Shenzhen Futian: The first district is then pushed 10 "people’s livelihood blessings"

Original title: Futian District: The first good district will then push 10 "Minsheng Fu Li" | 100-year-old, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, a new public primary and secondary school degree, 5 new community health service agencies, and prepare for the public housing not less than 3000 sets,70 years old and above, the old-year-old, one-time, one-month, one-month-old allowance, implementation of the "One Street All Road" project, build 10 special boutique blocks … to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, recently, Shenzhen Futian District continued to celebrate the founding of New China70th anniversary, the 40th anniversary of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone was established and the 30th anniversary of the Futian Jianzhi District, "Minsheng Fu Li" has once again launched a new "Minsheng Blessing" again.

This 10th "Minsheng Fu Li" includes 100 benefits such as superior education, health, support, livable, music, environment, care, support, cultural and sorghum, and enterprises, covering the elderly from infants. All people, wide coverage, strong targeted, high perception.

  Huang Wei, deputy secretary of the Futian District Committee, and Zhuang Huang Wei, "Minsheng Fu Li" really is actually serving the residents of the jurisdiction, and is a full sincerity of the Futian District Committee and the District Government. The development of education is the leader of the premium education resource coverage in 100 benefits, and the Futian District is the leader of education, continues to improve the well-being of people’s livelihood. Education is the foundation of people’s livelihood, as the central city, Futian District launched 8 Qijiao "Fu Li", continued to increase education degree, implement school after-school services, integrate various types of educational resources, and strive to promote the construction of education first line demonstration zone.

In order to make the education resources more quality and balanced, Futian District accelerate the promotion of grouping schools, and newly established no less than 2 educational groups, and the Group’s business coverage increased to 40%, expanding the coverage of quality education resources. In recent years, Futian District has been working hard to reverse the difficult situation of tense from degree. This time, the Futian area also increases the supply of primary and secondary schools.

Through the high-quality new revision, 11 public and middle schools such as Jinglong Primary School, Qiao’an Primary School, adding 6,300 degrees; at the same time, 3 kindergartens, and 990 kindergartens degrees.

  Previously, the "Futian District Compulsory Education Stage School Afterward Service Implementation Plan" is released, which will provide full coverage of the entire district public and private schools this year.

In this case, the Futian District also focused on the post-school after-school service. He will fully promote the organic integration of the post-class service and quality education, and create a rich multi-curriculum system, and provide students with students in the compulsory education. 1-2 Free service, benefiting 180,000 students in the district.

  In terms of medical care, the quantity is up to 13. At present, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is repeated, and the Futian District has further increased new crown vaccination services. Relying on inoculation resources in the jurisdiction, free new crown vaccination services are provided for eligible target populations, benefiting 1.72 million people. At the same time, complete the renovation project of the hospitalization building of the District Chinese Medicine Hospital, put into the use area Second People’s Hospital Rehabilitation Care Center, 200 new beds. In the health of the door, there are 5 health services such as New Mefeng and Construction Bank Building in Futian District, benefiting more than 100,000 people. Looking at the top 10 "People’s Livelihood Fu Li", 100 Huimin Measures, 100 Huimin Measures, 100 benefits, and 100 benefits. This year, Futian District continued to increase the housing demand of all kinds of personnel in the jurisdiction, further strengthening the appeal of Talent in the jurisdiction. Specifically, for the safeguard housing of the people, Futian District launched a housing housing inventive action, and prepared not less than 3,000 public housing, providing physical rental of 2,000 sets, focusing on 1000 sets of currency rents. At the same time, it is also provided with low-rentering affordable housing subsidies, according to the standards of 810 yuan per person, pay low-rent security monetary subsidies to difficult families to the jurisdiction.

  As a highly built zone, Futian District has no shortage of old communities.

In 100 Huimin Measures, Futian District is 100% upgrade and renovation of the "Three No Commodity", the unreasonable main committee, no material special maintenance golden community; actual advancement of the inconvenience of the old residents in the old residents, vigorously promote elevator plus Work, accumulate 100 elevators, and complete 150 old elevator update modifications, each elevator subsidy fee is 50% of the renewal of renovation. On the other hand, Futian continues to expand to increase parking spaces.

Promote commercial buildings, parks, hospitals, and institutions of parking spaces in the parking space, in the city, community, business district, etc., the new three-dimensional parking garage, parking lot.

