None of the three believe so,But Qin Feng suddenly thought,Maybe something can be done about this。

“Let’s study it now,What is that guy doing here?,Then you can know,You also know that some bosses are very shy about some news,If something shouldn’t happen,What will happen to him then??”
of course,I also want to say a word,We don’t want to set a game,We have to be natural。
Qin Feng knows how powerful he is,This may be seen through,At that time, it may be a steal。
Qin Feng who doesn’t want any accidents all the time,Naturally he would not take such a method。
“This is fine,But we also need to know where David lives?That guy is very unique,At first he still lived near here,In this situation,It’s hard for us to hold that guy。”
“correct,We also have to be optimistic,We only have one chance,If you can’t catch this guy’s sore feet,Then we might be beaten back。”
“What should we do now?”Several people are watching Qin Feng,They also know that Qin Feng is the backbone。
Many things,Maybe Qin Feng had already considered it before。
“Current situation,We still have to start from the neighboring village,You also know that David went to that village before,As a result, the situation over there is very complicated,I also heard that some villagers next door are unwilling to move。”
Not willing to give money,Have you heard of such a thing??Qin Feng said with a smile on his face,He knows very well,The village next door is different from the one here。
The money next door is not in place,And there is no proper resettlement plan。
In this situation,Who wants to follow them?
of course,It is not ruled out that some people think that Xu Youling has fallen,That can also ask for prices。
For things like people’s hearts,Qin Feng has never believed very much。
Several people were taken aback,They didn’t pay attention to the situation in the neighboring village。
“How did you know?”Lin Qianqian cares more about Qin Feng’s news channels,This guy seems to know all kinds of things?