Two hours later,The whole screen is already showing a green,No more red。

“Improved,Nuclear submarine drawings have been successfully designed,”A system reminder came in Qin Hao’s mind。
“this one,”Qin Hao looked disdainful,I didn’t expect it to be so simple,Solved problems that their so-called experts could not solve in two hours。
“he,He really solved the problem?Am I dreaming?”
Although Liu Shiqiang left,But his assistant is still here,The screen is green, they all know what it means。
“Really solved the problem?”Wang Lei rubbed his eyes,Look incredulous。
He never thought that Qin Hao could really solve this problem,Let Qin Hao solve the problem,Ugly,A dead horse。
Anyway, they had no other way,I just want Qin Hao to try。
The old chief also thinks like this,It doesn’t hurt to try。
The old chief said to Qin Hao,Still have a sense of trust。
congratulations,Qin Hao did not live up to the old chief’s expectations of him,Successfully solved the problem of nuclear submarine。
“Qin Hao,This time you have done a great job again,I will do it for you myself,”Liu Quan heavily photographed Qin Hao and said。
“What is this?Simple things,”Qin Hao spread his hands,This is almost a hundred times faster than his task。
“Good boy,This problem is so easily solved by you,I really deserve to be a man of iron and blood。”

But now,She is just a wounded in a wheelchair。When I think of myself not only can’t participate in the basketball game,I even lost the Glory Gun,She lowered her head sadly,I covered my eyes with the palms of my hands。The tears at this moment are for unwillingness and self-blame,She feels sorry for her strength in the army“God of War”Title,Disappointed the expectations of my teammates……

Everyone in the Flower and Grass team walked to Cao Anna,Surround her in the center,after all“Flower team”The only one“flower”Still need to protect。
“go!We go home!”Feng Xichuan said。
“No way,Boss Guo still has a treat!”Zhang Song shouted。
“Correct,Boss Guo should treat!”Shunzi also booed。
“amount……Ok,I invite everyone to eat‘Mom Hot Pot’……”Guo Yinzhe of Grande always wanted to make Cao Anna happy,Agreed to everyone’s request。
“okay!Eat hot pot!!!”The Huacao team shouted。
Anna Cao burst into laughter instantly,She touched her belly and groaned,In the morning, she didn’t care to eat to get to the Communication University’s competition venue,Just thinking of directing Guo Xiao、Zhang Song stole the wheelchair……
“what?I have to return the wheelchair?……Forget it,do not care!Or hot pot is more important!”Cao Anna quickly decided in her mind。
then,The members of the Flower and Grass team packed their bags and clothes,Several people leave the student activity hall together,Cao Anna was pushed first by everyone,And Lu Yi was the last in the team。
suddenly,There is a pink bow coat,Girls with ruffled denim skirts at the door,Say in a clear voice:
“I remember who you are!”
Lu Yi glanced suspiciously at Chen Nian who was stuck on the side,Then he ignored the girl who only met this morning,Went straight to my own“Crime tool”,That one is called“Ringer”Except the car bell doesn’t ring、Dilapidated bicycles that ring everywhere……
Prelude-newborn Chapter Sixty Two Back to normal
A ray of morning sun through the lavender in front of the windowsill,Gives a demure and comfortable feeling。
Anna Cao302I opened my eyes slightly on the bed in the ward,Saw a breakfast has been placed on the bedside table,I remembered the hot pot dinner and singing in the team yesterdayK,Lu Yi did not attend。
“What kind of person is he?Isn’t it my teammate??still is……”
Anna Cao recalled yesterday,Their third game against the Oscar team,Lu Yi actually hugged her in the game……
He holds Anna in one hand,It’s a little cool to hit the enemy with the pistol in one hand.……Although he was killed by a firebomb in the end……But it gives a sense of security。

“Sunday Railway Station,He is wearing blue gown,Headband,Hands with a black leather bag,Hand will take a magazine of the last period of good friend。”

