The celestial saints even relied on secret arts and treasures to overwhelm the new god king。

But the spirit master is a great achievement in the soul,Although there is no record comparable to the god king,But in the circle of canonization is more frightening than the sage of stars。
These two great beings,Each left one that is worthy of being against the sky‘Fundamental secret’。
“The secret technique of divine power burning left by the star saint【Starfall】,Like a falling star,The swiftness of divine power burning,A normal perfect gene, a nine-thousand-mile-high divine body can’t sustain even half a breath。But the power burns fast,It also means that the power of the divine power burst in a short time is stronger。The secret technique obtained from the previous peripheral inheritance【Broken star】,Obtained during core inheritance【Star Annihilation】,Just count【Starfall】Simplified versions of。Complete first layer of star meteor,Enough to increase the burst of divine power by one and a half levels!”
“The secret technique left by the spirit master,It’s a very ethereal secret technique of will【Spirit Tribulation】,must have‘Void Will’To get started,It’s just getting started。Want to practice,Will must reach the level of god king。”
“Don’t know after breakthrough,Does my will reach this level。But once this secret technique is practiced,I can threaten most of the strongest in the universe—Because I want to resist this trick,I can only rely on the illusory power of the mind and will,Body strength,Ordinary treasures can’t resist。”
“As for the nine core secrets,Although it is very precious,But there is more than one difference from the two fundamental secrets。There are simplified versions of similar two basic secrets,【Star Destruction】with【Spiritual eye】Occult,Li Ming relied on these two secret techniques to block the two gods。
And the remaining seven secrets,Although not as good as the two fundamental secrets,But each has its own mystery。
such as【Diamond Secret Art】,Can transform itself bit by bit,Gradually strengthen the body of metal life,Comparable to the treasure,Much better than Li Ming’s research on his own river spirit。
Another example【Lightning Secret Art】,It’s a means to escape by flying,Strong escape effect。
“As for the remaining common secret techniques—It’s not impossible for me to practice,It doesn’t make much sense even after practicing。”
“Among the many knowledge about practice,The most precious is the gene catalog,this is【Star Temple】The experience and experience of the divine power route to break through the perfect genetic level collected for countless years。Flesh and blood、Plant life、Energy life、Rock life、Metal life and everything else。
There are even similar【Secret Code of Nine Tribulations】Kind of,The secret technique that can improve the genetic level by practicing alone。But it’s a pity,These secret techniques can only be practiced under the perfect gene,No practical significance for breaking through the perfect gene–But it can be used for reference。”
In addition to many purely intellectual‘Secrets and inheritance’outer,There seem to be many treasures in the line of the Star Spirit Palace,As an in‘Ancient civilization’Are extremely powerful,Any new core disciple appears,Will give a batch‘Eternal Treasure’of!
“and many more,Where is my treasure?”
Chapter Thirty Seven Xeon Supreme
The treasure is gone?!”Li Ming’s eyes widened,Staring at the purple phantom formed by Longshan Jun’s memory。
“Gone,Even the entire spaceship was destroyed,Do you think our treasures can be kept?Ruined,What was not destroyed is also lost。after all,I’m just a memory。”

Liu Ying snorted coldly,No more words,But to leave。Wang Youcai went to the bathroom,When he came back he saw,Feng Yan really went to Liu Ying’s room。

