“Sunday Railway Station,He is wearing blue gown,Headband,Hands with a black leather bag,Hand will take a magazine of the last period of good friend。”

Rui Rui said after a complete rescue and evacuation plan.:“At that time, you can shoot shoot and hunt your casual clothes.,do not worry,In order to let them trust you to sacrifice a few people, we are at all.!”
Yau Yibei is next to,After listening, I don’t understand what I don’t know.,Waiting two people asked:“Long pool,You are people who have kill us?”
“Wine long,What Chinese people are doing for the headquarters?The task of the next day let them participate,We can send a gendarmerie to the past.。”
“What Chinese people do if they also shoot?”
“That’s true!”
“You are not afraid that they are misunderstandings?”
“It is also caused by them.,The same text has cultivated them for more than ten years,If you can’t even pay for such a scene,I will not have anything for staying.。”
“Town Town is really a trolley-hearted person.!”
“Not my iron heart,This is the battlefield,We are all soldiers,All done a preparation for sacrificing life at any time,They also。”
“Long pool,Are you still satisfied with this house??”
“Very satisfied,Thank you for the classmate,Why didn’t you see Miss Zhin in these two days??”
“She took people to perform the task.?”
“She personally married the horse and must be an important case.?”
“Yes,Recently, Shanghai is very unrest,Not only Zheng Yao first,There are still some resistance organizational activities.,These people must clear。”
“Wine long,Why do you have no news??”
“Speaking of them, I am angry,This No. 5 Agent Group has got a Tucheng Iron from Nanjing.,And handed these evidence to the United States,The Soviet Union also has British,Now the world is accusing our big Japanese Emperor!”
“That’s too bad,Are they not in Shanghai??”
“Recently, I also sent people in checking.,But very strange,This 5th agent group seems to be hiding.,There is no news for so many days.,But according to what I know, they should be very active.。”
“Wine long,I will let Tang Ling helps them。”
“correct,I have been forgot to ask you.,What is Tang Ling??”
Read the highest888Cash red envelope!
“A Chinese who bought by I bought,He didn’t feel anything about his country.,More don’t talk about love,As long as you have money, he will do anything.,And this person is very capable,Now that my business in the concession is basically his care.。”
“He is really an ability person,If he can find the No. 5 agent group,I will reward him again.!”
NS208chapter Still need to take a long history!
Rui Rui’s mouth from the wine Yibui’s mouth does not have a bamboo, the clouds are going to perform any task.,But this spy flower is definitely not a small action.。
Conference room,Twenty-six Testamental reports have contacted the black teams they are responsible for。
“Long pool,Understand what we know,Some groups have not been replenished for nearly three months.,Fortunately, there are a skill, still not hungry.,But this seriously affects their normal action。”Songchuan is said,
“Since this,Then do we use any way to meet their requirements as soon as possible?,They are working hard for the Empire,We must protect their supply。”Ritual,
“Long pool,We have already contacted it.,Twenty-six teams need us to personally have six。”
“Then you have a registration amount.,I will arrange it immediately.,You must be responsible for,I can’t depend on them.。”
These things don’t have to do it all.,He only needs to sign a word.,Some provets holding the same textbook,Songchuan is taking people from Mitsubishi Bank to take out the required funds.,And send these money and materials through various methods,Six people have sent them directly。
Rui Rui does not have any hands and feet,Just like this black gold plan, ZHEN Zheng Yao first can’t worry,Need to be completely clear and then think about solving,Now that they are the first suspicion, it is a long pool.。
In order to get more intelligence and participate in more plans,When you are, you still have to go,Anyway, most of their intelligence will summarize it.,I want to move the brain from this way.。
Shanghai Railway North Station,Guan Yongshan fell out of the station,He found that there are several people who are fascinating.,Shanghai he has come,See what he is at this time, I don’t know what to do.。
Just when a few casual clothes will go to Guanyong New Year.,Suddenly came to a few guns,Four places in the place in the place,Li Yongnian also pulled the gun to shoot at the special agent。
Shen Hongkai ran to Guan Yongnian and front:“Club!Traitor,Fast with us!”

