Li Hui listened to the other party,It is also immediately understanding the weight of tonight.。

“Hey-hey,Scull,What do you have to say directly?。”
“Gomy the purpose of tonight is to drunk you,Then I want yourself。”
For Zhao Xiaoli’s destination, Li Hui Hui has long guessed.,However, the other party said soon.,He is also a breather in his heart.。
At least the other party is notified in advance,Not a long time。
“Scull,Then you can make a mistake.,I am drunk tonight, I don’t drunk.。”
“Not always,Let’s continue again,By the way, the scorpion also tells you something about the pig farm.,You will go once ten days and a half months.,I am afraid you know。”
Zhao Xiaoli said that she stretched out the white slam arm and took the beer and touched Li Hui.,I drunk a few big mouths.。
Li Hui also drank it directly。
At the same time, there are some curious pig farms. There will be more complicated places.。
“Scull,Pig farms are all you manage,And I have not given the right to others.,Where can I get complicated??”
“breeze,You don’t understand this.?
You gave me the right.,The premise is that someone has a right to listen to it.,No one listened to what the right?”
Listening to Zhao Xiaoli’s discourse,Li Hui also frowned。
“What you mean is that no one listens to you.?”
“Who is gobbing??
How can no one people listen to me??
But before,I have been empty.,Zhao Pengyu in the village actually did not listen to me with those women who raise pigs.,Ok, I left a hand.。”
“Yet,Although I am listening to me now.,But they have begun to fight in the nest.,But how to fight again, I can’t fight.。”
Li Hui has some understanding of Zhao Xiaoli.,Zhao Xiaoli is obviously that the contradiction is transferred to each other.。
“Hey-hey,Or is it a scorpion?,What happened to me??
I remember that I will protect you before.,At that time, you didn’t pick up those who didn’t listen to the hand of the bodyguards.?”
Zhao Xiaoli naturally knew that Li Hui Feng said that the boss of the big black pig is a bodyguard.。
But then there is no experience in the root of the roots.,So don’t understand these。
I understand it now.,There is no one around you.,It is good to transfer the contradiction.。
“No,Now think about you what you mean.,I don’t have to be so miserable.。”
“But now Zhao Pengyu is also in the fight.,I was afraid that Zhao Pengyu alone made things.,I put some rights in my hand.,Thus,Several people who have been tuned by Zhao Pengyu really don’t listen to him.”Zhao Xiaoli said, the more excited,Li Hui is listening to it is also frequent。
He understands that Zhao Xiaoli can have the wisdom of the other party today.。
“breeze,Come,Let’s drink one more。”
“Scull,Drink less,You have faced face。”
Looking at Zhao Xiaoli’s red roller cheek,Li Hui felt that it will definitely be a problem.。
“What happened to your face??
You are discriminating and drinking!hurry up,Is it a man?!”
Two people chat while。
Zhao Xiaoli wanted to introduce the topic to Li Hui’s body many times.。
The result is that it is found that I haven’t opened the topic yet.,Li Hui quickly closed and changed a topic.。
This makes Zhao Xiaoli are also very urgent.。
It is said that it is chaotic,But Zhao Xiaoli found that it is not that。
Men after the wine is excuse,At least Li Hui has already drank seven or eight,Nothing to have something else with her。

“Li Wei!You wait outside。Lei Lei can stay,But from now on I can’t say a word。If you can’t control your mouth,Then go out with Li Wei!”