In the year, 30 parking lots were completed, and the new 6,000 parking spaces were added to alleviate the problem of parking.

  10 real things in new Hui En-enterprises to create employment entrepreneurship is the foundation of people’s livelihood, and also the basis of life quality. In the employment, Futian "Leye Fu Li" will implement recruitment introduction, employment incentives, appropriate post training, youth stations, public welfare classrooms, and workers charging and other initiatives. At the same time, the 10th "Minsheng Fu Li" also added a new type of benefit, and the benefits of Huimin advan from the depth. "Hui Company" Fuji includes policy assistants, approval, and guarantees the activities of enterprises and enterprises, promotes the improvement of service enterprises, and optimizes the business environment of the jurisdiction. Among them, Futian will introduce the "1 + 9 + N" industry fund policy, give full play to financial fund-oriented incentives, highlight the integrity of social resources, and reduce business costs. Optimize the upgrade of intelligent enterprise service platform, arrange more intelligent approval projects, and use digital currency form to achieve second batch.

  And continue to promote the "Futian Gifts" Tesco Festival, continue to promote consumption activities with coffee, cars, digital home appliances, night economy, strengthen "Futian gift" activities, guide the city’s internal and external consumers to Futian consumption shopping, help jurisdiction Merchants to improve their operations.

  In addition, there will be 15 categories of macroeconomic forms, microeconomic research, internal management of enterprises, and organize entrepreneurs in the jurisdiction, assisting private enterprises to improve, and issue policy spree to the jurisdiction, including industries Policy, application guidelines, etc.

Sichuan Terrace: There is a kind of custom "苕"

  It is also the Culture of the Sichuan people to the Sichuanese.

  Read 苕 [Sáo] The word "苕" originally refers to sweet potatoes, Sichuan people are more called red. In addition, "苕" also describes rustic and common gas in the Sichuan population, can directly say "苕", can also write "苕苕" "苕 苕 苕". "Changshou County" Volume 4 "Personnel Department, Dialect": "People are cumbersome."

You look, don’t you be embarrassed (the common gas)? 2. I have a big red and big, and I can’t help but I can’t help but I can’t help but I have been emitted.

  The "Lianlian and Lei", "Sichuan" Sichuan is called "Red" green [lú], crying ", this sentence has a more vivid description in the pen of Xiqi Miss Liu.

He wrote in the "Continued Qingyang Flower City Bamboo": "The shirt is short-length, and the green skirt is biased on the red waist." "Strength" uses to mention the small town, the first reaction of many people is strong " Rural atmosphere. Now, Sichuan "town" is changing, "苕" (soil) is not synonymous with the town, they can also be beautiful, fashionable, full of technology. On August 25th, "The First China (Western) Characteristic Town Innovation Development Forum will be held in Luzi Town, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, with the theme of" Sichuan "in the world of my small town, tells the story of Sichuan Town! related news:.

180 Master of Porcelain

Zhang Lao took Chen Xiu out of Anshan city early the next morning,I arrived at a small town called Xinrong below the suburbs。
Before the convoy entered the town, they saw a chimney outside the town with white smoke。
Chen Xiu said in surprise:“In recent years, the country has not rectified pollution,No such open air pollution,Why are you making bricks here??”
“not educated!”
Old Zhang said with a smile:“Have you ever seen such a chimney with white smoke made of bricks?”
Chen Xiu once thought about the brick kiln chimneys that he saw in the countryside when he was a child, and the smoke from the chimneys was black.,It’s still different from here。
“This is for burning ceramics。”Zhang Lao solved the answer in his heart。
“Ceramics won’t work either,
181 Three-piece gift set
It’s okay for Chen Xiu not to say this,Once said this,Old man Liu broke out。
“Get out!Special,You master and apprentice are all gone,Laozi is an artist,Think of me as a craftsman。Fifty percent of imitations are not contaminating my hands!What’s special is 10,000 sets!When i am here、The workshop of burning dishes!
Laozi burns art here!