Zhong Miura dumb,Not having the strength to fight back means being beaten,Not even just beaten,More likely to be occupied,Enslaved,Even perished,He doesn’t know the blood family very well,But from the brutal methods of Liuyun Guan, we can judge how bloody this alien invading race is.。

He also heard about many incidents of alien invasion,Mostly from old man Dong,I didn’t think it would be this serious,Until Li Hao died in Liuyunguan,He spent more thoughts to understand what the heavens are,What space rift,What is the mark of eschatology,All this shocked Zhong Miura, who was practicing hermit life.,Shudder every time I think about it,This is how desperate persistence enters the wasteland with Li Tianzhi。
Zhong Sanpu couldn’t persuade an old friend to come out,But very carefully re-examined the purpose of practice,So what is the purpose??Get to?Soaring fairy world?Then leave this world?For those who are about to touch the catastrophe,The height at which you stand and the world you can see is far beyond ordinary people,But still deeply confused by this question。
Then the fairy world is not good anymore,According to what this kid said,The fairy world is long gone,If in the past,Zhong Sanpu would only sneer,To deceive the crowd,Invent a god world,Slander the fairy world,He doesn’t even care about this kind of god,Ants only。
But the person in front of you is obviously not an ant,Although it still looks like a mortal,But gesture,The magical powers swayed at will make him amazed,This person’s cultivation level far exceeds Zhong Sanpu’s cognition,It’s even beyond the understanding of true immortals in the spiritual world,God Realm seems to exist,The world is really as big as the legend?
But why the powerful world is destroyed?Once Zhong Sanpu starts to think about this issue seriously,The previous confusion is no longer a confusion,He wants to follow this young man to understand the truth,wrong,Is to understand all the unknowns with this guy who calls himself God Realm,But what Li Tianzhen said just now poured cold water on him。
“That demon……I mean to what extent the strength of the demon who fought with you has reached?”
“This is very important?”
“I just want to know more。”
“Very strong。”Li Tianzhen nodded,He knows Zhong Mipu lacks confidence,“in fact,I have seen a great supernatural power more powerful than him。”
Zhong Sanpu’s eyes widened,I don’t understand what Li Tianzhen wants to say,So more confused。
“In fact, the cultivation level reached the realm of true god or true immortal does not mean immortality.,Because this world is different from before,it is at……”
“Destroying?Just like you kept telling Xiao Dong?”
“Correct,At least has entered this process。”Li Tianzhen frowned,“Just imagine,The world no longer exists,How immortal you?”
“But you said you are not an eschatologist。”
“Two different concepts。”Li Tianzhen shook his head,Drink the tea in the cup in one sip,“The world has indeed entered a process of destruction,It’s actually happening,No one can deny this fact。But I don’t think this process is unique,Or it is irreversible。”
“Your trend,Change the world?”Zhong Sanpu wants to laugh,I really want to believe what Li Tianzhen said,But think carefully,This is really a very funny joke。

The opponent is shy。

When he saw that Li Hui is with Zhang with Zhang,Immediately laugh。
“Bamboo,Is this not Zhang??
Now you can’t stay in the city.,Ready to buy a car toward the countryside?”
Chapter 618 disappears
Zhang Duo see people,Flash in the eyes,But still try to keep yourself calm。
“Hey-hey,Liu Tong,I am coming with the boss.,I am not so big.。”
“Hey, a few cars are very powerful.?
Zhang Zheng, this pursuit is really fascinating.,Do you want you to come over??
I will give you a car.。”
Zhang Duo heard this,Eyes are all bright,An immediate heart is。
Li Hui Feng saw the light in the eyes of Zhang.,I know what is going on.。
“Liu Shu,Are you not very good for my face??
And I am not ready to develop towards the country.,On the contrary, it is ready to develop towards the city.,I bought a car today, I came to the city to show my fists.。”
Li Hui Feng looked at Liu Sihai to talk to Zhang,The eyes are uncomfortable in Zhao Xiaoling, and the appearance of Jiang Shuyan.,He is an angry。
“Xiao Li.,I didn’t recognize it.,Fortunately, you open it.,You have to say that I thought that Zhang Gong said the boss is the beautiful woman next to you.。”
Looking at Zhao Xiaoling’s occupationOLSkirt,Especially the black silk wearing two slender jade legs,Let Liu Sihai want to enter non-non-non-,The mind is even planned。
As for Jiang Shuyan, although it is very beautiful,But more but love,He is not interested in cute women。
Zhao Xiaoling originally thought that the clothes accompanied by a relatively generous dress。
But because Zhang Duo’s call is anxious,She can only wear the usual career installed.。
I heard the words of Liu Sihai,As long as it is not a fool, I know that Liu Sihai is changing in the wind.。
“Hey-hey,Liu Shu,I am from this boss.,We have a few bosses,I remember that Liu Shu is in the city.,I don’t know where Liu Shu is now doing.?”
Li Hui Feng asked very random,But his heart is already settled to make the other person to eat some bitterness.。
After all, the other party three five times is difficult,There is also a lot of money in the mountains in the village, I spent a lot of money.,He has always remembered this account.。
I want to compete with me?
You around you, I went to me, but I took it away.,If you can try it with my head?,However, when I was, I was gave you, don’t blame, I didn’t remind you.。”
Say this,Liu Sihai smiled and watched a lot of Zhang。
“boss Zhang,I remember that you have a few workers injured.?
Do you really expect them??
They don’t care from you,I just said that I don’t want to do it.,Don’t start,They still don’t listen,If you are not Zhang, you will expect them to clear the relationship in advance.,I feel that you may really be lying in the hospital that day.。”
Liu Sihai’s words let Li Hui Feng instantly anger。
How can he still leave for those people?,It turned out to be a lot of expenditures。
Zhang Duo also did not expect Liu Sihai to say these in the face of Li Hui Feng.,This makes him a time, I don’t know what to say.。