Rui Rui said after a complete rescue and evacuation plan.:“At that time, you can shoot shoot and hunt your casual clothes.,do not worry,In order to let them trust you to sacrifice a few people, we are at all.!”
Yau Yibei is next to,After listening, I don’t understand what I don’t know.,Waiting two people asked:“Long pool,You are people who have kill us?”
“Wine long,What Chinese people are doing for the headquarters?The task of the next day let them participate,We can send a gendarmerie to the past.。”
“What Chinese people do if they also shoot?”
“That’s true!”
“You are not afraid that they are misunderstandings?”
“It is also caused by them.,The same text has cultivated them for more than ten years,If you can’t even pay for such a scene,I will not have anything for staying.。”
“Town Town is really a trolley-hearted person.!”
“Not my iron heart,This is the battlefield,We are all soldiers,All done a preparation for sacrificing life at any time,They also。”
“Long pool,Are you still satisfied with this house??”
“Very satisfied,Thank you for the classmate,Why didn’t you see Miss Zhin in these two days??”
“She took people to perform the task.?”
“She personally married the horse and must be an important case.?”
“Yes,Recently, Shanghai is very unrest,Not only Zheng Yao first,There are still some resistance organizational activities.,These people must clear。”
“Wine long,Why do you have no news??”
“Speaking of them, I am angry,This No. 5 Agent Group has got a Tucheng Iron from Nanjing.,And handed these evidence to the United States,The Soviet Union also has British,Now the world is accusing our big Japanese Emperor!”
“That’s too bad,Are they not in Shanghai??”
“Recently, I also sent people in checking.,But very strange,This 5th agent group seems to be hiding.,There is no news for so many days.,But according to what I know, they should be very active.。”
“Wine long,I will let Tang Ling helps them。”
“correct,I have been forgot to ask you.,What is Tang Ling??”
Read the highest888Cash red envelope!
“A Chinese who bought by I bought,He didn’t feel anything about his country.,More don’t talk about love,As long as you have money, he will do anything.,And this person is very capable,Now that my business in the concession is basically his care.。”
“He is really an ability person,If he can find the No. 5 agent group,I will reward him again.!”
NS208chapter Still need to take a long history!
Rui Rui’s mouth from the wine Yibui’s mouth does not have a bamboo, the clouds are going to perform any task.,But this spy flower is definitely not a small action.。
Conference room,Twenty-six Testamental reports have contacted the black teams they are responsible for。
“Long pool,Understand what we know,Some groups have not been replenished for nearly three months.,Fortunately, there are a skill, still not hungry.,But this seriously affects their normal action。”Songchuan is said,
“Since this,Then do we use any way to meet their requirements as soon as possible?,They are working hard for the Empire,We must protect their supply。”Ritual,
“Long pool,We have already contacted it.,Twenty-six teams need us to personally have six。”
“Then you have a registration amount.,I will arrange it immediately.,You must be responsible for,I can’t depend on them.。”
These things don’t have to do it all.,He only needs to sign a word.,Some provets holding the same textbook,Songchuan is taking people from Mitsubishi Bank to take out the required funds.,And send these money and materials through various methods,Six people have sent them directly。
Rui Rui does not have any hands and feet,Just like this black gold plan, ZHEN Zheng Yao first can’t worry,Need to be completely clear and then think about solving,Now that they are the first suspicion, it is a long pool.。
In order to get more intelligence and participate in more plans,When you are, you still have to go,Anyway, most of their intelligence will summarize it.,I want to move the brain from this way.。
Shanghai Railway North Station,Guan Yongshan fell out of the station,He found that there are several people who are fascinating.,Shanghai he has come,See what he is at this time, I don’t know what to do.。
Just when a few casual clothes will go to Guanyong New Year.,Suddenly came to a few guns,Four places in the place in the place,Li Yongnian also pulled the gun to shoot at the special agent。
Shen Hongkai ran to Guan Yongnian and front:“Club!Traitor,Fast with us!”

