Hot stomach pain diet

Hot stomach pain diet

Those who have hot stomach pain should eat food: radish, raw radish, cool, sweet and fragrant, can dispel heat, eliminate stagnation, and suffocate in the air. Those who have hot stomach pain and food stomach pain should eat it.

“Food Therapy” once said: “Treatment of stomach pain: white radish juice, drink half a cup after each meal, drip into ginger juice, warm clothes.

Treat stomach full of bloating: Indigestion, when the stomach swells stomach acid, you can eat some raw radishes.

“Sexual cold, sweet, can clear the heat, Shengjin.

“Daily Materia Medica” said: “Stomach heat.”

“The original experience of the original” also cloud: “treatment of alcoholic lungs and stomach heat.

“There is more about hot stomach pain than eating spicy food. It is suitable for eating more.”

  Persimmon is cold, can clear stomach heat, hangover poison.

As stated in “Do not record”: “soft ripe persimmon hangover hot poison, stop mouth dry, pressure between the stomach.

“So hot stomach pain is not suitable for people to eat.

  Grapefruit is cold, it can be quickly smashed, it is a kind of aromatic stomach and digestion food.

“Japanese Huazi Materia Medica” said: “Go to the stomach, the gas, digestion.

“So, those who have hot stomach pain and food and stomach pain should take food.

  Watermelon is cold and has the power of heat.

“Southern Materia Medica” believes that it “treats all heat, suffocating stagnation.

“Stomach sputum burning pain of hot stomach pain, it is appropriate to eat.

  Chrysanthemum is cold and sweet, with heat and cooling blood, and regulates the effect of appetizing.

It is suitable for burning stomach pain, dry mouth and cold, and those who are upset and constipated.

  Dry celery is commonly known as parsley and medicinal celery.

Sexual cool can clear the stomach, and there is a calming town to exert its effect.

“The original experience of the original” also said that it can “clean up the stomach in the wet and wet”, where the stomach pain of TCM syndrome is a hot stomach pain, food is particularly suitable.

Cress is the same as early celery, and is also suitable for people with hot stomach pain.

  Loofah is cool, has the effect of phlegm heat, phlegm, cooling blood and detoxification.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “Boiled food in addition to hot sausage.

“The original experience of the original” also believes that: “the loofah tenderness is cold and slippery”, so people with hot stomach pain should eat it.

  Winter melon is cool, sweet and light, can eliminate phlegm, heat, detoxification, and water.

In the “Summary of the Sketch”, it is believed that it can “resolve heat, benefit the size of the intestines.”

“Assorted diets” also said that it “clear heat and nourish the stomach.”

Anyone who has a hot stomachache should eat well.

  Spinach is cool and sweet.

In the Tang Dynasty, the medicinal doctor Meng Yu said that it “living the five internal organs, through the stomach heat.”

“Materia Medica” also pointed out: “Spinach is both slippery and cold, and the taste is sweet, so it can be cleared into the stomach, and the heat and poison are exhausted from the stomach.

Therefore, people with hot stomach pain should eat more food.

  Bitter gourd is cold, bitter, bitter, stomach, and cold.

“Minnan Materia Medica” once said: “Treatment of stomach pain: bitter melon is calcined to the end, open underwater.

“For anyone who has a hot stomachache, it is appropriate to eat.”

  Tofu is cool, sweet, and has a clear stomach heat effect.

“Food Jiancao” records: “Tofu is wide and beneficial to Qi, and the spleen and stomach, the lower intestine is turbid, and the swelling is full.”Materia Medica” also said: “Treatment of stomach fire, internal heat, steaming, symptoms, thirst, fullness.

“Where the stomach is hot and painful, full of thirst, the best food.”

  Amaranth is cold, sweet, and has a clearing effect on the stomach.

“Lu Chuan Materia Medica” has been recorded: “Amaranth, cure gastrointestinal heat, stool knot.

“So, people with hot stomach pain should eat it regularly.”

  Reed rhizome is cold, sweet, and has the effect of clearing stomach heat.

“Tang Bencao” has long been recorded: “Healing can not be countered, the stomach is hot.