Because he knows,These boxers in the national martial arts circle alone,Can’t stop these community members,at this point,Can only come forward,Call the senior officials from Hong Kong Island to suppress the incident。

Although Zhou Xingchi has never been willing to use favor and face to do things,But this time in order to protect this passionate young man with kung fu,He had to do it。
What’s more, the other party actually saved his life indirectly,Zhou Xingchi wants to be here,Even more reluctant to stand by。
Just when Zhou Xingchi was going to take out his mobile phone for help,The young man who was watched by the audience took the initiative to stand up。
“Tea is ok,Teach boxing。I only practiced for a few days,Can’t teach others。”Lu Menglin smiled and said loudly。
Hear his voice ringing,Master Ye Tian and all the boxers were shocked,Their faces changed a lot。
Why is this kid so naive?He even agreed to drink tea with these social figures?Isn’t this showing that the sheep is in the mouth?
No matter how smart you are,It’s not worth their bullets!What a fool!
Zhou Xingchi heard this,His complexion also sank,Resolutely turned around:“young people,I also want to ask you for advice,Why don’t you go to my house first!”
What he said,It’s not hesitating to publicly offend the four major communities on Hong Kong Island and the Vietnamese Gang,To rescue this brave young man。
Master Xing’s warm heart,Obviously moved the heart of cherishing talents,Anyone with a discerning eye can hear his maintenance。
How smart is Lu Menglin,I heard Zhou Xingchi say that,Suddenly smiled。
“Great!I happen to have something to ask Master Xing for advice。I actually have a movie idea about to start.”
Everyone heard this young man chatting with Zhou Xingchi about a movie at this festival,Can’t help but be funny,When is this?!Sure enough!
“it is good!Go to my house!”Zhou Xingchi interrupted this young man in time,Resolutely。
Talk about it,Zhou Xingchi even stepped forward,Took the initiative to hold Lu Menglin’s wrist,Obviously, I want to protect each other with the fame I have built up by Zhu Heyuan。
At this moment,The eldest brother Hu from the Vietnamese gang is not happy anymore,A rough person like him never watches movies anyway,In his eyes,Zhou Xingchi is just a movie star,Dare to manage the affairs of the rivers and lakes,I’m so bold。
“Hey!Who let him go?fourteenKDon’t give you any face?The person my brother Li wants,You dare to move?”Hu’s surname shouted thickly。

Qiao Tianyu is not cold-blooded,Although he and Xiaopang face are not counted“Old friends”,But happy cooperation today,His impression of chubby face is still very good。

It’s just that investing in this thing is really a chore,Great psychological pressure,Very devastating to the body。
Even Qiao Tianyu from the previous life,Severe heart disease after being devastated by the investment market,So Qiao Tianyu really doesn’t want to bring her chubby face into the pit。
If there are other ways of making a living,Qiao Tianyu still hopes she can switch careers。
“Qiao Tianyu!What do you mean?!”
Little fat face sees that Qiao Tianyu doesn’t give face at all,The hot temper is ignited。
“You look down on me Cui Keying,is not it?”
“Choi.Cui Keying?!”
Qiao Tianyu heard the name,The body trembled like an electric shock。
she was.She is Cui Keying?
First0006chapter Hedge Fund ATM
Qiao Tianyu quickly turned around,Re-examine the chubby comrade in front of you。
About one meter six,Very sensual and not outstanding face,“One-line sky”Small Eyes.
This is the legend“Yoshiko Kawashima”?
Qiao Tianyu feels that the Three Views have been hit hard and unprecedented in history!
Unexpectedly, Cui Keying, who is so dreamy,Unexpectedly.ordinary!
Cui Keying in the future,Known as“Hedge Fund ATM”,Is a big man who can stir up Wall Street!

