I want a good woman, I want to eat more of these foods.

I want a good woman, I want to eat more of these foods.

In the blood, the Chinese have always admired the medicine to make up for it.

The blood supplement initially guarantees the absorption of iron.

Iron-rich foods mainly include liver, kidney, heart, veins and kelp, seaweed, soybeans, spinach, celery, canola, tomatoes, apricots, apricots, dates, oranges, etc. are rich in iron.

Can also use longan meat, jujube, peanut underwear as a blood food.

Now medical research has shown that only ferrous ions can be absorbed by the body.

In an acidic environment, ferric iron is easily converted into divalent iron which is easily mixed with water.

In order to promote the absorption of iron, you should also eat some acidic foods, such as tomatoes, jujube, pickles, sauerkraut and so on.

Vitamin C also promotes the absorption and utilization of iron.

Therefore, we can also eat more foods rich in vitamin C, such as fresh vegetables and fruits.

B vitamins (vitamin B12, folic acid) are essential for the growth and development of red blood cells. They are ingested in animal liver and lean meat. Green leafy vegetables also contain folic acid, which can be eaten more.

Protein is an important raw material for hemoglobin. It should be eaten with protein-rich foods such as milk, fish, eggs, soybeans and soy products.