“Materia Medica” is also cloud: “Fire rises stomach heat, then nausea and vomiting do not eat and licking, reeds and colds in addition to heat and stomach, can also get angry, so the Lord also.

“For those who suffer from stomach pain due to stomach heat, it is especially suitable for food.”

  Maimen winter is cold, sweet and bitter, and people with hot stomach pain should eat it.

As stated in the “New Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Mermen winter, the evil heat in the stomach.

The heat is in the stomach, and the yin is exhausted. If there is not much wheat, the fire will not be able to cope.

“Complete, hot stomach pain should also eat Artemisia scoparia, Daylily, Malan Head, Ci Gu, melon, white, mung bean, pear and other cool stomach food.

Star’s favorite 6 slow-motion slimming methods

Star’s favorite 6 slow-motion slimming methods

I believe that we are very envious of the shape of the star, but the painstaking way to find a body-building method, the following small series will introduce some of the six slow-sports slimming methods that the stars love, MMs have to do it.


hzh {display: none; }  慢运动瘦身法之慢跑  推荐明星:麦当娜  “四两”:把慢跑瘦身当作生活的一部分。In the morning or evening, put on breathable sportswear, put on comfortable running shoes, find a way to run the path, just run slowly, and you can walk the dog by the way.

  “Thousands of pounds”: 655 calories per hour.

  Madonna tells you that you can exercise your muscles in various parts of your body in addition to jogging. You can also exercise your heart and lungs.

Its speed is maintained at around 9 kilometers per hour, which is optimal for both exercise and not too tired.

To use jogging as a way of life, once you start implementing it, try not to stop and guarantee it three times a week.

When starting to jog, the amount of exercise should be gradual, you can use jogging and walking alternately, the distance should not be too long.

After a period of time, your body gradually adapts, you can reduce walking until all jogging.

Jogging has a good effect on body shaping.

  Slow Motion Slimming Yoga Recommended Star: Nicole Kidman “Four Two”: Meditation (sitting only with cross-legged, concentrated thoughts and thoughts), primary position method (simple limb depression), yoga chanting.

  ”Thousands of pounds”: to achieve relaxation of the body and mind, learn to breathe, learn to think.

It consumes 245 card speeds per hour.

  Nicole Kidman tells you that yoga is a slow exercise that everyone can exercise. It has been recognized as one of the safest and most creative aerobics many centuries ago.

It is soothing and beautiful, easy to learn, no equipment, no deviation, decompression while promoting blood circulation, massage exercise to strengthen internal organs, detoxification for skin, skin beauty is very helpful, and can enhance psychological, spiritual energy, make the soulPeace and quiet.

  Slow Sports Slimming Golf Catherine Zeta-Jones “Four Two”: Preparing for golf, playing white balls on a large lawn is the most decent aristocratic sport.

  “Thousands of pounds”: If you walk and self-back the club, you can consume 270 calories per hour. The explosive power of the swing will increase the energy consumed.

  Catherine Zeta Jones tells you that golf is the most aristocratic sport of today’s attention, because it combines movement and fitness, moderate amount of exercise, no sweating, and makes people more intelligent in the process of improving their skills., flexible thinking.

Therefore, people who fall in love with golf are often “addictive” and thus very fascinated.

Although on the surface, golf seems to be only sporting on the swing, in fact it is also integrated with the walk, in order to play an 18 hole, the walking distance is about 8-10 km, which consumesQuite a lot.

In addition, the beautiful grassland environment can also greatly relax the limbs.

Maintaining a happy mood is the key to how to fight aging. Slow-motion sports slimming method. Recommended for cycling: Schwarzenegger “four two”: no time, no speed.

  “Thousands of pounds”: The most effective exercise is to consume 436 cards per hour.

  Schwarzenegger tells you that cycling can not only slim down, but also make you symmetrical.

Because cycling requires a lot of oxygen, it also strengthens heart function and prevents high blood pressure.

Stepping on a bicycle to compress blood vessels, using blood circulation to accelerate, the brain absorbs more oxygen, and inhaling a lot of fresh air, you will feel more clear-headed.

Riding in the car, you will feel very free and very happy.

