Shanghai Sports Museum officially opened here will become "public sports culture space"

Original title: The Shanghai Sport Museum officially opened here will become the sports style in the old building of the public, "in Nanjing Road.

Yesterday, the Shanghai Sports Museum in Nanjing West Road Sports Building was officially opened. From the three years of preparation to the opening, it will become "public sports cultural space", combined with international vision, sports characteristics, seafare-style comprehensive sports museum.

  The four main exhibition halls of the Shanghai Sports Museum are the boats of history, the light of the Olympics, the city of vitality and the future of the future. The city exhibition is 1813 square meters, including more than 1,200 exhibits and more than 500 historical pictures, and each of them condenses the hearts of Shanghai sports people, telling the physical stories of intriguing. In addition, there is a topic exemption area, a VR experience area, a multi-dimensional space show, and a variety of unique multimedia devices, visitors immersed, and can feel deep sports culture.

  The completion of the Shanghai Sports Museum is a construction of the city’s humanities and enhancing the city’s soft power. From the date of the opening of the opening, the Shanghai Sports Museum is officially opened to the society, and the appointment is used to visit, free of charge. Visitors can log in to "Shanghai Sports" government WeChat, enter the "Shanghai Sports Museum Online Service" appointment for real-name system registration appointment.

  Deputy Mayor Chen Qun unveiled in Shanghai Sports Museum.

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NS993chapter:Bad guy

Blue Xin laughs,A happiness,“Xiao Jun,There you can rest assured this statement mom。
Just say your father,Our family really great Xiaojun!However, our family is really can’t afford.。”
Xiaojun heard that,Warm heart,Can help Mom and Dad, he is very happy.,He must work hard to grow better.。
“Mother,There are changes in his father called me in to。”
“it is good!”
Blue Yan smiled and hung up the phone,My heart very happy,Son sitting in front of a computer before feeling very mysterious,I only know now,My son is really worthwhile.。
Blue Yan started out electric wheelchair。
Nervously, she in the room,And he took the phone out。
25th floor has been very quiet,I miss her work day,time flies。
She went to his office.,Before and before,There is not much change。
She lifted,I looked out the window the blue sky,She suddenly sigh life is like drama 。
To the city after the river,She was many things happened this。
And the other side,Mu sub-Heng Jin Yan looked happy sleep for a long time,I want to leave,Yue Jin Yan has slowly opened his eyes to see the pupil of the eye。
He looked slightly nervous,This time to go,It is even more likely to escape her again.。
She said the last time,She does not find himself in,Let him not hide。
Yue Jin Yan blinked his eyes,Bleary eyes looking at the sub-Mu Heng,She thought that his dazzled,Take a closer look,Mu was determined to be sub-heng。
She is full of soft,I looked at him in a warm blanket,He gave her cover it?
She picked brow slightly,Lips slightly parted:“How will you be here?”
Voice coars,Also with deep sleep。
Her lazy and stretched their own uncomfortable feet,Uncomfortable sleep sofa,Her feet some hemp。
Mu Zizi smashed the lips,Cool and bright voice:“I came to A Yao,He’s not in now。”
Yue Jin Yan looked at the office,Yao is not really Oujing,She was asleep when?
She didn’t sleep last night.,Mu is because of the emergence of the sub-Heng。
She slowly sat up to,Not enough sleep,The people are not very comfortable。
Mu Heng child to see that she did not sleep enough。
“Gather,You sleep a little。”
Mu Heng child care involuntary exit。
Yue Jin Yan has touched the bottom of my heart that the most vulnerable nerve,She is awkward,Slightly dry lips in,Sound line pain:“I do not want to abandon?
Why does care about me?
I do not want to see?
Why do you want to appear in front of me,I see you every night because you are very happy to sad and painful it?”
“Ohh You bastard,Why do you do this to me?”
Le Yu’s cover,How can he do this to her??

