“Well,Not at all!”The group is smashed.,“The big group is protecting you,Just like last http://www.art0373.cn time,If you are not a group, you have already made a pig from Lin Zhong.。”

Zhouzhi exposed a smile。Lin Zhong may not only want him to make a pig’s head is so simple.,He wants to kill him.,And he can get out,The big people have actually played a lot in the inside.。
“You’re welcome。”A large number of people in the group,Don’t worry about him,Just!,“Take the kitten of the group。”
There are still a few pieces of clothes.。
Tenhan is a tropical rainforest,Sunshine,No winter,Even if you have a little or rain, you will only be a bit cold.。Like Nan Ge so just,Just bring summer clothes。Zhouzi is ready to use her for reference,It’s enough to bring a summer dress.,If you are not too suitable, you can also call it back to take it.。
Some pieces。
Also do sucking sunshine……
Waiting for him to pack it,The stalks also put a large transparent plastic bag around.,Full snacks and drinks。
And the group is unknown。
Zhou sighed a breath into the bedroom,Just see a small bag in bed,So he opened the quilt。The group ruined in the quilt,And try to shrink into a group。
Feel the fresh air and cool,She looked up,Weird and doubtful look at Zhou。
“How do you find a group of people??”
Zhouzhi hugs up,Book on your back,Take the kitten doll with a group,I greeted that Nan Ge and the nuts were out of the door.。
Put on luggage,Nan Ge Guan trunk。
“Who is going to open??”
After I finished, she thought about it.,Also supplemented immediately:“This is far away.,I suggest it to open a good one.。And http://www.qqhld.cn very tired,I belong to the kind of not afraid of tiredness.。”
Significantly obvious。
Zhouzhi exposed helpless colors,Just thinking about her meaning,Just see the 槐 站 站 站,Chest——
“Isn’t it me??”
She is now a daughter body,The chest and nan brother are almost big。
en……How big is it specifically??
Anyway, weighing。
And much more。
However, Nan Ge still refuses her.。On the one hand, there is no driver’s license.,In the urban area afraid,On the one hand, Nan Ge I also want to open it.,So I only said to her on the road.。槐 高 高 高 应 应。
From school to version,High speed more than 500 kilometers,Map shows for more than seven hours。
Can two people can’t get on the high speed。
That time is time consumption.。

Lin Feng hand holding a dark spear,This dark spear is broken,The spear of the spear is like a flank.,The spear is flashing in Nanming http://www.lude77.cn from the fire,The surrounding of the spear wounds the black whirlwind。

This black whirlwind is three flavor,It’s like a black dragon.。
Black spear and the sky come to the sword light hit together,Explosive force fluctuations in destroying the earth,Black spear crushing in void,The terrible sword is collapsed.。
Soon this explosive power flood also flows to Lin Feng and Yeah chaotic two,Lightning disappears。
Lin Feng’s figure still stands in the void。
Yeha chaotic face micro-white,Holding the chaotic god sword next to the blood,Then sigh:“I lost,Lin brother。”
A word is like a god thunder in the sky.,The people in the Bo Si’an once again issued a dramatic voice。
“Won,Win a game again。”
“Chaotian event!”
“We have once again swallowed the chaotic alliance again.。”
“Most of the seven-contraised http://www.kingwoody.cn four foreign countries returned,The unity of the seven-continent four steps。”
“Be powerful,It is worthy of the first master of Qizhou four foreign countries。”
“we lose。”
“we lose,how so?”
“how is this possible?”
The people of the Slitted China are excited.,The people of the Chaotian Alliance are like the people of the Brahn League.,Jeutan,Hitra,Toron, etc.,Some people even crying。
“Chaotian all person listens!”
Yeah chaotic eyes cold,Powerful breath,Handheld chaotic sword,Blood is contaminated in the chaotic sword, adding a lot of bloody killing。
Jeutan,Toron,Hitra et al. I went to the words.,Each single knee,Respectful。
“Abide by the Alliance,Who wants to violate the reform,Substant me,I let him fly to the smoke!”Yeah chaotic eyes cold,Tone,With a tone that is not suspicious。
NS1192chapter War of the official Shu Moon
Jeutan,Toron,Hitra et al. I heard a respectable way.。
“very good,Go down。”Yeah chaotic look,His big sleeve,A violent power will be Jehdo,Temary and other people wrapped,In the case of the voids in the distance。
“North Yinyang,Shangguan Yue,Who do you go first?。”Yeah suddenly looked to the two。
“Let me come first.。”Shangguan Yue Mei Yumi is sharp,The enchanting face with a smile:“But let him take a break。”
Yeah chaos 言 微 微,Lin Feng, looking at the distance,Lin Feng nodded:“it is good,I take a break,Sister,Point until。”
“Point until。”Shangguan Yue laughs and laughs。
Lin Feng heard a little bit,When you sit in the fan, you are sitting in the empty,He closed his eyes,Quiet recovery power,When a time, the time is turned away.,Lin Feng did so open his eyes and got up and got to Shangguan Yue.。
Shangguan Yue Moon looks complicated to look at Lin Feng,After a long time:“Brother,Many things are forced to,Be destined,I didn’t expect you to go to this step.。”
“Everyone has a fate of everyone。”Lin Feng sorrows:“I understand,At the beginning, I did complaining.,But I know this is a fate.,Inevitable collision。”
Facing Shangguan Yue,He very honestly。
The woman in front of me is grateful,resentment,Grateful is to help him when he is most needed.,Resentment is,When he is most critical,Give him a fatal blow。
“Thank you for understanding。”Shangguan Yuxian handheld God sword laughs:“Brother,Today, I finally gave everyone a manner.,You have to try your best。”

