Two hours later,The whole screen is already showing a green,No more red。

“Improved,Nuclear submarine drawings have been successfully designed,”A system reminder came in Qin Hao’s mind。
“this one,”Qin Hao looked disdainful,I didn’t expect it to be so simple,Solved problems that their so-called experts could not solve in two hours。
“he,He really solved the problem?Am I dreaming?”
Although Liu Shiqiang left,But his assistant is still here,The screen is green, they all know what it means。
“Really solved the problem?”Wang Lei rubbed his eyes,Look incredulous。
He never thought that Qin Hao could really solve this problem,Let Qin Hao solve the problem,Ugly,A dead horse。
Anyway, they had no other way,I just want Qin Hao to try。
The old chief also thinks like this,It doesn’t hurt to try。
The old chief said to Qin Hao,Still have a sense of trust。
congratulations,Qin Hao did not live up to the old chief’s expectations of him,Successfully solved the problem of nuclear submarine。
“Qin Hao,This time you have done a great job again,I will do it for you myself,”Liu Quan heavily photographed Qin Hao and said。
“What is this?Simple things,”Qin Hao spread his hands,This is almost a hundred times faster than his task。
“Good boy,This problem is so easily solved by you,I really deserve to be a man of iron and blood。”

Everyone sit down,Wang Youcai happened to be sitting between the two women,Hu Huiru smiled and said to Feng Yan:“Our king always has a big preference,I really like women with temperament,So you have to toast him two more glasses”

“This is no problem,I heard that Mr. Hu said,Mr. Wang is considered to be a figure in Pingdu,It’s a pity that I didn’t have a chance to toast you,Since Mr. Hu gave me this opportunity today,Then I’m welcome”Feng Yan mentioned the wine bottle。
Fewer people,Wang Youcai has no scruples,He laughed and said:“Beauty, it’s best not to get me drunk,Otherwise it would be bad if something happens after drinking”Wang Youcai said,Ben haha laughed。
“Who is afraid of whom?”Feng Yan is pouring wine,Said provocatively。
First1085chapter Resurrection
Three rounds of wine,Everyone gradually became familiar。
Feng Yan under Hu Huiru’s instruction,Keep toasting wine to Wang Youcai。And Wang Youcai is not intoxicated by wine,I drank it for a while。
“Zhao Ju、King Bureau,I won’t say much if you are polite,Everything is in the wine“Hu Huiru raised the glass,I had a drink with two directors of the Urban Construction Bureau。
Zhao Desheng ran away,He laughed:“Mr. Hu is really kind,These things for us,It’s not a big deal,After all, Dongsheng Group has a reputation,It is inevitable to win the bid“
“Director Zhao is right,However, among the many companies that came to Qingshan County to bid,Dongyong Group and Venture Group really have a good fight。Because the leaders valued the entrepreneurial group’s actions in Pingdu,I didn’t expect the startup group to retire at a critical moment,This big cake in Qingshan County belongs to Dongsheng Group“Director Wang of Qingshan County Urban Construction Bureau said blushingly。
Hu Huiru,I couldn’t help but frowned and asked:“You mean the startup group temporarily changed the tender?“
“Not temporary,A few days before the bid opening!Fully comply with regulations“Director Wang said very firmly。
Hu Huiru frowned,She was wondering why Xia Jian did this?Obviously in Nancheng District of Qingshan County with her,Why did he switch to Beicheng without a victory or defeat??Is this guy playing a trick again??“Hu Huiru thought about this,I went away for a while。
Feng Yan deserves to be called by Hu Huiru,This woman has an amazing amount of alcohol,She accompanies three big men,Looks comfortable,And Director Wang will soon fail。

Now“Dream god”Cultivation is also《Small chaotic work》,No need for badges,Also progress,If the equipment badge,Can be faster three points。

