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Photo: Chen Xiao Chen Yuxi couple and friends dinner all the way hand in hand hugging super sweet

Photo: Chen Xiao Chen Yuxi couple and friends gather gains to hold super sweet http: /// ENT / 4_IMG / UPLOAD / CF5CE6B4 / 2 / W1564H838 / 20211113 /: /// N / ENT / 4_ORI / UPLOAD / CF5CE6B4 / 2 / W1564H838 / 2021111 //: /// n / ENT / 4_ORI / UPLOAD / CF5CE6B4 / 2 / W1564H838 / 20211113 / / November 13, 09:13 Sina Entertainment News Recently, there was a media to shoot Chen Xiao Chen Yuxi couple at night and Tang Xiaotian After the friends got up, the second person took hands out later, and then took the bus to the hotel. After entering the lobby, Chen Xiaoyu took Chen Yuxi to return to the room to rest, netizens live "good sweet"! 3559396 Photos: Chen Xiao Chen Yuxi couple and friends gather all the way HTTP: /// ENT / 4_IMG / UPLOAD / CF5CE6B4 / 514 / W1284H830 / 20211113 /: /// n / ENT / 4_ORI / UPLOAD / CF5CE6B4 / 514 / W1284H830 / 2021111 //: /// N / ENT / 4_ORI / UPLOAD / CF5CE6B4 / 514 / W1284H830 / 2021113 / / November 13, 09:13 Sina Entertainment News Recently, some media photographed Chen Xiao Chen Yuxi couple at night Tang Xiaotian and other friends dinner, after the end of the dinner, the second person took hands out, and then took the bus to the hotel. After entering the lobby, Chen Xiaoyu took Chen Yuxi to return to the room to rest, netizens live "good sweet"! 3559397 Photos: Chen Xiao Chen Yuxi couple and friends gather all the way HTTP: /// ENT / 4_IMG / UPLOAD / CF5CE6B4 / 790 / W1560H830 / 20211113 /: /// n / 202_ori / upload / cf5CE6B4 / 790 / w1560h830 / 2021111 //: /// n / ENT / 4_ORI / UPLOAD / CF5CE6B4 / 790 / W1560H830 / 20211 / W1560H830 / 20211113 / / November 13th 09:13 Sina Entertainment News Recently, some media took Chen Xiao Chen Yuxi couple at night Tang Xiaotian and other friends dinner, after the end of the dinner, the second person took hands out, and then took the bus to the hotel. After entering the lobby, Chen Xiaoyu took Chen Yuxi to return to the room to rest, netizens live "good sweet"! 3559398 Photos: Chen Xiao Chen Yuxi couple and friends gather all the way to hold hands hug 抱 超 sweet http: /// ENT / 4_IMG / UPLOAD / CF5CE6B4 / 762 / W1536H826 / 20211113 /: /// n / 202/762 / W1536H826 / 2021111 //: /// n / ENT / 4_ORI / UPLOAD / CF5CE6B4 / 762 / W1536H826 / 20211 / W1536H826 / 20211113 / / November 13th 09:13 Sina Entertainment News Recently, some media took Chen Xiao Chen Yuxi couple at night Tang Xiaotian and other friends dinner, after the end of the dinner, the second person took hands out, and then took the bus to the hotel. After entering the lobby, Chen Xiaoyu took Chen Yuxi to return to the room to rest, netizens live "good sweet"! .