Busy in the city these days,He’s really tired。He usually sleeps with the TV to accompany him to sleep,This time he didn’t do it,But turned off all the lights in the room,He wants to force himself to sleep。But tired,Not forced at all,In a while,Wang Youcai fell asleep。
Fire in Wang Youcai’s room,There are electric blankets on the bed。So even though it is the twelfth lunar month,,But he doesn’t feel cold in his room。
In a daze,Wang Youcai in his sleep feels cold,Then there was a bunch of soft,And something very cold clung to him。
Wang Youcai woke up in shock,He immediately understood that someone got into his bed,It should be this Liu Ying again。Don’t look at this woman being serious during the day,But at night,Especially in bed,She is not a peaceful person。
Woman’s body is cold,Desperately stick to Wang Youcai。Wang Youcai suddenly felt something was wrong,Because of this person,There is a good smell of perfume。Wang Youcai knows,Liu Ying in the Diamond Kitchen every day,I should never use this stuff,It’s hard that this person is Feng Yan?
When Wang Youcai thought of Feng Yan,The little heart beats wildly。But he pretends a lot,Deliberately scolded:“What a fucking skank,Zhengxiang where I sleep,Why do you alarm me??”
“Good you are rich,You live in such a warm room,Let me sleep in the same room as the ice cellar,Do you bear your heart?”In Feng Yan’s anger,Finally uttered。
Wang Youcai deliberately:“what!”Went on to say:“It is you!Not to let you go,But you said you want to live there,Why am I so embarrassed not to let you live in??”
“roll!”Feng Yan cursed lightly,His hands and feet greeted Wang Youcai’s body。
At this time, Wang Youcai can’t wait,He doesn’t care about anything,Think of nothing。Sleeping beside such a stunner,What old Chinese doctor’s advice,He has forgotten everything。There is only one sentence left in his mind“Death under the peony,Be a ghost”
Feng Yan was a little angry and deliberately prevented Wang Youcai from succeeding,But soon she gave up resistance。The big wooden bed squeaked overwhelmedly。
But Wang Youcai thanked Dr. Lu from the bottom of his heart,He can revive,Still his medicine works。This night,Neither of them slept much,Tossing till dawn,They just fell asleep in exhaustion。
Meet a raging fire with dry wood,Or long drought and heavy rain to describe these two people,Shouldn’t be too much。
Sleep almost noon,Wang Youcai in his sleep suddenly heard the sound of a car horn。He suddenly stood up,This ghost place where he lives,Who can drive to him at this time?what!Wang Youcai suddenly remembered。Feng Yan didn’t tell him yesterday,Has Hu Huiru arrived in Pingdu??
Over,She should have come to investigate the guard suddenly。Wang Youcai fiercely woke up Feng Yan who was sleeping beside him and said:“Get up soon!Hu Huiru is here”
Feng Yan heard that Hu Huiru was here,It’s also Yunluo got up。She moved quickly and put on her underwear,When the coat is worn, I hold it and run out of the door。
“Go back to President Hu’s room”Wang Youcai said,Jumped out of bed。Men’s clothes are relatively simple。Wang Youcai put it on after two strokes。
When he ran into the yard,Liu Ying was about to open the door with an angry look。Wang Youcai made a face at her,The woman ran over and opened the big iron door。

“Two,This is not a place to compete,And my time is precious,If yes,Let’s go ahead。”

When Qin Feng said this,Looking at the captain of the innate realm completely,The other side was taken aback,Suddenly understand,Qin Feng is saving him,By the way, he resolved the embarrassment just now。
Qin Feng glanced gratefully,And said in a voice as calm as possible:“Several,Get in the car if nothing else。”
At this moment, Wu Lang’s expression became a little more serious,Yang Yinyin is covering her mouth,Looks a little irritated。
The black glasses who had just received a punch by Qin Feng looked gloomy,But Wu Lang shook his head at him,He doesn’t say anything anymore,In this tense atmosphere,A few people in the car。Up to the back of the car,Yang Yinyin never forgets to tell Qin Feng
“Qin Feng,Don’t take what you just said to your heart,The guard in the area is very hot-tempered,In the absence of superior orders,Whoever has the big fist is the boss。”
Qin Feng doesn’t care,Whoever has the big fist is the boss,He just saves time。
Just drove the car inside,Someone came to check the vehicle。
After the captain’s explanation,There is no real body search。
It’s just that the four people including Wu Lang are blindfolded,Sat on the captain’s jeep together。
Yang Yinyin sits alone in the co-pilot,Qin Feng and Wu Lang huddled in the back seat。
“really interesting,Do this to us,Jiang Gu is not much better than here?”Black glasses were blindfolded and extremely dissatisfied,The tone of speech is very provocative。
“You can get out if you are not convinced,No one begs you!”
The captain who drove was also grumpy,Seeing that I have torn my face,Talking doesn’t give face at all。
“spit!Kind of fight with me for a while!”
If Qin Feng had just intervened,,The black glasses made the captain cry for father and mother,Where can I get him to speak?,At this moment, he became dissatisfied with Qin Feng again。
“Boy, dare you stop my fist,Pretty crazy,I think I’m invincible by being invited as a representative of Red Valley, right??”

