“Seren’s life level,If you can break through the eighth level,Strength should be improved,I’m afraid the degree of close to the strong sea。”

Breakthrough in life level,Just increase physical strength、Resilience these,It won’t be of much help to attack power。
and so,Seren will not increase his strength after breaking through。
Want to break through to the point where the sea is strong,I am afraid that all aspects will be close to the level of a general,Very difficult。
There are probably only a few hundred strong men on the sea,Distributed all over the world,Can say very little。
First112chapter Wander in front of the Tianlongren
Two days passed quickly,Wait till the morning of the third day,Leo learns that a Tianlongren has come to Shampoo。
“What a coincidence,It’s actually an old acquaintance!”Leo couldn’t help but smile。
There are only a few Denon people in the previous anime,The family was beaten,In addition, too few Tianlong people officially appeared。
This time it’s the guy who bid 500 million for the murloc chick。
“The guy looked at his brain not very well,Should be foolish!”
The pure-blooded Tianlong people have a somewhat abnormal brain,After all, there are only twenty families,These centuries of hybridization,Everyone’s blood relationship is very close。
There seem to be less than 20 Tianlong people now,I heard that there are only 16 remaining?
Leo with Troangoth,Towards area one。
“Boss,We really want to find that Tianlongren?”Troangot is a little worried。
Although in anime,It’s nonsense that you have to kneel when you meet a dragon,But ordinary people do not dare to sway in front of the Tianlong people。
Even cadres of underground forces like them are unwilling to be targeted by the Dragon。
“What are you afraid of,What can I do to you against him?”