Anyway, there is money,It is also the industry,No artists can also survive,What’s more, their company’s artists are not bad.。

Lu Haozheng is on the sofa,Elegant legs,Looking at Mu Zizi, the first:“well done,Li Tingyuan knows Li ShuyiSHPlaying into an empty shell,The expression will be very exciting。”
Mu Zizheng took a breath,“You and the blue,How is so much hard??”
Lu Hao’s face is awkward ,Quietly:“It’s better to solve Lejia’s things.。
I often go to the river.。
”“Too,Potential dangers who also expect not to。”
Mu Ziqi is slow and slowly smashed a coffee。
“correct,I want to do a wedding at the end of the year.。”
Mu Zi louted the wedding thing after several Mr. Qi, like it. ,The brothers all left this road.。
Lu Haocheng listened to this,Secretly spit out a supper:“Is it only what you want??”
“Hey-hey”Mu Ziqi knows what he is entangled?
Lu Hao became more dark。
“You also plan to do weddings this year.,Do you want to be together?,Anyway, he is quarreling every day and has a wedding with the blue blue.?”
Lu Haocheng glared at him:“Who wants to do with you??
I don’t want to let the blue are disappointed,I want to give the blue blue a century wedding。”
“Yo!I know you think so.,But do you think Blue Blue like this pavilion??
What she pursues is your love,Not these forms of material life。”
“You see her,What other women do you like to buy?,Whether http://www.googlewatch.cn it is useless,Take my wife,What is it coming back? It’s a hill.,Blue is only selling yourself,Money gave the orphanage。”
“My wife is kind。”
Lu Hao Cheng is very proud。
“Yes Yes Yes,I know,Don’t show off。”
Mu Zizi has some effort,His wife is also very good and good。
“Too,If you do a wedding with you,Then how do we make a cave?,never mind,I have taken a lot of time recently to see Liangchen Ji Japan.,Aming heard that these days will blink,It is not aware。”
Lu Hao Cheng appeared a rare excitement,The body is also tight。
“Um,My mother goes to see Ank,Seeing Aming glance,Dr. Wang also said,Just in this month should be able to recover awareness.。”
Lu Hao became saved Su Sei Ming,I spent a few billion,Su Sei Ming used drugs to import the best,Expert teams have spent more than about three http://www.onebestone.cn billions,Research drugs have used a lot of funds,I finally saw it.。
Su Sei Ming family,But you can’t take out these money so much.。
And Lu Haocheng has not let Su family have a penny.。
NS1788chapter:Why do you let your son come to him?
These them look in their eyes,Lu Haozheng is not good.,But as long as you really want him,His return will definitely pay more than you.。
Su Sei Ming’s situation,In the general family,Can’t afford to live,No money is hard injury。
Lu Haocheng also contributed to the study of medicine,Hospital business is also very good。
Mu Zihao and Le Yu have eaten dinner in Lu Haocheng.。
There is a happy,Blue Xin is very good。
Lu Haozheng packed up the tableware back to the room,Seeing Blue Xin has already bathed it out.,Sitting in the dressing table。
The girl is the scenery at home.,Skin http://www.hbsmgg.cn water,Picturesque,Long eyelashes make her eyes more charm。
Lu Haocheng looked with her back to hug her.。