Everyone clapped their hands and stood up,Ou Jianhua said anxiously:“What are you waiting for,Go chant!”
Chen Xiu hurriedly stopped everyone and said:“Although the mutant beasts on the mountain died in the explosion,The most powerful flying centipedes are in the mountains
599 Can’t say love, don’t entangle
“They have been eating the other day,Estimated to be no less than 30 million shares!”Wang Lan looked at the data analysis on the computer and said。
“Now they don’t have much stock in our company,In the end they will sell short!”
Qin Zhi once again ordered:“The price of ten yuan continues,We want as much as they put。”
While Wang Lan is trading,Chen Xiu asked without shame:“What does this short sale mean?”
“Some big dealers,No stock of our company,Still shouting to sell,This is called short selling。”
“This……Isn’t this illegal?”
“More than a violation,Still breaking the law!”< ------------ 600 Go up to Centipede Ridge Early next morning,Chen Xiu is with the Qin family、Ou's father and daughter、Gong Changchun and Tang Ren boarded Ye Hongfei's private jet together,By noon, I arrived safely at Xiangxi Airport。 Outside the airport, there are already arranged fleets waiting,A fleet of more than fifty luxury cars is heading for Miao Village。 The road from the county town to the Miao Village is still difficult,By the time Chen Xiu and the others arrived at Miao Village again, it was already 6 o'clock in the evening.,It's dark all around,There are still diesel generators left by them in the Miao Village for lighting。 “Is it Centipede Ridge over there?,Let's go up the mountain now!” Moonlight at night,Ou Jianhua only saw the fuzzy outline of Centipede Ridge in front of Miao Village,He is impatient ------------ 601 Rain and dew

“A race that has been disturbed by ghosts for tens of thousands of years,Bloodthirsty,Cruel to kill,This race seems to exist to destroy other races。”

Li Tianzhen’s expression is serious,“The truth of Liuyun View is hidden inside,There are all the memories of Xiao Yanda in the soul,But I can’t spare my energy now,Forgot to tell you,There is a scarier guy trapped in the ruins。”
“Scarier guy?!”The instructor and several other practitioners who accompanied them were stunned。
Old man Dong was also shocked,He stared at Li Tianzhen’s eyes tightly,Trying to find out what he wants to see,Finally, he waved his hand not irritably,“Don’t you find any excuses……”
“The reason why I wasted time talking to you,I just want to know twenty years ago,What are the identities of the two old men rescued abroad by the special operations team?,Xiao Yanda has been investigating,Hid for more than 20 years,Think about it,Is it terrible?”
“I do not understand,I only know about the murder of Liuyunguan,There is no explanation for this matter,Don’t blame me turning my face and ruthless。”
“You are very rare practitioners,The vision is far from comparable to ordinary people,So I think things should be more reliable,What is the kinship planning?This matter is more important than the bloody murders you ranted all day long,You won’t understand。”Li Tianzheng turned around and left,The tall war puppet stared coldly at the angry old man Dong,The huge weapon in his hand glows with the unique cold light of metal,That kind of murderous breath represents Li Tianzhi’s attitude。
Chapter nine hundred and sixty four Not exchange
Old man Dong and the few practitioners around him can’t beat the three war puppets.,It was only in vain to scold for a long time,Apply to mobilize advanced heavy weapons?Don’t even think,Not only is the procedure extremely cumbersome and complicated,And the incident must be clear,Sufficient evidence,The purpose must be clear,It’s not just whoever pats the head.,And it makes no sense to Li Tianzhen,It will bring endless troubles。
then,The pressure on old man Dong’s heart has become much heavier,Based on Li Tianzhi’s uncertainty,And there is a new and scarier guy,These two things,Either way is a huge hidden danger,his**I seem to have committed another illness,Looking up at the sky,Watching the boundless darkness rushing toward your face。
“I’ll talk to him in detail later。”Instructor consolation,It seems to be self-recommended,After the awakening, the chance of contact between Li Tianzhen and him is getting less and less,I seem to be far away emotionally,Although still fighting together,But there is almost no time to really communicate,But Liuyunguan bloody case is different,Twenty years ago, it’s even more different,So he has a strong desire to talk to Li Tianzhen,It’s a pity that a more terrifying demon suddenly appeared。
The guy who deserves to make Li Tianzhen so active,Must be terrible,Even surpassed Panmang,Three spatial rifts have not been resolved,Many gods and demons who invade from other worlds are hidden in the world,Is this really the end of the world??Who can break it?
Old man Dong said nothing,Turn around and leave first,Left behind other practitioners to monitor the ruins of the underground palace,He has a lot of clues to clarify,It’s a race against time,Even whether to mobilize heavy weapons with mass destruction is also under consideration,I’ve been busy until late at night before picking up my phone to check,Subordinates will report to him every ten minutes,Nothing happened in the first few articles,There are still countless gnomes digging,He was too busy to watch。
See now,The content of the following dozens of messages has not changed at all,Only the last one is different,The excavation of the underground palace stopped,Those dwarf villains are gone,Everything in the ruins is calm,The instructor went to see Li Tianzhi,Talked for a while before leaving。
Old man Dong just remembered,At the scene in the evening,The instructor once mentioned this to him,He was in a bad mood,Did not answer positively,Unexpectedly, he still insisted on doing it。
Old man Dong suddenly wanted to hear the result of the instructor’s talk,Although he doesn’t know what the result is,So put on a coat,Opened the curtain of the tent,A dark shadow is squatting outside the tent,With a cigarette,Tilt your head and don’t know what you’re thinking,Take a closer look,There is already a circle of cigarette butts on the ground。
“You find me,Why not say a word,Or just come in?”