Due to the special nature of cycling, the arms and trunks are mostly static work, and the legs are mostly dynamic. When the blood is redistributed, the blood supply of the lower limbs fluctuates. The change of heart rate also depends on the pedaling movement.The speed is different from the ups and downs of the terrain.

There is an urgent need to replenish nutrients and discharge waste inside the body, so the heart rate tends to increase 2-3 times than usual.

Such repeated practice can make the myocardium develop, the heart becomes larger, the myocardial contraction is strong, and the elasticity of the blood vessel wall is enhanced, thereby increasing the lung ventilation, increasing the lung capacity, and improving the respiratory function of the lung.

  Pilates for slow exercise and slimming.

hzh {display: none; }  推荐明星:萧亚轩   “四两”:只需拿块垫子,或者在地板上就能完成各种伸展姿势。   “Thousands of pounds”: Effectively shape the muscle curve of the female focus parts such as the waist, abdomen and buttocks, so that the body is more balanced.

Consumes 237 card speeds per hour.   Elva Hsiao tells you: First of all, Pilates has a strong central strength.

This central force balances the body and produces a strong “core.”

The key to this core is the deep abdominal muscles and the muscles on both sides of the spine, which drives the main shaft to dry, and the pelvis and bones become a stable whole.

After long-term exercise, the spine will become soft and improve, strengthen the body’s function while beautifying the body, and it is helpful for reducing waist and abdomen.

In slow training, you don’t have to worry about long-term strength training to make your muscles strong and strong. Pilates focuses on “squeezing, stretching,” making the muscles slender and smooth, even elastic, and correcting the right or left.Bad habits.
  Slow Motion Slimming Method Hot Spring Recommended Star: Liang Luo Shi “Four Two”: You only need to move your hands and feet in the water to enjoy your body easily.

Become a beautiful woman.

  “Thousands of pounds”: consumes 300 cards per hour.

  Liang Luo Shi tells you: Maybe someone doesn’t think of hot springs as a kind of exercise.

But in fact, hot springs can also consume calories, but also can relax the nerves, and have special effects on many symptoms of the body.

Hot springs are very knowledgeable. Generally speaking, it is best not to exceed 30 minutes each time, and the number of soaking times is 2-3 times a day.

Basically, when the bubble is in the spring water with a higher temperature, the body consumes more calories, and the moisture lost from the skin can also be.

Therefore, in addition to drinking some drinks in the hot springs, it is also important to moisturize the skin in time.

  Drink a cup of warm water or green tea before soaking. After the water is poured, you can do proper exercise in the hot spring water to relax the whole body and improve the ability of cold and warm.

Soaking to the whole body to sweat is good, but don’t sweat.

If the body is red, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there is a phenomenon of rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, etc. Once found, immediately remove it from the water, wrap it in a towel, and make a deep breath in a well-ventilated place.

Drinking yogurt after a meal will increase weight!

Drinking yogurt after a meal will increase weight!

The correct intake of yogurt The amount of yogurt consumed varies from case to case. People with normal diet can drink 1-2 cups of yogurt per day (250-500 grams).

For teenagers, a cup of yogurt in the morning and evening, or a cup of milk in the morning, a cup of yogurt in the evening is ideal.

But this is not to say that the possible number of yogurt cannot be increased.

When the appetite is not good, the diet is not adjusted, the body is weak, and you are infected and cannot eat normally, you can take more yogurt every day to absorb the nutrients, adjust the function, and improve the body’s resistance and promote the initial infection.get well.

  Some people especially like yogurt, and often drink a lot of yogurt after a meal, which may cause weight gain.

This is because yogurt itself contains a certain amount of energy. Drinking yogurt after a meal is equivalent to replenishing this energy, which may cause weight gain.

Therefore, people who especially like to drink yogurt after a meal should pay attention to reduce the amount of food properly, or reduce other snacks and fruits to achieve a balance of energy supply and maintain a stable weight.

  In general, yogurt can be served at any time, except when the drought is strong.

Drinking yogurt before a meal can inhibit the sense of obesity to a certain extent, and can also supplement the body’s nutrition.