He Jing took a breath and said:“You also believe in fate?”

“This kind of thing,Letter has,Don’t believe it。I http://www.fssylf.cn can go,Believe nothing,It’s different now,Maybe it’s a lot of things,My mind changed slightly!Oh!Today’s weather is good,Let me take you to a place!“Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。
He Jing shook her head helplessly,She knew that Xia Jian was avoiding personal emotional issues。
Small road in the suburbs,A motorcycle is running fast。Xia Jian and He Jing are sitting in the car,Although the sun is shining,But the temperature in this season is not very high。He Jing sitting in the car,Put your head tightly on Xia Jian’s back,And her hands are around Xia Jian’s waist。
A bit uneven village road,Let the motorcycle slow down invisibly。He Jing who was sitting in the car asked loudly:“Where are you taking me??“
“Lingguang Temple!Have you heard of,When I went back to the village last time,My mother told me,Said this place Trane,People who are http://www.xiyueshan.cn sick and disasters come here to resolve“Xia Jian said loudly。
He Jing who was sitting behind the car let out a sigh of relief,She didn’t speak anymore,Because her illness has been a bit bad recently,Xia Jian did this,Obviously want to relieve her。But she knows,How many people can come here to resolve the serious illness?
quickly,A beautiful landscape appeared before my eyes。I saw a dangerous mountain above,Ridges,Lush overgrown with pines and cypresses,Several temples are looming in these pines。
Xia Jian parked the motorcycle underfoot,So he took He Jing to climb a path of artificial steps。These steps are smooth and bright by the pilgrims who come here,Let people feel the long history of Lingguang Temple。
As they went up the mountain,Someone walks down every now and then,It seems that the incense here is still very strong。Xia Jian and Dao He Jing are in poor health,So he walks very slowly,I turn back and pull He Jing from time to time。
In fact, for He Jing,Nothing,But she doesn’t want to go fast,I just wanted to spend more time with Xia Jian。Even http://www.nashistudio.cn if she walks slowly,But this road has an end after all。
To the top of the mountain,He Jing couldn’t help but admire:“ It’s so beautiful here!Why didn’t I know there would be such a good place in the suburbs?“
“The girl didn’t know it was right,Although Lingguang Temple has a long history,But was destroyed in the early years,It’s been repaired these two years,So many people don’t know”What does an old monk put his hands together,Said with a slight smile。
He Jing was slightly surprised by the sudden appearance of an old monk behind him,But she immediately calmed down,She smiled and said:“Can the master show us a tour of this temple”
“Amitabha,Donor please run me”The old monk smiled slightly,Then turned and walked forward。

but,It is in KaikinERear,Akari has also thrown his ownQSkill,Accurately thrown into Kane’s body。