Liao Wenjie sighed outside the window,Confirm that both blood ghosts are indeed in millions,Feel:“I used someone to tell me.,Just need logic,Reality is not available at all,I will believe,Now it seems,Reality is indeed full of absurd leaves。”

Endless,Where is this feeling??
Nine Uncle is unclear,Also unused,Pointing the black cloth bag on the bed:“Everything is given to you.,Hurry up,We divide three packets。”
“Not urgent,Waiting for the sky and then say。”
“Why is Dianliang??”
“Nine uncles,Say you may not believe,The two vampires are being……”
Liao Wenjie said that the vampire has a problem that obsessive disorder.:“Don’t don’t believe,I also feel unbelievable at first.,Can be placed in front of you,Do not do not believe。”
“So there is such a throwing thing……”Nine uncle feels for a long time。
“Jiege,You intend to let two zombies continue to millions,Wait until the sky,When they are ready to leave, they will do it again.?”
“Be right,This is safe,Even if you play,We can also steadily occupy the day,Vampire is nightlight,The most feared is the sun。”
Speaking of which,Liao Wenjie turned to the nine uncle:“Nine uncles,Don’t mind,Don’t believe your business,But in case。When I was lasting in Ren Fu,Zombie tangent,We didn’t catch up with,This time I can’t repeated it.。”
“I understand。”
Nine uncle nodded,Liao Wen Jie is reasonable,He naturally does not refute。
Three people scream,Standing on the window to see the blood ghost,This is half an hour.,Seeing two vampires, the more happy, the more happy,Autumn is so big,I have never seen such a boring person.。
“They are not people.,From the perspective of biology,Follow certain nature of nothing,Even if the wonderful。”Liao Wenjie replaced the copper roller armor built on the black cloth,And then black cloth,Be careful outside。
Cooller is sent by Wen,A total of two sets,Qiusheng and one person。
“Ager,Where are you going??”
“Go to the dormitory of women,Suddenly think of,This group of women is too small to be too small.,In case the movement,We will waited tonight.。”
Finish,Liao Wenjie under the eyes of autumn envy and hate,Sneak out of the room。
“Master,Five people,Jiege is alone,Not enough at all.,Would you like me?……Ok,Just when I didn’t say。”
Dormitory,Fiber body film wearing pajamas,Shake the door。Haven’t set foot on the cloister yet,Just after a big hand from behind your mouth,Dark in the dark。
“Don’t speak,it’s me。”
Liao Wenjie no matter the struggle of young girls,Refers to the far floor,Nightlight,Two blurred people,I don’t know what to do。
“Listen,Vampire is on the door.,Don’t want to find them,Talk to the mouth of the mouth。”
Finish,He sees a girl with a girl,Alert again:“I am leaving,But you don’t say,Otherwise, disturbing them,Life is difficult!”
In an instant of Liao Wenjie,Girls hold their mouths,Although the look is panicked but also to obey the words,I didn’t send a little voice.。
“what,Small ring,Oh it’s you。”
Liao Wenjie pointed to the dormitory:“Not talk nonsense,Go in and quietly shouked,remember,one by one,I caught my mouth,You are responsible for explaining clear。”