In fact, compared to,Original version《Northern God》Faster practice,Cooperate with martial arts,More easily achievement。
instead《Small chaotic work》if,Although the grade is not《Northern God》under,But because“Dream god”It doesn’t have a congenital gas in itself.,You can’t change your meridians.,Cost performance is not as good as《Northern God》。
The reason why Chu Deirers choose《Small chaotic work》,In fact, it is better to have better choices.,Prepare for replacement。
after all“Dream god”Under condition,Chu Deiren once,Will can’t cultivate meditation,So change the internal strength,As with ordinary people,Need to consider the problem of before and after。
《Northern God》Most of the line of work,Both opposite to ordinary internal strength,and《Plastic star Dafa》Same,It belongs to the least suitable martial arts,and《Small chaotic work》Because of its nature variable,Almost any martial art,Can transition smoothly!
《Jade》Although the horizon,But there is no way to make the Chu Deirers to determine the extent to be changed.,Just temporary“collect”stand up。
Wang Yuchen worships into the tomb faction,Chu Deirers stayed again three days,After that, I decided to say goodbye to the leave.。
Take everyone to send everyone,Li Mozhen is still mysteriously called him.,Pull to the side,To say a few words alone……
Chu Deirers are puzzling,Li Mo said that the cavity said:“Since Chu Chuzi, since the person of our ancient tomb,The ancient tomb is something wrong.,Do you have to take the initiative??”
“This……What haven is there??”Chu Deiren looked at Li Mozhen,A look like“In addition to you, no one is bullying her”Look。
Li Mozhen continues to carry a cavity:“half year later,May 15,It is the birthday of the teacher.……In fact, she is still going back to the ancient tombs.。”
Chu Deirers continue to watch her,Felt……Li Mozhen seems to be in the defenses?
“Cough,This is the 18th birthday of the teacher.。”Li Mo suddenly said after it。
“so what?”Chu Deirers still don’t understand。
“So maybe someone will‘Contend’Name,Come to the Nanshan mess!”Li Mozhen bite his teeth。
Chu Deman:……
Obviously this is the necessary logical relationship——Why is it full of 18,I will definitely come to the martial arts.?
However, Li Mozhen has always glared at him.,Work hard to create“Do you want to ask who is”atmosphere of。
In fact, it is no longer available.!
It is definitely a resentment for the teacher before Li Mozhen.,So spread the rumors around,I am not embarrassed now.,Want Chu Deirers to solve。
Moreover, the Chu Deirers also reacted at this time.,There is indeed such an original.——Guo Jing took Yang to come to the Nanshan,I was mistaken to think that it is a small dragon.“Obscene”,Blocking the sword array……
It is also,Guo Jing and Zhao Zhi were knotted the hatred,Guo Jing is not going to my heart,Instead, I feel that I can stop myself. Zhao Zhijing is good.,Master, who is done, is very reliable,I have never thought about it.,Zhao Zhijing hate him to let himself lose face。
And the reason is such a out,It is because some people spread on the rivers and lakes.,The Tomb of the Life of the Life, there is a peerless beauty,It is necessary to recruit a rumor in the 18th birthday this day.,As a result, Wang Zi Huo, Mongolia。
“Can’t you let me help what is more than Wu??”Chu Deirers said difficult。
“No one makes you really recdounce!You are old as the outside,Suspicious people who will listen to rumors,It’s all, it’s all.!”Li Mo said that he didn’t have a good look.。
“If it is just the case……Well,May 15,I got it。”Chu Deirers are difficult,Let Li Mozhen got a snorker。
Tiansheng four years Run December,That is, two December,There are still nearly seven months,Chu Deirers will not be idle,February,Also want to go to Wudang。
As for now,After the Chu Deirers left the ancient tomb,Did not go far away,But ready now around“Adventure”!
Chapter 125 Trichry
And said that the Chu Deiren left the ancient tomb.,But there is no way to go,Instead, I am surrounding.。
If you are discovered by Sun May,I am afraid that I want to be a kind heart.……
In fact, the Chu Deiren is natural is good.!
No one knows in the ancient tomb“Rear”,What is not very dangerous to know the enemy??

“Hey,Little baby,Do you know this is going to scare people to death。”

Xia Chenglong shook his head,He really didn’t think of the scary part of such a costume。
“OK OK,Everyone is gone,never mind!”The branch president said to everyone,Turned his eyes around again,“Kid,You dress like this in the middle of the night,What do you want?”
“Come to kill。”
“What?”The club leader did not panic,“kill?The hair is not even,Not a small tone,Forget it,Happy today,I won’t be held accountable,Hurry up asshole。”
The other party finished,So I’m going to hand this matter to the next person,Turn around and leave。
This is the world,When someone tells the truth,No one believes,Instead, he will pay attention to a horrible and serious look。
In this case,Then follow the dark night,Let’s become eternity in this world together!
Xia Chenglong’s hands opened,at the same time,There is a color different from the environment coming from the outside to the center。
This color is called ink,In this ink color, all biological life is forbidden,Common name“Everything fades”。
Those who have gone out stopped in an instant,Their eyes were full of fear and confusion,Then the whole color around became black。
Their bodies have also become black,Besides the sound of my own heartbeat,Can’t hear any sound,Also unable to move。
A fire appears,Appear where people were standing before,Finally turned into black scum,Fall weakly to the ground。