SegmentEActivated,Akari’s body flew to Kainan’s side。
A passive flatALater,Another hairQSkills continue,Precision is extremely gentle in Kaikam’s body。
Kaikan is a bit awkward,Open directlyRCounter,Want to take this retention of Akari,Don’t let her continue to pursue。
but,I haven’t waited for the first stage of dizziness.,Akali has once again pressedQSkill。
Kaikam’s blood volume drops,Has a half-blood。
khanNo longer hesitate,Send this in AkariQWhen you are,Directly handed over his own flash。
When he handed over the flash ready to pull the distance,The article should be sacred in Akari, who hareshed.,Directly press your first big trick,Flying over him。
This flight process,Just also offset the control of a period of time。
The next picture is a bit awkward.,Falling Akari once againQSkills,Kaikam’s blood line began to become in jean。
I didn’t give him another chance to resist,Akari has opened his ownWSkill back energy,Also avoiding KaikinQAfter the skill。
Directly continued to pass the passive flatA,ThenQSkills,“Bamboo”A precise life of Kaikam’s body。
Then there is a big trick。
Kane’s blood line,After this big move,Clear。
The next thing is very simple.,Two people plus pig sisters,How can it be hit?IGThree people?
Even if Akari has basically saving skills。
finally,Pig girl is alsoIGThree people set fire,Ultimately kill。
IGAfter this wave,Take the situation again,On http://www.yifeitea.cn the field, it also entered the situation of the balance.。
SKTAfter this wave,Also caught in a period of attack stagnation。
IGAfter the beginning of several wave small scale battles,I have been cautious now.,Will not easily give opportunities,They are also hard to find。
In this situation,SKTI want to control the situation in my hands.,Then I can only choose to transfer my eyes to the way.。
In fact, during this time,The situation of the fight is not less。
But these situations are only a dangerous danger.,But actually,They all don’t have a few times.。
so,SKTWhen I walked in the wild,It is also very clear that the current underlying road is still full.。
In the face of this situation,SKTAlthough I feel a little difficult to catch,But he is still coming.。
Because he has no better choice。
Competing http://www.yuxian365.cn time8Minute45second,Pig sister from home,Slowly come to the position of the triangle grass。
And the situation of itself,That is to fight,Today you provoke me,I will provoke you tomorrow.。
so,Pork girl arrival information,Not able to beIGEveryone captures the first time。
So,SKTSeveral people’s movements,Get more attacked。
Lu Xianjia,Originally, it is very offense.,It is also easy to get the advantage of the line.。

“Do you want to take your weight and try again?”Moonlight striking looks at the legs of the spring。

“never mind,Anyway, it is not your opponent.”Quanyi said。
“Oh,Then you find that your problem is not”Moonlight。
“It is not a moving that you know.,Basic knife is the same,But I can further progress,Then you can switch your move at any time.,It’s not so easy when you want to win.”
How can Spring may not know your own problems?。
Moonlight surface nodded,This knot talent is indeed http://www.chousx.cn excellent,Can find problems so fast。
“but,I want to change it is still very difficult.,Just like what you said,You will start starting,There is also a problem with breathing cooperation is not so good.”
“and,You have a stable,Insufficient outbreak,If I master your breathing method, I can explode instantly.,There is a stronger force than you,There will be no big consumption”
The moonlight center is commenced.,Point out the shortcomings of the spring。
“cut,As long as I breathe enough,Chakra is more,I have an explosive every trick.,Take some much,I am directly crushing directly”
Spring is clear,I created this is used to crush the opponent.,And this is not the limit。
Waiting for a certain extent,Plus water attribute Chakra,Quanyi can use the knife to burst tolerance。
“Forehead。。。。”Moonlight is really not found.,but,If you have so many Chakra, you still have to learn a knife.。
It’s not better to use it.?
It seems that you can’t do this guy.,Even if the strength is better than him, you can’t agree.。
But the task is still to be completed。
“Ok,Since you have your thoughts,Then I will teach you to actually,Be optimistic,This is my knife”
The moonlight is pulled out again.,Started to drill a knife for the Spring。
However, this kind of knife is completely different from the springs.。
I only see the knife in the moonlight handle in the hand of the moonlight.,The body is also moving,Sometimes in normal waving,Sometimes suddenly flashed a few bamboo cut。
Evenquarium is only seen in the knife.,Breathing is also completely different from the springs。
It’s just a combination of beauty and quietness.,The body of the moonlight is also clear,Shock,Full rhythm。
“Three-day dance”
Moonlight center single hand print,Two shadows appeared around him。
Three moonlight wind turns in front of the front。
After a flash,Moonlight blade。
A bamboo also changed to several paragraphs,Fall into the ground。
“Forehead”The forehead of Quan Wei took out cold sweat,Horiible http://www.dg523.cn knife。
Commonly different from this ordinary knife,Spring, this largest warrior’s knife,Moonlight blown this is the style of Ninja。
Power instantly broke out,Inplifying,To form a powerful attack power。
The breathing in the front section is completely prepared for future outbreaks.,Make the outbreak more powerful。