Zhang Fenglan turned and said with a serious face。
Li Wei gave Xia Jian a bit resentment,And left angrily。Zhang Fenglan just walked over,She first took off the half-height shoes on her feet,Then climbed onto the bed。
Xia Jian glanced at Lei Lei, who was a little arrogant and cold, and said:“come here,Pull up the clothes on your mother’s back”
Lei Lei hesitated,Then came over。Xia Jian did not look,After all, men and women are different。
After a while,Lei Leicai asked quietly:“Is this okay?”
Xia Jian turned around and took a look,Can’t help being happy,This girl is really smart。
It was originally a very embarrassing thing,Unexpectedly, this Lei Lei asked her mother to put on the open-breasted clothes,Thus,A slap-wide white strip appeared on the back,The embarrassment on both sides of the body is blocked。Although the doctors have no taboo,But Xia Jian is not a serious doctor after all。
Once this problem is solved,Xia Jian didn’t have anything to consider。He walked over,Leaned down,Press two fingers on Zhang Fenglan’s back,Start from below the neck,Every click,He has to ask if it hurts。
Pressed his back,But Zhang Fenglan said it doesn’t hurt anymore。It’s really a strange disease,How can this be cured??
Xia Jian thought,He thought about all the cases he had treated,But none of them are related to Zhang Fenglan’s disease。But he is sure,Zhang Fenglan’s illness is on her back,As for what caused it,He really doesn’t have any certainty。
“Mr. Xia!See you are not too old,I don’t know how many years you have been in this business?”
Zhang Fenglan, who was crawling on the bed, saw that Xia Jian was silent for a while,So to ease the atmosphere,She asked with a smile。
Xia Jian laughed and said:“Make you laugh,I’m 33 years old this year,But I’m not in this business,But I only need to make a move,All the patients treated are healed”
“what!You are not in this business,Dare to treat my mom?”
Lei Lei on the side was anxious,She couldn’t help but yelled again。
Zhang Fenglan sighed and said:“Lei Lei!You’re almost 30 years old,How come there is no city,You have to study like this Mr. Xia。remember,Be calm in case of trouble,But also good at thinking”
Xia Jian heard Zhang Fenglan say this,Can’t help being surprised。He thought this Lei Lei was only twenty-five or sixteen years old,I didn’t expect to be thirty years old,It’s really well maintained,Can’t tell her actual age at all。
“Mr. Xia!I believe in your abilities,Also believe in what you are。So don’t hesitate,What can I do?。If we are destined,You just get rid of my illness,If not,You should give it a try”
Zhang Fenglan found that Xia Jian was a little hesitant,She said loudly to Xia Jian。

All holidays,The town government seems a lot quieter。Xia Jian didn’t go anywhere,Keep falling asleep。He feels that the best happiness in the world is to let him sleep beautifully all day。

Just when he fell asleep almost ten o’clock,Suddenly someone knocked on the door。Xia Jian was extremely upset after waking up,He shouted:“Don’t knock,Haven’t got up yet,I’ll talk about it when I have something to work”Xia Jian finished,Still want to sleep。But the knocks keep on,And it gets louder and louder。
Xia Jianyou is on fire,How is this person like this,He put on clothes,Fly out of bed。When opening the door,Xia Jian dare not get angry,Smiled。It turns out that it’s not someone else standing at the door,It is Zhao Hong。
“What does it mean,Isn’t someone hiding in the house?!”Zhao Hong said,Walk inside,Looking around with one eye。And looked very carefully。
Xia Jian just understood,She is looking at her dormitory。Xia Jian quietly locked the door,Then he swooped in,Hugged Zhao Hong。
“How did you come?I’m so tired”Xia Jian said,So I kissed。
Zhao Hong struggled twice,No more words,But kissed Xia Jian。Xia Jian on a whim,He pushed Zhao Hong down on his soft big bed。
Zhao Hongjiao panted and said:“Don’t stay here!This is the town government,In case someone comes to you,Isn’t that ugly??Xia Jian didn’t say a word,Two of his have been restlessly touching Zhao Hong’s body。
Xia Jian at this time,He doesn’t think about anything。In a while,Zhao Hong’s body is as soft as noodles,At the mercy of Xia Jian。I wanted to sleep beautifully,I didn’t expect Zhao Hong’s sudden arrival,Make Xia Jian difficult to control。They tossed crazy on the big bed,Until exhausted。
Zhao Hong came here with a mission,But when I met someone like Xia Jian,She forgot the task Sun Yuejuan gave him.,Until her phone rang,Zhao Hongcai remembered,He came to tell Xia Jian to go back to eat dumplings。
The two laughed,I got dressed and walked out of Xia Jian’s room together。Fortunately, if the big town government courtyard,Can hardly see a figure。When they came out,Only the guardian said hello to Xia Jian。
Since Zhao Hong came here on a motorcycle,So when I go back,Xia Jian had to put his car down。Back to Xiping Village with Zhao Hong on a motorcycle。
Sun Yuejuan’s dumplings are already ready,She saw her son walk in with Zhao Hong,So he was busy cooking dumplings。Xia Zecheng glanced at Xia Jian,Asked coldly:“The whole country is on holiday today,What are you busy with?No care for home。Didn’t we say that we will let you come back for the Mid-Autumn Festival?“

