A long sigh,Even if you don’t look at the face of Korean Xiang,I also want to give Han Zhili a face at this age。Get up and hug Han Zhili,Xiang Chen suddenly discovered,If the person in the princess’s arms doesn’t cooperate,Really tired。

Picking up Han Zhili and walking towards the bedroom,Han Yuxiang also feels warm after seeing this scene。If when entering the bedroom,Xiang Chen didn’t almost woke up Han Zhili,Han Yuxiang is going to give him some reward!
“He,I usually don’t tune in more often,But just because you want to trouble him,It’s really impossible!So I advise you to think about your own future life,Stop being like your two brothers,go astray。”
Take back your sight,Also take back my thoughts。
Han Yuxiang looked at Yuan Qing,I will naturally have some pride on my face,It’s just that pride has nothing to do with so-called pride。
“When you have nowhere to go,Please remember that there is still a way behind you,That is crime!This is what I just saw in the study,Now for you!”
Yuan Qing replied with a Korean sentence。
Maybe she really can’t get revenge on Xiang Chen and Han Yuxiang right now,But the water drops through the stone,As long as there is a natural chance,,Then all the enemies will be forever!
Heard what Yuan Qing said,Han Yuxiang turned to look at her again,Slightly frowned,Pondered,Just smiled and said:“I remember this sentence should be said by Mayakovsky,You can remember,not bad!But do you remember the last sentence of this sentence?Kill corrupt officials,To prove yourself!”
Korean Xiang arms around chest,She doesn’t have the habit of drinking yogurt like Yuan Qing,Savor the yogurt in your own hands carefully,Then he spoke to Yuan Qing again。
“And you still have to know,The background of this sentence was a dark age,And the society we live in now,He Qiguangming?”
“bright?Both my brothers died in prison,I told me about light?I’m an orphan now,Where can I see the light??”
Yuan Qing was a little excited when she spoke,But the voice of speaking is a bit sad,And the volume is only controlled within the range that she and Han Yuxiang can hear。
“I used to think prison is the safest place,But what I did not expect is,My only two relatives left,Where are they all dead,How do you do your work?If my brother really does something wrong,You can hurt them,Why kill them?”
When Yuan Qing looked at Korean Xiang,Some contempt in the eyes,As the talk progresses,Two lines of tears fell down her cheek。
In the end just whispered this sentence“I have no relatives!”
Han Yuxiang is a little helpless,This is indeed a negligence at work,She has no way to answer Yuan Qing。
As for making her a little girl go to prison for revenge,That’s even more whimsical!
What else?It seems that only Xiang Chen and herself can be her revenge。