“Be careful!The other party is coming!”Zhao Ping reminds Shunzi。

Shunzi raised the gun again,Decided to accept the test of fate。
“The grievances between the two legions are caused by me,I should end it。”
Lu Yi smiled and gave Shunzi a thumbs up。
Indeed,Playing on behalf of you can win a momentary match,But it will also have a permanent impact on Shunzi’s confidence,It’s better to leave it to him,To defeat your own demon,Make a break with the cowardly self。
“boom!”Shunzi fired a shot at the sky,Declare that he is alive,Accept the duel with King Shan。
The mountain king who turned his head after hearing the sound smiled excitedly
“This is to be delivered by myself?My favorite thing to do is to do things with ease!”
Shunzi recalled Lu Yi’s action in the final match against Tiger.,Ask yourself,If in this case,What would Lu Dashen do??
I saw Shunzi dropped his sniper rifle,Rush out from the diagonal,Use a pistol to shoot in the direction of King Mountain。
“Guess your location!”King Mountain Surprised。
“Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!”
Electric light flint carving,Shunzi retracted the pistol and body again,After the attack interval of King Mountain appears,use“Step right”Fire again in the direction of King Shan。
“Feint?”King Shan Da didn’t expect a simple rookie in the past,Actually learned how to grow up,And I sold a flaw……
Accompanied by three gunshots,King Mountain fell in a pool of muddy blood,Lying side by side with the ancient giant crocodile that has turned into a corpse,Breathed out the last breath。
The system finally got an announcement:“FP.Shunzi‘Kill’Blackwind Mountain King!”、“Deathmatch mode score5:4!The Flower Army wins the challenge!The Arena looks forward to your next visit!”

Jizuishanxia,Is already lively。All kinds of machinery and equipment are started,Workers shuttle back and forth。This is how a busy day begins。

Sitting in Wang Youcai’s broken jeep,Feng Yan is eating breakfast,And said to Wang Youcai:“The group will drop more than 100 people today,This accommodation is still a problem。You will get this done in a while”
“Ok!How dare you listen to what Manager Feng said?,Otherwise, I won’t let me go to the kang”Wang Youcai was laughing,So I took my own breakfast and ate away。
This person’s fault is lust,But once he promises to do something,It’s pretty good,Otherwise, Hu Huiru would not give him the position of manager。
The soil from the landslide of Jizuishan Mountain is basically cleaned up。The task now is to build a 30-degree stepped slope。Build from the foot of the mountain to halfway up the mountain。This is a huge project,Don’t talk about manpower,Cement and stones alone are incredible。
She talked with Hu Huiru on the phone last night,Hu Huiru let her take care of it,I can hear that the accident has hurt Hu Huiru a lot。Only she knows the truth in this。
Feng Yan stands at the foot of Jizuishan,Look up,In fact, her heart is also very complicated。Hu Huiru, this woman is very cruel。It turns out that her Feng Yan is Hu Huiru’s powerful lover,Take her wherever you go。But since Hu Huiru learned about the rebate for Landscape Tree,She’s done。
People are transferred back to the group,But Hu Huiru asked her to take care of the logistics,Isn’t this forcing her to go??End of birds,Yoshikura。She doesn’t understand this truth。It’s just that Feng Yan is not a person who surrenders easily,Her biggest failure in Pingdu,Just rolled onto the same bed with Wang Youcai。
After her careful consideration,On this matter,Cheng Ye Wang You Cai,Wang Youcai。It was Wang Youcai who made her desire swell,Only then has the rest is out of hand。
Just when she was about to leave Gongdongsheng Group。Slippery body in Donglin Township gave Hu Huiru a fatal blow,at this time,Feng Yan became another trump card in Hu Huiru’s hand。
Because Feng Yan is most familiar with in Pingdu,Not only did she meet Xia Jian,More importantly, she was only transferred to Donglin Township,Wang Youcai, who was transferred later, can stay honestly in Donglin Township。
In fact, Hu Huiru also knows。Wang Youcai is a double-edged sword,If you use it well, it’s a strong general,Once used wrong,That’s a counseling,If it doesn’t work, it will cause problems。

Su Sei Ming has a ambiguity to him.,There are a few points.,He is ironic,Still ironically, those women??