There is a big biological force to break the cockroach,Climbed out from the inside。

“where is this place,How to lacquer。”
Small creatures grow fox ears,Tail,Witch and girl wearing a renovation,very cute。
Han Jiang snorted,First put this guy three days and three nights。
Successful hatching,The source of attracting the crazy beast disappears。
The surrounding collapse lost the goal,It’s no longer to be siege.。
Soon Ji Liz and De Lisa http://www.ushuai.cn arrived,Golden Judah and Light Blue Electric Shand。
“You are fine.。”Ji Chun sword chopped a collapse beast into two pieces。
Everyone shook his head,Tri:“The two of our team have injected anti-collapse drugs,It’s okay now.。”
Ji nod:“Remember to take care of them,Body is important。”
Next, De Lisa and Ji began to clean the collapse,Let the students present know what is the female Wu of the top。
Under the attack of the two,These underground collapse beasts and the dead are like weeds,Rapid harvested。
Finally, the collapse of the collapse of everyone,A dry two nets cleared by the two。
“What happened in the long-term women’s middle school,The satellite of the camp can only take a black lacquer。”Ji Zi asked Turi, who was trapped first here.。
Terry began to tell their previous situation。
They found a http://www.dgzbwl.cn collapsed behemoth and the deficiencies according to their own strength,But in the process of clearing,Changing there。
Taking the long-term women’s middle school,Location around a kilometer,Then, a lot of collapse can be spurred。
A large number of collapse beasts and the dead are climbed from the collapse,Tell them here。
The long-term women’s high school distance is not very far away.,I can see a little bit a little bit.,The huge cavity left behind the earth。
“Let’s go see?”In the face of students,De Lisa is still very happy。
Ji did I want to say:“Send your students first,After that, in conjunction with the camp.。”
“The rich collapse can be interfered with the strange satellite can’t shoot。”
“Have you,Taking the bud squad,The Fuhua Brigade is a car,All return to the camp。”Kiz is a student attending the scene。
Then in the communication channel:“All students return to the camp stand,Today training cancels。”
Chapter 43 remains
I liked Qi Yana strictly abide by the order.,No one dares to violate the order when fighting。
The sky is the same as the land.,There is now the situation in the ground collapse,Large-scale dead and collapse,Not suitable for students to continue to stay here。
On the way back to Baronia, there is no sign of the car.,Reissue the bunny guardian on both sides of the team,Baronia is old, it is really ahead。
“Balonia is tired,want to rest。”After the team left the sight of Ji,Bronia small hands continue to grind in the steering wheel,A pair don’t want to open。
Schulians:“I will go back soon.,After going back, I will give you a cake.。”
“Let me do it。”Han Jiang took the words。
Blonia was confused,But still notify the rear team parking,They need to replace the driver。
Look out,Can not completely limit the spirit of Bronia’s spirit。

When Hanjiang three people rushed to the center of the valley,The guard team brought out from the eight villages is only less than 30 people.。