None of the three believe so,But Qin Feng suddenly thought,Maybe something can be done about this。

“Let’s study it now,What is that guy doing here?,Then you can know,You also know that some bosses are very shy about some news,If something shouldn’t happen,What will happen to him then??”
of course,I also want to say a word,We don’t want to set a game,We have to be natural。
Qin Feng knows how powerful he is,This may be seen through,At that time, it may be a steal。
Qin Feng who doesn’t want any accidents all the time,Naturally he would not take such a method。
“This is fine,But we also need to know where David lives?That guy is very unique,At first he still lived near here,In this situation,It’s hard for us to hold that guy。”
“correct,We also have to be optimistic,We only have one chance,If you can’t catch this guy’s sore feet,Then we might be beaten back。”
“What should we do now?”Several people are watching Qin Feng,They also know that Qin Feng is the backbone。
Many things,Maybe Qin Feng had already considered it before。
“Current situation,We still have to start from the neighboring village,You also know that David went to that village before,As a result, the situation over there is very complicated,I also heard that some villagers next door are unwilling to move。”
Not willing to give money,Have you heard of such a thing??Qin Feng said with a smile on his face,He knows very well,The village next door is different from the one here。
The money next door is not in place,And there is no proper resettlement plan。
In this situation,Who wants to follow them?
of course,It is not ruled out that some people think that Xu Youling has fallen,That can also ask for prices。
For things like people’s hearts,Qin Feng has never believed very much。
Several people were taken aback,They didn’t pay attention to the situation in the neighboring village。
“How did you know?”Lin Qianqian cares more about Qin Feng’s news channels,This guy seems to know all kinds of things?

“I want strength,Is there any way that I can get strong power in a short time,Whatever you ask me to do,I want strength。”

