“You really want to have trouble with us?”Grandma’s eyes narrowed,Looking closely at Xiang Chen。

“You can’t get through with me,I said it before,Hand over the antidote,Then i leave!”
Xiang Chen looked at grandma,This was originally a very simple thing,But when Xiang Chen saw the smile on grandma’s face,Xiang Chen suddenly felt like he had made some kind of mistake,But I can’t say clearly for a while。
“You’re good,But not smart enough!You can kill those people outside quietly,How could I expect the pistol to deal with you?What i want is this!”
Grandmother has a pink needle in her hand,Pierced into his son…
Chapter Three Seventy Five Mystery potion
Everything makes people see no signs,Xiang Chen is still chatting leisurely with grandma,Grandma’s son didn’t know it was because of being thrown on the ground by Xiang Chen.,It’s a good thing to be interrupted by Xiang Chen,Sitting beside her grandmother and crying。
Grandma grandma suddenly shot,Fast,Let Xiang Chen ignore her age。
Maybe because of sudden fright,Plus grandma’s strong push,Grandma’s son cried louder。
Xiang Chen couldn’t help grinning,Everyone says tiger poison can’t eat seeds,But this old lady is so cruel to her,To be the boss,Xiang Chen feels nothing strange。
“What is this?”
Xiang Chen held his mouth,Frown,Speak:“I said it all,I just want an antidote,Then take people away,You killed your own son,I’m so embarrassed!”
“Humph!Dogs bark,You kid just wait to die here!”
The grandmother first snorted to Xiang Chen,And then smiled coldly,As if it had succeeded in the scheme。

If it weren’t for Li Tianxing forcibly sandwiching himself between Xiang Chen and Ye Qing,Ye Qing, who was uncomfortable with Xiang Chen’s gaze,May be more uncomfortable。

“Brother Xiang,what happened to you?”
Ye Qingqing looked at Xiang Chen with some anxiety,Don’t know what he is thinking。
Xiang Chen looked at Ye Qingqing,Pondered for a while,Just said:“I thought,A star is a group of high income,The crowd who acted for others。But today,After watching your awards ceremony,I suddenly changed a little。”
Xiang Chen turned his head and looked at the stars who were retreating one after another,There was a slight sigh in his eyes。
“I used to treat people in your industry,Really don’t feel anything。Don’t understand why there are so many people,I tried my best to participate in the talent show,Want to be a star。But tonight,All the brilliance is only for the one who came to the stage to receive the award,I just understand,It turned out to be a group of very courageous people,Work hard to make your life more radiant!”
What Xiang Chen said suddenly made Li Tianxing and Ye Qingming a little bit confused,They don’t understand, but one year Xiang Chen asked Xiang Yang what he wanted to do when he grew up,Xiang Yang answered to be a star,I was mocked by Xiang Chen for a long time。
“Don’t be compassionate,Now think about how we leave is the actual!”
Li Tianxing looked at the busy traffic in front of him,This picture seems a bit different from my previous plan,I don’t know if there are other options,Li Tianxing was a little worried when he spoke。
“Unless you can fly away,Otherwise just wait!”
Ding Sheng looked at everything in front of him,Also said helplessly。
“When your grandpa was 30 years old, he already had his own sky,what do you have?”
It seems that I have not heard the conversation between Li Tianxing and Ding Sheng,Xiang Chen turned his head to Li Tianxing and asked Li Tianxing a question that the donkey’s lips are not right.。
Enduring Xiangchen’s urge to roll his eyes,Li Tianxing suppressed the anger in his heart,It’s just already very controlled,While speaking,Still can’t summon to be happy。
“I don’t have my own sky,Because it is a public resource,I’m just a rich man,philanthropist,Playboy only!”
Li Tianxing said angrily,But the identities described are still in line with the facts。
I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with Li Tianxing,Xiang Chen is still waiting directly,Familiar recipe, familiar taste,Li Tianxing became much quieter instantly。
“It seems that your car will have to wait a while before coming,If you come to me and sit down?After the award ceremony today,I have a private party,Some fun things to show。”
The smile on Zhixingchuan’s face is profound,When looking at Xiang Chen,There are already many people in black surrounding Xiang Chen and the others。
“It seems I want to say no!”