This,It’s not too confused by the root.。
What if it is?,His question ,Don’t you see yourself??
If those women,He immediately claps his hand。
“Ohuna,Those women can’t hold me,Explain that their hearts are too narrow。”
European:“Great your personality。”
Su Sei Ming smiled nodded,“European,Don’t worry about me.,Don’t forget yourself is also a single dog,Let’s be killed by Lu Haoheng and Blue Xin’s dog food.,Do you still think about how to digest?。
This is very long,I must find an interesting person.。”
European:“”The premise is that he finds that interesting people.。
Su Sei Ming glanced at Lin Yuantian, not far away.,“Aura,I got a small road message,It seems that there is a girlfriend.。”
Ou Jing looked at him,“Who?”
Su Sei Ming smiled,“Be so close,Don’t you know??
Han Jing, Lu Group,It seems that there is one leg and Lin Yu。”
Just when he said the last sentence,Music suddenly stopped。
He loud sound,Also echoating in the ear of everyone。
Su Shengming suddenly became awkward,This two hundred five things,How can I happen to him??
“Su Sei Ming,Who do you say, who has one leg??”
Lin Yu Tian’s anger and watched him。
Su Shengming shoulder shrink,I have never been so unlucky.,It is so small that the world can be so small,He has heard the whole world.。
“hehe”Su Sei Ming smiled,Refers to roast chicken on the table,“I mean,Why don’t you eat that chicken?,Do you usually really like to eat roast chicken legs??”
Two words of chicken legs,Su Sei Ming said more seriously。
Everyone:“”Lin Wei is a person with a person.,It’s impossible to be afraid.,What they heard is not the case?。
Lin Wei is going to him in front of him.,His a review of him,“You just didn’t say this.。”
Su Seiming, this face,Still pointing at the roast chicken on the table,“Ugh!That is a single dog’s single dog grain,Let’s take a little together.,I am having a drink with you.,A few very good talks,You have a star face,See you,Our brothers are not drunk.”Su Sei Ming low posture,Good words,On the birthday of Lu Haozheng,What is the forest?,He knows the temper of this kid。
NS870chapter:He is now to give her a chance to make
NS870chapter:He is now to give her a chance to make
Lin Wei is very ugly,He looked at the wine glass in his hand.,Laughing a belly black,This Su Seiming dares to chew his tongue root behind him.,He let him lying back tonight。
“it is good!”He picked his eyebrows and nodded.,“Have to drink,right,Let’s drink enough together。”
Su Seiming looked at him with great interest,I mentioned my eyes.,Is he digging a pitch to jump??
This forest is very good.,He seems to drink him。
Su Shengming went back and saw an eye of Europe。
Ou Jing, a face, love, Mo, can。
Su Seiming’s bottom belly,Is this still friend??
It’s a pig friend’s dog friend.。
European landscape,Continue to sit on drinking。

Naturally, the cleaning and restoration of cultural relics and antiques can’t make him new.,In that way, the historical traces of the antique itself are lost。

Chen Xiu himself was completely silent. In the restoration work, he completely forgot everything about the outside world and the passage of time.,All attention is focused on the stove。
Five o’clock in the afternoon,An old man walked into the shop。
“Old man,What do you need?”Song Shihe up to welcome guests。
“You busy you,I just take a look。”
The old man’s shop went around,Obviously also an expert,Nothing on the display has a good eye and is about to go out,Suddenly he was attracted by the Xuande stove that Chen Xiu was playing with on the desk。
Take a look at Chen Xiu’s repair method,Very jerky,Curse:“Kid,You are destroying, not repairing,Getting started……”
He scolded here but stopped dumb,All his attention is on Chen Xiu’s hands,I saw that although his hands are not as slender and delicate as the advertising hand model,But it is extremely safe,Can’t see a trace of tremor,More stable than the top surgeon holding a scalpel,The dirt on the copper furnace is not a little too much and not a little。
Chen Xiu was out of state when he shouted,Too much to see is a half-hundred old man with a childlike look,I’m staring at my hands without blinking my eyes。
“Old man,My approach is wrong?”
“correct,But not perfect。”
The old man took Chen Xiu’s hand as if he was playing with beautiful jade.:“Really good hands。”
“Isn’t this old guy old glass?。”

