The first three days of "May 1", Hangzhou has received 623.9 million visitors.

Original title: "May 1", Hangzhou has received 10,000 visitors in the first three days! On May 3, the heat of the scenic spots in the "Shuangxi" scenic spot, Liangzhu Ancient City Site Park, Qinghefang and other urban scenic spots continued, and the instantaneous area passenger traffic continued to rise.

On day 3 of the holiday is also the peak day of the "May 1" holiday, Hangzhou has experienced the test of the peak of tourist passengers. It is expected that passenger traffic will be dropped from May 4, the afternoon or ushered in the return small peak. From the perspective of overall tourists, as of 3 pm on May 3, the West Lake Scenic Area (including Xixi Wetland) received 10,000 visitors, and the Hubin Pedestrian Street received 10,000 visitors; the Historical block of Qinghefang received 10,000 visitors, Song Cheng Scenic Area received tourists Ten thousand people, the canal scenic spot receives tourists, the Qiandao Lake Scenic Area receives thousands of people, the Liangzhu Museum receives 10,000 visitors, and the Liangzhu Ancient City Site Park receives 10,000 visitors.

The various types of cultural theme projects in each area of ??each district (county, city), gather popularity and grounding, and the passenger flow of the peak of the main urban area places a certain shunt, reducing the passenger flow pressure of the key scenic spot.

In the past few days, Tonglu Yaolin Wonderland, Yan Zhiling Fishing Station, Qi Mountain and other scenic spots, tourists have a wave high over a wave, break the 2019 episode of the same period; Lin’an River Bridge Gu Town National Frozen Digital Theme Town Scenic Area "Fox Shi Xiao Niang" Immersion night tour opening, use "Anime + Technology + Night Tour" ancient town new experience model, so that the scenic spot has become a new favorite of the "net red" of the country swimming card. "The May Day holiday is full, most of the store will order one month in advance.

"Nearby the" Cloud Acacia "B & B in the Grand Canyon of Zhejiang West, this year’s" May 1st "room reservation speed, far ultra Qingming small holiday, the founder of the home, Zheng Li, is" not expected "to describe the" May 1 "heat.

Star hotel, boutique home and B & B is hot, booking "rising" sound, became the normal state of Hangzhou "May 1st" tourism market, the total booking is basically the same as 2019. According to the city’s cerebral forest system hotel, B & B bookings data, Tonglu, Lin’an, West Lake’s boutique homes are high, and Xiaoshan Hotel has exceeded the city average. (Editor: Jin Zhongyao, Kang Mengqi).

The CPPCC held a Spring and Autumn Lecture Hall reporting Shengmao Lin attended

On September 29th, the Municipal Association held a Spring and Autumn Lecture Hall report, the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and the Chairman of the 360 ??Group, Zhou Hongyi, was invited to "new challenges and strategies in network security and the strategy" special counseling report.

The President of the CPPCC Shengmao, the vice chairman of the CPPCC, Gao Yu, Shang Binyi, Zhao Zhonghua, Zhang Jinying and Secretary-General.

Li Shaohong, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, presided over. In the report, Zhou Hongyi’s security challenges from digitalization, the security challenges of the online war, and the problems of traditional network security, and the content of the system is rich, and the content is rich, and the analysis is thorough. Everyone said that network security and informationized matter is national security and national development, and it is related to the people’s vital interests. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party, General Secretary Xi Jinping has based in the domestic international "two big political", adheres to the development and safety, and make a series of important instructions on network security and informationization work, making a series of important instructions, in order to do a new era Network security and informationization have indicated the direction of advancement and provided fundamental follows.

We must learn from the important requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping, further enhance the "four awareness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", under the leadership of the municipal party committee, "the big people", give full play to the People’s Political Consultative Conference Specializing in consulting institutions, focusing on building an important issue such as construction network, promoting the independent innovation of network information technology, and constructs large data security systems, in-depth investigation and research, actively recommending the statement, widely consensus, and makes a greater contribution to the high quality development of Tianjin.

The report will take a video conference method.

Some of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the CPPCC, the Municipal Association organ Office, the Democratic Party Committee, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce Department, and nearly a thousand people of the District CPPCC and the cadres of the organs participated in the venue. Reporter Liu Ping.