Dormant for half a year,Although Ermee City has also found enemy attacks and harassment,But for stability reasons, it wasn’t just a shot to defeat the army.,No chase。

And matters in the city have basically stabilized,Ready to conquer the war。
This time their movements are very big,Including Guya City,Four thousand troops came out,Attack the four cities that have harassed them and are close。
Each city is a brigade of one thousand people,Nelson、Dia(Disciple of Wright)、Lyon(Deputy leader of the bear mercenary group)、Linda(The head wife of the bear mercenary group)Led by four,Respectively attack the four nearest cities around。
There are not many people in each brigade,Can’t stand the strength of the army commander。
Nelson is the ninth-level peak powerhouse,Lyon and Linda are also eighth-level fighters!As for Wright’s disciple Dia,His vindictiveness has reached the seventh level,The real combat power is comparable to ordinary level eight fighters。
These ordinary towns,Even if you can have an eighth-level fighter。
And this is just superficial strength,Nelson is pretending to be a level 9 monster‘Kuroko’,Behind Dia is his teacher Wright,Linda is accompanied by Cecilia。
As for Lyon,Although there is no sanctuary strong to hide,But with‘Bear Mercenary Group’Old team,Nearly a hundred elite mercenaries,Plus the Elek at the ninth level,Although the strength is weaker than the others,But can easily capture a small city。
“stop!”Nelson raised his right hand,Shout out。
Suddenly all a thousand soldiers stopped,Everyone looked at the tallest figure in the front center with admiration。In you‘General’in,Nelson is undoubtedly the best at leading soldiers。
Soldiers training,They also train。
The soldiers are running with weights,But Nelson is practicing his thunder sword,His swordsmanship can be regarded as a level of weight lifting。The soldiers of the Great Bear City naturally adore their leader more and more。
“Les,Listen to me。”Nelson yelled。