“Night,younger generation”

Zhengxiang is red,Small channel:“Senior senior,The late generation is nothing.。”
He didn’t know that Liao Jie said is true.,Can be,World’s never,There is always one in cases。
Start,He doesn’t believe that there is land god in the world.,The result is true,Also wear a word drag,Also like to eat bubble noodles。
This can happen this way,The Buddha is not a mahjong bureau.,so,Don’t add this little Shati.,The self-touch of the yellow Buddha is to force it.。
anyway,This land god is not because of playing mahjong.,Great to the Buddha,I realized that I came to the palm.?
If so,The card addiction of the Buddha is not small.!
The predecessors of the sky said,Their palm fierce spicy,Conducted,Hosting
Zhengxin bowed standing around us,Calculate the Buddha better,Go back and get angry with mahjong skills,Surface is moving,Just asleep。
“Fault,One delay my time,Be late, I will report your name.。”
Liao Jie lights,Turn away,Two steps stop,Serious road:“Suddenly think of a thing,Rate is big in the day,I am ready.,Don’t lose your life.。”
“Senior dare to ask,What is big??”Chang Chongzi asked in the right time。
“Unclear,Last times,Who listening to the door of the wall,At that time, there was a touch of Dongfeng.,There is no listening。”
Liao Jie is helpless:“Later, my night view,One night of romance,really,The mystery is a deceptive,My generation is still in practice.。”
“If you care,Go back to find a few days telescope,May not see what。”
It is not a land god,Speak,They also can’t understand these fartings.。
“Wait a moment,senior。”
See Liao Jie to finish,It seems to go smoothly,Rong Yuyi carefully wings:“senior,That land”
“Yes,Who is it not?。”
Rong Yuyi wiped the amount of hard sweat,Expression of stiffness:“The late generations know that the mildew bead is the foundation of the former,Can be joined from thousands of years,Not a local person,There is a teacher waiting for the family.,Now the female magic,I want to go back to tell the news on her.,I also hope that the seniors borrowed the mildew。”
You still have a teacher,Be no early!
“It turned out to be like this”
Liao Jie touched the Pakistan,Deeply:“really,The leaves are still needed,What’s more, you a big living?,Fasting is endless。”
“Thank you for your seniors.!”
Rong Yuyi,The land god seems to be a spicy,Similar to the evil part,In fact, it is still very reasonable.。
“But you will fall into a foreign land.,It is not a poor road to fall into the countryside,What do you talk to me?,Is it related to me??”
Rong Yuyi stunned,Liao Jie next to it can’t see it.,Top of land gods,Fearless:“senior,The so-called person returned to the saint,Where is the play?,It’s just a kite that is smashed.,This line is a hometown,broken,Kite is gone。”
“Senior rally,Let one person return to the hometown,Who is not?”
“You can say music.,Then I don’t have a face!”
Liao Jie snorted,Look at the eyebrows,Silently a bit,Gringer:“No home,You don’t help her.,See your baby’s behalf,Nothing is bad,No one is giving together。”
Rong Yuyi cheek is red,If you really don’t go,By the predecessors say。
Liao Jie shook his head,See Yuri Xiaoyang Many White,Language long explanation:“Jade is not misunderstood,Can stay with you,I am naturally happy,It can be said,My peach flower is a bit flood,Because I won’t refuse girl children,Have a few red knowledge,Not a good choice,You will only delay yourself with me.。”
“simple,Take those red faces,You don’t go to your hand.,The poor road can be handled。”

Li Hui listened to the other party,It is also immediately understanding the weight of tonight.。