Many people have heard that they can’t drink yogurt before meals. There are three reasons: one is that the protein will be wasted on the empty stomach, and the other is that the lactic acid bacteria will die under the condition of strong stomach acid, preventing the health effect from playing. The third is the lactic acid in the yogurt.It has a stimulating effect on the stomach.

In fact, none of these three reasons can prove that you can’t drink yogurt on an empty stomach.

First, ordinary sweet yoghurt contains 7% sucrose and about 3% lactose, which can provide conversion to the human body with a protein content of only 2.

5% only, so when you drink yogurt on an empty stomach, the protein in the yogurt will not be wasted.

Moreover, in addition to the strong sense of high blood pressure, the stomach before meals is not necessarily completely empty, and the gastric acid content is not necessarily high.

Therefore, lactic acid bacteria are not necessarily killed.

Even after a large number of lactic acid bacteria die, some of the health effects may be affected, but the nutritional value is still not hindered.

Studies have shown that the bacterial fragments and extracts of lactic acid bacteria still have a certain health care effect, and drinking is better than not drinking.

  The acidity of yoghurt produced in China is lower than that in Western countries. The more sugar, and the protective effect of protein and gum, does not mean that the stomach of healthy people causes great stimulation.

Therefore, for people with normal functions, there is no violation of drinking yogurt before meals.

However, some people can’t drink yogurt on an empty stomach. If you have stomach ulcers, stomach acid and other diseases, you should pay special attention.

If you are cold and prone to abdominal pain, don’t drink the yogurt that you just took out of the refrigerator. If you want to put it indoors and wait for half an hour, you won’t feel unwell.

  Drugs and yoghurt Some people have suggested that they can not drink yogurt when taking antibiotics, but taking antibiotics can cause confusion in the body flora, and it will also reduce immunity. It is also necessary to take yogurt regularly to adjust the flora balance and protect the body’s resistance.

After stopping the drug, the yoghurt that continues to drink can greatly reduce the replacement of antibiotics and restore the normal flora balance of the human body.

  Taking vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can be taken with yogurt.

Yogurt contains fat, sugar and protein components, which protect nutrients and promote absorption.

However, other drugs are not available for yoghurt delivery, especially for drugs containing heavy metals and drugs containing alkaline substances.

  How to make yogurt, yogurt ingredients, milk and milk enzymes.

The milk enzyme can be extracted from the yoghurt sold, and the second spoonful of cold yoghurt can make half a liter of milk into yoghurt.

The production process is: first disinfect the milk, you must cook for five minutes.

If you want thick yogurt, you need to simmer 2/3 of the milk.

The back cover was covered with cloth to make it milky and cooled to 47 °C.

Then, the lactase is added and stirred.

Finally, pour it into a pre-sterilized insulated container, insert it into a non-ventilated place, and do not move it for 6 hours.

After it is emulsified and concentrated, put it in the refrigerator for one and a half hours.

  After the yogurt is made, it is taken out and placed in a sealed and sterile container and placed in the refrigerator as the enzyme required for the next yogurt.

  The first week after the yogurt is made, it is quite smooth and delicious, and then gradually thick and sour, so drink it as soon as possible.

The best place to preserve yogurt is the refrigerator.

  In order to make the yogurt suitable for your taste, you can add ingredients such as essence, salt, liqueur, mint, etc., and should be added one or two hours before the preparation, otherwise the yogurt fermentation will fail.

What are the effects and effects of rose tea?

Eat taboos to pay attention!

What are the effects and effects of rose tea?
Eat taboos to pay attention!

The effect and effect of roses 1. Beauty and daily routine Rose tea can be used to keep your youth forever.

Chinese medicine believes that the ruddy complexion is closely related to the human qi and blood, and the rose tea has the effect of qi and activating blood to reconcile the viscera, often making the faint complexion gradually rosy, and some pigment spots are also obviously improved.effect.

Therefore, a friend with a dull complexion or a pigmented implant can take 15 grams of rose per day during menstruation, and another 3-5 patients with qi deficiency or 9 grams of American ginseng, and those with kidney deficiency can add 15 grams of medlar.Just fine.

Do not throw away the rose that has been soaked. You can pour it into a paste. Apply it to your face before going to bed. Wash it off with warm water.