Back home,Lu Youshan didn’t accompany his wife and children,But with Zhang Xiaoli again,And Huang Yuanshun chatting in the living room together。

A few big men swallowed the clouds,Make the living room smoky。
Mother Lu has gone back to the room,Poor Lu Menglin can only sleep in the living room,The sofa is occupied by these big men again,So I can only squat aside,While receiving the baptism of smoke,While listening to their small talk。
From their small talk,Lu Menglin gradually understood something。
The two who had dinner today,Da Cai Xiao Cai,From Hong Kong Zhaohui Company,They have a commercial land under development in the suburbs of Guangzhou,The project that Lu Youshan and them talked about was to build an exhibition hall for willow textile products on this commercial land.。Put it more vulgarly,Which is the brand flagship store of later generations。
About this project,They are currently discussing two topics,One is China Merchants Rental,One is cooperative development。
If you choose to rent a venue,Then Liufang will approve a rent first,Call directly to Hong Kong Zhaohui Company’s account,Equivalent to booking in advance,There will be a larger discount on the price,The lease contract is for at least five years。
And if it’s a cooperative development,Is also a huge sum of money to enter the market,But Hong Kong Chaohui will mark a block on this commercial land,Split and sold to Liufang Group,You can use it as an exhibition hall,You can rent it out,They don’t care。
to be honest,One is long-term lease,One is to buy it directly,All need Liufang to invest a lot of money here。
But in the long run,If Liufang Group can have such a piece of land in Guangzhou,Such an exhibition hall,Will greatly help the business of the Guangdong operation center。That’s why Lu Youshan and the others are so devoted。
This Hong Kong Zhaohui company was previously a customer introduced by Zhao Yuanchao,Zhao Yuan Dynasty is down now,They must be in a hurry,I’m afraid there will be any new changes in Liufang,That’s why I invited Lu Youshan to dinner,Hope He Liufang’s business can continue to be completed。
Lu Menglin listened silently,I didn’t hear any flaws,Because in the suburbs of Guangzhou in 1998,No matter which piece of land you buy, you make a profit。So he even hopes Liufang can take down the land of the exhibition hall,It’s not just a five-year lease for ten years.。
only,Just let Lu Menglin think about it carefully,Can’t remember that Liufang Group once bought such a place in Guangzhou,And it was through the hands of Dad Lu Youshan。
Dad has a habit,I like to remember bitterness and sweetness,The best at hero,Every time I drink,Will talk over and over again about the great achievements in the factory that year。
So those projects that dad did,What careers have been accomplished,Lu Menglin is basically familiar。
If the transaction for this exhibition hall is completed in the hands of my father,There is no reason why he wouldn’t show it off。
Unless there is a ghost in it,Have unspeakable suffering,That’s why the father of the previous life didn’t mention a word。
Lu Menglin reverse push,I already have a plan in my mind。
“dad,You go to see the venue tomorrow,I’ll go and see if it works?”Lu Menglin suddenly looked up,Smiled。
Lu Youshan drank two cups of tea,Most of the wine wakes up,I heard my son ask,Nodded casually,Tao:“Okay!Reading thousands of books is not as good as traveling thousands of miles。You can go to the market。”

