“Night,younger generation”

Zhengxiang is red,Small channel:“Senior senior,The late generation is nothing.。”
He didn’t know that Liao Jie said is true.,Can be,World’s never,There is always one in cases。
Start,He doesn’t believe that there is land god in the world.,The result is true,Also wear a word drag,Also like to eat bubble noodles。
This can happen this way,The Buddha is not a mahjong bureau.,so,Don’t add this little Shati.,The self-touch of the yellow Buddha is to force it.。
anyway,This land god is not because of playing mahjong.,Great to the Buddha,I realized that I came to the palm.?
If so,The card addiction of the Buddha is not small.!
The predecessors of the sky said,Their palm fierce spicy,Conducted,Hosting
Zhengxin bowed standing around us,Calculate the Buddha better,Go back and get angry with mahjong skills,Surface is moving,Just asleep。
“Fault,One delay my time,Be late, I will report your name.。”
Liao Jie lights,Turn away,Two steps stop,Serious road:“Suddenly think of a thing,Rate is big in the day,I am ready.,Don’t lose your life.。”
“Senior dare to ask,What is big??”Chang Chongzi asked in the right time。
“Unclear,Last times,Who listening to the door of the wall,At that time, there was a touch of Dongfeng.,There is no listening。”
Liao Jie is helpless:“Later, my night view,One night of romance,really,The mystery is a deceptive,My generation is still in practice.。”
“If you care,Go back to find a few days telescope,May not see what。”
It is not a land god,Speak,They also can’t understand these fartings.。
“Wait a moment,senior。”
See Liao Jie to finish,It seems to go smoothly,Rong Yuyi carefully wings:“senior,That land”
“Yes,Who is it not?。”
Rong Yuyi wiped the amount of hard sweat,Expression of stiffness:“The late generations know that the mildew bead is the foundation of the former,Can be joined from thousands of years,Not a local person,There is a teacher waiting for the family.,Now the female magic,I want to go back to tell the news on her.,I also hope that the seniors borrowed the mildew。”
You still have a teacher,Be no early!
“It turned out to be like this”
Liao Jie touched the Pakistan,Deeply:“really,The leaves are still needed,What’s more, you a big living?,Fasting is endless。”
“Thank you for your seniors.!”
Rong Yuyi,The land god seems to be a spicy,Similar to the evil part,In fact, it is still very reasonable.。
“But you will fall into a foreign land.,It is not a poor road to fall into the countryside,What do you talk to me?,Is it related to me??”
Rong Yuyi stunned,Liao Jie next to it can’t see it.,Top of land gods,Fearless:“senior,The so-called person returned to the saint,Where is the play?,It’s just a kite that is smashed.,This line is a hometown,broken,Kite is gone。”
“Senior rally,Let one person return to the hometown,Who is not?”
“You can say music.,Then I don’t have a face!”
Liao Jie snorted,Look at the eyebrows,Silently a bit,Gringer:“No home,You don’t help her.,See your baby’s behalf,Nothing is bad,No one is giving together。”
Rong Yuyi cheek is red,If you really don’t go,By the predecessors say。
Liao Jie shook his head,See Yuri Xiaoyang Many White,Language long explanation:“Jade is not misunderstood,Can stay with you,I am naturally happy,It can be said,My peach flower is a bit flood,Because I won’t refuse girl children,Have a few red knowledge,Not a good choice,You will only delay yourself with me.。”
“simple,Take those red faces,You don’t go to your hand.,The poor road can be handled。”

At the same time, I decided to ask some high-end talents.,Otherwise, these people themselves,I am afraid that there is a breakthrough progress.。

