But now,She is just a wounded in a wheelchair。When I think of myself not only can’t participate in the basketball game,I even lost the Glory Gun,She lowered her head sadly,I covered my eyes with the palms of my hands。The tears at this moment are for unwillingness and self-blame,She feels sorry for her strength in the army“God of War”Title,Disappointed the expectations of my teammates……

Everyone in the Flower and Grass team walked to Cao Anna,Surround her in the center,after all“Flower team”The only one“flower”Still need to protect。
“go!We go home!”Feng Xichuan said。
“No way,Boss Guo still has a treat!”Zhang Song shouted。
“Correct,Boss Guo should treat!”Shunzi also booed。
“amount……Ok,I invite everyone to eat‘Mom Hot Pot’……”Guo Yinzhe of Grande always wanted to make Cao Anna happy,Agreed to everyone’s request。
“okay!Eat hot pot!!!”The Huacao team shouted。
Anna Cao burst into laughter instantly,She touched her belly and groaned,In the morning, she didn’t care to eat to get to the Communication University’s competition venue,Just thinking of directing Guo Xiao、Zhang Song stole the wheelchair……
“what?I have to return the wheelchair?……Forget it,do not care!Or hot pot is more important!”Cao Anna quickly decided in her mind。
then,The members of the Flower and Grass team packed their bags and clothes,Several people leave the student activity hall together,Cao Anna was pushed first by everyone,And Lu Yi was the last in the team。
suddenly,There is a pink bow coat,Girls with ruffled denim skirts at the door,Say in a clear voice:
“I remember who you are!”
Lu Yi glanced suspiciously at Chen Nian who was stuck on the side,Then he ignored the girl who only met this morning,Went straight to my own“Crime tool”,That one is called“Ringer”Except the car bell doesn’t ring、Dilapidated bicycles that ring everywhere……
Prelude-newborn Chapter Sixty Two Back to normal
A ray of morning sun through the lavender in front of the windowsill,Gives a demure and comfortable feeling。
Anna Cao302I opened my eyes slightly on the bed in the ward,Saw a breakfast has been placed on the bedside table,I remembered the hot pot dinner and singing in the team yesterdayK,Lu Yi did not attend。
“What kind of person is he?Isn’t it my teammate??still is……”
Anna Cao recalled yesterday,Their third game against the Oscar team,Lu Yi actually hugged her in the game……
He holds Anna in one hand,It’s a little cool to hit the enemy with the pistol in one hand.……Although he was killed by a firebomb in the end……But it gives a sense of security。

Thus,Xia Jian and Tong Jie were exposed under the street light。Li Dongmei was surprised at first,Then smiled:“It turned out to be Mayor Xia!Sorry to disturb you。Even if i don’t see anything,You can go back to the house,But be light,Which bed is so loud,Don’t let the neighbors hear”