Qiao Tianyu frowned,Think about it。

Why not use chubby face to make a game?
Just do that!
After making up your mind,Qiao Tianyu got up and bowed deeply to everyone。
“I know you guys are busy with my business,Trouble everyone。”
“Hey,Brother Joe,We are sorry for this。”
He Junliang was ashamed to help up Qiao Tianyu,Quickly explained。
“We are both Chinese,We definitely want to hand over the fund to you,But they went directly to the school board.Shall we fight again??”
“No no no,No need。”Qiao Tianyu is really embarrassed to trouble everyone。
“But the contract can be signed,But the agreement can be changed!”
“Oh?How to change?”Everyone stretched their ears。
Qiao Tianyu whispered to everyone,Then said。
“Guys,Could you help me Qiao Tianyu again?。”
“Please say,As long as we can do,Everyone must help!”
Everyone expressed their opinions,Expressed willingness to help。

“you are welcome,Are we friends,”Ax says:“But I am not talking about this,Tang·Mr. Estrich told me,The system that Bill provided us……Ok,Performance is very bad,And also very unstable,You know,The board values this product very much……”

“It’s all small problems,”Without waiting for Ax to finish,Mary interrupted him:“Can always be solved,And besides god,No one can guarantee that a newly launched product is perfect,As long as we are responsible for our users,Help them improve and upgrade these problems in the future.,Are you right?”
“amount……This one……”
“Well……correct,My friend brought me two boxes of cigars,I’ll send someone to you……Ex,These are just some small setbacks in the growth process of the child、Little mistake,I promise,Your children can enjoy the same treatment with me in the future。”
Axe was still a little dissatisfied with Mary’s attitude just now:This product is usIBMA product with high hopes in the field of personal computers,Such a serious problem,You just passed this lightly sentence?
But Mary’s next words,But let the anger in Ax’s heart disappear instantly,He was reserved,Finally nodded:“You’re right,These are just some small setbacks in the normal process of children,We can、Should also give them more tolerance。”
First506chapter The deceiving apple
If Garrett2000This overwhelming advertising just surprised the blue giant,Then I turned around and continued to sleep calmly,So for personal computers, it’s second only to the Blue GiantIBMFor Apple,This overwhelming advertisement is nothing more than a bolt from the blue sky that exploded in the head。
Not only angry,And frightened!
Frightened by Garrett2000This kind of unreasonable、It’s purely a way of using money to hit people,Horrified at how Apple doesn’t have such financial resources,as well as……The increasingly sluggish atmosphere inside Apple。
Yes,Apple now,Is the second in the field of personal computers,Speaking of it, it’s a giant,But in the eyes of American industrial giants and financial giants,Apple now is nothing,This is the same as the gap between the richest man in the village and the richest man in the city,With the U.S. automotive industry、Compared with the electronics industry,The personal computer Apple is now on is stingy at best.“village”,And neither is Apple“The richest man in the village”,just“The second richest in the village”,But now,“The city’s fourth richest”Come“village”Hit the spot,You said“The second richest in the village”Flustered?
Of course Apple is panicked。
This panic is even more reflected in the time when Apple employees wake up to go home and lie down every day.,Watching Garrett almost all the time2000ofthinkcenteradvertising,In the eyes of all Apple employees,This is Garrett2000In red@bare@Show off naked!
“What’s so cool,Isn’t it just rich?No money you are nothing。”
“That’s right,But we just have money,Money is a cowX,What are you doing?”

A sword capable of condensing artistic conception with its own techniques,This is the absolute sign of asking the gods。

Although I don’t know why,Zong Xueqin went in and asked the gods,But compared with Lu Lao’s,The other party seems to be much more empty。
No nonsense,Now that Mr. Lu has started, Xia Chenglong looks at everyone,Everyone nodded together and disappeared from where they were。
really,Now I come to the surface of the water and I don’t have the same feeling before,The distance of fifty or sixty meters also passed in the blink of an eye。
When everyone stands still,When you see the surroundings and the scenery behind you,I couldn’t help but frowned,Because this moment is completely different from what I saw on the shore。
“Has anyone been here before?”
“Back to the city lord,there has never been!”
When I was on the shore,The sun above your head shines on the beach,Appears quite a leisurely and comfortable atmosphere,But it’s not like that at all。
Tu Cancan’s whip is on the ground,But there is no beach at all,All big and small rocks,Different colors and shapes。
and also,At the moment they can’t see the situation on the shore at all。There is a heavy mist on the river,Isolate this island。
Outside can see inside,But it’s an illusion。
Can’t see outside,As if isolated from a kilometer away!
Leave those alone,It’s better to find Tu Cancan quickly。
Everyone walked towards the whip,Xia Chenglong picked it up and checked it carefully,Really her thing。