“Hey-hey,Scull,What do you have to say directly?。”
“Gomy the purpose of tonight is to drunk you,Then I want yourself。”
For Zhao Xiaoli’s destination, Li Hui Hui has long guessed.,However, the other party said soon.,He is also a breather in his heart.。
At least the other party is notified in advance,Not a long time。
“Scull,Then you can make a mistake.,I am drunk tonight, I don’t drunk.。”
“Not always,Let’s continue again,By the way, the scorpion also tells you something about the pig farm.,You will go once ten days and a half months.,I am afraid you know。”
Zhao Xiaoli said that she stretched out the white slam arm and took the beer and touched Li Hui.,I drunk a few big mouths.。
Li Hui also drank it directly。
At the same time, there are some curious pig farms. There will be more complicated places.。
“Scull,Pig farms are all you manage,And I have not given the right to others.,Where can I get complicated??”
“breeze,You don’t understand this.?
You gave me the right.,The premise is that someone has a right to listen to it.,No one listened to what the right?”
Listening to Zhao Xiaoli’s discourse,Li Hui also frowned。
“What you mean is that no one listens to you.?”
“Who is gobbing??
How can no one people listen to me??
But before,I have been empty.,Zhao Pengyu in the village actually did not listen to me with those women who raise pigs.,Ok, I left a hand.。”
“Yet,Although I am listening to me now.,But they have begun to fight in the nest.,But how to fight again, I can’t fight.。”
Li Hui has some understanding of Zhao Xiaoli.,Zhao Xiaoli is obviously that the contradiction is transferred to each other.。
“Hey-hey,Or is it a scorpion?,What happened to me??
I remember that I will protect you before.,At that time, you didn’t pick up those who didn’t listen to the hand of the bodyguards.?”
Zhao Xiaoli naturally knew that Li Hui Feng said that the boss of the big black pig is a bodyguard.。
But then there is no experience in the root of the roots.,So don’t understand these。
I understand it now.,There is no one around you.,It is good to transfer the contradiction.。
“No,Now think about you what you mean.,I don’t have to be so miserable.。”
“But now Zhao Pengyu is also in the fight.,I was afraid that Zhao Pengyu alone made things.,I put some rights in my hand.,Thus,Several people who have been tuned by Zhao Pengyu really don’t listen to him.”Zhao Xiaoli said, the more excited,Li Hui is listening to it is also frequent。
He understands that Zhao Xiaoli can have the wisdom of the other party today.。
“breeze,Come,Let’s drink one more。”
“Scull,Drink less,You have faced face。”
Looking at Zhao Xiaoli’s red roller cheek,Li Hui felt that it will definitely be a problem.。
“What happened to your face??
You are discriminating and drinking!hurry up,Is it a man?!”
Two people chat while。
Zhao Xiaoli wanted to introduce the topic to Li Hui’s body many times.。
The result is that it is found that I haven’t opened the topic yet.,Li Hui quickly closed and changed a topic.。
This makes Zhao Xiaoli are also very urgent.。
It is said that it is chaotic,But Zhao Xiaoli found that it is not that。
Men after the wine is excuse,At least Li Hui has already drank seven or eight,Nothing to have something else with her。

At the same time, I decided to ask some high-end talents.,Otherwise, these people themselves,I am afraid that there is a breakthrough progress.。

“Lee Boss,I want to invite a few people who are more powerful in this way.,But you need you to give an investment of research and development funds.,Not sure if this is possible?”
When I said this,Feng Skin is also the bottom。
The first thousand four hundred and sixty-one chapter is too satisfied.
Li Hui Feng did not expect Feng’s own effort to develop funds.。
“I used it before.?”
“Um,Run out,Then the material is in,But there is no new progress。”
Put in this way,Feng Shu is also sorry。
Li Hui said this,Some point:“How much do you need。”
He didn’t ask why did the money did not use something?,Because Feng’s own face has shown everything。
“It takes about 10 million。”
Originally Feng it is still hesitant,But think of no longer doing a point of grade,I am afraid that he is not necessary to stay in Li Hui.。
The most important thing is that he feels that Li is really good.,Basic conditions can be met。
It is also uncommon to meet such a boss.。
“Can a thousand people can develop a place to use??”
Li Hui, this time did not directly promise,After all, his money is not a windy blow.。
“can,This time I am going to find a team of old professors.,Their research funds are not very much,But there is a research funding of Li Boss’s research funds.。”
For this matter,Feng Shu is also an alone.。
After all, although he also got a lot of things.,But those are all others,He made it out just to understand the principles.。
“Can you please come to them??”
Li Hui is a little curious,After all, he knows the situation of Feng himself.。
“Can you please,And this tens of millions, I am not ready to directly put it.,But used to slow investment,All research and development funds I personally,Also report all the materials and investment in use.。”
Feng yourself,Let Li speak with the wind.。
“Row,This tens of millions I promised,You go to ask people.。”
And I should have a self-confidence.,Li Hui is going to find Su Qian.。
At the same time, I told the solar thing with Su.。
After all, this new energy,Li Hui is still very optimistic。
It’s just that there is no major breakthrough.。
“You are ready to be capped on the top of the roof?
Then the electricity at home is directly used by Tianyang?”
This bold proposal for Li Hui Feng,Su Qing also feels a bit surprised,However, once the success is indeed, it is too good for those who buy a house later.。
“Yes,I am planning to be like this.。”
“Lee brother,Your intention is good,Just free some can’t,It is free to make some people who like small and cheap, but they will use endless use.,Even an accident caused electricity,That is not worth it.。”
“Forehead,The meaning of the big brother is?”
“I mean very simple,Toll,But half of the price of normal electricity bill,Or free,But to control how many extensions in each household,Once it exceeds it, the current supply of his house is directly cut.,Let them continue to use the national power grid。”
Su Liang’s reasoning has this consideration, there is a big reason. That is, he does not want Li Hui’s way to disturb the national power grid.。
He knows clearly knows that a person has this matter.,That is also fighting the country’s machine。