Zhou Ye:“not so good,You hurry to see if I have just had a diabetic ketoacidosis.,I should have no problem.。”

Zhou Ye is rushing to pull out the drug and insulin that has just been opened to the girl.,And Li Qifeng seems to be anxious.。
There is a feeling of vitality, like a mustard……
Perhaps it can be said that it has experienced too much calm after life and death.。
Li Qifeng looked at the medicine of Zhou Ye,If you have a thought:“First of all, you have to diagnose,Give me a view of the report.。”
Zhou Yeny nodded,If the diagnosis is wrong,Treatment will only aggravate the condition.!
He immediately gave the girl’s test with Li Qifeng。
Li Qifeng quickly looked at an eye,For many years, he didn’t see the girl.,Celeptively:“IType diabetic ketoacid is poisoned,High blood sugar,Plasma osmotic pressure,Acidosis,Urose and urethyl,Even the sodium is low……”
“Blood sodium is due to electrolyte disorders。”Zhou Ye We will play with the words。
Li Qifeng nodded,Then Zhou Ye once again called out his insulin and brine!If diagnosed,In fact, Zhou Ye is still a grasp of his treatment.!
Although there is a fear,But if you should deal with the scheme of the internal book, it should not be wrong.!
Treatment principles of diabetic ketoacidosis include removal of induced factors,Such as infection, etc.!But this girl’s blood bill is normal,There are no symptoms of infection,Therefore, Zhou Ye did not want to add more physiological saline.、Small dose venous with insulin、Potassium and supplementation, etc.。
Li Qifeng looked at the physiological saline from Zhou Yewu,Noddion:“I do not care what time,The key to the treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis is infusion,In principle, it is quick to slow,Pre-salt,Preferred physiological saline,Your replenishment is definitely not wrong.!”
Li Qifeng suddenly turned,Then look at Zhou Ye。
Finish,Is it wrong??
Zhou Yewu looked at Li Qifeng,Zhengxin wants to have something wrong with what you have。
But think about it, I don’t see my own treatment plan.。
Li Qifeng This time:“But you should pay attention to the patient’s blood sugar.,According to blood sodium,Timely adjustment of the solution,Not as good as5Glucose solution or sugar brine with short-acting insulin。”
Zhou Ye realizes the details of ignore ignore,Some bites nodded。
At this time, Li Qifeng has once dials the infusion room.,Let the nurse pay close attention to the girl’s blood sugar。
Sour, severely supplemented alkaline drugs properly,The rest of the remaining local Zhouwu is very good。
Li Qifeng is also a smile showing appreciation。
If the patient is very likely that ketosis or ketoacidosis,But I can’t get a doctor for a short time.,Should use some simple method to handle immediately,Drink more water if you give patients,Including drinking light salt,Every2~3Short-term insulin in deep muscle10~20Unit, etc.,And try to send it to the hospital in time。
Diabetes ketoacidosis has a tendency to episode,Therefore, after the ketan or ketoacidosis is correct,Patients should be vigilant against their incentives,Adhere to the correct treatment,Early effective treatment when infection,And timely adjustment of the dose of hypoglycemic drugs such as insulin,Anti-diabetic ketoacidosis。
More than 10 years in the emergency department,Diabetic ketoacidosis can be considered by Li Qifeng often meets one of the diseases that will meet.!even thoughIType diabetes is not common,But for Li Qifeng,He is really very experienced,He seems to beIType diabetes patients have special fate!
And it is also a young beautiful girl!
Remember,Li Qifeng sighed:“If I can be young, I am a teenage.。”
Zhou Ye is still worried about patients。
He looks to Li Qifeng,Whisper:“Q,Do you want to go to the infusion room?。”
Li Qifeng looked at Ye Ye who was unconfident:“You are too cautious.,But you want me to see,I will go see,Hahaha,After all, you have to help me sit at night.。”
and many more,night?
Zhou Ye is a little stay。
My day!
Therefore, Li Qifeng is still preparing for forcing him to arrange a night shift.?
NS100chapter Is the takeaway not eaten?
I went to the emergency infusion room with Li Qifeng.。

Mu Rong Sisi hurriedly stood up,Lock the office door from the inside,She took a breath and said:“No,President Xia’s heart is so cruel,Knowing that so many of us care about him,But he never made a phone call”When Mu Rong Sisi said this,Tears almost shed。