At least Qin Feng feels that his operation is much more practical than his opponent。

But since this is a master driver,So in the air,Qin Feng and this person bit each other for a long time without being able to tell the outcome。
After all, battles that are truly stealth fighters are rare in the entire world.
Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Complaints
The final result of the negotiation is that Qin Feng’s team can pull to the border of Siam.,But it’s unlikely that Qin Feng in the country will control。
Besides,From ChinaLQin Feng has the right to be stationed in this passageway into Burma。According to Qin Feng,He is going to build a training camp here,Can continuously provide troops to the front。
the most important is,After hanging the official name,If those private armed forces dare to attack,That’s rebellion。I won’t use Qin Feng’s team,Myanmar must use various means to suppress。In short, Qin Feng needs support!
Besides,In the dark,Qin Feng is responsible for starting the broken economic line。
Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety One Recuperate
Yes,Qin Feng’s resistance is very serious,He felt angry at the inaction of those upper-level personnel,So I never thought about showing them a good face。
I agreed to join the special forces,That’s because the special forces do not need to care about the upper-level national academy,Even if something happens,That’s also Palace Master’s pot。
But now the problem is still coming,The people at the top still want to have a conversation with him。It’s just maybe the content is too important,Or to say too much,So I can only talk in person。
And I have to report to the capital。After all, those few people are all living in the capital,I usually do business there,So there are important matters.
Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Two Big head
at last,After waiting for another two days,Qin Feng finally received a call from Duan Xiaolou。
“Hey,Lord Palace,What’s the order?”Qin Feng thought Duan Xiaolou was still in the meeting room,Calling him is only a request from the above。So Qin Feng tried his best to be polite to Duan Xiaolou,In this way, he can be regarded as his former boss.?

If it weren’t for Li Tianxing forcibly sandwiching himself between Xiang Chen and Ye Qing,Ye Qing, who was uncomfortable with Xiang Chen’s gaze,May be more uncomfortable。

“Brother Xiang,what happened to you?”
Ye Qingqing looked at Xiang Chen with some anxiety,Don’t know what he is thinking。
Xiang Chen looked at Ye Qingqing,Pondered for a while,Just said:“I thought,A star is a group of high income,The crowd who acted for others。But today,After watching your awards ceremony,I suddenly changed a little。”
Xiang Chen turned his head and looked at the stars who were retreating one after another,There was a slight sigh in his eyes。
“I used to treat people in your industry,Really don’t feel anything。Don’t understand why there are so many people,I tried my best to participate in the talent show,Want to be a star。But tonight,All the brilliance is only for the one who came to the stage to receive the award,I just understand,It turned out to be a group of very courageous people,Work hard to make your life more radiant!”
What Xiang Chen said suddenly made Li Tianxing and Ye Qingming a little bit confused,They don’t understand, but one year Xiang Chen asked Xiang Yang what he wanted to do when he grew up,Xiang Yang answered to be a star,I was mocked by Xiang Chen for a long time。
“Don’t be compassionate,Now think about how we leave is the actual!”
Li Tianxing looked at the busy traffic in front of him,This picture seems a bit different from my previous plan,I don’t know if there are other options,Li Tianxing was a little worried when he spoke。
“Unless you can fly away,Otherwise just wait!”
Ding Sheng looked at everything in front of him,Also said helplessly。
“When your grandpa was 30 years old, he already had his own sky,what do you have?”
It seems that I have not heard the conversation between Li Tianxing and Ding Sheng,Xiang Chen turned his head to Li Tianxing and asked Li Tianxing a question that the donkey’s lips are not right.。
Enduring Xiangchen’s urge to roll his eyes,Li Tianxing suppressed the anger in his heart,It’s just already very controlled,While speaking,Still can’t summon to be happy。
“I don’t have my own sky,Because it is a public resource,I’m just a rich man,philanthropist,Playboy only!”
Li Tianxing said angrily,But the identities described are still in line with the facts。
I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with Li Tianxing,Xiang Chen is still waiting directly,Familiar recipe, familiar taste,Li Tianxing became much quieter instantly。
“It seems that your car will have to wait a while before coming,If you come to me and sit down?After the award ceremony today,I have a private party,Some fun things to show。”
The smile on Zhixingchuan’s face is profound,When looking at Xiang Chen,There are already many people in black surrounding Xiang Chen and the others。
“It seems I want to say no!”