Fang Han listened to what the man in front of him told him,After viewing one by one,Look firmly at the man in front of you,Asked,Hoarse voice,As if two iron plates are rubbing,It’s impossible to make people think that this will be a human voice。
“Seems to be a newcomer with a story,Want to gain strong power in a short time,This one,You have to ask the owner。”
Jingtian listened to this voice,And the appearance of the newcomer,I know this is a newcomer with a story,Did not deny the other party’s ideas,Just raised his head and signaled the newcomer to ask the group leader,The 9th-order Weili Sedum is unimaginable,therefore,Also curious about the follow-up development。
Fang Han whispered,Then he looked at the white figure on the main seat,The host’s face was obscured by a cloud of mist,can not see clearly,It’s just that Fang Han just stared for a few breaths,I felt a tingling sensation in my eyes,Tears can’t stop flowing out,This phenomenon makes Fang Han more convinced that this group leader can help him,Disregarding the reaction from the body’s instinct,Just staring straight at the white figure on the main seat。
“Newcomer,The owner is not online now,You have been watching the host, beware that your body will collapse first,Isn’t it good to wait for the host to be online after a while??”
Jingtian watched the newcomer staring at the group leader,Body starts to tremble,Persuade,Simultaneously,I wonder if the first member of the chat group died is this new member,cause of death,Keep watching the group owner,Ended up dead,This makes people speechless。
“If the newcomer has any grievances or asks for help,Can tell,We can see if we can help you,Don’t be so desperate。”
Dryad grandma was originally watching the live broadcast silently,After seeing the new group members’ actions,Persuade。
“Interesting newcomer”
chaos,After Li Qiuxian sensed what was happening in the hall,Speak plainly,Then a ray of thoughts log into the chat group,Inside the hall,The clone on the theme opened his eyes。
“Hello, Lord”
After Jing Tian and others saw the group owner’s clone on the theme fluctuate,Know that the owner is online,Respectful greeting。
“Daozi with unlimited scenery,It looks like this now?”
Li Qiuxian looked at Fang Han at the end of the hall,Countless pictures flashed in my eyes,Speak plainly,Greetings to several group members,Just nodded,Then ignored。
“Lord group,I want to be stronger,I want revenge,I want to destroy the whole world,The world is rotten,The creatures have also decayed,I beg your lord to give me strength,I am willing to give everything。”
Fang Han stared at the white figure on the main seat,Begged,She lives in the world of immortality,Mortal,The strongest is the fairy,Immortals live in seclusion in Dongtian Fudi,Stable development of major immortals,According to the chat group,It should be one side in the world,And just five years ago,She is also the Taoist master of the top immortal gate of the Nine Nether plane,A young generation of Tianjiao who scorned the major fairy gates,however,Because an ancestor of the Taishang Dao is going to break through and become immortal,This move is bound to break the balance of immortal cultivation,then,Dozens of immortals attacked this ancestor,Cause its breakthrough failure,No bones,then,It even joined forces to destroy the entire Taishang Dao,The powerful elder disciples were killed one after another,The weak are slaves,Only a few thousand Taishang Dao disciples are left out,And herself,It’s because of his beauty and his identity,But imprisoned,This is also the darkest period in her life,later,Not long ago she took advantage of the enemy to relax,Fluke away,Ruined one’s appearance,Mute the voice,After making the enemy no longer recognize himself,And started wandering everywhere,now,Luckily got this big chance,After revenge,Fang Han will not let go of this only opportunity,She wants to avenge the innocent death of hundreds of thousands of disciples,To make those people pay。
“So-called right and wrong,It’s just that everyone’s perception is different,If you want strength,One,Check in every day,Earn points,two,The world you are in is one side in a thousand worlds,The so-called fairy,Strength is in the fifth rank,You can find a strong group member,To help you get revenge,remuneration,Is the entire Nine Serenities,three,I have an idea,in danger,Most likely to die,If you die,The plane you are in will become the public plane,Let all group members come and go,If you can survive,Should have the power to destroy your world,how to choose,look at yourself。”
Li Qiuxian looked at Fang Han,Failing to evaluate whether what the other person is doing is right or wrong,Just calmly gave the other three choices。

He is completely angry,Motherly,Just be intimidated,Was threatened twice。

A few minutes later,Father Zhou’s mood stabilized,Facing the few remaining humanitarians:“Qin Feng explained that Tian is going to fight with me in the stock market,You all come and watch。”
“See how i clean up this kid!Today i am tired too,Everyone just leave first,Tomorrow at eight,Go to my company。”
Mr. Zhou’s investment company rented an office in a top office building in the city center,Financial,Pay attention to being tall。
The address of the investment company,Everyone knows,Listen to what Old Man Zhou said,Everyone expressed their opinions。
“Ok,Old man,Then we will withdraw first,Come over tomorrow to see your old style。”
“Old man,Looking forward to your great power tomorrow,Kill that kid!”
“nonsense,Don’t look at that kid now arrogant,But when it comes to the stock market,Definitely can’t last two rounds。”
After everyone flattered,Then left home。
Song Litao wants to say something to Mr. Zhou,Opened his mouth,Finally did not say anything。
Of course he hopes Mr. Zhou can win,Let Qin Feng pay the due price。
8 o’clock the next morning,Master Zhou,Song Litao and several others came to his investment company together,Investment manager Chen Nan is already waiting at the door。
Talking about Chen Nan,Once wonhChina’s private equity fund managers ranked fifth,Is a well-known figure in the investment world。

Since then,This one became famous in one battle。But Bill knew,Gambot is not weaker than him。Buffon,Although this one is a veteran,Already over 40 years old,But no one will look down upon this one。The position of the gatekeeper will actually make many people unhappy。