Li Dongmei’s words made Tong Jie lower her head embarrassedly,Xia Jian said in a low voice:“you misunderstood,I’m here to find you”
“Mayor Xia!This doesn’t seem to be your style, right!You said it was in the middle of the night,What are you doing here as a lone woman?Don’t you be afraid of gossiping in the village??”Li Dongmei said,There was a bad smile on his face。
Xia Jian stepped up the steps a few steps,Standing beside Li Dongmei and whispering:“Are you still less gossip?It doesn’t matter if you do it again“Xia Jian said,Stepped into the upper room。Li Dongmei wants to stop Xia Jian,But it’s a bit late。
Xifang Xiajian of He Shuicheng’s family has been there many times,But this is the first time he came in。But the layout of the upper room is not simple。All solid wood furniture,And it feels a bit far away,This is not something ordinary people can have。
The big kang is very clean,The bedding is all new。Where Li Dongmei slept,The quilt is rolled into a tube。She also put her underwear next to it。
“Mayor Xia!I didn’t expect you to have this hobby,Like to see women’s privacy,Would you like me to put it on for you?“Li Dongmei smiled,The temptation that a man can’t resist。
Xia Jian sat on the big wooden chair in the house,Lower your voice and say:“Close the door,I have something to tell you“Xia Jian’s voice is a bit cold,But it was all pretended by him。Facing such a woman,And it’s midnight,Which man do you think will not move?
“Mayor Xia!That’s not good!Mayor Tong is still in Westinghouse,You are too blatant!Or another day you come,No matter how good we are…“Li Dongmei said this,Don’t go down,But looking at Xia Jian with his eyes。Her eyes are really stunning。
Xia Jian looked straight,Seriously:“I came to you in the middle of the night,There must be something important to talk to you。You fool around,I can go,It’s too late for you to regret“
Li Dongmei was taken aback,But she immediately smiled:“Mayor Xia!You can really joke,I just want to sleep,Stop making these useless excuses“Although Li Dongmei said so,But she still closed the door gently。
This woman is definitely Fengyue veteran,She turned around and took off the coat she was wearing。Under pajamas,Her lordosis,Exquisite and attractive body,It instantly appeared before Xia Jian’s eyes。
“Almost dead,You are so rude,Put your clothes on。He Xiaobing recruited you all“When Xia Jian said this,,Lowered the voice。In fact, his heart is almost jumping out。He never expected,Li Dongmei is in her thirties,But she still has such a proud figure。
When Li Dongmei heard Xia Jian say this,,Face suddenly changed,But this woman is not easy,She immediately laughed and said:“Mayor Xia!To play now but chance,Stop looking for so many words,As the saying goes, the spring night is worth a thousand dollars,Let’s hurry up!“
Li Dongmei said,Touching smile,He reached out to pull Xiajian。If a man meets such a woman,,At this time, I will definitely not be able to hold my position,But Xia Jian is Xia Jian。
“Li Dongmei!I think you are still good,There are not many women I can see Xia Jian。So I risked being punished by the organization in the middle of the night to inform you,But you turned out to be like this。If you really want to die,I’m afraid not even the gods can save you“Xia Jian’s words are like steel nails,Every bit is nailed in Li Dongmei’s heart。
This woman’s face changed again,She slowly backed away,Slowly sat on the edge of the kang。

“That is still talking to what they say?Go together!”

