Li Hui listened to the other party,It is also immediately understanding the weight of tonight.。

“Hey-hey,Scull,What do you have to say directly?。”
“Gomy the purpose of tonight is to drunk you,Then I want yourself。”
For Zhao Xiaoli’s destination, Li Hui Hui has long guessed.,However, the other party said soon.,He is also a breather in his heart.。
At least the other party is notified in advance,Not a long time。
“Scull,Then you can make a mistake.,I am drunk tonight, I don’t drunk.。”
“Not always,Let’s continue again,By the way, the scorpion also tells you something about the pig farm.,You will go once ten days and a half months.,I am afraid you know。”
Zhao Xiaoli said that she stretched out the white slam arm and took the beer and touched Li Hui.,I drunk a few big mouths.。
Li Hui also drank it directly。
At the same time, there are some curious pig farms. There will be more complicated places.。
“Scull,Pig farms are all you manage,And I have not given the right to others.,Where can I get complicated??”
“breeze,You don’t understand this.?
You gave me the right.,The premise is that someone has a right to listen to it.,No one listened to what the right?”
Listening to Zhao Xiaoli’s discourse,Li Hui also frowned。
“What you mean is that no one listens to you.?”
“Who is gobbing??
How can no one people listen to me??
But before,I have been empty.,Zhao Pengyu in the village actually did not listen to me with those women who raise pigs.,Ok, I left a hand.。”
“Yet,Although I am listening to me now.,But they have begun to fight in the nest.,But how to fight again, I can’t fight.。”
Li Hui has some understanding of Zhao Xiaoli.,Zhao Xiaoli is obviously that the contradiction is transferred to each other.。
“Hey-hey,Or is it a scorpion?,What happened to me??
I remember that I will protect you before.,At that time, you didn’t pick up those who didn’t listen to the hand of the bodyguards.?”
Zhao Xiaoli naturally knew that Li Hui Feng said that the boss of the big black pig is a bodyguard.。
But then there is no experience in the root of the roots.,So don’t understand these。
I understand it now.,There is no one around you.,It is good to transfer the contradiction.。
“No,Now think about you what you mean.,I don’t have to be so miserable.。”
“But now Zhao Pengyu is also in the fight.,I was afraid that Zhao Pengyu alone made things.,I put some rights in my hand.,Thus,Several people who have been tuned by Zhao Pengyu really don’t listen to him.”Zhao Xiaoli said, the more excited,Li Hui is listening to it is also frequent。
He understands that Zhao Xiaoli can have the wisdom of the other party today.。
“breeze,Come,Let’s drink one more。”
“Scull,Drink less,You have faced face。”
Looking at Zhao Xiaoli’s red roller cheek,Li Hui felt that it will definitely be a problem.。
“What happened to your face??
You are discriminating and drinking!hurry up,Is it a man?!”
Two people chat while。
Zhao Xiaoli wanted to introduce the topic to Li Hui’s body many times.。
The result is that it is found that I haven’t opened the topic yet.,Li Hui quickly closed and changed a topic.。
This makes Zhao Xiaoli are also very urgent.。
It is said that it is chaotic,But Zhao Xiaoli found that it is not that。
Men after the wine is excuse,At least Li Hui has already drank seven or eight,Nothing to have something else with her。