Wen Xu was instructed by Xiao Fan and took some food to the male staff。

Rice on site,Wen Xu went to get some and came here。Lin Yoona and Bai Qi’s dormitory table were eating together。
And the chicken fillet they bought。I also ate a lot. Lin Yoona thinks that the chicken fillet and duck neck taste pretty good,Xiao Fan feels pretty good too。
He rarely eats these things,I usually eat very healthy,And nutrition once in a while,This kind of fried meat is pretty good。
After eating,Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan reluctantly
Xiao Fan said:“I have to go with Wen Xu。”
Lin Yuna said:“Oh,Then you guys go,Are you in a hurry??Don’t go back late。”
Chapter VIII I am here
Xiao Fan said:“If nothing happens tomorrow,I will come again。”
Lin Yuna said:“Forget it,Don’t come,I’m going back in these two or three days,We will start working tomorrow and we will go to school。”
“You don’t come,After the work, we also finished the measurement and hurried back to the company,Do not worry,nothing。”
Xiao Fan is still worried,This is the first time he works at home and Lin Yoona is away。
Xiao Fan is usually on business,Lin Yuner is at home, although sometimes Xiao Fan is away on business,When Lin Yoona stays at home, he will feel very upset。
But never like today,He always feels uneasy,But the company does not let it go。
So Xiao Fan had to leave here,Fortunately, Lin Yuna and Bai Qi are working in this area,In this case,Xiao Fanyin can be a little less worried。
“Video with me every night,If i send you a message,You try to get back to me in time?”

He and Lulu had a history of dealings that hovered on the edge of super friendship,Later, they took the initiative to correct,Chen Wenjin thinks that his personality、The values are quite different,Why Lulu doesn’t know why。

I will always be friends。
‘Did the girl make a wish before parting??’Chen Wenjin thought,Saw Abao coming along the corridor,He directly tore many pieces of the paper ball,Throw half in the trash can。
this matter,Of course he still has the option of not being invited。
“What just lost?Did someone pass the confession note?”Leopard looked at the trash can curiously,But he is not curious enough to go to the trash can。
“Watch too much TV?Everyone is not mentally retarded,Knowing I have a girlfriend, I still confessed?”Chen Wenjin walked to the bathroom,Look,Abao shook his head and said he would not go,Wait for him outside。
Chen Wenjin rushed the other half of the torn and disrupted note into the sewer,In fact, he also knew that Leopard was not bored enough to go through the trash can,Others will not stare,just,By habit。
“It’s funny to see so many idiots eagerly reviewing!”Abao has almost no pressure on the exam,Because he can’t even reach the high school with the lowest score,and,He didn’t want to go to high school at all,His parents also passively accepted the result。
Although Chen Wenjin is not stressed,,But can’t say such a thing,Don’t think so,Different personal circumstances,There is nothing to say。
Not to mention,Seriously review how to be ridiculed in the face of exams?
If you have to say there is a reason,That is probably,Abao is not in this state,So laugh。
In fact, Abao has never criticized or denied what he is doing,No matter what he is doing。
At this point,Chen Wenjin is very different from Abao,No matter what he is doing,Will clearly know the pros and cons of what you are doing,So neither would be proud of what I did,I don’t care about others’ criticism and denial。
Chen Wenjin didn’t answer,Abao knows that he is not interested in discussing this,Just talk about something else,For example, the plan after the exam。
“Plan to go to the playground,Then you bring peaches,Di called Shang Lin together?”Chen Wenjin considers the playground to be more crowded,It’s not a suitable place for two people,Playing is the process of experiencing excitement together,It’s fun to play between lovers,In essence, it enhances feelings through the suspension bridge effect,Friends together can also enhance friendship。
“how much?”Abao really cares about money。
“You haven’t been?”Chen Wenjin was quite surprised,Did you ask Abao in your memory?,He doesn’t remember anymore。

“He wants to tease me,Still tender,I’m afraid he hasn’t seen our method yet。”