Fang Yu hasn’t said anything else yet?

It’s impossible,She actually likes Shang Yu?
It’s unlikely……
Must be an illusion!
First141chapter I don’t allow!
Fang Yu just parked the car soon,I saw Doctor Bi who was not far away greeted。
“Why only us?”
I saw only Doctor Bi,Fang Yu hesitated。
This seems to be different from what I imagined!
“Is such that……I think we just eat whatever we want。No need to bring other people……mainly,I don’t know them well!”
Doctor Bi said helplessly。
Although she is a high-level figure in the hospital,But I don’t get along well with other people。
But with other old doctors,Get along well!
But people,But I don’t have time to have supper with them。
and so,She is the only one left to eat with Fang Yu。
“Nothing!I just think it’s weird……What to eat?”Fang Yu looked at the menu,Usually eat skewers、Or waist、Meatballs and some vegetables。

Lu Siyan shook his head,A painful,“Mother,Zi Fuge is harmed by us,How can I still have a man who wes to marry?。”

The voice of Lu Si, some out of control。
“Shut up,Lu Si,If you, if you dare to say it?,Don’t blame me for you.,What is called being harmed??
Do others have evidence to prove that we are harmful??
Do you want to die is a mother??
Mom is doing it to help you get Mu Ziqi。”
Qin Ning is angry looking at the daughter in front of the eye。
This daughter,Not like her at all,Weak and weak。
Lu Si, looked at her,The look shook his head painfully:“Mother,But those people you arrange,Why is the advantage?
Why do you want them to hurt the child?。”
Qin Ningyi heard this,Straight eyebrow,“How many times I have said to you?,It is an accident,Counters only want to protect you,Only this accident appeared,How can you not believe in my mother??
Don’t mention this after this thing.,Especially in front of your father。”
“Bamboo”Lu Wei kicked the door。
Sudden sound,I scared the mother and daughter of Qin Ning.。
“what”Lu Si, called the soul.,The whole person trembles,The last thing left in her heart.,She never encountered her,As long as a little sound occurs,She is like a frightened little deer。
Qin Ningzhen is also stunned to look at Lu Jian, who is coming in.,At this time。
“Tidy,轲,How do you suddenly come back??”
Qin Ning was first swallowed in front of Lu Juan.。
NS787chapter:Is it still?
Lu Wei’s eyes look at their mother and female,He didn’t say anything.,Go up,Raise hands,“Snapped”A slap is fighting on Qin Ning’s face.。
“what”Qin Ning is painful。
Invasive look at Lu Wei,He actually hit her。
“Lu Wei,Are you crazy?
You dare to hit me。”
She smashes the lungs toward Lu Wei.。
“Qin Ningzhen,I really didn’t think,You are actually such a person.,Not good to teach yourself,Instead teach them,You look,What is Grace now become like??”
Lu Juan’s words of the severely rushed to Qin Ning。
He was originally back and wanted to implement the situation.,I didn’t expect it to be Qin Ning.。
This kind of thing she did。
“hehe”Lu Wei smiled coldly,“Too,When you climb your bed with such a means,Really dead,This means should be used in the daughter’s body.,Are you still human?”
He is because he is obsessed with her beauty,Come and divorce with Mu Qing,But Mu Zihao is still young,There are many options,Do so,Even successful,Mu Zihao does not necessarily choose Grace。
Even under the pressure of two,Character of Muzi,Will not。
Qin Ning’s face,The face is hard to see,“Lu Wei,You don’t want too much.,In the face of my daughter, I said this.。”
He did have such a means of this year.。
But by his pro.,She also feels a humiliation,If it is not forced to have,She will not marry a man who doesn’t love.。
Lu Wei smiled coldly,Looking at her with disappointment,That sharp look,Have ruthless and cold。
Qin Ning hovered this Lu Wei,Big ate。
Lu Wei’s ruthless,She is known。

And on finding water veins,Li Ming can only constantly look for and explore in the pool,You can only find out unless you touch it。