“Hi Jier!”Han Jiang shouted a smile that has been crazy.。
“Well?”Xier’s head appeared to Hanjiang,Ask:“You are hurt?”
“Slough injury,Leave here again!”
Human body size is hard injury,So huge creatures,No one can still be intact。
“Even you can’t deal with monsters?”The red scorpion of Hij flashes out,She has a great interest in that monster。
Han Jiang took the wrist of Hij to ran away from the valley,After the valley is completely ignited,I don’t know how many years of deciduous corpus,Burnt by fire,Who knows how much toxic gas will be born?。
Everyone began to evacuate,When the sun is falling, I http://www.lixinhuwai.cn will stop.。
After the number of people,The soldiers from eight villages have already left twenty-seven people.,Award。
Eight secret cherry is embarrassed to look at the only person,Sadness can’t say。
“Miss Sakura is not sad,This is our destiny!”There is a hurt veteran。
Saying is a veteran,It is just the age of 450,But this era is already a self-contained veteran.。
“The life of our family is safe and peaceful in the village.,In the era of monster,Which place dares to say more secure than our Eight Village。”
“Some people take care of,Children are not worried that they are not happy,Even if we died on the battlefield,Altar will take care of our family alive。”
“Not to mention,This time it is needed soon for medicinal Otto,Just get that medicine,It will never so much casualties will not appear!”
Veteran’s http://www.suninhome.cn arm does not know what type of Wicked bite,The bandage can clearly see less a flesh。
Although the voice was trembling,But anyone can feel his firm belief。
Yaesu village is our common home,Everyone carefree living in the village。
Their casualties,For future losses in exchange for less,So they,No regrets!
“Do not Miss Sakura sad。”Other veterans endured physical pain smiles:“Come out fighting,Everyone will be such a day。”
“This girl is Miss Cherry and Miss Lin is not afraid of death card,Are we afraid?You do not insult us?”
“that is,that is。”
The remaining soldiers began to tease the most distinguished lady octet village,In order to alleviate the pressure yaezakura hearts。
more importantly,Such opportunities,The future may never see him again。
Hanjiang watching all marvel,Different worlds have different http://www.wrgfncp.cn development。
This octet village,Compared octet village as well much of the universe,More admirable。
Most of the soldiers injured,Several people also left a deep breath,We need to get back treatment。
After a brief rest,People set foot on the return journey。
I met a few wave of the mountains along the way.,But I am far away from the Kaolian and Eight Weaks.。
During the period, Hanjiang turned over,Grab the water and food on these waves。
I used a half-day Kung Fu when I came.,Go back, you have already dawn。
The villagers are still sleeping,Otto with a team of people standing in the village to meet the return。
When starting, more than 50 people,After returning, just this,Let the soldiers in the village feel the danger of this trip。
Otto first eye to the carine,Caring in the eyes does not have a little pseudo。
Carlian waved at the same time:“I am fine here.,You go see other people.,There are several hurts that have been greatly injured.。”
“Let me first look at your injury。”Otto chased。
“I said, I am fine.!”Carine is a bit angry,“Did you see that someone is dead??”
Otto stunned,Soon, tear over the smile and good smile,“Excuse me,I just worried that I was too sad.。”

At this time,Summer is also moving again。

He welcomed the swordsmanship of the sky,Not hiding,A arrow has rushed in。
“Is he crazy?”
Everyone is stunned,However, next moment,An extremely shocking scene appeared。
I saw the summer like a fish.,惊 惊 鸿,If you travel,Strolling in the sky。
Be right。
In the eyes of everyone,Like idle。
All the swordsman,All the attack,Slow each time every time。
And this line,That is the difference of the difference。
Summer seems to predict,Do not stop inserting。
Ten years,He Hawran stopped,狠 跺 跺。
This foot is over the ground,But like a thunder,It seems to have linked the vein pulse。
Ten people including Zhantai Xiaoyan,Ten swords,Just like a drunk water in a mud pit,Be embarrassed。
http://www.sdcarcare.cn All water beads trampled。
“Hey……”The ten bodies are like a broken kite.,I’m thrown out。
“This is impossible!”
The outside scene was shocked by the chin。
They don’t know what happened.,I don’t understand why I don’t understand.。
Not only them。
It is the ten people in Zhantai.,Quick adjustment center,Twist,Swallow,On the side of breathing。
A few of these mouths,Silk blood is overflowed。
They are awkward,Summer is actually in the summer,Grab the blur of the moment。
Eliography,Total diagnosis。
In other words,It is the force of them by the sword arrays.。
Everyone in the officer is full of stupid eyes.。
That used to play one again,I also played the sword array of the wind of them.……It was turned out in two consecutive feet.?
A group of mess in the mind,Can’t http://www.handystock.cn say something taste。
Shocked relative to others,Situ Mingyue is a horror from the heart。
She also involves a wide range of people,Although it is focused on alchemy and demonstration,But also understand the front。
So see clearly。
Summer twice,Seems to be free,Fact, I have http://www.tyblwd.cn already seen this two swordscent arrays.。