正 气 的 士,A pair is not afraid of a lot of things.。
崆峒 五 老 闻 闻 红 红,Have a shelf,Others are also installed, unable to leave the sword handle。
“嘿嘿 嘿,Usually say what to do with Xie Xun does not share the sky,Now Xiexun is in front of,But I am afraid of Chu Tai.?Then go home and cry.,Life is reluctant,What to report??Also congratulations,Next time,It is replacing Shaolin,Bulls in this river,The world is unresolved……”
at this time,A burst of yin and yang strange sound,and……Everything is all,Listen carefully and feel far,Obviously it is also a high-yield!
“Where is the small thief?!”Chu Deirers did not finish,Have a big drink。
Suddenly“Emotive”Can,Positioning it backward,Chu Deirers waved、Star soft silk colors hidden in the sleeves,Precision,Drag out of the back。
Star branches of this soft silk,Not only the internal strength effect is excellent,And the more perfusion inner strength,The more crystal clear,At this time,Regular people also see it。
Just as if the Chu Deirers waved,Take one person in the crowd。
I saw this person torn at this neck.,What is it,And this person comes out,The voice of the yin and yang is also broken.,Obviously don’t find a wrong person!
No need to see,I can recognize their identity.,Pour the old acquaintance——White plate,Previously in Lushan,Lounted to Wang Yizhen half,So being laughing at the evil master。
Whiteboard is barely folded behind the head,Caulu people dragged it,Do not give it a chance to react,The right hand quietly lifted soft silk、The left foot kicks it down to kneel down,The left hand is in a white plate mask.,Suddenly see……
White plate mask,It is actually a slightly abstract human facial features.,some“Shout”style of,At the same time, the white board is coming.,Just send some in the throat“Bamboo”Movement。
With the action of the Chu Deirers left hand,As if the human shaped flue gas is born,Then, the whiteboard is still moving.,Chu Deirers kicked the past,His people are also stiff,Almost keep down the posture,Kick back to the crowd,Everyone looks at、Not only swallowed,And it seems to die, it is generally stiff.!
“Evil door,Lose weight!”Chu Deirers are properly qualified。
Be right,Again“Fossil”,Chu Deer seems“drag”What,In fact, it is forcibly given him.“Fossil”,Make it rapidly stiff,As for any humanoid flue gas with facial shape……
In essence, there is no difference between the street trick,Just need internal force……
But others can see,But it’s a cold。
Using regularly、Evil,Collecting a large number of nine-flow“Treasure”,In the hand of Chu Deirers,It became the light of the forward。
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 867 Fair battle
“die、died!Already stissible、All over……”
“how is this possible?Clearly!”
“The legend is not the first time.,The soul will leave?Could it be too old?……”
“It is definitely like this!You also saw it.?The three souls of the gray bats have been smoke,I……I also heard his scream.!”
“Bamboo!Don’t talk to people!Sprinkle home!”
“You won’t be afraid.?”
Everyone discovered,Gray bat that is taken out by Chu Deirers,Have been cool、stiff,As if you die,I can’t help but have some associations at a time.。
certainly,This is the Chu Deirers.,In fact, it is not difficult,Stiffness“Fossil”Caused、Coolness“Cold”Caused,As for the soul……
Like“Treasure”Obedation method,Sound effect is the sound simulation——Moreover, the Chu Deirers specially control the sound of sound.、Seems like。

It’s his wife Nancy,Suddenly asked:“Mr. Fernandez,Why do you think that the Soviet Union also deliberately promoted this?”

Nancy’s question,Suddenly attracted Reagan classmates and Howard·Seashell gaze:Yes,Why is the Soviet Union willing to cooperate with us to promote nuclear disarmament?
Or simply say,The Soviets are not unaware of Mr. President’s current difficult situation,Then why does he help us、Help us in disguise?
“This is a good question,”Chen Geng nods slightly,Tao:“I don’t know how much our American intelligence power in the Soviet Union is,It is also uncertain whether the White House knows about Mr. Gorbachev’s current situation.……”
“Mr. Gorbachev’s current situation?”Howard·Baker asked surprised:“What’s wrong with his current situation?”
“I will give you an example:I saw a big fire in China’s Daxinganling area in a shopping mall in Moscow.,For this matter,I am very concerned,I also very much hope to provide China with some help within its capacity.……”
I heard Chen Geng talked about the fire in Daxinganling,Whether it’s Reagan or Mrs. Nancy、Howard·Baker,All subconsciously improve concentration,They all understand,Chen Geng was also giving an explanation on why he pushed China and the Soviet Union closer together, which the White House and the entire United States were concerned about.。
“I passed the Soviet UnionKGBA liaison person arranged by my side……This is the guy who came to America with me this time……goKGBChannel,Ask the Soviet government,Can I pay for it personally、How to rent Soviet firefighting planes and helicopters,Help Huaxia put out the forest fire、At the same time, rescue the trapped people in the fire area?”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng gave a slight meal,Took a breath,Tao:“But you never think of what happened。
Before,I have met with many senior government officials of the CPSU and the Soviet government,I am in moscow,Go againKGBChannel,But three days later,My letter has not been delivered to the Kremlin。”
There is such a thing?!
Classmate Reagan、Mrs. Nancy and Howard·Baker glanced at each other,The eyes of all three are incredible:What a joke,If Fernandez·Chen was in far away Siberia.,But this is in Moscow、This isKGBwhat,Such an outrageous thing could happen?
“Isn’t it ridiculous??I can’t believe it too,”Chen Geng said:“Three days later,I still contacted Mr. Gorbachev’s Deputy Director of the Office and Assistant International Affairs Valentin directly.·Mr. Stalyevich,This allowed Mr. Gorbachev to make the decision to support China。”
That’s it!
Although there are many words about Fernandez·Chen did not say,But whether it’s Nancy、Reagan classmate or Howard·Baker,Are all human beings,Through Chen Geng’s words,They immediately realized a very difficult problem for Gorbachev:Mr. Gorbachev, the Supreme Leader of the Soviet Union who has just been in office for less than two years,He was not firmly seated in the position of the General Secretary of the CPSU!