By contrast,These ape lizards also look for water veins,Even if they are slow,But the long years touched the water veins,But it will also be recorded。
“Ok?Are there two water veins??It’s a pity that one of them disappeared。”
“This ape lizard knows a lot。”
“Alas?”When Li Ming inspected the besieged ape lizard,But found something。
“A strange passage in the deepest part of Black Fiend Pool,Eat a flower by mistake after entering the passage,Wisdom has changed。”
“And there is a sword,He only observed the saber for three hundred years,So that he made special progress in his own moves!”
Li Ming’s eyes light up,This ape lizard seems to have some chance in the Black Fiend Pool—Seems quite interesting。
“Go have a look!”Li Ming’s heart moved,Obliterated part of the memories of these ape lizards,Then the body sent out waves of heart power,Converge and leave。
First8chapter Knife?sword?
For Li Ming,It’s not difficult to fly at full speed around the interior of this black evil pool。
He is evading《In a moment》The achievements on the,In the external void environment, it can reach about fifty times the limit of heaven–have to say,In terms of pure escape, Li Ming is relatively weak among the peak Taoists。
But even so,After 30 breaths,He appeared outside the strange passage discovered by the black marsh ape lizard。
“The surface of this strange passage is actually black evil stone,Can only be observed with the naked eye。”
Li Ming’s heart moved,A figure appeared beside me。

Wang Yizhen grows up in Manda Villa,Mother because of the cause of the slag male,Some moods,Although it is better than Qin Red Cotton,But the education of Wang Yizhen,Also very simple and rude。

This makes Wang Yin in the character,Also built,Even if you have been dissatisfied with twelve points,Most more only the appearance appears.。
Chu Deiren saw Wang Yini still,I explained a sentence.:“Do not,Wang girl misunderstood,Just have a hatred,High martial arts,It is not much likely to help Mu Rong’s position.,Plus, I have some relationships with the elders of the way.,So I will allow me to come here.,This hammer,Naturally I also have a copy。”
Chu Deirers are lying, there is no sprinkle——I have seen the welfare version of the people《Northern God》,Can be completely concatenated“Some relationship”Bar?
“Hatred?I do not know how?”Wang Yizhen saw Chu Deirers, unlike lying,I didn’t doubt it.。
But for Wang Yin’s inquiry,Chu Deiren naturally only did it——At this time, I said it is just to add.。
Seeing Chu Deirens just“hehe”Smile,Wang Yizhen also said something hanged:“How can martial arts??How do you know that I can’t take it??”
“kindness。”Chu Deirens just nodded,After that, continue to watch“Misconduct”,Obviously I haven’t listened at all.。
This is the secret of Xiaoyao!
I will ask the world who is in front of the martial arts,Can you listen to Wang Yanyu speaking??
Original Chu Deee thought,“Misconduct”There should be no good things in the middle,But just at this time,Chu Deman suddenly found,Among them, there is still a set of practicing skills.——That is, the so-called“Hard work”。
Just this set of happy《Pope》,Not at all“hard”,And Jin Zhongcang、Iron cloth、Iron palm、Enthusiasm, such as iron,Not a number of ways……
This is the first time Chu Deirers.,“Mechanism”middle“body”Priestology,After forming a badge,Chu Deer’s first one,Naturally, it is possible to directly equip——Now look at,“gas”and“Technique”Both can’t be directly equipped,“Heart”and“Trend”Be able to,but“Heart”and“Trend”Before you have to understand the badge,So Chu Deirers estimate,Directly forming a badge“body”Ten eight or nine……
However, it has become!
“what?”Chu Deman discovered,Actually equipped directly。
Just after the equipment,The whole body is not from autonomous.,It seems to be a job practice,but……This move is broken.,Chu Deirers suddenly felt the umbilical three inch alert!
“you、What’s wrong with you?”Wang Yizhen saw Chu Deirers suddenly red eyes,Very aggressive look at yourself,Obviously it is just a look,Also made her could not help but feel some panic。
Chu Deirers gradually feel that all body is hot,At the same time, I perceived a different fragrance.……I saw the burning incense.、I looked at Wang Yuzhen again.,then……Look at your left hand。
Chapter 59 Bigger
Be considered!
Chu Deee thought it was at the beginning.,It is a cultivation《Pope》,What is the saucer?,Forcibly will take the Pengpeng badge,Still a soft body、Small face。
But immediately,Suddenly I apologically。
exactly,This aroma has heard it before,Just after my own work,The aroma is particularly rich!The source of aroma,It is the incense burner on this table.……
Li Qinglu calculates himself?No way,Secrets are clearly true……and……kindness,Northern God is so good……
Chu Dee people feel their own mind,It seems that it is already affected。
“you、What’s wrong with you?”Wang Yuzhen was shocked.。
Chu Deirers don’t say,First shot it——In case, Li Qinglu is to,At least there is a hostage,And can also be used……
wrong!No other use!
“what are you doing?You are crazy……My mother will not let go……”Wang Yizhen see Chu Deirers a parage look,Can’t help but panic。
“Who is put in this incense?!”Chu Deirens try to make sounds cold,As if:Please respect me for poisoning.。
“delicious?”Wang Yizhen looked at the fragrance,Sudden face,What seems to be recognized?。
“Wait、and many more……I know……You don’t want to be chaotic first.……”Wang Yizhen is anxious to cry,The effect of this secret,She also knows。
At the same time, Wang Yizhen more wants to cry.,One is because of this effect,Two……This is obviously still a hill, some people accountive.,What happened after that?,I am not blame.……Do not,That is also blame him!
Wang Yao is annoying,Moving an eyeball,Starledate,But just a sweeping eye,I am afraid of low,Because of a pointer,So she can only be colorful now.,Even can’t shout too loud。
Pulvering point method,Absolute professional!
Chu Deirers did not care about her color,The hands have been on the shoulders of Wang.,When exposed to,Acupoint road is sealed、I can’t move the king of too big voice.,Can’t help but close,At the same time,Seeing the Chu Deirers will force……