Lyon is going to play,Liao Wenjie by the side lifts the hand。

“calm down,You will only make him cool.,Don’t。”
Lie,Liao Wenjie frowned to see ghost:“Although I am not very understanding of evil spirits,But on your legs,with all due respect……Is the curse really on your leg??”
Ghost King raises his hand with thumbs up:“Ager,Your eyes are good,The curse is indeed on my leg.,It is on another leg。”
“How to say?”
“I participated in the free fight competition.,Mandabate neon karate master,I have encountered nonsense, I have not broken my leg.。At that time, there were the people who told me.,Don’t be too arrogant,Especially the people of the martial arts,Interrupt others’s legs,Isometric waste of people for a lifetime,I will give yourself a retreat.。”
Ghost King laughs,Continue to say:“I am young.……Ok,I am too floating.,Have you can’t hear it in a word.,Still in my life。”
“so,You are revengeen by neon?”
Ghost Kings continued to say,He participated in neon free fight for three consecutive years.,All win the championship,But everyone’s hand mask,No matter what genre,I met him is the lower leg.。
These three years,He played a neon empty hand drawn layer alone.,Upper and lower green yellow,International influence and day slip。
certainly,He is not a fool of iron,The challenge of the old guys is ignored,Pick the same age。
Finally one day,The karate masters of the broken water are out of the mountain.,This version of cultivation is the hand of the ancient sky.,In the foreign name,But in the neon martial arts status is very high。
Disappropriation of water,Low-key,Every generation of museums only received two three disciples,Herbiculous life without hidden world。
Generate inheritance,History of thousands of years,The door is amazing。
Cao Dada received a challenge,On a Sino-Japanese Friendship Competition,The high-grade decent。Both sides a battle,The other party is obviously ready,And in order to wash the blank body,Special attacked Ghost Wang。
This match,Chess blonde half a catty,final result,The two people fight together,Ghost King,The water is broken, and the waist is injured.。
The game is over,According to rules,Ghost King stands standing,Be sentencedko。
“Wait a minute,Half a day,Where is the curse?,When did you be cursed??”Liao Wenjie can’t help but interrupted,Ghost King is full of arrogance,I have not mentioned the matter.。
“Curse,I don’t know at the time.,Later, the broken leg kept well.,I found that the situation is not right,Looking for senior people in senior,People tell me……The situation is very troublesome。”
The curse of the ghostwood is very evil door,It is a neon spell master personally fencing,Find a birthday eight words and his,Remove his silk blood,First, I will curse it on the ghost.,Return to the ghost king。
“No bar,You are too unhappy.,Even if you have hair,How to even have a bloody?”Liao Wenjie is very strange,Ghost Wang Dawn’s routine is old,Can I don’t have any questions。
“Ah this year……”
Ghostwear is a poor words,This is the long history.,That is a night of wind and rain.,He married the neon female fans who came.……Here I omitted five million words……Hair silk is taken away by people.。
Lyon asked:“so,Can’t find a deceived,The curse on your body will never be removed.?”
“Be right,That’s it。”
Ghost King shakes his head,There have been many good people to help him go to neon to find the deceased.,Which opponent hides too deep,There is no more clues.。
He is also very clear,People in the sea,Don’t say deliberately hidden,Just just find a corner,I can’t find it for a hundred years.。
“Look at the situation,If I have not guess wrong,That reelsted ghost is still dead,Right?”
“Yes,He will relieve him.。”

Great Desolate God,But the Taoist is extremely strong,The power of the edge,It is to establish the Great Desolate Sect。

On strength,He is much stronger than the Tianqiong lord of this generation。To occupy this eternal world。
strictly speaking,Great Wasteland、The name of the Great Wilderness in the Eternal Realm is spread because of this。
Great Desolate God,Very high status,There are three Taoists under his command。
Among them, his two disciples, Dao-kun Leiya and Dao-kun, both are three steps,The same for a long time。
And the sect’s,Is a follower of the Great Desolate God—Youshengdaojun。
Youshengdaojun,It’s to steal such treasures as the Heaven Pill of Life and Death,Forcibly break through the realm of Taoist monarch。Such Taoists have no future on the path of practice,Even if the chance is right, it is at most the level of the second path。
Although the path stops at one step,Can be backed by the Great Desolate God,There are a few magic weapons for big sins,Within the Great Desolate God Sect,Facing those world conditions, I still say one thing,High status。
now,Sit on your throne,Youshengdaojun squinted,But he heard from a world state under his command to report to him。
“Sovereign Fire Lotus,Just one world,Facing the siege of nearly a hundred worlds,Actually broke the opponent’s large number of world realms face to face,This strength is probably very close to the threshold level of a Taoist monarch.。”
“Follow the intelligence,He practices the method of avatar and unity,Divine power is ten times the normal world!”
“But even so,Can crush those worlds,I’m afraid I have found my own way。”
“even,He may be thinking about perfecting the way!”You Sheng Daojun’s pale face shows a trace of jealousy。
Although he has become the world Consummation through his own practice,He even steals the heavens through the pill to become the prince of life and death,But can’t go further。
And some geniuses,Although the world,Not only can you be a Taoist at any time,It’s the way for the world to ponder itself,Lay a stronger foundation。