Long-term adherence moisturizes the skin, promotes blood circulation, eliminates spots and improves skin tone.

2, relieve depression Chinese medicine believes that the medicinal properties of roses are mild, able to regulate qi and activating blood, soothing the liver and relieving depression, with calming, soothing and anti-depressant effects.

Women often have some emotional irritations before menstruation or during menstruation. Drinking roses can exert a regulating effect.

Today, when work and life pressures are getting bigger, even if it is not a menstrual period, you can drink more roses, soothe and stabilize your mood.

3, Tiaojing analgesic rose tea has the effect of promoting blood circulation and silting, regulating menstruation and relieving pain.

For those friends with severe dysmenorrhea, in addition to drinking rose tea, 200 grams of fresh roses can be used during dysmenorrhea, decoction, concentrated into a thin paste, spread on four layers of gauze, warm and applied to the umbilicus, tapeFixed, dressing once a day.

Because roses are activating blood and stagnating, it is best not to place rose tea during the menstrual period.

4, treatment of chronic gastritis and hepatitis rose tea nature is docile, spleen and fire and blood stasis and other effects, can cure abdominal cold pain, stomach cramps, cold blood, calm the nerves, laxative, reduce fire, regulate bloodIt promotes blood circulation, can promote blood circulation, and can alleviate emotions.

Regulates blood, regulates female physiological problems, promotes blood circulation, beauty, menstruation, diuresis, eases gastrointestinal nerves, anti-wrinkle, anti-freeze, beauty and beauty.

When the body is tired and sore, it is quite appropriate to take some massage.

5, adjust the endocrine, take 3-5 roses each time into the cup, brew with hot water.

Drinking every day, the internal secretion disorder will be significantly improved in about 2 weeks, and it will return to normal in 1-3 months.

This is commonly used by white-collar and Ami people in the city. They are passionate about roses. Of course, roses also bring them health and beauty. Rose tea is also very suitable for women who are obese due to internal secretion disorder.blood.

6, promote blood circulation recovery rose tea can activate the stagnant blood circulation, reduce the phenomenon of cardiac congestion, strengthen microvascular.

When the mood is low, it can balance and strengthen the stomach.

Antibacterial and laxative functions can purify the digestive tract and improve nausea, vomiting and constipation.

7, anti-radiation radiation is the enemy of the office, can not help but guard against the computer every day, affected by radiation, and suffered great damage to the body over time.

Rose tea is a strong antioxidant and has a protective effect on electronic radiation.

8, the treatment of insomnia work pressure, coupled with seasonal factors, many office workers, especially women, especially impatience, worry, depressed mood, causing emotional insomnia.

In this case, sleep should be treated easily, do not artificially control it, but can naturally fall asleep.

At the same time of adjusting the mentality of the heart, you can use the calming rose tea to relieve liver decompression and relieve symptoms of insomnia.

9, to the liver fire in general, irritability, insomnia, dry mouth, bitterness, dizziness, headache, red eyes, red complexion, yellow urine, constipation and other symptoms are caused by liver fire.

Frequently infused with rose tea can effectively remove the liver fire and protect the body.

10, eliminate fatigue Chinese medicine believes that roses are sweet and bitter, and warm.

In addition, the medicinal properties of roses are very mild, and they can warm the heart and blood of the human body, and relieve the body’s suffocation, thereby calming, soothing and anti-depressant effects.

Help the body to eliminate fatigue.

When the body is tired, you can take some roses to massage, also have the function of relief.

The edible taboo rose of rose tea is often used as an astringent, which has astringent effect and should not be used by the secret.

Roses are warmer, so it is best to try to drink less if the yin is too hot or hot.

Old people often have more hair combing benefits

Old people often have more hair combing benefits

With age, most people’s hair will be less and less, and in old age, hair is even less pitiful.

In this way, a small number of elderly people, especially older men, have eliminated the procedure of combing their hair and feel that their hair is gone and what they are doing!

In fact, the purpose of the elderly to comb is not only in beauty, it also has important health effects.

  First of all, combing hair is a good way to protect your hair.