Ouyang Hong sees it,I couldn’t help but tremble,This Xia Jian broke the hearts of many girls,It seems that even Rong Sisi has a soft spot for Xia Jian。
“Isn’t the group coming over this time??”Ouyang Hong still asked unwillingly。
Mu Rong Sisi lowered his voice and said:“Yesterday!Mr. Wang and Fang Fang have been here,When i asked,Mr. Wang only said that Mr. Xia’s case is still inconclusive.,The group has moved frombjHired the best lawyer to defend our president Xia,After the Chinese New Year, there should be results”
“Oh!This is good news,Worth our pleasure”Ouyang Hong said,Smile on face,Her mood suddenly improved a lot。
Mu Rong Sisi thoughtfully said:“President Xia doesn’t know where he went?It’s so cold,I don’t know if he has any money,”
Seeing Mu Rong Sisi caring about Xia Jian so much,Ouyang Hong only feels sour in her heart,She grudgingly said:“Do not worry!Who are you in summer? You don’t know,Even if you don’t have a penny,He won’t let himself suffer”
Mu Rong Sisi listened to Ouyang Hong’s words,There was a big smile on his face。
From the Xiping Agricultural Trade Company,There was snow white in the sky,Ouyang Hong couldn’t help but muttered,I hope he knows to cherish his body。
First0518chapter After drinking
This winter is not so peaceful,The weather changes very frequently,This isn’t the sky is starting to snow again。
Jia Lina treats Xia Jian like this,Sometimes cold and sometimes hot,He simply abused Xia Jian,Let his dignity!What macho,All went to see ghosts。
It’s the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month in two days,The agricultural trade exchange meeting in Wuying Town has begun to do some preparatory work intensively,Such as zone,And set up a stage for singing,It looks very lively anyway。
It’s Fengji this day,There are so many people here,A whole day busy,Busy at noon, I didn’t even eat any food.。Until 5 o’clock in the afternoon,This talent began to gradually disappear。
Jia Lina smiled to Xia Jian holding a thick stack of banknotes in her hand:“Today’s income is not small,If this happens every day,I can still do business,Let alone I have to hire two people”
After Xia Jian listened,Didn’t say a word,Instead he cursed inwardly,Proud ass,She’s just a landlord’s wife,Always think of exploiting people。
“All right!close the door,Let’s drink two glasses”Jia Lina saw that Xia Jian was not interested in what she said,I know Xia Jian has grievances,So she just came to rest。

One of the Li’s guards,I don’t even have time to toss,Just fell straight down。

See these,At this moment Wang Teng shrugged。
And Li Kangjie, the head of the Li family,In the heart of the whole person,Even more angry。
Such a thing,Put it now,There is still a need to deal with it。
Li Kangjie’s heart,Obviously think so。
“Interesting,but now,some things,In fact, there should still be this need to be resolved!”
When Li Kangjie looked at these,The more so,Actually from the current point of view,How to deal with these issues,There is still this need to be resolved as soon as possible。
After watching for a while,Now,Li Kangjie’s whole body is more indifferent as he thinks about it。
“but,these things,Is it so capable??”
“Humph,It looks like,People who really can’t see,It’s you。”
Li Kangjie see here,The more so,In fact, it looks like Li Kangjie,These things,The more I watch it, the more interesting it becomes。
And put it here,Wang Teng at this time,It seems very indifferent。
“Is it just these?”
When Wang Teng looked at these,at this time,Wang Teng waved his hand even more,Don’t forget to say here。
The more so,In fact, when Wang Teng saw him,Now,Wang Teng shrugged slightly。
“If you are really just such a little trick,Then there is actually no need to continue like this。”
“Even in my look,Actually you,There is no chance。”
Wang Teng said,Waved,Signal to the people around you to start。

“Seren’s life level,If you can break through the eighth level,Strength should be improved,I’m afraid the degree of close to the strong sea。”

Breakthrough in life level,Just increase physical strength、Resilience these,It won’t be of much help to attack power。
and so,Seren will not increase his strength after breaking through。
Want to break through to the point where the sea is strong,I am afraid that all aspects will be close to the level of a general,Very difficult。
There are probably only a few hundred strong men on the sea,Distributed all over the world,Can say very little。
First112chapter Wander in front of the Tianlongren
Two days passed quickly,Wait till the morning of the third day,Leo learns that a Tianlongren has come to Shampoo。
“What a coincidence,It’s actually an old acquaintance!”Leo couldn’t help but smile。
There are only a few Denon people in the previous anime,The family was beaten,In addition, too few Tianlong people officially appeared。
This time it’s the guy who bid 500 million for the murloc chick。
“The guy looked at his brain not very well,Should be foolish!”
The pure-blooded Tianlong people have a somewhat abnormal brain,After all, there are only twenty families,These centuries of hybridization,Everyone’s blood relationship is very close。
There seem to be less than 20 Tianlong people now,I heard that there are only 16 remaining?
Leo with Troangoth,Towards area one。
“Boss,We really want to find that Tianlongren?”Troangot is a little worried。
Although in anime,It’s nonsense that you have to kneel when you meet a dragon,But ordinary people do not dare to sway in front of the Tianlong people。
Even cadres of underground forces like them are unwilling to be targeted by the Dragon。
“What are you afraid of,What can I do to you against him?”

