought a lot of packages recently!
“That sister is kind to me,I must do my best,How to make you spend money?I gave her all the valuables,How much you sell。”Li Xiang sees Abao’s look upset,Just say:“I also want to save you money。”
Leopard will not have much to say,Thinking too,It’s nice to not spend money on him,Just continue to drink and brag with everyone。
It’s getting late and late,People start to retreat。
The person who left,Not long,Suddenly came back,I asked Abao anxiously:“Leopard Millions!Why is your car not outside?”
A Bao shivered in his heart,Nothing,Ran out to see。