Uncle Wang is 75 years old this year, but his head is often mistaken for just over 60 years old, and the people around him are envious.

His experience is to “dry your hair and keep your hair off.”

According to research, repeated combing, can produce electrical induction, stimulate the scalp peripheral nerves and capillaries, promote blood circulation, metabolism.

  In addition, combing hair is also a good way to promote brain movements.

The head is the nerve center of the human body, and there are many important acupuncture points.

The comb is not only for the scalp massage, but also stimulates the acupuncture points of the skull, promotes blood circulation in the skull, improves the excitability of the cranial nerve, expands the blood vessels, accelerates the lymphatic return, thereby improving the intracranial oxygen supply, slowing down the aging process of the brain cells, and strengthening the brain.The role of brain anti-aging.

  Regular hair combs can also treat headaches.

Because by combing the hair and stimulating the scalp, the tight nerves can be relaxed, and the tight and contracted blood vessels can be relaxed. Therefore, the vascular nerve headache, migraine, neurasthenia and other complications have therapeutic effects.

If you can keep your hair combed every morning and evening, and keep your mood happy, you can make a long-term chronic headache.

  Old people with thin or no hair can use their fingers instead of combs.

At the beginning, the hair should be combed slowly from the front to the back, and the scalp should be rubbed while combing.

Usually 3 times a day, after getting up early, before lunch break, every night before going to sleep, each time 10-30 minutes or continuous, moderate force, so that the scalp has heat, swelling, hemp feeling is good.

Which rice tenderer is more fat?

Which rice tenderer is more fat?

Q: Can you tell me which rice and steamed bread are easier to grow?

  Netizen: Shantou is a kind of food that mixes flour with water, sugar, etc., and is steamed and cooked after fermentation. It is more easily absorbed by the body and cellulose. This is why many nutritionists encourage everyone to eat whole grains because the new coarse grains containWrong fiber and natural trace elements necessary for the human body are healthier and easier to promote interventional peristalsis, which is more conducive to absorption and absorption.

  Steamed bread is easier to grow.

Every 100 grams of raw rice contains about 330 kcal.

This amount is basically the same as lean pork.

However, rice does not eat, and each rice needs to be added when cooking.

More than 5 times the water.

Therefore, after cooking rice, the volume per 100 grams of cooked rice is reduced to about 120 kcal, which is equivalent to only one and a half apples.

About about 200 kilocalories per 100 grams of steamed bread, the conversion of staple bread into 280 kcal, and biscuits up to 450 kcal.

That is to say, in terms of starch content, the same volume of rice has a higher moisture content, and the starch content is lower than that of steamed bread, bread and biscuits.

  What needs to be specially stated here is that people with normal stomach and stomach can easily grow meat, but people with bad stomach should eat less, because the steamed bread is fermented and easy to block.

Summer heat, heatstroke prevention, dampness and spleen

Summer heat, heatstroke prevention, dampness and spleen

Chinese medicine will be divided into five seasons a year, namely spring, summer, long summer, autumn and winter.

July and August are in the middle of the summer season.

In the long summer, the summer heats up, the two heats of the summer heat, the sun burning the earth, the ground is wet, forming two characteristics of heat and alternating.

In the ancient books of medicine, it is pointed out that “the summer heat is preventive from heat, and it is preventable from taking cold from summer and preventing moisture from being in summer.”

“It means that Changxia Health is important in preventing spleen and heat, while also paying attention to protecting the body’s yang and preventing excessive solitude due to summer heat.

  On the occasion of the coming of July, you will be awarded three major anti-health and dampness regimens.

  How to protect the spleen and the Ming Dynasty doctor Zhang Jingyue said: “Xia Yingxin and grow long, Changxia should change the spleen.”

“The characteristics of the spleen are like dry, afraid of wet and turbid.

When the evil spirits invade the human body, it will affect the digestive function of the spleen and stomach. People are prone to fatigue, fatigue, muscle soreness and other symptoms. Once the spleen’s transport function is weakened, the slenderness affects the physiological function of the liver, so the summer heat is heavy.In the spleen and dampness, to protect the spleen and yang.

The main point of caring for spleen and yang is to avoid excessive greed, including blowing air conditioners and eating too much cold drinks.