Xia Jian thought about it:“Marry if you have a good family!Don’t suffer yourself,Do husband and wife live together??”

“Humph!What company,I don’t need company。But I will consider your case,I, Jia Lina, lack nothing right now,There is no need to find someone uncomfortable”Jia Lina said,Take a look at Xia Jian。But what she said is the truth。
Got in the car,Xia Jianchao waved to Jia Lina standing in front of the supermarket,Then kick the throttle,The car rushed into the empty street。at this time,People who wake up late are still sleeping。
Road to the county seat,For Xia Jian,Most familiar。So it didn’t take much time,Less than nine o’clock,He has parked the car behind the door of Dong Xuanxuan’s house。
Xia Jian got out of the car,Opened the concealed door,I saw Dong Xuanxuan’s mother watering the flowers in the yard,When she saw Xia Jian,First startled,Then smiled:“Yo!It is you!”
Xia Jian greeted him,Although this woman is not young,But still looks pretty,He smiled and said:“Auntie looks good,Still so beautiful”
This is what women love most,So Xia Jian never forgot,Always used in the most suitable place。This makes this woman so happy,She hurriedly let Xia Jian into the living room,Call Dong Xuanxuan first,And then make tea for Xia Jian。
Less than a few minutes,There was rapid footsteps in the yard,Immediately after the door opened,Dong Xuanxuan rushed in wearing a police uniform,She shouted in surprise:“It’s really you here?”
“crazy girl,Isn’t he here, can this be someone else?”Dong Xuanxuan’s mother said with a smile。
Xia Jian stood up,Smiled slightly:“I’m passing here,Come see your brother and you“Xia Jian tried his best to speak very animalistically,he knows,A word of my own,Sometimes it causes unnecessary trouble。
Dong Xuanxuan glanced at Xia Jian and said:“I let you down,My brother and my dad wentSHGo to study“
“Nothing!Aunty with you??“Xia Jian laughed and said。
Dong Xuanxuan glanced at her mother and said:“I’m still working,How about you go out with me,We’ll talk afterwards“Xia Jian understands what Dong Xuanxuan meant,Stood up immediately,Follow Dong Xuanxuan to the outside of the house。
“Remember to come back for dinner at noon!“Dong Xuanxuan’s mother shouted。
Dong Xuanxuan turned around and smiled:“Don’t worry about mom,Talk at noon“Xia Jian couldn’t help but smile,Looks like my daughter is older,The mother has a heart to fuck。
Out the door,Dong Xuanxuan pointed to Xia Jiankai’s big ben and said:“This is what you drove?Looks like a big mess,Have you figured out your business??“
Xia Jian took a breath,So he told Dong Xuanxuan about the ins and outs of this matter in general,Dong Xuanxuan patted Xia Jian on the shoulder excitedly and said:“Good job,You can finally meet people openly“
“go,I’ll take you to work!“Xia Jian opened the door,Smiled and said to Dong Xuanxuan。
Unexpectedly, Dong Xuanxuan took off his coat,Then he took off his police cap and threw it back:“Silly!I won’t take a leave when I come out,Really,They just want to be alone with you for a while“

“Di Shi’s people are taken away,A total of seven hundred thousand gold。This time we have a good harvest!”Fang Niannian smiled,I saw a large sum of money in the account,She is very happy,Once the money bank is empty,She will feel insecure。

