Looking at Zheng Weiwei nervously,Zheng Ziling is like some pets praying for food。

“When you set up that fancy confession scene,I have put a check on Principal Han’s desk,So for your destruction of public facilities,I think some leaders in your school should turn one eye and close another。”
Zheng Weiwei said disappointedly,She won’t care about the numbers on that check,But why after I came back,Zheng Ziling became so daunting,I heard that this kid dared to do something with someone like Li Chengen,Zheng Weiwei is quite relieved。
“I didn’t expect Old Han to be so greedy for money!”
Zheng Ziling pouted,Since my sister has donated a lot of money,Then I have nothing to worry about。
“Principal Han!Is one of the few people in my heart worthy of respect,Generally, universities can spend 70% of their donations on students even if they are top class,But Mr. Han has always been 100%,I even have to subsidize some,There are many people who are self-cultivation and family governance,But the one who really has the world in mind,Old Han is one!”
“sister,You don’t like Mr. Han, do you?When you mentioned him,Eyes are shining!”
“He is also single,If Mr. Han has this mind,I can consider!”
Zheng Ziling stops talking,He can hardly imagine,How should my father face the brother-in-law who can be his grandfather……
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Nine Assassinated
Ding Jia and Ding Yi are deadly twin killers in the industry,Do things simply and neatly and widely acclaimed,Except for not being able to return the goods for no reason within seven days,other things,Ding Jia and Ding Yi will do their best to meet customer requirements。
Not long ago, two people took advantage of vacation time,Took a small order。
Although it’s in China,But accidents happen every day in this world,Even in China,Can’t stop natural and man-made disasters。and so,Let a female college student disappear into this world,For professionals,Not so difficult。
At first, Ding Jia and Ding Yi only regarded this single as an episode of two people’s vacation.,So as not to regress in technology。
But after a period of incubation,Analyze from all observed data,For professional killers like them,But it’s getting more and more shocking。