I heard this,Li Hui also looked at the location of the basement door.,Sure enough, there is a camera existence。

At the same time, he first feels I am afraid he got off with Sun Yaru.,Lin City should have discovered what time, Lincheng should have discovered.。
For those who carefully cautious,He doesn’t believe that the other party will simply install monitoring at the door.。
“Let it go,If he finds,I am afraid I have discovered it.。”
Say,Li Hui Raw is not using the key,It’s easy to open the door.。
“Open the door,Li Hui is surprised。”
I saw that the basement was decorated very luxuriously,And all kinds of sex props should have,It is simply a large-scale amusement city.。
Sun Yaruan looked at the fun props,Pretty face is also popular,With Li Hui,She suddenly has a kind of feeling that has been found.。
Especially I think that I have used things.,It’s even more difficult to。
“Which room is in other people??”
“Forehead,It should be in the largest room,After all, I am not there.,He has always been happy there。”
I heard Sun Yaru’s pointing,Li speaks straight to the door and go。
Just walk to the door,He heard the voice of Yan Yan in the house.。
The sound insulation is better than he thinks.。
He has no violence to open,But use spiritual power to make a key,Then open the door。
Instant door,The few women in Lincheng and the house are stunned.。
Sun Yaru has some fear of standing in Li with the wind.。
“Trough,Who let you bring him??”
Seeing Li Hui’s appearance,Lin Cheng is also a speechless。
Frontal,He doesn’t think he can just pass Li Hui’s。
“I let her take me over.,Today, I want to think with you.。”
Li Hui Feng frowned and looked at the naked naked in Lincheng.,Especially the other party is still in his face, there is no concern, it is life.。
Such a mentality, he has to admire each other.。
If it is placed in any other man, I am afraid that it is scared.。
“What do you find me??
If you have n’thing, take her.,I have no mood now to play with you.。”
“I am not playing with you today.,I am going to be with you.,Don’t find Sun Yuru in the future.,Also do I find you bullied him,Otherwise you will regret it.。”
I heard the words that Li Hui Feng is so big bright.,Lin Cheng is laughing.。
Li Hui Rong is today, if it is hidden,He may really take the other party as a dish.。
But just hide your emotions so you don’t understand,Don’t say that Li speaks from the wind.,It is a matter of this, he feels that it can be given by him.。

Yu Jiyan and Yu Lianzhou、Mo Sheng Valley,And more likely to visit all around,The whole body is paralyzed to him,The fight is also extraordinarily。