Farm in Jingnan Changsha,Sneeze……

I found someone in the year.“Flower chief”,Now“Short-term”NS?
“It is difficult to die?That is still inviting the moon and the pity star two palace owners……”Wanchun flow is obviously not wrapped in。
Chu Deiren heard a patted table,Anger:“Yes!Be too university!What do you do for a child??Isn’t it the feeling of cracking??I don’t know if he is not forgetting to Jiang Feng’s little white face.!Waiting for me to meet her,Be sure to say some!”
Wanchun is still thought that Chu is going to play with himself.,Just want to mighty can’t succumb,As a result, he did actually say this.,Instinctive:“Not、Not……”
Wanchun flow is guess,It’s not an medium.,Chu Deirers rushed on white:“Why not?Don’t say it is you,I have long seen this.!No need to persuade,I will never let go of her.,Always don’t forget Jiang Feng!”
“what?what……”Wanchun’s eyes are a bit emptied……Is we discussing this matter??
“That `s a deal!”Chu Deirers said that they can’t help but refute,Then I turned and asked:“Is that waiting for the dragon mountain?,If you have a million god doctor, go to the pity.?”
When did I promise??
But after watching the Chu Deiren, I saw it for a while.,Wanchun sighs:“it is good,However, meridians injury,There are different conditions,The old man is trying to。”
One is a Chu Deirers saved the little fish,Two to Wanchun,Three……After all, it is a pity star.,Not inviting the month!
Wanchun is still thinking about it at this time.,I want to change to Yan Daxia here.,I will definitely ask him to shoot.……
Chu Deirers are also curious,Real Yannan Tian,Didn’t flow together with Wanchun,That is where to hide?
However, I didn’t make doubts.,Solver Wanchun, knowing that hences broke the plan of Yannan Tianhe Lu Zhongyuan,Heart will add tension in the heart。
Chu Deirers thought about it.,This has not used the love of the Fuyang Wangfu.——It is not considered Zhao Min.“ransom”?Can’t count it.?
After leaving the ruling hall,Chu Deiren returned to the inn,I found a lot of people stared at you all the way.……
Although it is hidden,What is dressed,But most of you have no hidden walking——Obviously the sound of the Longshan Villa,and……God Hou also take it in this,That is to monitor him!
It seems at least on June 15、Before the heart wakes up,Zhao ignored the absolutely dare to relax and vigilant against any wind in Beijing.。
Chu Deirers,It is also“Awareness”Can you safely。
Therefore, I received a book of Murongjiu sent from Xiaohong at night.,It is also to write to the Chu Deer.,Waiting for the next June 15th。
Chu Deirers are very understanding,But at this time in the county,Murongjiu is already drunk gold branch——Yun Luo knows that you can’t find Chu Deirers in these days.,Can’t blame 驸 驸 谎,The result is under the nine anger of Murong、Pressing the knees,piaHomemaster……
The two noisy all night!
In the middle of the people,Slightly alarmed……
God also gets a message the next day,I learned that Yun Luojie is a fierce quarrel with the horses.!
Thirty thousand in the room,After watching the communication, he said:“It seems that Yunli County is the Chu Deirers.,Still?If not Murong is copying,Once they meet them,Maybe a variable。”
“different,Yun Luo knows that he is a false marriage,Naturally, it will be repeated,Cute deer people don’t know,How can ordinary men accept?”Zhao Tie said very reasonable.。
If you don’t know how to Murong,In other perspectives,At this time, Murong Fu and Yunli fake marriage,Extract、Balance of Cao Zhengyu,Among them, Murong has already turned his face.、Gossip,Yun Luo and Chu Deer have also similar to the road。
And in God Hou and Thirty Thousands,Chu Deirers have also counted,Start alienation、Contact with royal family is cut off——This is also the effect they want to achieve.!
So the Chu Deirers,The county households have quarrels,It is estimated that it is speculated that Yun Luo wants to see Chu Deirers.,But by Murong!

Face panicked:“You are still the first time.?”

Lu Haokai has become a little bad.,Norganic look at Gu Anan,This is a big trouble.。
He never provoked a woman like this。
Gu Ai’an sad pupil,Some somewhat looked at the red plum,A strong desperate,There is still tears in the eyes,But more and more。
Knocking outside。
Lu Haokai’s heart,I am not jumped by myself.,He instantly annoyed,Unreasonable fire,Brow,Roar:“What’s up?”
“Two young masters,Lu always makes you in the past,Miss Gu is also in the past。”
Lu Haokai,It is the voice of his father’s secretary Liang Wei,He is a tight,Why do they know??
He took a minute,Let your own calm down。
But,There is still no countermeasures in my mind。
She has to get up and bathe,Go to the door of the bathroom,He turned back,Looking at it, still in the sadness,I know that her first is left to Lu Haozheng.,He is not a taste,He wrinkled。
Cold channel:“Wear clothes,For a while。”After finishing, I entered the bathroom.。
When two people appear again in Lu Wei, they were already half an hour.。
Seeing the parents of both sides,The two moments are uneasy.。
Gu Xihong’s anger treated Lu Haokai,The sharp looks on the mall,Map:“Lu Haokai,Hello big courage,Dare to dare to move my daughter。”
Gu Xihong’s words,Let Gu Ai En-hearted a comfort。
Dad usually very cold to her ,Tonight is for her,For Lu Haokai,She finally felt a warm warm。
tonight,what is the problem?
Lu Haokai’s glitter,One by one is full of everyone’s face,When falling on his own father’s face,See the father’s face,He is afraid of him in an instant.。
His hands in hand,Swallow vomiting:“Gu Bo,I,I don’t know what is going on here.?”
NS170chapter:I was also shocked at the time.