These people are actually the focal point of a city。that is,If any spider members have to perform missions to reach a city,Then the gatekeeper will come out to provide these spider members with equipment, subsidies and necessary intelligence。
In short,This is a person who does logistics。Basically, there will be at least one gatekeeper in big cities all over the world。And they are basically people who have lived in the local city for more than three years。Have their own unique insights about this city。
And also have certain strength。
so,The gatekeeper is like a lubricant, buffering the panacea of various departments of the spider members。
of course,Bill and Buffon also talked,I just think this is a kinder middle-aged man。Not even arrogant or anything,But no one would think this one is a good one。
of course,The most terrifying thing is their leader Bai!
To know,The leader white is not only suspected of being a god,The scariest thing is,He is the wisest existence above the seven sages。Although I haven’t seen his layout,But one of the Seven Saints is his disciple。Judging from the performance of the disciples he taught,The leader’s overall planning and layout ability is definitely not weak。
So once calculated,Bill felt that he might not be able to resist even a round here。
How to do?The more I think about it, the more I feel a little sad on their side。
Especially in the killer league except for a heavenly accident,The other best killers also know the prefecture level。It’s not that he doesn’t want to subdue the celestial strength,But it’s basically impossible to be a killer who obeys orders at the heaven level.。
of course,The Scavenger itself is a department with the strongest combat effectiveness,Rao is so,They also only have eight heavenly scavengers。
But now those are basically dead!In fact, what hurt their spiders the most was the Battle of Burma in the Golden Triangle.。Because the eight war generals under the poison generals are all sky-level powerhouses.!
Who knew that the battle was actually destroyed by the regiment!
Think about it,The spider ended up now,It seems that I can’t get rid of Qin Feng in front of me。Also because of this,That’s why Bill wanted to find Qin Feng to cooperate。After all
His view,Qin Feng should be a lucky general?Otherwise, I won’t be alive until now!But their spiders have been maimed!
But if his killer alliance is targeted,Bill thinks that few team members survive。He doesn’t want to survive in name only。
“Qin Feng,How do we contact Zhang Qiang?After all, he is now independent。We need allies!In this part of Europe,There are a lot of people who make our ideas!”Although Bill made such a proposal,But he also knows that Qin Feng should be the one who hates Zhang Qiang the most。
After all, Zhang Qiang and Qin Feng don’t have a fight.。
Although in the end because there is no death relationship, both sides have their own victory and defeat,But survived after all?Should be able to talk?

“Are you not afraid of my revenge?”

The rough breathing sound kept coming from Guo Enting’s nasal cavity,What Guo Enting looks like now,Approximately fierce。
Staring closely at Zhu Guosheng,Then slowly got up。
Seeing Zhu Guosheng didn’t move,A smile gradually appeared on Guo Enting’s face,Said:“Me now,Almost immortal,If i want to escape,You will worry about it in the days to come!”
The smile on his face is getting more and more proud,But Guo Enting didn’t laugh for long,Zhu Guosheng let his facial expression disappear completely。
“It’s just a little thicker,Healing ability is better,Who gave you such arrogant confidence?”
Zhu Guosheng took the opportunity to mix his breath evenly,Looking at Guo Enting who is still smug,Pointing to Peng Peng’s body and said:“This guy injected two potions,You can see him now,I’m not beaten to death yet,But your senior was as arrogant as you before me,I don’t understand where your confidence comes from?I really thought I saw a few action movies,Inject another booster,Can really surpass our decades of hard work?”
Zhu Guosheng sneered,this world,Not yet reduced to the point where anyone can do whatever they want。
Shen Sheng said something“Stop playing!”Zhu Guosheng also put on an offensive posture against Guo Enting,Both understand,Which wins and which loses,In the next moment,Or for a period of time。
“You thought you sent your parents away,You can have no worries?Guess who entrusted Xiang Chen to,What did you do?”
Zhu Guosheng stared at Guo Enting,But he didn’t rush to attack,Let Guo Enting not dare to act rashly。
Just for Zhu Guosheng’s murderous remarks,Xiangyang was stunned and shocked,Splashing dirty water on Xiang Chen so openly,I’m afraid that only Zhu Shiyao’s father can do such a thing。
Seeing Zhu Shiyao’s despair,Xiangyang sighed silently,I can only use Xiang Chen to give this pot of dirty water to the next。
Who makes Zhu Shiyao her good sister?!His father was used as a gunman by her father,It seems innocuous。
When Xiangyang is distracted,Guo Enting moved。
This moment,Who can’t hold back first,Whoever loses half。
And Zhu Guosheng and others,This is the chance to win 100%。