“Lee Boss,I want to invite a few people who are more powerful in this way.,But you need you to give an investment of research and development funds.,Not sure if this is possible?”
When I said this,Feng Skin is also the bottom。
The first thousand four hundred and sixty-one chapter is too satisfied.
Li Hui Feng did not expect Feng’s own effort to develop funds.。
“I used it before.?”
“Um,Run out,Then the material is in,But there is no new progress。”
Put in this way,Feng Shu is also sorry。
Li Hui said this,Some point:“How much do you need。”
He didn’t ask why did the money did not use something?,Because Feng’s own face has shown everything。
“It takes about 10 million。”
Originally Feng it is still hesitant,But think of no longer doing a point of grade,I am afraid that he is not necessary to stay in Li Hui.。
The most important thing is that he feels that Li is really good.,Basic conditions can be met。
It is also uncommon to meet such a boss.。
“Can a thousand people can develop a place to use??”
Li Hui, this time did not directly promise,After all, his money is not a windy blow.。
“can,This time I am going to find a team of old professors.,Their research funds are not very much,But there is a research funding of Li Boss’s research funds.。”
For this matter,Feng Shu is also an alone.。
After all, although he also got a lot of things.,But those are all others,He made it out just to understand the principles.。
“Can you please come to them??”
Li Hui is a little curious,After all, he knows the situation of Feng himself.。
“Can you please,And this tens of millions, I am not ready to directly put it.,But used to slow investment,All research and development funds I personally,Also report all the materials and investment in use.。”
Feng yourself,Let Li speak with the wind.。
“Row,This tens of millions I promised,You go to ask people.。”
And I should have a self-confidence.,Li Hui is going to find Su Qian.。
At the same time, I told the solar thing with Su.。
After all, this new energy,Li Hui is still very optimistic。
It’s just that there is no major breakthrough.。
“You are ready to be capped on the top of the roof?
Then the electricity at home is directly used by Tianyang?”
This bold proposal for Li Hui Feng,Su Qing also feels a bit surprised,However, once the success is indeed, it is too good for those who buy a house later.。
“Yes,I am planning to be like this.。”
“Lee brother,Your intention is good,Just free some can’t,It is free to make some people who like small and cheap, but they will use endless use.,Even an accident caused electricity,That is not worth it.。”
“Forehead,The meaning of the big brother is?”
“I mean very simple,Toll,But half of the price of normal electricity bill,Or free,But to control how many extensions in each household,Once it exceeds it, the current supply of his house is directly cut.,Let them continue to use the national power grid。”
Su Liang’s reasoning has this consideration, there is a big reason. That is, he does not want Li Hui’s way to disturb the national power grid.。
He knows clearly knows that a person has this matter.,That is also fighting the country’s machine。

thenAThe entrance opened smoothly,Because Qin Hao’s current human body simulation operating system is simulated by the staff here。

So it’s unimpeded along the way,At this moment,Qin Hao’s brain started to work quickly。
“The language system has been successfully matched for the host,”it’s here,Need to use Alibiya’s native language。
Otherwise Qin Hao spoke,Will be seen。
“The host fully matches the human body simulation operating system,”At this point,It means that the person Qin Hao simulated,Same as Qin Hao now in all aspects。
No matter the pronunciation,Or daily habits, etc.,All exactly the same。
“Sasakara,Is the system operator of the underground base……”
A series of things about this person appeared in Qin Hao’s mind。
“Sasha Kara died an hour ago,No one knows now。”
Qin Hao didn’t expect,This system is so smart,Arranged for him a seamless identity。
He is not afraid of meeting a real person now。
So Qin Hao walked around the underground base。
have to say,Somebody’s identity,It’s very smooth in the underground base。
No one doubted him,But he was stopped when he entered the material warehouse。

He was really watching Zhonghua sleeping just now,Can’t bear to disturb,Then wake up now,As usual,Naturally, we need to check,So he stopped and prepared to wait for Zhong Hua to finish calling and ask。

Zhong Hua greeted the 18th generation ancestors of the person who called,No call early or late,Call me at this time!
He pretended to be confused,Rubbed his face with both hands,Head still tilted,Then take out the phone,Took a look,It’s Lao Fan。
Lao Fan is asking him to die!
(End of this chapter)
Chapter nine hundred and ninety six Arrested
He once again greeted the eighteenth generation ancestors of Old Fan,Just connected。
Old Fan on the phone said:“Old clock,What surrounds you now is the net of heaven and earth,You can’t escape,I also thought about it,As long as you come,How about the 50 million and our 46 points,You six me four,The big head counts you!”
That anger in Zhong Hua’s heart,What are you telling me at this time?,I want to give you four or six points!
“Sorry,I disagree。”Zhong Hua put on a tone of business negotiation,The acting is quite good。
“Sanqi is fine too,You seven me three,Ok?”
Lao Fan took the initiative to lower his worth,Paused,Zhong Hua didn’t respond,Gritted teeth:“Twenty eight,This is the minimum,You eight and two,I want ten million,You won’t connect this……”
“Sorry,I said i don’t agree,Please don’t call me again,Goodbye!”I didn’t wait for Lao Fan to finish,Zhong Hua interrupted him,Still use very business words and tone,Then hung up。
After hung up,He continues to pretend to sleep,The process goes smoothly,Nothing wrong。
But the security guard looked at him from Congzai’s car window,Tao:“This friend,Could you please show me your ID card?。”
This ishSecurity system,So that most criminals have nothing to hide。
Zhong Hua can’t make up this time。
But if he tells his ID number, he will show it directly。