The meeting just ended,Lu Menglin can’t hold it anymore,Follow Kim So-yeon,The left hand is still holding Su Xuehen’s little hand tightly。

“Pooh!Scum!”Every human male walking out of the meeting room,I can’t help but sip in my heart。
And those women,Look envious,Reluctantly left the scum man’s vision。
As long as anyone is like Lu Menglin,Can continue to surprise the world,Even if he is a scum,It’s also the best in a woman’s mind,none of them。
In a blink of an eye,In the huge conference room,Only Lu Menglin and Su Xuehen left,There are three others, Kim So Yeon.。
if we assume,What situation is more subtle than meeting old lovers,So probably two or more lovers met at the same time。
“That one,long time no see!Let’s go eat crayfish later?”Lu Menglin wanted to make the atmosphere less awkward,Casually。
Kim So Yeon smiled:“Does Steel City already have a crayfish restaurant??I do not know how!”
“You go!I still have a bunch of scientific research tasks to complete!”After Su Xuehen finished speaking,His eyes stayed on Lu Menglin for a long time,But not moving。
now,Lu Menglin’s heart is really tangled,As the saying goes,In the world of love,The king does not see the king!
Now my two girlfriends are present,I can’t favor one another!But three people together,I have no opinion,It’s not a relationship to sleep together,But the girls are thin-skinned,Mostly unwilling。
“Don’t go!I miss you so much!Miss both!”Lu Menglin had to bite the bullet and said。
“Oh!I remembered,I have something to do too!There is a big order to follow up!Boss Lu,Accompany Xuehen today!”Kim So Yeon said with a smile。
“I don’t need him!He is busier than us!The guy who didn’t show up for a year or a half,Best not to appear!”Su Xuehen said with a smile but a smile。
The two women nodded quite tacitly,Surprisingly unanimous,No one wants to stay alone with Lu Menglin。
Maybe it’s been too long since Lu Menglin returned to the City of Steel,They both have opinions,But I can’t blame Lu Menglin clearly,Because they know,If there were no activities of Lu Menglin in Shenmin Continent,,How can the City of Steel get such a precious development opportunity?,This is for the entire earth world,Really important。
So no one will blame Lu Menglin,Shouldn’t blame him!
but,This does not mean that the two girls have no complaints in their hearts,After all, you are someone’s boyfriend!And also established a relationship with two girls at the same time,This in itself is wronged,But you still don’t show up all year round,This kind of boyfriend,Scum to the end,If it wasn’t for Lu Menglin,Never mind!
“It is my fault!I will try my best to come back later!Mainly because of being trapped in a different plane,No space coordinates,I can’t come back if I want to.!”Lu Menglin had to explain carefully。

“Brother,Let’s go over there and take a look。”