Everyone sit down,Wang Youcai happened to be sitting between the two women,Hu Huiru smiled and said to Feng Yan:“Our king always has a big preference,I really like women with temperament,So you have to toast him two more glasses”

“This is no problem,I heard that Mr. Hu said,Mr. Wang is considered to be a figure in Pingdu,It’s a pity that I didn’t have a chance to toast you,Since Mr. Hu gave me this opportunity today,Then I’m welcome”Feng Yan mentioned the wine bottle。
Fewer people,Wang Youcai has no scruples,He laughed and said:“Beauty, it’s best not to get me drunk,Otherwise it would be bad if something happens after drinking”Wang Youcai said,Ben haha laughed。
“Who is afraid of whom?”Feng Yan is pouring wine,Said provocatively。
First1085chapter Resurrection
Three rounds of wine,Everyone gradually became familiar。
Feng Yan under Hu Huiru’s instruction,Keep toasting wine to Wang Youcai。And Wang Youcai is not intoxicated by wine,I drank it for a while。
“Zhao Ju、King Bureau,I won’t say much if you are polite,Everything is in the wine“Hu Huiru raised the glass,I had a drink with two directors of the Urban Construction Bureau。
Zhao Desheng ran away,He laughed:“Mr. Hu is really kind,These things for us,It’s not a big deal,After all, Dongsheng Group has a reputation,It is inevitable to win the bid“
“Director Zhao is right,However, among the many companies that came to Qingshan County to bid,Dongyong Group and Venture Group really have a good fight。Because the leaders valued the entrepreneurial group’s actions in Pingdu,I didn’t expect the startup group to retire at a critical moment,This big cake in Qingshan County belongs to Dongsheng Group“Director Wang of Qingshan County Urban Construction Bureau said blushingly。
Hu Huiru,I couldn’t help but frowned and asked:“You mean the startup group temporarily changed the tender?“
“Not temporary,A few days before the bid opening!Fully comply with regulations“Director Wang said very firmly。
Hu Huiru frowned,She was wondering why Xia Jian did this?Obviously in Nancheng District of Qingshan County with her,Why did he switch to Beicheng without a victory or defeat??Is this guy playing a trick again??“Hu Huiru thought about this,I went away for a while。
Feng Yan deserves to be called by Hu Huiru,This woman has an amazing amount of alcohol,She accompanies three big men,Looks comfortable,And Director Wang will soon fail。

Thus,Xia Jian and Tong Jie were exposed under the street light。Li Dongmei was surprised at first,Then smiled:“It turned out to be Mayor Xia!Sorry to disturb you。Even if i don’t see anything,You can go back to the house,But be light,Which bed is so loud,Don’t let the neighbors hear”