“Yes,Yes!”Kasuga Hakoko nodded quickly。

“by !What are you waiting for!Counterattack!Kill it!”Lu Menglin waved his hand,Shouted with excitement。
Before, he just thought of using the wraith spirit to deal with the statue,Anyway, everyone is huge,As long as it works,Even if you just use the wraith spirit to entangle the group of statues。
I don’t know that these wraiths happen to be the nemesis of the statue,Can actually invade the consciousness of the statue,Control them in turn。
But thinking about it is very reasonable,Those statues are special species continuously produced by the Lord Zuma,Mass-produced stuff,Individual IQ is definitely not good。
In other words,Those statues are all fools,And those resentful spirits can just replace their heads,In other words, it is infused with soul。
And Kasuga Hako can control those resentful spirits,I can control those statues naturally。
The statues invaded by the wraith are under the order of Kasuga Hakoko,All members are in an uproar,Began to counterattack towards the center of the altar。
And those statues that have not been invaded by the wraith,Is obviously a little confused,With their simple mind,I can’t tell what happened,Why are there so many companions fighting back。
quickly,The statues started fighting,Chaotic scene,There are giant statues attacking each other everywhere,Play ping pong pong,Unhappy。
Although there are many statues,But there are more wraiths,The two sides played inextricably.,And the Wraith Spirit obviously has the upper hand,Because they can encroach on the body of the statue,Who fought fiercely,Whose body is attached。
“Brother Lu!Too many to control,I don’t seem to have enough spiritual power!”Kasuga Mingzi pretty face

Kim So-yeon probably got a little nervous about being talked to by Mother Lu,Replied with a serious face:“We are not classmates,I am a teacher at Shenzhen University。”

“What?teacher?You are Lu Meng
Lin’s teacher?”Mom was excited,I almost dropped the bowl in my hand。
Kim So Yeon doesn’t know what’s wrong,I just nodded very sincerely。
Mother Lu gave her son a fierce look,Said quickly:“You kid!The teacher came to visit the house without giving notice。Made me misunderstood。”
Talk about it,Mother Lu smiled at Jin Soyan again:“Teacher Jin,Sorry,I am sorry!You are too young,Beautiful people,I thought it was a friend brought back by this kid!I’m sorry!”
Jin Soyeon heard Lu’s tone change,The expression on his face was slightly dark,Continue to smile and shook his head,Did not continue to explain。
Lu Menglin can’t listen anymore,Smiled:“mom!You got it wrong,She was already young!She is no longer a teacher,The friend I brought back for the New Year。”
What he said,Mother Lu was a little unhappy,Gave Lu Menglin a look,Said angrily:“Brat!Help me in the kitchen。”
Talk about it,Mother Lu started to clean up the desktop,Kim So Yeon wants to get up and help,But my mother stopped him with a stern look。
“Teacher Jin must be tired along the way,You go to the room and rest for a while!You will sleep in Lu Menglin’s room tonight,I’ll teach you to use the bathroom later。”Mom held Kim So Yeon’s hand with great enthusiasm,Took her to Lu Menglin’s room,And a lot of nagging,Then he closed the door with his backhand。
In desperation, Kim So Yeon,I had to sit by Lu Menglin’s bed,Looking at someone curiously“boudoir”。
In the kitchen,Lu Menglin is under my mother’s supervision,Washing dishes,While listening to my mother’s nagging。
“Be honest,Have you bullied other girls?”Mom with hands on hips,Asked sharply。
“No,of course not!You won’t know who your son is?How can!”Lu Menglin hurriedly tilted his mouth and cleared away。
“This girl is so handsome,Unfortunately a foreigner,She should be older than you?Why did you kidnap someone’s teacher home?”Mom’s problem is like a gun,One by one。
Lu Menglin is weak,Have to see tricks,Wryly smiled:“How old are you,I said it all,She is no longer a teacher at Shenzhen University。She is in China alone,It’s not new,I brought her back。”
“Ugh,It’s really embarrassing!To be nice to you, brat,Not even a university teacher anymore。You must not let them down!You can’t be wronged about spending money。But,The foreign country seems a bit far away,You have to make it clear,Wait until later married,You can’t go back to your mother’s house every year for the New Year!”Mom has fallen into a happy brain-filling time,Muttered。