However, the big man did not expect Qin Feng to squeeze by leaning over and turn around.,Just passed him like this。

“This.Marseille roundabout?This is really not a football beginner。”
“Attention everyone,May be a master of the ball。A few more of us to stare。”
“Humph,Don’t think about the past,See shovel!”
The defensive players themselves have big prejudices against Qin Feng,So I thought,This shovel down,Whether he shoveled the ball or the man。It’s better to shovel Qin Feng,No one on the other side changed anyway。What if he is sent off by a red card?In the case of one person for one person,It’s definitely the two-person team that suffers。
The shoveler even thought,“Make you arrogant!Dare to continue to be arrogant?”
But the next moment,He was actually taught by Qin Feng how to be a man。
Qin Feng seemed to predict that he would tackle,One ball,Then people have jumped up。It’s so easy and quick to avoid tackles

And then move towards the frontcourt。
“He is almost close to the restricted area。Defender pinch him,Don’t let him pass!”
Dige directs other players to defend。
However, when Qin Feng brought the ball to the position of Gourd Ding, the two guards had not yet reached Qin Feng.,The latter has already volleyed。
“what?Long shot?”
Although the goalkeeper had already expected this,But Qin Feng shot the ball too fast,Plus, the football sticks to the dead end,So the goalkeeper didn’t prevent it at all。

Man hears,Chuckled a few times。

Warm and Nuan then realized what stupid things he said,Hurriedly took the clothes and went straight to the bathroom:“I’m going to take a shower first!”
I saw her running away from the back,A trace of sentiment flashed in Situ Yan’s deep eyes,Fleeting,Turned around to find clothes。
Fortunately, although the two are embarrassed,But I have been at the same table for a while,Even if you don’t speak, you won’t feel embarrassed,Just spend the night together in peace。
Get up in the morning,The two of them are also very tacitly not mentioning what happened yesterday,Went to school together。
It’s pretty early now,No students,But some are far away,Will come earlier,Warm and Nuan glanced at Situ Yan next to him,Seeing that he has no plans to go to school now,Followed him to the breakfast shop。
There are quite a lot of people now,Office workers coming and going nearby,If you have enough time,I would also choose to have breakfast here before going to work。
“Warm and warm?”
A girl rang,With a trace of doubt。
Heard someone call his name,Warm and Nuan looked back,I found out that it was Wang Ping, a little follower beside Wen Yunyun,Call yourself,Expresses strange,I never talked to her。
“Why are you with Situ Yan?Are you worthy of your sister like this?”
My mood early in the morning was destroyed by a clown who didn’t know where to jump out,I want to scold my mother。I’m sorry Wen Yunyun when I’m with Situ Yan?I guess I really cheered,Always sorry。
Although I don’t want to care,But the other party keeps twittering,Sarcasm oneself,If you can be warm and warm,She is not warm!
“are you kidding me?Are you my mother or my dad?Or your family has a sea view room in the Pacific Ocean?As wide as the tube?”
Finished,I used my finger to dig my ear,Means she is noisy。
See Wang Ping,His face turned red all at once,A little bit ashamed to say:“Shame on yourself!Can’t take Yunyun’s ex-boyfriend,Still want to get in!”
Why don’t I know when I stole Wen Yunyun’s boyfriend??
Isn’t she talking about Wang Zhenjie??Sneer,There is no opportunity for the opponent to gain power at all:“Are you her lackey?She yells without calling you!”