However, Lin Xinxin has been watching all directions,She was a little embarrassed when she found out that Qin Feng was calling,I stood up immediately and was ready to run away。After all she is shameless,But if the agent really comes,She may also be arrested for a few days,After all, what she is doing now is disrupting public order。

“Leng Ling,Stop her!”
No one could think of it,Qin Feng didn’t pretend to be scary on the phone at this time,But really called the official phone to find an agent to handle the matter。
Lin Xinxin is also panicking now,“You two stop her!do not come,Ah help!”
Now Lin Xinxin panicks when she sees Leng Ling,Especially when the latter approached her。She was so scared that she started screaming。
The two bodyguards certainly wanted to stop Leng Ling at this time,But it’s not as easy as they thought。
Even when they were photographed by Leng Ling, they passed out。Fell on the ground and became unconscious!
At this moment, Lin Xinxin fell to the ground in fright,She wants to get up and run away。But the problem is that Leng Ling has walked up to her and pinched her neck。
“Ha ha,Want to run after the trouble?Do you think there is such a cheap thing in this world?Offend my boss,The matter is serious, understand??”Coldly。
“what?Your boss?how is this possible,How could that fool Zhao Kuo get a bodyguard like you?I am not convinced!wrong,You win,You let me go,I don’t want to ruin my stardom like this!”
“Ha ha,Just admit it now?late!”
No matter what Lin Xinxin says,Anyway, Leng Ling looks like an official business,I didn’t mean to let him go。
Few minutes,People from the Detective Bureau have already arrived。
When they saw Leng Ling controlling Lin Xinxin, their first reaction was that the troublemaker was Leng Ling。These agents almost came out!

Looking at Zheng Weiwei nervously,Zheng Ziling is like some pets praying for food。

“When you set up that fancy confession scene,I have put a check on Principal Han’s desk,So for your destruction of public facilities,I think some leaders in your school should turn one eye and close another。”
Zheng Weiwei said disappointedly,She won’t care about the numbers on that check,But why after I came back,Zheng Ziling became so daunting,I heard that this kid dared to do something with someone like Li Chengen,Zheng Weiwei is quite relieved。
“I didn’t expect Old Han to be so greedy for money!”
Zheng Ziling pouted,Since my sister has donated a lot of money,Then I have nothing to worry about。
“Principal Han!Is one of the few people in my heart worthy of respect,Generally, universities can spend 70% of their donations on students even if they are top class,But Mr. Han has always been 100%,I even have to subsidize some,There are many people who are self-cultivation and family governance,But the one who really has the world in mind,Old Han is one!”
“sister,You don’t like Mr. Han, do you?When you mentioned him,Eyes are shining!”
“He is also single,If Mr. Han has this mind,I can consider!”
Zheng Ziling stops talking,He can hardly imagine,How should my father face the brother-in-law who can be his grandfather……
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Nine Assassinated
Ding Jia and Ding Yi are deadly twin killers in the industry,Do things simply and neatly and widely acclaimed,Except for not being able to return the goods for no reason within seven days,other things,Ding Jia and Ding Yi will do their best to meet customer requirements。
Not long ago, two people took advantage of vacation time,Took a small order。
Although it’s in China,But accidents happen every day in this world,Even in China,Can’t stop natural and man-made disasters。and so,Let a female college student disappear into this world,For professionals,Not so difficult。
At first, Ding Jia and Ding Yi only regarded this single as an episode of two people’s vacation.,So as not to regress in technology。
But after a period of incubation,Analyze from all observed data,For professional killers like them,But it’s getting more and more shocking。