“I guess he heard about the bank not granting him loans,His mind is blank,He has no power to fight back。”
“The chairman of their company couldn’t see him,Now they are eager for Wu Guodong to step down。
“Just right,Now have this opportunity,They will force Wu Guodong to resign。”
Liu Meng heard Xiao Fan’s words,What he listened to was a daze。
“Big brother,You are really amazing,Why didn’t i think of it,Your plan is simply perfect。”
“Big brother,Do you just want that Wu Shaohua to be the chairman of their company??Are you afraid that someone else wants to be the chairman??”
“Ha ha,Have you forgotten my nickname in the mall??My nickname is Xiao Yan Wang,I have already proposed that Wu Shaohua be the chairman of their company。Even if they have that heart,I don’t have that guts。”
Liu Meng thought of his boss’ nickname,He also laughed。
“Hahahahahaha……Why did I forget about this??”
Xiao Fan heard this nickname given to him at first,He is quite angry,He doesn’t even know how he has become the Hades in the eyes of others?
Isn’t he just a bit harder??It’s not like giving him such a bad nickname。
But later his nickname became louder and louder,And he found that his nickname saved him a lot of unnecessary trouble。
and so,In the future,He also likes this nickname more and more。
He still makes a few jokes about his nickname now。
Liu Meng knew Xiao Fan was joking with him,He also said with a smile:“Right,Your nickname is really good。”
“I tell you,Once,When i go out to do errands,There is a man who does errands always show me a face。

If it was the Soviet Union five years ago,Nikita·Bakranov thinks he will teach Fernandez·How does Chen behave,Let him know that he dare to come to the great Soviet to fight the autumn wind,That’s looking for death,But today is different,Soviet,It’s like a broken house with air leaks on all sides,Domestic and foreign difficulties,at this time,Fernandez·Chen is willing to help the Soviets for a fee,Although his request is indeed excessive,but……

At least let’s talk about the difficulties in front of me。
Gula who originally planned to say something·Malinkov,He swallowed back what he was going to say。
Yes,Nicholas·Malinkov is Chen Geng’s person。
It’s not particularly difficult to understand,From1986Years to now,Five years,Under the big dollar offensive,At the current height**Soviet Union,If Chen Geng spends five years to increase the amount of money he still can’t get Nicholas·Malinkov,He could really kill him,What are you doing in the Soviet Union??
“Comrade Bakranov,You’re right,Soviet……Too many internal problems,This money is important to the Soviets,”Nicholas·Malinkov took a deep breath,Nikita·Bakranov says:“I was a little worried about whether you would act out of personal dignity……but now,I feel relieved。”
“Ha ha……”
Nikita·Bakranov to Nikolai·Malinkov gave an ugly smile:“I only hope that after the Soviets get through this difficulty,Don’t think I am a despicable traitor。”
Chen Geng didn’t think that the Soviet Union would give himself an answer soon.,After all figure—204It not only represents the highest technical level of the Soviet Union in the field of narrow-body trunk jet civil aviation airliners,Simultaneously……
This aircraft has not been officially finalized yet!
With Maozi’s arrogant personality,How could they bow their heads so quickly?
Chen Geng originally thought,Even considering the factors in India,Mao Zi can discuss a result that is more beneficial to him within a month,It’s already pretty good,But things are so beyond Chen Geng’s expectations,Just the day before Chen Geng was about to get up and leave the Soviet Union,Nicholas·Malinkov is here。
Once in the door,Nicholas·Malinkov lowered his voice,Excited to Chen Geng:“Mr. Fernandez,Mr. Fernandez,Got results……”
Chen Geng was a little surprised:“Got results?”