“it’s him。”Leilani·Tyler nodded affirmatively。

“Tut……”Chen Geng smack his mouth,He was so curious:“What is this guy doing?”
“He said he came to surrender to you,”Leilani·Taylor says:“He said he will be of great value to your next administration,I hope you can give him a chance to explain his value to you in person。”
“Surrender to me?”
Marion·Talbot’s reason is really beyond Chen Geng’s expectations,Marion·Talbot’s reason must make Chen Geng a little moved:During the next four years in power,If you can get the support of the North American Auto Workers Association,Undoubtedly can reduce a lot of trouble。
Thought of this,Chen Geng is a little moved,Want to hear about Marion·What did Talbot say:“Then let in。”
Myself and Marion·Talbot has no grievances,I haven’t heard of any bad behaviors against humanity and society.,If this guy really surrenders sincerely,It’s okay to give him a chance。
quickly,Leilani·Tyler Marion·Talbot brought to Chen Geng,Face Marion·Talbot,Chen Geng was not polite,Bluntly asked:“Mr. Talbot,You say you are ready to surrender to me?why?”
“Yes, sir,”Looking at Chen Geng,Marion·Talbot said sincerely:“Because i can’t offend you,I know how much wealth you have,Although the annual membership fee collected by our union is a huge sum,But for you,This little money is nothing at all。I know I am not your opponent,The reason why I can still enjoy it,It’s because you didn’t regard me as an opponent that must be eliminated,And if I continue to fight you,I dare not think about what I will face,And through your previous series of methods,I firmly believe that you still have many ways to clean up me。”
Speaking of which,Marion·Talbot earnestly said:“I don’t want to go to jail,Mr,I don’t want to,So i beg you to give me a chance。”
Chen Geng looked at Marion unexpectedly·Talbot,He didn’t expect to hear such a thing from this guy’s mouth:This guy is a smart guy,He knows what is best for him!
But think again,Also,This guy is messing up in the guild30Many years,30Many years of union career,If there is not enough political wisdom,How could this guy stay in the position of vice chairman and chairman of the North American Auto Workers Association?20for many years?
Since he is a smart person,Chen Geng didn’t mind giving the other party a chance……As for Marion·Will Talbot carry any eavesdropping or recording equipment?、Then use this conversation to threaten your own problems,Chen Geng’s answer is:He can bring in and count his skills!
With this thought,Chen Geng nodded:“Talk about it,Mr. Talbot,What is your value to me?If you can move me,Don’t say let you continue to keep everything you have now,It’s not a problem to let you go further。”
Facing Chen Geng’s goodwill,Marion·Talbot’s heart lifted:Great!
If he was still a little unsure before coming,Then now,Marion·Talbot has sufficient confidence to persuade Chen Geng。
“The North American Auto Workers Association has nearly60Million members,Of which more than30Ten thousand members in Detroit,”Marion·Talbot tentatively said:“from now on,During your administration,The North American Auto Workers Association can fully cooperate with your governance,What do you think?”
Chen Geng shook his head without hesitation:“It’s not enough。”

Unclear,and,Revealed in his words,Clearly contempt for humans,Alien races with this mentality,What kindness can you do to humans?

Chen Wenjin thinks,White face’s greatest kindness to humans,It’s about not doing harm,It depends on his mood。
‘Alien of higher civilization……You can slowly find your destiny on the earth,Forced to let you live with us on earth,Just feel wronged slowly,We didn’t invite you to come anyway。’Chen Wenjin went to the modified car shop with Abao。
Everything is modified as agreed,A leopard chose colorful colors,Said to be conspicuous,How dazzling how come。Saw Chen Wenjin’s body changed to blue and purple,Can’t help but say meaningfully:“You just choose purple,Couple car。”
“I always like blue and purple,You didn’t just know today。”Chen Wenjin doesn’t want to choose the favorite color to avoid suspicion,If so,Why not modify?
“Gone away,Quickly paid for a drive!”A Bao is full of joy,Driving like this,More seductive,How dazzling!He has imagined the eyes of countless beautiful women being attracted,Then I want to get in his car……
Chen Wenjin paid,Confirmed the bill numbers for two people,Said to Abao。“Reconciliation?”
“What’s right!I still can’t believe you?”Leopard said that the window has been raised,Stepped on the gas pedal,Express his eagerness with the roar of the engine。
“You better go for a ride at night。I have to go straight home,Have guests at home at night。”Chen Wenjin drove away first,Leopard thought about it,It’s troublesome if you get caught,Just ask Brother Xiu:“Can the documents be synchronized??”
“Synchronized!”Brother Xiu let him see for himself,said laughingly:“Why don’t you leave your documents??”
“Such modification can be compliant?”Abao thinks this is too much。
“That’s how the Eight Immortals cross the sea and show their magical powers,People don’t know if you have magical powers?”Brother Xiu finished,I heard:“Huang Jin and Wang Shuai are very rich?”
“Otherwise you think?”
“If I open my own shop,Do they have money to help?”Brother Xiu has learned a lot recently,Thinking back to the past, staying up all night to watch so many days,Simply stupid!But he thought he made a lot of money,Is actually a coolie,So now he is thinking about opening a shop and being the boss,Then more money。
“I said it doesn’t count,Also depends on their thoughts。”Abao thinks Brother Xiu is quite big。
“You help,If it’s done,Give you some shares,Every year you earn money。”Brother Xiu doesn’t talk about friendship,But Xu Zhiyi,This thing is the most affordable,Is what he learned here。
“I try my best。”Abao thinks this can be tried,It’s good to do it;Come on,He knows that Wang Shuai and Jin Jin have money,If the shop opens,It will be convenient for them in the future。
“Waiting for your good news!I have the hands!”Brother Xiu emphasized again,Although I don’t have much hope,But it’s a possibility。