NS170chapter:I was also shocked at the time.
“Come now to shirk responsibility。”Gu Xihong, looking at him.,“Lu Haokai,Do you really feel that our Gu family is no one??”Gu Xihong angry roar。
Although he doesn’t like the righteous woman who is adopted by his wife.,But crowned their household names,It is the person of their households.,In front of the outside,Never allow it to be spoke to others。
His blue blue,He always believes she is still living in this world.,One day will return to their side。
I think of my daughter,Gu Xihong is like a piercing pain,If the blue is still,Their family must be very happy。
Blue blue is very cute,I will seriously care about people.,He goes home every day,Just see the daughter powder dump and happy smile,He is exhausted one day,Instantly disappear。
Qin Ningyi,Smile:“Overall,look,Things have also happened,Now blamers who are late,Then,This thing is a slap in his capture.,Do you still have to discuss it?,How to solve this thing?”
Gu An’an Unbelievable tears looked at Qin Ning,How can she say this?,this matter,It is she arranged.。
Finally, it turned her son.,She really doubts,She is not intentional.?
“Lu Bu,you”
“Anan,I know that you are wronged.,But things have happened,Everyone is an adult,Things always have to solve。”Qin Ning smiled and looked at Gu Ai’an,Interrupt her words,That looks。
Gu An An instantly has a dumb to eat yellow,I can’t say it hard.。
She feels her heart,There is a kind of power in the rising recovery,A pain,Quietly crawl over the whole body,One of the cells that bite her body,Her pain, she is slightly curled up.。
Her beautiful face,Red halo,Bright eyebrows,Holding hands together。
She is a piece of chess that will be abandoned by Gu Jia at any time.,now,She can only marry Lu Haokai,At least,She still has a little use。
Looking at Mom and Dad don’t talk,Two brothers are also silent sitting,She can only strive for her own。
Her mouth is difficult to pull out a touch of faint smile,Gentle:“That Lubu wants to do what to do?I am awakened,The people lying around are Lu Haokai,I was also shocked at the time.?”