Li Dongmei’s words made Tong Jie lower her head embarrassedly,Xia Jian said in a low voice:“you misunderstood,I’m here to find you”
“Mayor Xia!This doesn’t seem to be your style, right!You said it was in the middle of the night,What are you doing here as a lone woman?Don’t you be afraid of gossiping in the village??”Li Dongmei said,There was a bad smile on his face。
Xia Jian stepped up the steps a few steps,Standing beside Li Dongmei and whispering:“Are you still less gossip?It doesn’t matter if you do it again“Xia Jian said,Stepped into the upper room。Li Dongmei wants to stop Xia Jian,But it’s a bit late。
Xifang Xiajian of He Shuicheng’s family has been there many times,But this is the first time he came in。But the layout of the upper room is not simple。All solid wood furniture,And it feels a bit far away,This is not something ordinary people can have。
The big kang is very clean,The bedding is all new。Where Li Dongmei slept,The quilt is rolled into a tube。She also put her underwear next to it。
“Mayor Xia!I didn’t expect you to have this hobby,Like to see women’s privacy,Would you like me to put it on for you?“Li Dongmei smiled,The temptation that a man can’t resist。
Xia Jian sat on the big wooden chair in the house,Lower your voice and say:“Close the door,I have something to tell you“Xia Jian’s voice is a bit cold,But it was all pretended by him。Facing such a woman,And it’s midnight,Which man do you think will not move?
“Mayor Xia!That’s not good!Mayor Tong is still in Westinghouse,You are too blatant!Or another day you come,No matter how good we are…“Li Dongmei said this,Don’t go down,But looking at Xia Jian with his eyes。Her eyes are really stunning。
Xia Jian looked straight,Seriously:“I came to you in the middle of the night,There must be something important to talk to you。You fool around,I can go,It’s too late for you to regret“
Li Dongmei was taken aback,But she immediately smiled:“Mayor Xia!You can really joke,I just want to sleep,Stop making these useless excuses“Although Li Dongmei said so,But she still closed the door gently。
This woman is definitely Fengyue veteran,She turned around and took off the coat she was wearing。Under pajamas,Her lordosis,Exquisite and attractive body,It instantly appeared before Xia Jian’s eyes。
“Almost dead,You are so rude,Put your clothes on。He Xiaobing recruited you all“When Xia Jian said this,,Lowered the voice。In fact, his heart is almost jumping out。He never expected,Li Dongmei is in her thirties,But she still has such a proud figure。
When Li Dongmei heard Xia Jian say this,,Face suddenly changed,But this woman is not easy,She immediately laughed and said:“Mayor Xia!To play now but chance,Stop looking for so many words,As the saying goes, the spring night is worth a thousand dollars,Let’s hurry up!“
Li Dongmei said,Touching smile,He reached out to pull Xiajian。If a man meets such a woman,,At this time, I will definitely not be able to hold my position,But Xia Jian is Xia Jian。
“Li Dongmei!I think you are still good,There are not many women I can see Xia Jian。So I risked being punished by the organization in the middle of the night to inform you,But you turned out to be like this。If you really want to die,I’m afraid not even the gods can save you“Xia Jian’s words are like steel nails,Every bit is nailed in Li Dongmei’s heart。
This woman’s face changed again,She slowly backed away,Slowly sat on the edge of the kang。

“Li Wei!You wait outside。Lei Lei can stay,But from now on I can’t say a word。If you can’t control your mouth,Then go out with Li Wei!”

Zhang Fenglan turned and said with a serious face。
Li Wei gave Xia Jian a bit resentment,And left angrily。Zhang Fenglan just walked over,She first took off the half-height shoes on her feet,Then climbed onto the bed。
Xia Jian glanced at Lei Lei, who was a little arrogant and cold, and said:“come here,Pull up the clothes on your mother’s back”
Lei Lei hesitated,Then came over。Xia Jian did not look,After all, men and women are different。
After a while,Lei Leicai asked quietly:“Is this okay?”
Xia Jian turned around and took a look,Can’t help being happy,This girl is really smart。
It was originally a very embarrassing thing,Unexpectedly, this Lei Lei asked her mother to put on the open-breasted clothes,Thus,A slap-wide white strip appeared on the back,The embarrassment on both sides of the body is blocked。Although the doctors have no taboo,But Xia Jian is not a serious doctor after all。
Once this problem is solved,Xia Jian didn’t have anything to consider。He walked over,Leaned down,Press two fingers on Zhang Fenglan’s back,Start from below the neck,Every click,He has to ask if it hurts。
Pressed his back,But Zhang Fenglan said it doesn’t hurt anymore。It’s really a strange disease,How can this be cured??
Xia Jian thought,He thought about all the cases he had treated,But none of them are related to Zhang Fenglan’s disease。But he is sure,Zhang Fenglan’s illness is on her back,As for what caused it,He really doesn’t have any certainty。
“Mr. Xia!See you are not too old,I don’t know how many years you have been in this business?”
Zhang Fenglan, who was crawling on the bed, saw that Xia Jian was silent for a while,So to ease the atmosphere,She asked with a smile。
Xia Jian laughed and said:“Make you laugh,I’m 33 years old this year,But I’m not in this business,But I only need to make a move,All the patients treated are healed”
“what!You are not in this business,Dare to treat my mom?”
Lei Lei on the side was anxious,She couldn’t help but yelled again。
Zhang Fenglan sighed and said:“Lei Lei!You’re almost 30 years old,How come there is no city,You have to study like this Mr. Xia。remember,Be calm in case of trouble,But also good at thinking”
Xia Jian heard Zhang Fenglan say this,Can’t help being surprised。He thought this Lei Lei was only twenty-five or sixteen years old,I didn’t expect to be thirty years old,It’s really well maintained,Can’t tell her actual age at all。
“Mr. Xia!I believe in your abilities,Also believe in what you are。So don’t hesitate,What can I do?。If we are destined,You just get rid of my illness,If not,You should give it a try”
Zhang Fenglan found that Xia Jian was a little hesitant,She said loudly to Xia Jian。