Brother Leopard is very happy,When I think of going back for business, I can get a good time,Humming a little song,Seem at ease。

The other party is squinting,Thinking of the girls in the building scratching their heads and posing,Suddenly there was a sudden stop。
If it weren’t for this place,I was afraid I would be knocked on the head just now。
“what happened,Why did the car stop?”
The driver next to him looked ahead nervously,An unbelievable look。
It turned out to be around them,Already filled with the blue-gray mane Earth Spirit Wolf,These guys are opening their mouths,Staring at me。
“Damn,Damn,How did you meet such a guy。”
As a low-level spirit beast that often appears in the jungle,It can be said to be a nightmare for all teams,They are not strong but they are numerous,It’s hard to get out as long as you are targeted。
“All get off,Protect medicinal materials!”
Brother Leopard gave an order,Those subordinates got off the car one after another,Take out the weapon,Mainly two people,Lean against the car,Look around。
“Brother Leopard,What do we do now?”
How to do,He knows what to do there?
It’s almost impossible event,How can so many spirit wolves appear in the place that is about to leave the jungle,And judging from their size,Most of them are first-level and second-level spirit beasts。
Chapter six hundred and five Occupation
The guy who could easily deal with,Rushed in an instant,Who can stand this,The key is that so many heads can’t rush through。
“Everyone is ready to attack。”

It’s just that the principal obviously didn’t spend so much time on Shangguan Hai,So in the end, choosing to let Qin Feng follow this person is a compromise.?

At this moment, Principal Ye waved to Qin Feng,“Qin Feng,Come here,I have something to tell you。Dark brother,Talk to Mr. Shangguan first。”
Qin Feng was called aside by Headmaster Ye,Then he put up a curious watch and looked at each other。
“Principal,Do you have anything to order?”Qin Feng asked。
“how to say,This Shangguanhai,Although the record in Haizhou Chronicles is eradicated,Should be regarded as a righteous man。But it’s not as good as no book,something,Only people who have contacted have the right to speak。Besides, it’s been so long now,No one dares to say that the other party is the same person。I have something like a communicator。In case you find that person is harmful,Just let us know。”
Principal Ye has laid for such a long time,In fact, after all, I want to tell Qin Feng if you can’t even accept the other person’s behavior,Then we must take action to solve the people who harm society。have to say,They gave Qin Feng a very important judgment。
But the same,With such a person,You can’t guarantee that the other party won’t do anything to you next moment。So it’s life-threatening。
Qin Feng thought for a while,“Principal,Seeing that I shoulder such an important task。Should I give some subsidies??Anyway, Bing Ling grass is actually used to encourage students。Then give me more as a reward?”
“We do things for the common people of the world。Why do you care about gains and losses every time you speak?”Principal Ye was dissatisfied。
“Because even if the world is destroyed,As long as I can live!How many people can I take care of?”Qin Feng shook his head helplessly。
“Ugh,I’m here.”
Principal Ye digs out,Qin Feng actually saw more than a dozen crystal glass balls in the opponent’s hand。This is a container for ice ling grass,Qin Feng didn’t wait for the principal to finish speaking and just snatched things over。
“Hey!”Principal Ye feels that Qin Feng is a jerk。But think about it,This was originally a freshman,I don’t know much about the rules of the college。In addition, it only took a few days to have a bargain with the tutor,Now he fled the college directly。
Before the principal reached out to grab the glass ball,He found out that the things disappeared after Qin Fengyi caught it。
“What the hell is this?”
“what have you done?”Principal Ye looked blank。