Wudang Sanfeng,To other six heroes,Very concerned about Zhang Wuji,Zhang Wuji, the original,Dress up as Yu Jianyan,Also said that the three teachers will come back by himself.,Dingxiao,Will not blame him。
It can be seen that Yu Jiyan and Zhang Cuishan’s brothers are not fake.,but……
At the time of the teacher,Yu Jiyan is still unable to release the sound of Yin Sui——It was found that she was the woman who gave himself to the people in the day.,Immediate emotional failure。
The final Zhang Cuishan is no longer see Yu 3 Brother,The husband and wife are in front of each major。
Not Yu Jiyan does not pay attention,It is really that this matter is too hard.,Unable to inhibit your heart。
Now he has been disabled for 20 years.,Original front,More convergence……
But when I heard the Chu Deirers, I would like to help him get 10 injuries.,Even before Song Duan Bridge has told him,Yu Jiyan is also emerging,What is the whole body bone to break again?、What is the situation in the situation,Allocate,There is no question.。
Chu Deirers were also surprised to find,Yu Jiyan’s internal force……It is still on Yu Lianzhou.!
Although he did not deliberately,But when breaking the bone,Internal power resistance,Chu Deiren naturally feels。
Unlike the cliff,Yu Jiyan is simple“Great King Kong”Waste,Although the meridians are not damaged,But after all, it is hard work.、No effect specifically impact meridians,After that, under the treatment of Zhangzhen people,Not long after it has been healed。
Indeed, Zhang Sanfeng said Yu Jiyan’s injury description,Too“Hand and foot tendon fracture,Unable to continue”,Didn’t say how the meridians。
Unlike a closer,Not only trauma,And also attacked by Ding Chunqiu,His internal force,No one can hear it,Nowadays, the meridians are also fully abolished.。
It seems that Yu Jiyan has been disabled in these years.,But I didn’t give up practicing for a moment.,But because this“Extremely quiet”,Make it practice《Wudang Jiu Yang》Time,More intimate……
Twenty years,Make it inner strength and even surpass the death of Zhang Cuishan、Yu Lianzhou, the best in the Qi Xia martial arts qualification!
Then it is the drug,Black jade breaks, open,Suddenly a fragrance overflows,Wipe after being applied to cool……
Normal, you have to use a bandage.,Waiting for 10 days after changing,After a month, change the third time。
However, the Chu Deirers were Yu Yuyan.,Lift their just broken arm,With his own palms,by“God sensation”Helping it!
Yu Jiyan can’t distinguish,It is my own nose to adapt.,still is“Black jade break”Fragrance,Really gradually scattered……
If he opened his eyes,It should be able to see,I have the effect of myself under the effect of Shenzhao.,Overflow golden light,An ointment originally crystal as black jade,At this time, quickly fade black gray。
Not half an hour,Yu Jiyan’s whole body has dried,And the turtle fell,Chu Deirers also got a second medicine at this time.……
Two hours before and after,Yu Jiyan absorbed two drugs,Chu Deirers gave him a third medicine,It will wrap the bandage for it.。
After that, you will gradually absorb,Want speed is not reached,This is used、After the contrast,Lessons learned to Chu Deirers。
Yu Jiyan looked at his hands and lifted his hands.,Can’t help but tear,I want to get up to the Chu deer.,However, I was pressed by the Chu Deirers.。
“Yu Sanxia and first carefully,Wudang is now……There are changes,When Yu Sanxia, Yu San Xia has to take care of。”Chu Deiren said。
Even if you want to run,Yu San Xia, who is barely,Yu San Xia, which is not allowed by the whole body,More convenient to transfer……
Look at it is dark,Chu Deee once again visited Song Duanqiao,Believe with him and Zhang Songxi,Also negotiated a good countermeasure。
As a result, Yu Jiyan came out here,Chu Deman discovered,Many Wudang disciples are in a hurry,and……Packing luggage?
After seeing Song Duanqiao,Chu deer talents understand,In the end, the two have been prepared for the worst preparation.——Zhang Songxi took the most of the men’s disciples first down on the mountain.,In the case of Yu Lianzhu, not in the mountain、Flush,Needless to come back……
If Wudang wants to Fengshan ten years,That Song Yuanqiao this palm,Just together with the teacher,With a few days,Alone,Other brothers can announce to quit Wudang、Various dispathes!
Wudang before Fengshan,It will also be no longer contact with each tributary during Fengshan.。
certainly,Song Yuanqiao as a head、Zhang Zhen people as founders,Certainly you can’t walk,Otherwise it is too ugly。
And really want to toss,The Wudang is bound to hurt the vitality.,Yu Lianzhou and others withdrew from Wudang,Essentially,And the Wudang fauna was sacrificed after the hollow,The whole Wudang is not to tell the analysis,At least the close links of each branch and the backbone will not exist。
It is estimated that it is not as good as the impact of Shaolin party on Shaolin branch.。
Wudang’s maintenance and tributary relationship is close,Shaolin that is more inherited in the millennium,Nothing because Zhang Sanfeng this old ancestors are still,If Zhang Zhenren Fengshan……
One of the rapid rising martial arts blessings in the past 100 years,Don’t say it immediately,It will also suffer、Gradually。
But even so,Whether it is the head Song Duanqiao、Still more,It is more like to save the health of the fight against Tartar.。

