Shenzhen Futian: The first district is then pushed 10 "people’s livelihood blessings"

Original title: Futian District: The first good district will then push 10 "Minsheng Fu Li" | 100-year-old, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, a new public primary and secondary school degree, 5 new community health service agencies, and prepare for the public housing not less than 3000 sets,70 years old and above, the old-year-old, one-time, one-month, one-month-old allowance, implementation of the "One Street All Road" project, build 10 special boutique blocks … to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, recently, Shenzhen Futian District continued to celebrate the founding of New China70th anniversary, the 40th anniversary of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone was established and the 30th anniversary of the Futian Jianzhi District, "Minsheng Fu Li" has once again launched a new "Minsheng Blessing" again.

This 10th "Minsheng Fu Li" includes 100 benefits such as superior education, health, support, livable, music, environment, care, support, cultural and sorghum, and enterprises, covering the elderly from infants. All people, wide coverage, strong targeted, high perception.

  Huang Wei, deputy secretary of the Futian District Committee, and Zhuang Huang Wei, "Minsheng Fu Li" really is actually serving the residents of the jurisdiction, and is a full sincerity of the Futian District Committee and the District Government. The development of education is the leader of the premium education resource coverage in 100 benefits, and the Futian District is the leader of education, continues to improve the well-being of people’s livelihood. Education is the foundation of people’s livelihood, as the central city, Futian District launched 8 Qijiao "Fu Li", continued to increase education degree, implement school after-school services, integrate various types of educational resources, and strive to promote the construction of education first line demonstration zone.

In order to make the education resources more quality and balanced, Futian District accelerate the promotion of grouping schools, and newly established no less than 2 educational groups, and the Group’s business coverage increased to 40%, expanding the coverage of quality education resources. In recent years, Futian District has been working hard to reverse the difficult situation of tense from degree. This time, the Futian area also increases the supply of primary and secondary schools.

Through the high-quality new revision, 11 public and middle schools such as Jinglong Primary School, Qiao’an Primary School, adding 6,300 degrees; at the same time, 3 kindergartens, and 990 kindergartens degrees.

  Previously, the "Futian District Compulsory Education Stage School Afterward Service Implementation Plan" is released, which will provide full coverage of the entire district public and private schools this year.

In this case, the Futian District also focused on the post-school after-school service. He will fully promote the organic integration of the post-class service and quality education, and create a rich multi-curriculum system, and provide students with students in the compulsory education. 1-2 Free service, benefiting 180,000 students in the district.

  In terms of medical care, the quantity is up to 13. At present, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is repeated, and the Futian District has further increased new crown vaccination services. Relying on inoculation resources in the jurisdiction, free new crown vaccination services are provided for eligible target populations, benefiting 1.72 million people. At the same time, complete the renovation project of the hospitalization building of the District Chinese Medicine Hospital, put into the use area Second People’s Hospital Rehabilitation Care Center, 200 new beds. In the health of the door, there are 5 health services such as New Mefeng and Construction Bank Building in Futian District, benefiting more than 100,000 people. Looking at the top 10 "People’s Livelihood Fu Li", 100 Huimin Measures, 100 Huimin Measures, 100 benefits, and 100 benefits. This year, Futian District continued to increase the housing demand of all kinds of personnel in the jurisdiction, further strengthening the appeal of Talent in the jurisdiction. Specifically, for the safeguard housing of the people, Futian District launched a housing housing inventive action, and prepared not less than 3,000 public housing, providing physical rental of 2,000 sets, focusing on 1000 sets of currency rents. At the same time, it is also provided with low-rentering affordable housing subsidies, according to the standards of 810 yuan per person, pay low-rent security monetary subsidies to difficult families to the jurisdiction.

  As a highly built zone, Futian District has no shortage of old communities.

In 100 Huimin Measures, Futian District is 100% upgrade and renovation of the "Three No Commodity", the unreasonable main committee, no material special maintenance golden community; actual advancement of the inconvenience of the old residents in the old residents, vigorously promote elevator plus Work, accumulate 100 elevators, and complete 150 old elevator update modifications, each elevator subsidy fee is 50% of the renewal of renovation. On the other hand, Futian continues to expand to increase parking spaces.

Promote commercial buildings, parks, hospitals, and institutions of parking spaces in the parking space, in the city, community, business district, etc., the new three-dimensional parking garage, parking lot.

In the year, 30 parking lots were completed, and the new 6,000 parking spaces were added to alleviate the problem of parking.

  10 real things in new Hui En-enterprises to create employment entrepreneurship is the foundation of people’s livelihood, and also the basis of life quality. In the employment, Futian "Leye Fu Li" will implement recruitment introduction, employment incentives, appropriate post training, youth stations, public welfare classrooms, and workers charging and other initiatives. At the same time, the 10th "Minsheng Fu Li" also added a new type of benefit, and the benefits of Huimin advan from the depth. "Hui Company" Fuji includes policy assistants, approval, and guarantees the activities of enterprises and enterprises, promotes the improvement of service enterprises, and optimizes the business environment of the jurisdiction. Among them, Futian will introduce the "1 + 9 + N" industry fund policy, give full play to financial fund-oriented incentives, highlight the integrity of social resources, and reduce business costs. Optimize the upgrade of intelligent enterprise service platform, arrange more intelligent approval projects, and use digital currency form to achieve second batch.

  And continue to promote the "Futian Gifts" Tesco Festival, continue to promote consumption activities with coffee, cars, digital home appliances, night economy, strengthen "Futian gift" activities, guide the city’s internal and external consumers to Futian consumption shopping, help jurisdiction Merchants to improve their operations.

  In addition, there will be 15 categories of macroeconomic forms, microeconomic research, internal management of enterprises, and organize entrepreneurs in the jurisdiction, assisting private enterprises to improve, and issue policy spree to the jurisdiction, including industries Policy, application guidelines, etc.