But look at their secrets of God,Murong9Some disfused,Be unlikely……

And the wood is in a hurry to stand up.:“Injuried?how come……So dangerous?I have to go see it.!”
“Sister!Don’t tell you!Although there is a risk when working,But Chu Da Ge must be a solution that has already been solved.!”Lin Ping has recently been really some“Stand up”,Also reprimanded two sentences in Yue Lingshan。mobile phone\end Remember a second《24kwx》Give you\Wonderful novel\read
Some feelings are true,Let Yue Lingshan said,maybe“Home”The thing is to expose,Lin Ping is nothing,Anyway, I didn’t practice.,But it is necessary to give Lin Yuanchao.。
I heard Lin Ping.,Wooden Face:“Then you are careful,If you are too dangerous, don’t practice it.。”I didn’t have to follow。
So after the meal, only Lin Ping entered the Room of Chu Deirers.……
Chu Deirers come in,Throw a few papers to him。
“what?Chu Da Ge,This internal work……”Lin Ping’s rough looks now,It seems that some doubts。
“and《Evil spirits》Very big?Bigger!This is a martial arts that can imitate other real gas.,If you can truly practice,Anyone in the world,Everything is pushing up……But you are sure to practice,So this is what I help you change.‘Evil’Version!”Chu Deirers said it is big.。
《Evil spirits》To practice without injury,Need to pass two difficulties,One is the abnormality at the time of practice、Second, the exception is。
Part 2,As long as you use“Tianshi”,Can avoid past,Although power should weaken,But can also accept。
However, the first part is not,Only a place where I am walking,Come to practice evil spirits,What is“no”Instead of“Don’t go”,This also jumps directly,That is almost the same as the woman’s practice.,Two rigory。
Chu Deer is a direct chaotic analog,But“Chaotic work”if,Even if the Chu Deirers are willing to teach,Also there is a martial art、Add a sense of inevast,Secretary,It is possible to practice。
After all, I sent martial arts.,Originally, there is more qualifications,and“Chaotic work”It is based on Xiaoyao Wu。
Lin Ping’s qualifications are not bad,but……Don’t say“Chaotic work”,original《Unhappy》Nothing hope!
So the Chu Deiren used an afternoon.,Write one《Small chaotic work·Evil evil》,Before essentially approaching《Small chaotic work》?However, the entry is much easier than before.?At the same time, it is like this.,This“Puppet·Small chaos”?It can only imitate“Evil spirits”。
Just like a set of answers?Naturally, it is necessary to have more knowledge.。
After all, the cultivation of evil spirits,It is not difficult to?Just the cost of the front condition is very big.。
Chu Deirers are fully grasped under the basis,It is not difficult to write a limited version.?Exchange other martial arts?There is no practicality in this qualified version.,After all, I imitate it.,After all eight9Result。
And if not《Evil spirits》It is not difficult to,This limiting version will not be as simple as it……
Chu Deiren explained the principle to Lin Ping?And the road:“This martial arts?have《Congenital strength》Charm,So before Xiao Cheng,Congenital gas can’t lose,It is best to get in the room.,Don’t break it easily。”
Chu Deirers said?Look at the direction of the window,I asked more.:“Before you and your sister……Not yet?”
“No no!”Lin Ping heard?I quickly shake my head.。
I only listen to the window.,After that, the footsteps are gradually far away.——And two footsteps!
Obviously Yue Lingshan and Mu Qingqing?Come and sneak around,The result was ashamed by Chu Deirers。
“In addition, during success?Also affected?Must use this method?Avoid these meridians and acupuncture……”Chu Deirers will“Tianshi”Also taught Lin Ping。
In fact, in terms of cultivation difficulties,Evil definition and the lack of the sky,It’s not easy.,Even more than direct cultivation《Evil spirits》It is still more difficult。
Cultivate both,exchange《Evil spirits》Eight9Result,Comprehensive consideration,That is, it is not full、Effect of first-class martial arts——Muku complement of Chu Dee,I can also say something,Own grade。
Evolution of cultivation,Also important metrics,Like the Chu Deirers Multiple Integration、These exercises are being used,Basically, it is difficult to define,The effect is natural, it is also extracted in peerless martial arts.,However, the difficulty of cultivation is too high.,Other people,Value is actually not big。
《Evil spirits》、《Sunflower》,Even all kinds of boy,It is also difficult to measure,In the eunuch,It is definitely a peerless,I have to be my heart.……By people!
“Unfortunately, this,There is no effect when you start getting started.……”Lin Ping’s slightly regrettable。
But immediately Linping’s own correction:“Chu Dage rest assured,I don’t want to swear about it for a moment.!”
Be right,《Evil spirits》There is also a benefit,It is the home of the hometown,Successful cultivation、Internal and external interruption,Skill can“Get rope”a bit,But Chu Deirers“Harmonious version”,Needless you need to be home,Naturally, there is no effect。
“In fact, it does not necessarily。”Chu Deiren heard,Sink。
Lintong shocked Chu Da Ge——Could not……Chu Da Ge is so embarrassed to himself?
“As far as I know,This weight,It is a vein feedback after disconnecting this part.,If the method is proper,Fully simulate……Maybe you can use the meridians of others,A similar effect!”Chu Deirers pursue the road。
This part is that the Chu Deirers have not thought about it.。
However, in theory,If it is a part of the meridians,use“Tire”Suck,Then before it affected himself,use《Evil spirits》Magma,Will this part of the meridians“Chop”,It should also be similar effects。
certainly,This is only theoretical,How to implement,There are still many details。
“Chu Da Ge!If there is any way,I can try it first.!”Lin Ping immediately said。