Weekly:“Before you didn’t come to our respiratory,I often except for general respiratory science education.,On average monthly, you need to re-prepare some new themes.,I am also a nervous thing to start.,The following is that I overcome tense7Thoughts and processes when preparing for speech,Xiao, you can refer to it.。”

“First,Don’t believe what to play,Preparing for anything。”
Zhou Anhui talked about that he was once defeated by the director.1The day is told to go to the lecture,Still a new topic,When a listener was bluntly in the next day, he told Zhou Tiangle this is her life to hear the worst speech.……
It is also that time,She knows every speech,For the audience below,Every line of your own words will be concerned,There is no reason, it’s just a passer.,Take a horse,What is the people on the desk?。
So very lecture,Basically on the stage1Minute1Hour。
Zhou Niwu listened,I still carefully record the notes.。
Zhou Liang continues:“Second point,Is good at using a slide backup,In fact, for novices,If you can use a slide,usePPTNote,You can implement what you want to say, write in the note column below the slide.,Then use the speaker mode when speaking。”
Zhou Yeny nodded,He can feel that although it is necessary to use a dual display,Such as notebook and projector,But this is even if you read,The effect of the audience is at least too bad。
But it’s so time from the afternoon.,Where is free to prepare a chronic obstructive pulmonary diseasepptWoolen cloth。
Even if you have prepared,I am afraid that it is easy to be busy.……
Zhou Ye watched the water at this time and looked at the deer.,Full of eyes is long。
“Renewal cup?”Xu Lu also came to the ground。
She takes away from Zhou Yewu’s drink.,Before going to the water dispenser……Continue a cup!
PPTIt is really a problem!
Reconsciously the situation in Zhou Ye,Zhou Langteel thinks about it:“If you really don’tPPT,But minimum also want to remember the outline,Never deduce,I suggest you prepare a paper,Write your logical structure and write on a piece of paper,Play to the inscription。”
“This is a good way。”Zhou Ye thinks if it is simply writing some key points.,Then it is more than being apptIt will be very much faster。
If you use good time at noon,This thing is still capable of completing!
Week antece is completely incarnated with a teacher,Continue to speak patiently:“No need to be too nervous,Our respiratory is not very valuable to these games.,You can talk about your own experiences,Put your true experience in the speech……This way you will be slightly natural,And I believe that your emotions are more full.,Can also close the distance between the audience,Increasing attraction。”
“Focus and good audience,If it is for speech,The best of your gaze can be regularly projected to four quadrant audience seats.,but,If you are very nervous,In case it sees that there is a listener, bowing mobile phones.、sleep、Whispering,It is inevitable,I suggest you wish to focus on a sight to a certain person. I have been actively listening to you.、More and good audience,This way you can also relax。”
“Speed slow down,It’s easy to keep up with too much thoughts.,Tense、Forgot words, etc.,Try slowly。”
“If you really feel the cold field,Can prepare a few questions in advance,Throw a question interact with the audience。Of course,Speech tone、Tourism is also very important。”
Weekly said a bunch of experience in his speech and mission.。
She is very careful,I hope to help him help.。
Zhou Niwu is also very serious and recorded,He also became more attaches more,Don’t want to participate in this chronic obstructive lung disease in order to perfine。
After all, every experience is an important taste of vitality.!
And Zhou Liangbo is so gentle and patiently pointed,Can’t bear to trample this opportunity.。
“Perhaps the fear of overcoming the speech is also a good opportunity.。”Zhou Ye is comforting himself。
NS51chapter Department of Respiratory
Zhou Ye is in the heart to watch the book in his hand.。