Populus nodded:“Row,Let’s go!”
“Mind if we follow together?”Song Ying asked。
Fatty Zhao speaks:“beauty,We go here,I have seen over there,Not cost-effective。”
in fact,At this moment,Ge Tian can also see,Song Ying doesn’t mean Zhao Fatty,So the more threatening,Still that little white face。then,He stood by Fatty Zhao for the first time to help persuade:“Yes!Go here!”
Song Ying ignored them,Staring at Populus euphratica。
Populus is speechless,This beauty,Seems to use him as a shield!Have to pull him into the water,If it’s not for Xu Mengyun’s face,He is too lazy。
Xu Mengyun:“Mr. Hu,May I?”
Populus nodded:“With beauty,What do we mind?right?Brother Zhao。”
Xin Zhao smiled:“Let’s go together!This area,Plan to pick one more,Time is running out,No nonsense。”
Finished,Take Populus and Huazi to the left。Two women behind,Leave Fatty Zhao and Ge Tian looking at each other,Hurry to keep up,Not to be left behind。
The audience in the live room watched,Direct call:Lick the dog,Lick the dog,Nothing!
Pick up girls,Should be like Brother Hu。
Wander all the way,Finally they stopped in front of an oval rough stone。This wool,Although the window was opened,But very small,It seems to be used to drill dense holes,It’s kind of like being eaten by ants。
From which holes to look in,Can see the green jade,Is apple green。
“You may not be able to distinguish the green of these emeralds,Feels complicated。But actually,Although there are many shades,We can distinguish from dark to light。

But Qin Feng knew,Medicine dust is also very good at guns。

Kang kang——
Although the pharmacist also prepared some guns,But compared with Qin Feng’s side, there is a gap。After all, they brought almost a car of equipment here,There are even explosives。
At this time because the other party is also hidden,Maybe even hide in the pharmacy,So Qin Feng just threw a bomb。
After an explosion,The gunfire has been much less。Or,There are no more bullets shot from the medicine house。
“how about it,Are you still alive?”Qin Feng asked。
“what,My dad was shot!”Qiao Shan is talking。Qin Feng is also a little worried when he hears this,After all, Qiao Wei is a big baby.,The heavenly powerhouse finally turned one back,Although it’s bundled,but
If something unexpected happens,Qin Feng must drop blood here。
“Not get in the way,Just stop bleeding,It’s too late to leave now。”Qiao Wei reminded me。
“You go first!”Qin Feng said。
“but.”The kids are definitely not willing,After all, Qin Feng is likely to stay behind,And it is obvious that Qin Feng has already red eyes at this time,Once stay,I don’t know what the consequences will be。
“listen to me,Let’s go!”Qin Feng’s meaning is obvious,I want to be alone here。
of course,This place of the ancient race is different from where he used to fight,Because there are so many celestial powerhouses here。And Qin Feng has been so long,Maybe never killed a heavenly master,So this is actually a challenge for him。

This word,Obviously not to make Zhuang Fan too embarrassed。Xiaoli, a single mom,Younger than Populus,Know the way?It’s definitely not qualified to be a guide。

The guild boss glanced at Zhuang Fan appreciatively,This assist is great。
“Xiaoli,Go and clean up,Take more clothes。Recently,Live on mobile for now,What’s worse?Let Xiao Chen prepare for you。”Boss Yang reminded。
then,Hu Yang came out of the guild,There is a cautious girl around。
Hua Zi is very enthusiastic,Very gentlemanly helped carry a luggage。
The other anchors of the guild enviously watched Brother Hu and the others leave,I feel Xiaoli is really lucky。
“All right,Prepare for today’s guild match!This opportunity,There may be in the future,After all, Brother Hu is from our guild,Everyone works hard!”Boss Yang comforts others。
Chapter One Hundred and One Gray wolf on the bald head
In the car,Xiaoli is not used to it yet,Can’t let go。Rear,Except her luggage,And some milk powder,All bought by Brother Hu。
have to say,Brother Hu is very good at taking care of others,Also very attentive person。
“Xiaoli,You can start broadcasting,Not get in the way。”Populus reminds。
“Hu Ge,What about us?”Huazi is always so positive,Belong to the kind of people who keep running errands after giving the task。This kind of person as assistant,Is undoubtedly the most suitable。
Hu Yang glanced at:“Drive,No time,And it feels like nothing,Boring。”
He live broadcast,Mainly Jianbao,Not very good at talking to others braggingly,Not to sing in front of so many people,So if it starts,,Feels quite boring。
Xiaoli“Ok”The sound of,Started to take out the phone,Ready to broadcast。Although not in the guild,But today’s guild match,She also wants to participate。
The helpful Huazi couldn’t help asking Populus:“Hu Ge,Or tell the people in the group?”