Seeing that there are fewer and fewer people around Fat Dun,Fifty or sixty people from the beginning,There are less than ten people right now。

And at this moment,From the other end of the road there was a harsh whistle。
One by one,A total of three farm trucks ran across the road unscrupulously,There are at least a dozen people on each truck,Packed full。
These people jumped off the truck one after another,Some carry farm tools on their shoulders,Some have wooden sticks in their hands,Scolding,The scene is extremely chaotic。
Following these three big trucks,There are also seven or eight small three-wheelers that came after hearing the news,Stopped on the side of the road one after another,A large number of people have also emerged from the tricycle。
The workers at Liufang saw this situation,Frightened,I have to take away the familiar children。
It is estimated that all the young people in the nearby village have come,This is the tradition of fighting in the countryside,As long as someone instigates,People from the whole village are here,The scene is very scary。
text Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Five Pretend
? Seeing the people on the opposite side gather more and more,Almost surrounded the whole street,It’s black and full of human heads。
now,There are still seven people around Fat Dun,They all played with Liu Yi before,And Fat Dun are brothers born to death,Although it was already scared, my calf was shaking,But still persist,Guarding tightly beside Fatty。
And they all know,This is the battle between Liufang No. 1 Middle School and the village ruffians,If this battle is lost,From now on, Liufang people will not be able to look up,I don’t know how many students will be bullied by the villagers again。
Fat Dun looked at the dark crowd on the opposite side,Can’t help but look down at the sharpener in his hand,Can’t help but grin,He was probably thinking,If I just carried a pig knife。
More and more villagers,There are even some village children who are studying in Liufang High School have joined the team,They encircled the Fatty and them in the road aggressively。
The old village who runs the game hall cries triumphantly:“What happened?It’s not a human being just now?Now all of you Liufang people are scared?”

“Miss Wang,I do notkdkd8.Will grab it with you,Don’t choke yourself。”

Watching Wang Qiaoqiao eating,Han Genji couldn’t help but feel funny,It’s not that he deliberately made fun of Wang Qiaoqiao,It’s just that if Xiang Chen eats like this, Han Genji can understand,But as a girl, Wang Qiaoqiao,The food looks so lively,Han Genji still has never seen it。
“Sorry,I usually have to catch up with part-time jobs after get off work,So the eating speed is naturally a little faster。”
Wang Qiaoqiao saw Han Genji had put down her chopsticks,Seems to be confirming his own words,Don’t grab the food from the dinner table。
Smiled shyly,Wang Qiaoqiao also deliberately slowed down her chewing speed,At least eat like a qualified girl。
“Miss Wang lives very hard,But like you said,There are two part-time jobs after get off work,Is it too hard??”
Han Geunji raised the juice in front of him,Because Wang Qiaoqiao doesn’t drink,He has no points。
I heard Han Geunji’s question,Wang Qiaoqiao continued to smile politely,No choice to answer。
Brows slightly raised,I don’t know what touched Wang Qiaoqiao,She doesn’t want to answer,Han Genki continues with other topics。
“How did Miss Wang meet my boss??”
Since I don’t want to talk about myself,Then it is always feasible to talk about others,After all, standing and talking don’t hurt your back!Can’t invite people to dinner,Really just eat?Always create a little topic。
“Boss?Xiang Chen is your boss?”
Wang Qiaoqiao stopped her chopsticks for the first time,Look up and stare at Han Genji。After the latter nodded affirmatively,In a pair of big eyes,Even more suspicious。
Briefly describe to Han Genji,How did Xiang Chen hit the infusion room for a mother and daughter before?,Han Genji also deeply understands this,After all, no man will be angry for the same sex。And from Wang Qiaoqiao’s words,Han Genji has sketched out the appearance of the little girl called Gao Ya。
When Han Genji admired Xiangchen’s fate for women,Wang Qiaoqiao, who is sitting opposite him for dinner, is also quietly observing Han Genji’s behavior。
Well-dressed,Unexpectedly, I was riding a motorcycle to the hospital to invite myself to dinner,But still a gentleman,And didn’t start the car and bring yourself,It’s a home away from home by taxi。
Recalling the look of the locomotive parked in front of the hospital,This guy named Han Genji should be quite rich。
The corners of the mouth rise slightly,Suddenly Wang Qiaoqiao has the cunningness of a little fox。
“Since you invited me to this meal to thank me,If you can’t finish it for a while,,Can you pack it?”