The celestial saints even relied on secret arts and treasures to overwhelm the new god king。

But the spirit master is a great achievement in the soul,Although there is no record comparable to the god king,But in the circle of canonization is more frightening than the sage of stars。
These two great beings,Each left one that is worthy of being against the sky‘Fundamental secret’。
“The secret technique of divine power burning left by the star saint【Starfall】,Like a falling star,The swiftness of divine power burning,A normal perfect gene, a nine-thousand-mile-high divine body can’t sustain even half a breath。But the power burns fast,It also means that the power of the divine power burst in a short time is stronger。The secret technique obtained from the previous peripheral inheritance【Broken star】,Obtained during core inheritance【Star Annihilation】,Just count【Starfall】Simplified versions of。Complete first layer of star meteor,Enough to increase the burst of divine power by one and a half levels!”
“The secret technique left by the spirit master,It’s a very ethereal secret technique of will【Spirit Tribulation】,must have‘Void Will’To get started,It’s just getting started。Want to practice,Will must reach the level of god king。”
“Don’t know after breakthrough,Does my will reach this level。But once this secret technique is practiced,I can threaten most of the strongest in the universe—Because I want to resist this trick,I can only rely on the illusory power of the mind and will,Body strength,Ordinary treasures can’t resist。”
“As for the nine core secrets,Although it is very precious,But there is more than one difference from the two fundamental secrets。There are simplified versions of similar two basic secrets,【Star Destruction】with【Spiritual eye】Occult,Li Ming relied on these two secret techniques to block the two gods。
And the remaining seven secrets,Although not as good as the two fundamental secrets,But each has its own mystery。
such as【Diamond Secret Art】,Can transform itself bit by bit,Gradually strengthen the body of metal life,Comparable to the treasure,Much better than Li Ming’s research on his own river spirit。
Another example【Lightning Secret Art】,It’s a means to escape by flying,Strong escape effect。
“As for the remaining common secret techniques—It’s not impossible for me to practice,It doesn’t make much sense even after practicing。”
“Among the many knowledge about practice,The most precious is the gene catalog,this is【Star Temple】The experience and experience of the divine power route to break through the perfect genetic level collected for countless years。Flesh and blood、Plant life、Energy life、Rock life、Metal life and everything else。
There are even similar【Secret Code of Nine Tribulations】Kind of,The secret technique that can improve the genetic level by practicing alone。But it’s a pity,These secret techniques can only be practiced under the perfect gene,No practical significance for breaking through the perfect gene–But it can be used for reference。”
In addition to many purely intellectual‘Secrets and inheritance’outer,There seem to be many treasures in the line of the Star Spirit Palace,As an in‘Ancient civilization’Are extremely powerful,Any new core disciple appears,Will give a batch‘Eternal Treasure’of!
“and many more,Where is my treasure?”
Chapter Thirty Seven Xeon Supreme
The treasure is gone?!”Li Ming’s eyes widened,Staring at the purple phantom formed by Longshan Jun’s memory。
“Gone,Even the entire spaceship was destroyed,Do you think our treasures can be kept?Ruined,What was not destroyed is also lost。after all,I’m just a memory。”