  The spleen and dampness diet therapy – glutinous rice red bean soup Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research Associate Professor Li Hongzhu introduced, glutinous rice, red beans are good ingredients to remove moisture in the body.

Mi Kezhi wet phlegm, stomach, edema, spleen and stomach, long-term service and light body.

Red beans, also known as “red bean”, are beneficial to the effect of water swelling and spleen and stomach.

In the summer, bowl of glutinous rice red bean soup can play the role of strengthening the spleen, dampness and nourishing blood.

  The specific method is: take the same amount of glutinous rice and red beans, soak the red beans for three or four hours, then cook with the glutinous rice, the upper layer of soup is water, and the lower granules are eaten.

Note that you cannot enlarge the rice because the rice is moisturizing.

You can add the glutinous rice red beans left after the soup is poured out to the millet and eat it together.

  The spleen and dampness road massage method – Mosquito, Suibanmen, Chiropractic, Moxibustion, Cheng’s acupuncture, the fourth generation of descendants, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Associate Professor Cheng Kai introduced appropriate acupoints for children and adults respectivelyMassage method.

  Children, especially children under the age of 3, are prone to have no appetite in the hot weather, and the diet is irregular. At this time, you can massage a child’s hand-spleen: the first finger joint of the thumb is close to the fingertips of the fingertips.Rotate the acupuncture point 200-300 gently by clockwise rotation, you can hold the spleen.

In addition, in the middle of the child’s palm, there is a hole called the door, which is also a good way to digest and strengthen the spleen.

The third method is the chiropractic, which is pinched from the bottom to the top of the child’s spine, pinching the skin up and twisting in turn, twisting the movement three times and then gently lifting it up, the child will feel a little sore, pinchAfter three to five ridges, the spine will be slightly reddish twice, which is ok.

  For adults, Cheng Kai suggests that you can often have a stomach, especially the stomach cramps.

Gently rub instead of licking, the warmth of the palm of your hand can help stimulate the digestive function of the stomach, thus protecting the spleen and yang.

  Spleen phlegm wet and wet scraping method – abdominal scraping inflammation summer plus sultry cross, the body feels sticky and uncomfortable, often easy to greedy, and even sweating is not afraid to blow air conditioning.

As everyone knows, such cold and heat changes, the pores of the human body are instantly closed, but it is easy to cause heat stroke.

Moreover, Chinese medicine theory believes that the sudden forced closure of the pores is equivalent to condensing the external cold air on the surface of the skin. It is now a cause of many skin diseases and high winds.

According to experts, folk scraping therapy can carry out good health care and therapeutic effects.

  The part that is easily affected by the wind and feels the heat of the heat is the upper third of the back of the human body, that is, the area of the shoulder.

The back scraping can increase the activity of the capillaries, which is more conducive to heat dissipation.

The specific method of operation is to use a scraping plate or porcelain spoon to smear a small amount of essential oil or olive oil to make it lubricate from the top along the spine from top to bottom, and then forward to the spine.

The 5-inch wide area is scraped from top to bottom, and then 3 inches from the spine, scraped from top to bottom in the same way.

About 5 to 8 shots per area, you don’t have to find the 痧, you can also compress the effect.

Front-end scraping can help prevent heat stroke and can also be used to relieve heat after heat stroke.

I want a good woman, I want to eat more of these foods.

I want a good woman, I want to eat more of these foods.

In the blood, the Chinese have always admired the medicine to make up for it.

The blood supplement initially guarantees the absorption of iron.

Iron-rich foods mainly include liver, kidney, heart, veins and kelp, seaweed, soybeans, spinach, celery, canola, tomatoes, apricots, apricots, dates, oranges, etc. are rich in iron.

Can also use longan meat, jujube, peanut underwear as a blood food.

Now medical research has shown that only ferrous ions can be absorbed by the body.

In an acidic environment, ferric iron is easily converted into divalent iron which is easily mixed with water.

In order to promote the absorption of iron, you should also eat some acidic foods, such as tomatoes, jujube, pickles, sauerkraut and so on.

Vitamin C also promotes the absorption and utilization of iron.