Two hours later,The whole screen is already showing a green,No more red。

“Improved,Nuclear submarine drawings have been successfully designed,”A system reminder came in Qin Hao’s mind。
“this one,”Qin Hao looked disdainful,I didn’t expect it to be so simple,Solved problems that their so-called experts could not solve in two hours。
“he,He really solved the problem?Am I dreaming?”
Although Liu Shiqiang left,But his assistant is still here,The screen is green, they all know what it means。
“Really solved the problem?”Wang Lei rubbed his eyes,Look incredulous。
He never thought that Qin Hao could really solve this problem,Let Qin Hao solve the problem,Ugly,A dead horse。
Anyway, they had no other way,I just want Qin Hao to try。
The old chief also thinks like this,It doesn’t hurt to try。
The old chief said to Qin Hao,Still have a sense of trust。
congratulations,Qin Hao did not live up to the old chief’s expectations of him,Successfully solved the problem of nuclear submarine。
“Qin Hao,This time you have done a great job again,I will do it for you myself,”Liu Quan heavily photographed Qin Hao and said。
“What is this?Simple things,”Qin Hao spread his hands,This is almost a hundred times faster than his task。
“Good boy,This problem is so easily solved by you,I really deserve to be a man of iron and blood。”

Everyone sit down,Wang Youcai happened to be sitting between the two women,Hu Huiru smiled and said to Feng Yan:“Our king always has a big preference,I really like women with temperament,So you have to toast him two more glasses”

“This is no problem,I heard that Mr. Hu said,Mr. Wang is considered to be a figure in Pingdu,It’s a pity that I didn’t have a chance to toast you,Since Mr. Hu gave me this opportunity today,Then I’m welcome”Feng Yan mentioned the wine bottle。
Fewer people,Wang Youcai has no scruples,He laughed and said:“Beauty, it’s best not to get me drunk,Otherwise it would be bad if something happens after drinking”Wang Youcai said,Ben haha laughed。
“Who is afraid of whom?”Feng Yan is pouring wine,Said provocatively。
First1085chapter Resurrection
Three rounds of wine,Everyone gradually became familiar。
Feng Yan under Hu Huiru’s instruction,Keep toasting wine to Wang Youcai。And Wang Youcai is not intoxicated by wine,I drank it for a while。
“Zhao Ju、King Bureau,I won’t say much if you are polite,Everything is in the wine“Hu Huiru raised the glass,I had a drink with two directors of the Urban Construction Bureau。
Zhao Desheng ran away,He laughed:“Mr. Hu is really kind,These things for us,It’s not a big deal,After all, Dongsheng Group has a reputation,It is inevitable to win the bid“
“Director Zhao is right,However, among the many companies that came to Qingshan County to bid,Dongyong Group and Venture Group really have a good fight。Because the leaders valued the entrepreneurial group’s actions in Pingdu,I didn’t expect the startup group to retire at a critical moment,This big cake in Qingshan County belongs to Dongsheng Group“Director Wang of Qingshan County Urban Construction Bureau said blushingly。
Hu Huiru,I couldn’t help but frowned and asked:“You mean the startup group temporarily changed the tender?“
“Not temporary,A few days before the bid opening!Fully comply with regulations“Director Wang said very firmly。
Hu Huiru frowned,She was wondering why Xia Jian did this?Obviously in Nancheng District of Qingshan County with her,Why did he switch to Beicheng without a victory or defeat??Is this guy playing a trick again??“Hu Huiru thought about this,I went away for a while。
Feng Yan deserves to be called by Hu Huiru,This woman has an amazing amount of alcohol,She accompanies three big men,Looks comfortable,And Director Wang will soon fail。