“Night,younger generation”

Zhengxiang is red,Small channel:“Senior senior,The late generation is nothing.。”
He didn’t know that Liao Jie said is true.,Can be,World’s never,There is always one in cases。
Start,He doesn’t believe that there is land god in the world.,The result is true,Also wear a word drag,Also like to eat bubble noodles。
This can happen this way,The Buddha is not a mahjong bureau.,so,Don’t add this little Shati.,The self-touch of the yellow Buddha is to force it.。
anyway,This land god is not because of playing mahjong.,Great to the Buddha,I realized that I came to the palm.?
If so,The card addiction of the Buddha is not small.!
The predecessors of the sky said,Their palm fierce spicy,Conducted,Hosting
Zhengxin bowed standing around us,Calculate the Buddha better,Go back and get angry with mahjong skills,Surface is moving,Just asleep。
“Fault,One delay my time,Be late, I will report your name.。”
Liao Jie lights,Turn away,Two steps stop,Serious road:“Suddenly think of a thing,Rate is big in the day,I am ready.,Don’t lose your life.。”
“Senior dare to ask,What is big??”Chang Chongzi asked in the right time。
“Unclear,Last times,Who listening to the door of the wall,At that time, there was a touch of Dongfeng.,There is no listening。”
Liao Jie is helpless:“Later, my night view,One night of romance,really,The mystery is a deceptive,My generation is still in practice.。”
“If you care,Go back to find a few days telescope,May not see what。”
It is not a land god,Speak,They also can’t understand these fartings.。
“Wait a moment,senior。”
See Liao Jie to finish,It seems to go smoothly,Rong Yuyi carefully wings:“senior,That land”
“Yes,Who is it not?。”
Rong Yuyi wiped the amount of hard sweat,Expression of stiffness:“The late generations know that the mildew bead is the foundation of the former,Can be joined from thousands of years,Not a local person,There is a teacher waiting for the family.,Now the female magic,I want to go back to tell the news on her.,I also hope that the seniors borrowed the mildew。”
You still have a teacher,Be no early!
“It turned out to be like this”
Liao Jie touched the Pakistan,Deeply:“really,The leaves are still needed,What’s more, you a big living?,Fasting is endless。”
“Thank you for your seniors.!”
Rong Yuyi,The land god seems to be a spicy,Similar to the evil part,In fact, it is still very reasonable.。
“But you will fall into a foreign land.,It is not a poor road to fall into the countryside,What do you talk to me?,Is it related to me??”
Rong Yuyi stunned,Liao Jie next to it can’t see it.,Top of land gods,Fearless:“senior,The so-called person returned to the saint,Where is the play?,It’s just a kite that is smashed.,This line is a hometown,broken,Kite is gone。”
“Senior rally,Let one person return to the hometown,Who is not?”
“You can say music.,Then I don’t have a face!”
Liao Jie snorted,Look at the eyebrows,Silently a bit,Gringer:“No home,You don’t help her.,See your baby’s behalf,Nothing is bad,No one is giving together。”
Rong Yuyi cheek is red,If you really don’t go,By the predecessors say。
Liao Jie shook his head,See Yuri Xiaoyang Many White,Language long explanation:“Jade is not misunderstood,Can stay with you,I am naturally happy,It can be said,My peach flower is a bit flood,Because I won’t refuse girl children,Have a few red knowledge,Not a good choice,You will only delay yourself with me.。”
“simple,Take those red faces,You don’t go to your hand.,The poor road can be handled。”