Therefore, we can also eat more foods rich in vitamin C, such as fresh vegetables and fruits.

B vitamins (vitamin B12, folic acid) are essential for the growth and development of red blood cells. They are ingested in animal liver and lean meat. Green leafy vegetables also contain folic acid, which can be eaten more.

Protein is an important raw material for hemoglobin. It should be eaten with protein-rich foods such as milk, fish, eggs, soybeans and soy products.

Absolutely practical and effective fattening remedies

Absolutely practical and effective fattening remedies

People who are small and thin are often a weak, weak and sick person.

According to a survey by a Japanese life insurance company, lean people weigh less than three-quarters of the standard weight, and the thinner the disease rate worsens.

The Journal of the American Medical Association also reported that for the 5,902 hospitalized male and female patients, the highest rate of death was the thinnest.

Therefore, no matter from the perspective of personal image, or from the aspect of enhancing physical fitness, lean people should be fat.

At the same time, kinematics experts also pointed out that there are three reasons why people with small and thin people can’t eat meat. First, the absorption and absorption function is poor, the body’s nutrient metabolism is fast, the second is the spleen and stomach endocrine disorders, and the third is caused by pathological hereditary leanness.

  Here is a recipe for fattening fattening. It is absolutely useful to put yam, cinnamon, longan, gelatin, hawthorn, and glutinous rice into a paste on the 30th. Take 20 grams a day, beat an egg, and stir it.

After taking more than a month, you can feel a significant increase in the amount of meals, ample throughput, ruddy complexion, and feeling muscles all over the place.

  This remedy was invented in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “The spleen and stomach are the source of qi and blood biochemistry, and the Liuwei grass is used to nourish the muscles”.

The spleen and stomach are healthy, the blood is strong, the muscles are plump, the limbs are strong, and the bones are strong.

After taking it for a month, the gastrointestinal absorption function is poor, and the body’s internal secretion disorder is obviously improved. By supplementing the nutrition through the normal diet, the nutrients obtained from the food are decomposed into glucose, amino acids, proteins, substitutes, etc. required for various parts of the adult body.Factor, which makes the thin body full and strong.

  Clinical observation: After taking a course of this product, the average weight gain is 5-10 pounds, and the muscle weight gain is 78%. Since the body functions of the body have been adjusted and balanced, after reaching the satisfaction level, they can stop taking the clothes and will not rebound.Weight is regulated by a normal diet.

Prevent skin itching from moisturizing and warmth

Prevent skin itching from moisturizing and warmth

Itchy skin is a common disease in winter, and cognac is the most common of more than 3,000 allergic skins. Doctors recommend that in addition to emotional control, warm work should be done in winter, take a bath twice a day, and add moisturizing shower gel.If you have to see a doctor, try not to take an injection, take medicine, and choose a better way to apply it.

  In order to effectively treat skin diseases caused by various causes in winter, the Taipei Municipal Chronic Diseases Complication Hospital began to open special dermatology clinics this month. In addition to Western medical dermatologists, Western medicine methods will also be used in conjunction with Chinese medicine.And teach patients to properly consume food according to their physique, and then adjust the diet to improve the curative effect.

  Sun Gan, a dermatologist in a chronic hospital, pointed out that when winter arrives, many people must have the pain of “no need to eat, it will itch here, itchy”, which is mostly dry skin, dust cover, irritating air, climate change, environmental change.And personal hygiene is not good.

  In a variety of allergic skin, cognac is the most common and most sensitive symptom, the most serious will be skin peeling, both indecent and itchy; Sun Gan said that cognac formation is mainly related to climate, moodLife, stress, day and night, etc., so people with poor living habits, as soon as the climate changes, immediately appear skin itching symptoms.

  He went on to point out that many people will improve because they live abroad, but not everyone can immigrate because of this, so the usual preventive health work is very important; he suggested that the weather is getting cold, patients should keep warm, don’t bathe often, orWash the water with too high temperature, try not to use soap, and choose the bath products and skin care products with good moisturizing ingredients.

  If it is necessary to seek medical treatment, the public does not have to worry too much about the use of steroids. In fact, steroids are one of the most effective methods for treating dryness.