Bai Suzhen is half-dead,I don’t want my sister to continue to be cheated.,Draw away from it,One white topless shape is far away。

Liao Wenjie did not http://www.szroom8.cn block,No words,Two women left,It seems that Hangzhou City。
Is going back to pack the gold and silver fine,Still give him a chance of a sweet words?
Liao Wenjie sinks for three seconds,Decisive land on the mountain,On the knee, sitting on two hours,Received afternoon,I don’t hurry.,Fly in the middle of the family。
Three days,Wind and calm。
Traded news,White House in Shuanghua Square Renovation,It was built a year ago.,Then suddenly fired the home,Now double suddenly built,High door court closed,Some people pass by night,I heard the sound inside.。
There is also a small news,The famous wicked in the city Yuan Baiba is finished,叒叕 is hit,Calculate,This is his third time this year, is being flattered.。
Good start,I was already flattened three times in spring.,It is expected to exceed the record last http://www.wefinecn.cn year。
Incidentally,Last year,Yuan Bazhen,Urine,The passers-by no name is suspicious,IQ has fallen a lot。
Liao House。
Month star,Accompanied by insects in the garden,White yarn floating bath,Liao Wenjie soaking in water,Bai cloth meditation。
That’s also asleep。
More than a year,Two mind growth rates in the body are amazing,After entering the territory of land gods,His cultivation speed is not slow,Instead, the more trimmed,It’s just like a fire.。
Nothing,Talent is like this。
Slow history for this refining,Liao Wenjie is not anxious at all,Even hope to be slower,Time means more practice time,And this world is really suitable for cultivation,The longer the time is, the better。
This year,French sea tattoo sticker spell,His basic research is almost,Participation,It is the Guardian of the eight dragon。
Fahai Birth Flame,Practified this spell,Put in Liao Wenjie,Buddha is not,How much is the red light?。
Can be like this,This spell has become a chicken rib,Repeat with victory,Don’t practice。
Very practical spell,Do not say how power,Mechanism is handsome,Can’t practice waste。
Liao Wenjie waiting for when,This world has Shen Yixian,I don’t want to find a chance.,Even if,His face is so thick,There is no difficulty in creating a machine.。
For example, Li Di,This color of the dragon Luo Han is almost the same.。
A styling,Family taste fluttering in the air,Liao Wenjie opened his eyes,Barber cloth,Can’t see a long-haired shawl to move down his own。
His mouth evoke,On the third night,Sex is still quite fit。
Bai Suzhen:(?_?)
Pass through this place,I have gone to see if I haven’t seen it for three days.,What is Liao Wenjie?,Have you played a cup invitation?,Three people,As a result, I saw a comfortable figure that bubbles in the pool.。
Very angryjg
She touches the sword,Dangdang is cut in Liao Wenjie,I haven’t broken it several times.,Streaming the sword,Faded clothes long skirt,Dish,Entering the water in Liao Wenjie。
“How can the lady come?,I harm me for three days,Tea does not think,Belt belt is wide。”Liao Wenjie smiles,Holding a water snake waist in the arbor,In its hair, it is intoxicated to sniff。
“I’m not coming,Can you go to me??”Bai Suzhen is boring。
“Is a lady, you don’t let me……”
Bai Suzhen is directly interrupted,Indignation:“You know that I will come over,So there is no punishment,I want to see my jokes。”
“The lady misunderstood,I sincerely hope that you can walk out,So I don’t want to find you.。”
Liao Wenjie passed the chin of Bai Suzhen,Lower up,Bite the tempting red lip:“Now it seems,Niangzi is not broken,Decided to give up from the violent,Yes?”
Bai Suzhen face,Sincere, Liao Wenjie said,Three days of pain,Don’t want any and‘Affection’Word,What is going on?,The more you don’t want to think more,The more you put down, you can’t put it.,Above yourself, you can’t even care.。
“I can’t put it down.,I know that I will be cheated.,Still back……”
Nice woman,I am a pity that I have encountered it.!
Liao Wenjie’s heart,Secretly swear,I will encounter this good woman next time.,Will continue。