Powerful dragon,There is no house of gold that is so reassuring,At least Fang Niannian always thought so。
“The Dragon Soul Orb should also be very valuable,I went back and sold it in the auction。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Ok,Xiao Baiqi’s ration is about 150,000 gold,Can eat for two months,This time I changed to Yuehua Crystal,After the bloodline remodeling,Yuehua crystal fragments seem to be more in line with Xiao Bai Qi。”Fang Niannian seriously passed the account to Zhu Minglang。
“Seventy-five thousand a month???”Zhu Minglang’s eyes are straight。
Raise a dragon,Fixed consumption of 75,000 per month!
Fortunately, this time I made a fortune,Otherwise, my small vault will be flat again。
“Actually, it is because of the closure of Runyu City Commercial Road,If Runyu City forms a business,Many resources can be transported directly,The price will be lower,Now it’s not just that we have to spend a lot of money on Longliang,Hu’s Dragon Shepherd Army,The dragon shepherds that the wolves ride,Those who raise dragons in Runyu City,Basically have to pay a high price to buy from elsewhere……”Fang Niannian said。
“Not only a few percent lower,As the lord,I still have to collect taxes!”Zhu Minglang said。
“right!I heard that Canglangqi has indeed been doing well recently,They wiped out all the robbers and bandits nearby.,Still receiving an escort from the Tawny Caravan,Why not open up Runyu City’s commerce。”Fang Niannian suggested。
A big city,People everywhere。
It just happens that there are not a few decent markets,No workshop,No shop,Lian Restaurant、Stall、No one sells vegetables。
Seems prosperous,Actually very bleak。

Li Hui listened to the other party,It is also immediately understanding the weight of tonight.。

“Hey-hey,Scull,What do you have to say directly?。”
“Gomy the purpose of tonight is to drunk you,Then I want yourself。”
For Zhao Xiaoli’s destination, Li Hui Hui has long guessed.,However, the other party said soon.,He is also a breather in his heart.。
At least the other party is notified in advance,Not a long time。
“Scull,Then you can make a mistake.,I am drunk tonight, I don’t drunk.。”
“Not always,Let’s continue again,By the way, the scorpion also tells you something about the pig farm.,You will go once ten days and a half months.,I am afraid you know。”
Zhao Xiaoli said that she stretched out the white slam arm and took the beer and touched Li Hui.,I drunk a few big mouths.。
Li Hui also drank it directly。
At the same time, there are some curious pig farms. There will be more complicated places.。
“Scull,Pig farms are all you manage,And I have not given the right to others.,Where can I get complicated??”
“breeze,You don’t understand this.?
You gave me the right.,The premise is that someone has a right to listen to it.,No one listened to what the right?”
Listening to Zhao Xiaoli’s discourse,Li Hui also frowned。
“What you mean is that no one listens to you.?”
“Who is gobbing??
How can no one people listen to me??
But before,I have been empty.,Zhao Pengyu in the village actually did not listen to me with those women who raise pigs.,Ok, I left a hand.。”
“Yet,Although I am listening to me now.,But they have begun to fight in the nest.,But how to fight again, I can’t fight.。”
Li Hui has some understanding of Zhao Xiaoli.,Zhao Xiaoli is obviously that the contradiction is transferred to each other.。
“Hey-hey,Or is it a scorpion?,What happened to me??
I remember that I will protect you before.,At that time, you didn’t pick up those who didn’t listen to the hand of the bodyguards.?”
Zhao Xiaoli naturally knew that Li Hui Feng said that the boss of the big black pig is a bodyguard.。
But then there is no experience in the root of the roots.,So don’t understand these。
I understand it now.,There is no one around you.,It is good to transfer the contradiction.。
“No,Now think about you what you mean.,I don’t have to be so miserable.。”
“But now Zhao Pengyu is also in the fight.,I was afraid that Zhao Pengyu alone made things.,I put some rights in my hand.,Thus,Several people who have been tuned by Zhao Pengyu really don’t listen to him.”Zhao Xiaoli said, the more excited,Li Hui is listening to it is also frequent。
He understands that Zhao Xiaoli can have the wisdom of the other party today.。
“breeze,Come,Let’s drink one more。”
“Scull,Drink less,You have faced face。”
Looking at Zhao Xiaoli’s red roller cheek,Li Hui felt that it will definitely be a problem.。
“What happened to your face??
You are discriminating and drinking!hurry up,Is it a man?!”
Two people chat while。
Zhao Xiaoli wanted to introduce the topic to Li Hui’s body many times.。
The result is that it is found that I haven’t opened the topic yet.,Li Hui quickly closed and changed a topic.。
This makes Zhao Xiaoli are also very urgent.。
It is said that it is chaotic,But Zhao Xiaoli found that it is not that。
Men after the wine is excuse,At least Li Hui has already drank seven or eight,Nothing to have something else with her。