certainly,I can’t recognize it now.,I doubt my new interns.。

Disperse,Liao Wenjie is not discouraged,Beginner spell,Not half an hour,Can change ambiguous two can already be a talent.。
As for the body,Very normal,He is not a metamorphosis,No reason to hide alone in the bathroom to change the two。
Really rare two meat,There is ready-made。
“嘿嘿 嘿……”
More than half a year, don’t get close to women,So much,Suddenly a bit,He worked on a nightgown.,I slipped out the door.。
In the morning,The fascinating Cheng Wenjing found that the bed is more,Scared on the spot awakened,The opening is a bad throat。
“Don’t speak,it’s me。”
Liao Wenjie presses and breaks the throat in time,The other hand opened the headlights。
“Ager,What are you doing?,Be like doing thieves,and……what,What is your hair??”
Cheng Wenjing wants to complain about a disturbed man,Suddenly I found that Liao Wenjie’s hair is long.,Liu Hai is covered with eyebrows.。
“Man,Just like the wild grass,You don’t have nothing to ask,After a while, look at him.,Ten eight nine will find that he has changed。”Liao Wenjie explained a sentence,Reaching out into Cheng Wenjing’s pajamas。
“No way,But I have seen you yesterday.,Not like this at the time?”
“Shizhi three days,Not see,My hair is very reasonable and also very logical.。”
“That should not……Hoot————”
————Speed speed section,Please keep low speed————
Probably six o’clock,Liao Wenjie secretly slipped out the door,Leave Cheng Wen Jing, an urgent need to sleep supplement。
His spirit shakes the modern clothes,Originally, the bottle is a remember,Eat the breakfast sent by the housekeeper,Drive to the company。
Time,Because the road to the second refining,Temporary Buddha’s feet closed ten days,There are many things that are pressed on hand.。
and,One is more than half a year,Many trivial impression,Need to be familiar as soon as possible。
For example, it has just rolled up the house.,Is it called toilet or a booklet,I can’t think of it.。
18th floor,Sanjie Ling Dear Consulting Company,Liao Wenjie key,Confirm that the decoration project has entered an end,A phone calls to the old king,Ask the furniture entry。
Lao Wang said everythingok,He tracks the project all day,At present, there are five furniture companies on furniture companies.,Today, take the company。
original,Furniture and other small parts are in the high manager’s decoration company,Provided by them,Furniture is really general。Quality is not talking,Style is not worthy of overall decoration。
Dao Wang knows that Liao Wenjie is not bad,So in advance, there are several powerful furniture companies.,Prepared a few sets of spare options。
hang up the phone,Liao Wenjie feels that the old rivers and lakes are reliable,Go to the top of the 36th floor,Sitting in the office of Tang Judi for a while,Suddenly I found some no matter。
“I haven’t seen it for half a year.,Let’s take a few acquaintances out to eat.……”
Recent planned,Liao Wenjie decided to give yourself a fake,Focused with friends in the early opening of the opening,Brush a wave,Quiet tool people send tasks。
period,Specializing in the cultivation of hysterer。
Waiting for Sanjie Lingyi Consulting Company,The reputation is spread out.,Large-de-style event,It is when he mad brush system reward.。
In the classification of the system,Wu Dao does not separate,Musca can use money to upgrade,Taoism can only practice itself。
so,I know that the thirteenth Tooa is very promising.,He is too lazy to spend time to practice the one of the iron lians。
One hundred points,Eleven, add melting, two thousand points,If you are afraid of emergencies,There is no balance of financial resources in hand.,He has already smashed money.。
and,Have time,Take cultivation,Not more incense??