After introducing this bunch to Chen Geng,If Lao Ding didn’t see the complexity of Chen Geng’s face,He slapped his forehead:“Oh,correct,Almost forgot about the big event,Didn’t you ask me to find a master to cook for you??This time is finally fulfilling the mission,An old master Zhang at the guest house of the Ministry of Agriculture promised to bring his apprentices over to cook you for two years。

I tell you,Don’t you think they are the masters of the guest house,This old Master Zhang is not easy,They are also eligible for state banquets,The chiefs also managed to convince the leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture,Let this old Master Zhang come over,of course,Master Zhang and his apprentices are paid by yourself……”
Listening to Lao Ding’s chatter,Chen Geng sighed……
First534chapter A friend who must keep
? Listening to Lao Ding’s chatter,Chen Geng sighed:“Ding,I understand what you mean,to make,For the sake of our friendship,You speak。”
Otherwise what else?
Ding Haijun is overjoyed。
He was waiting for Chen Geng to give himself a chance to explain。
Don’t know don’t know,Knowing that there are still people criticizing Chen Geng in China、After checking with friends in China,Ding Haijun’s scalp exploded:If only some city-level newspapers are criticizing Chen Geng,Maybe Chen Geng just smiled,The media criticizing Chen Geng actually has two national newspapers!
Although these two major newspapers criticizing Chen Geng are not serious official media,But still that sentence,China Media Industry in this era,Which one is not state owned?
under these circumstances,Chen Geng has nothing to say about the domestic grievances。
“Mr. Chen,”This time,He didn’t use names like Xiao Chen or Brother,But used“Mr. Chen”This is a particularly solemn title,Besides, his tone is very solemn:“I know this time things make you very angry,But please believe,Individual media、The attitude of individual authors by no means represents the attitude of the country,For you,The country has always firmly believed that you are a member of the Chinese people,Is a good friend of the Chinese people。
After this incident,Chiefs attach great importance to,Quickly organized an investigation team,For related units、Relevant responsible person to investigate,And made corresponding punishments。Just yesterday,The chief also called me in person,I have to explain to you again and again……”

“You really want to have trouble with us?”Grandma’s eyes narrowed,Looking closely at Xiang Chen。

“You can’t get through with me,I said it before,Hand over the antidote,Then i leave!”
Xiang Chen looked at grandma,This was originally a very simple thing,But when Xiang Chen saw the smile on grandma’s face,Xiang Chen suddenly felt like he had made some kind of mistake,But I can’t say clearly for a while。
“You’re good,But not smart enough!You can kill those people outside quietly,How could I expect the pistol to deal with you?What i want is this!”
Grandmother has a pink needle in her hand,Pierced into his son…
Chapter Three Seventy Five Mystery potion
Everything makes people see no signs,Xiang Chen is still chatting leisurely with grandma,Grandma’s son didn’t know it was because of being thrown on the ground by Xiang Chen.,It’s a good thing to be interrupted by Xiang Chen,Sitting beside her grandmother and crying。
Grandma grandma suddenly shot,Fast,Let Xiang Chen ignore her age。
Maybe because of sudden fright,Plus grandma’s strong push,Grandma’s son cried louder。
Xiang Chen couldn’t help grinning,Everyone says tiger poison can’t eat seeds,But this old lady is so cruel to her,To be the boss,Xiang Chen feels nothing strange。
“What is this?”
Xiang Chen held his mouth,Frown,Speak:“I said it all,I just want an antidote,Then take people away,You killed your own son,I’m so embarrassed!”
“Humph!Dogs bark,You kid just wait to die here!”
The grandmother first snorted to Xiang Chen,And then smiled coldly,As if it had succeeded in the scheme。