180 Master of Porcelain

Zhang Lao took Chen Xiu out of Anshan city early the next morning,I arrived at a small town called Xinrong below the suburbs。
Before the convoy entered the town, they saw a chimney outside the town with white smoke。
Chen Xiu said in surprise:“In recent years, the country has not rectified pollution,No such open air pollution,Why are you making bricks here??”
“not educated!”
Old Zhang said with a smile:“Have you ever seen such a chimney with white smoke made of bricks?”
Chen Xiu once thought about the brick kiln chimneys that he saw in the countryside when he was a child, and the smoke from the chimneys was black.,It’s still different from here。
“This is for burning ceramics。”Zhang Lao solved the answer in his heart。
“Ceramics won’t work either,
181 Three-piece gift set
It’s okay for Chen Xiu not to say this,Once said this,Old man Liu broke out。
“Get out!Special,You master and apprentice are all gone,Laozi is an artist,Think of me as a craftsman。Fifty percent of imitations are not contaminating my hands!What’s special is 10,000 sets!When i am here、The workshop of burning dishes!
Laozi burns art here!