“Yes,”Nelson nodded:“His name is Ivan·Caluso,Is the owner of a business information company,in New York、Washington and Detroit have their own offices,And it seems to have a good relationship with many members of Congress and state government officials。”

“and so,”Chen Geng asked:“This guy is actually a broker?”
“Yes,He is a broker。”
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First546chapter Arrogant
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“Then his relationship with GM executives is also very good.?”Chen Geng asked again。
“Yes,”Nielsen gave the affirmative answer again:“According to the results of our investigation,This is Ivan·Mr. Caruso seems to be with several current senior GM、The former executives and directors have a good relationship,Ivan can be seen in GM’s several congressional lobbying efforts·The figure of Caruso,We have reason to think that this Ivan·The partnership between Caluso and General Motors has been going on for a long time。”
“So……”Tilling and touching his chin,A moment later,He actually laughed:“Interesting。”
He really didn’t expect such a result:
I thought this was Ivan·The guy in Caruso is just a mouse in the sewer,I didn’t expect people to walk on the street like this;
I thought he was just a shameless little guy,I didn’t expect to be a big man in the eyes of many people、Successful people;
I thought the guy who dug himself the last time should be cautious、Lest you expose yourself,But now it seems,Perhaps the workers’ strike this time was a warning GM gave itself.(If the man behind the scenes is really General Motors)?
interesting,interesting,It’s getting more and more interesting……

“sister,Do you want to go home?Mother is waiting for you at home。”I just need to say it myself,That idiot will definitely be fooled!I’ll marry Boss Wang obediently,In the second half of her life, she has no worries。

Thought of here,Wen Yunyun feels she is talking nonsense with her now,Is a charity to her。
I want to treat myself like that fool?
“When did i say i want to go back?”
Hear words,Wen Yunyun’s face is full of disbelief,Warm and warm have been abnormal recently,As my mother said,She can’t control it now。
No way,Wen Yunyun is the only daughter of the Wen family,She is warm and warm?
“You don’t want to go back,Don’t blame me for not reminding you,Angered mother,You have no good fruit!Dad has promised to marry you to boss Wang。”
Boss Wang?Ah?I was completely ruined in the previous life, I was listening to them,I believe Boss Wang really likes himself,After marrying,,Not as good as life and death。
“Marry you,I want to read。”
Doesn’t Wen Yunyun like to be a rich wife??Then why doesn’t she marry herself?Anyway, boss Wang has money,It’s just warm and warm,This is obviously after the college entrance examination in the previous life.,Why is it so fast now?
Frowned,It seems that I was born again,Brings the butterfly effect,Something happened early。No matter how,Understand the wolf ambition of the mother and daughter,Is enough。
“I marry?Warm and warm,Don’t think you are really a daughter,Be able to marry boss Wang,It was my father who helped you beg for all the hard work。”A look of grace,Wen Yunyun saw that Situ Yan was gone,Speak more presumptuously,Too lazy to act。
Looking at Wen Yunyun who exposed her nature,Wen Wen Nuan suspects that she is a dual personality,Change and change,But I didn’t agree to this matter,Don’t want to force!Relive I,Own destiny。
“Wen Yunyun,Are you leaving? I’m not polite to you anymore!”
Heard her words,Wen Yunyun’s face changed。
Warm and Nuan dare to fight against mother now,If I stay here,Wen Yunyun has no doubt that she will be beaten,Got beaten twice,Already learned,Hear words,Face red:“I tell you,You have to marry if you don’t marry!”
Finished,Left angrily。
Dead bitch!Let you have a while,Then see how you beg me!
Only when I opened the door I saw the aunt just now,Take the key and prepare to open the door。

Leng Ling couldn’t help complaining when he saw Qin Feng,At the same time frowning very tightly,Because she can’t figure out what’s going on。

To know,It didn’t take long for her to take over Huben Special Team。Although old man Xue Hu is still hiding behind the scenes, he can give her some tips,But now Xue Hu has come to the end,Hanging on the bed,May die at any time,I feel weak at this time,How can she bother her?
So in fact, she has always had many problems that have not been solved,Now I see Qin Feng,At last someone can ask。After all, in front of other Huben members,She doesn’t want to show her weak side。This will make her feel that she has failed Xue Hu’s trust。
“Because this has involved the struggle of the five major families。You say it can be messy?After all, most of the current state-level officials are members of the five major families。Once some people in the five big families have bad ideas,The capital is in chaos。”
Qin Feng frowned after speaking,“It seems,These people are also familiar with the essence of guerrilla warfare!”
Wait for Qin Feng’s words to finish,Then two mysterious people with covered faces rushed towards him and Leng Ling。
That is, at the beginning, not all of Hu Ben’s team members went to chase the suspect,Instead, they left them in place and waited for Leng Ling’s orders。
So now when the fighting breaks out,Only the members of these two special forces can meet。
It’s just that the two sides just fought,The two members of the Special Forces team are at a disadvantage。Obviously it’s just a bare-handed battle,However, both in terms of strength and speed, they were completely suppressed.。
“This.If divided according to the rank of spider scavengers,The strength of these two people should be above the earth level?”
Qin Feng has seen the power of the ground-level Surgeon before。Even if Qin Feng is in full bloom,It’s just that it can beat the local powerhouse。
According to grade,Qin Feng’s strength should be above the ground level,Below the sky。
In other words,Even if Qin Feng is now fighting these two people,He has no chance of winning,Unless you use the hole card desperate knife。
That’s what Qin Feng used to kill He Gao。

“write《Fight against the King of Fighters》That person,He went to participateEOVUp?Really amazing!”

For a time,Whether it is a city or a town,The teenagers surging in the streets and alleys have a copy《Game time》,While playing games,While discussing topics about games。
Phase Three《Game time》weekly,First issue《Fight against the King of Fighters》Serialization,Phase II IntroductionEVOContest,And issued a warm-up article about the Menglin team’s participation,Timely report on the competition in the third period,Team Menglin won streak,Children kill the Quartet,Inspiring news came one after another。
Magazine sales are going up,Make Uncle Jihu who is in charge of marketing channels happy,Next he plans to send people to large and medium-sized game halls across the country,Put the magazine rack in,Also about《Game time》weekly、《Fight against the King of Fighters》with“Team Menglin”Large exquisite poster,All enter the channel together,Placed and posted in all large and medium-sized game halls across the country。
As long as the good news continues,The big things can be expected!
Whether it’s an advertising sponsor like China Unicom,It’s the TV program recording arranged by Zhu Kun,Can harvest satisfactory communication effects,Great value for money。
but,Although everything is so beautiful,But the reality is cruel。
Child lost,Team Menglin will enter the cruel loser group,Waiting to compete with other losers for the only spot,Only after winning will you have the opportunity to compete for the championship with the first place in the winner group。
All this suddenly became so far away,The road ahead seems extremely difficult,Unexpected。
The loser’s bracket will be played three days later,Waiting time for these three days,For those teams that have been defeated once,Undoubtedly a long suffering,It tests the mental quality of the contestants。
The battle for the winner group continues,The Korean Golden Sun team finally got their wish and met the Japanese team。
Kim Jong-hui vs. Yokoshima Little Tree,The match between the two is very exciting,Played the highest level since the entire King of Fighters game,finally,Kim Jong-hui cherishes the defeat of the Hengdao tree,South Korea is also in the loser group。
On the field,Always the winner is king,The eyes of the audience are always chasing the figure of the victor,And those teams that have been classified as the losers,As if being swept into the corner,