Seeing that there are fewer and fewer people around Fat Dun,Fifty or sixty people from the beginning,There are less than ten people right now。

And at this moment,From the other end of the road there was a harsh whistle。
One by one,A total of three farm trucks ran across the road unscrupulously,There are at least a dozen people on each truck,Packed full。
These people jumped off the truck one after another,Some carry farm tools on their shoulders,Some have wooden sticks in their hands,Scolding,The scene is extremely chaotic。
Following these three big trucks,There are also seven or eight small three-wheelers that came after hearing the news,Stopped on the side of the road one after another,A large number of people have also emerged from the tricycle。
The workers at Liufang saw this situation,Frightened,I have to take away the familiar children。
It is estimated that all the young people in the nearby village have come,This is the tradition of fighting in the countryside,As long as someone instigates,People from the whole village are here,The scene is very scary。
text Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Five Pretend
? Seeing the people on the opposite side gather more and more,Almost surrounded the whole street,It’s black and full of human heads。
now,There are still seven people around Fat Dun,They all played with Liu Yi before,And Fat Dun are brothers born to death,Although it was already scared, my calf was shaking,But still persist,Guarding tightly beside Fatty。
And they all know,This is the battle between Liufang No. 1 Middle School and the village ruffians,If this battle is lost,From now on, Liufang people will not be able to look up,I don’t know how many students will be bullied by the villagers again。
Fat Dun looked at the dark crowd on the opposite side,Can’t help but look down at the sharpener in his hand,Can’t help but grin,He was probably thinking,If I just carried a pig knife。
More and more villagers,There are even some village children who are studying in Liufang High School have joined the team,They encircled the Fatty and them in the road aggressively。
The old village who runs the game hall cries triumphantly:“What happened?It’s not a human being just now?Now all of you Liufang people are scared?”

Looking at Zheng Weiwei nervously,Zheng Ziling is like some pets praying for food。

“When you set up that fancy confession scene,I have put a check on Principal Han’s desk,So for your destruction of public facilities,I think some leaders in your school should turn one eye and close another。”
Zheng Weiwei said disappointedly,She won’t care about the numbers on that check,But why after I came back,Zheng Ziling became so daunting,I heard that this kid dared to do something with someone like Li Chengen,Zheng Weiwei is quite relieved。
“I didn’t expect Old Han to be so greedy for money!”
Zheng Ziling pouted,Since my sister has donated a lot of money,Then I have nothing to worry about。
“Principal Han!Is one of the few people in my heart worthy of respect,Generally, universities can spend 70% of their donations on students even if they are top class,But Mr. Han has always been 100%,I even have to subsidize some,There are many people who are self-cultivation and family governance,But the one who really has the world in mind,Old Han is one!”
“sister,You don’t like Mr. Han, do you?When you mentioned him,Eyes are shining!”
“He is also single,If Mr. Han has this mind,I can consider!”
Zheng Ziling stops talking,He can hardly imagine,How should my father face the brother-in-law who can be his grandfather……
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Nine Assassinated
Ding Jia and Ding Yi are deadly twin killers in the industry,Do things simply and neatly and widely acclaimed,Except for not being able to return the goods for no reason within seven days,other things,Ding Jia and Ding Yi will do their best to meet customer requirements。
Not long ago, two people took advantage of vacation time,Took a small order。
Although it’s in China,But accidents happen every day in this world,Even in China,Can’t stop natural and man-made disasters。and so,Let a female college student disappear into this world,For professionals,Not so difficult。
At first, Ding Jia and Ding Yi only regarded this single as an episode of two people’s vacation.,So as not to regress in technology。
But after a period of incubation,Analyze from all observed data,For professional killers like them,But it’s getting more and more shocking。

“Miss Wang,I do notkdkd8.Will grab it with you,Don’t choke yourself。”

Watching Wang Qiaoqiao eating,Han Genji couldn’t help but feel funny,It’s not that he deliberately made fun of Wang Qiaoqiao,It’s just that if Xiang Chen eats like this, Han Genji can understand,But as a girl, Wang Qiaoqiao,The food looks so lively,Han Genji still has never seen it。
“Sorry,I usually have to catch up with part-time jobs after get off work,So the eating speed is naturally a little faster。”
Wang Qiaoqiao saw Han Genji had put down her chopsticks,Seems to be confirming his own words,Don’t grab the food from the dinner table。
Smiled shyly,Wang Qiaoqiao also deliberately slowed down her chewing speed,At least eat like a qualified girl。
“Miss Wang lives very hard,But like you said,There are two part-time jobs after get off work,Is it too hard??”
Han Geunji raised the juice in front of him,Because Wang Qiaoqiao doesn’t drink,He has no points。
I heard Han Geunji’s question,Wang Qiaoqiao continued to smile politely,No choice to answer。
Brows slightly raised,I don’t know what touched Wang Qiaoqiao,She doesn’t want to answer,Han Genki continues with other topics。
“How did Miss Wang meet my boss??”
Since I don’t want to talk about myself,Then it is always feasible to talk about others,After all, standing and talking don’t hurt your back!Can’t invite people to dinner,Really just eat?Always create a little topic。
“Boss?Xiang Chen is your boss?”
Wang Qiaoqiao stopped her chopsticks for the first time,Look up and stare at Han Genji。After the latter nodded affirmatively,In a pair of big eyes,Even more suspicious。
Briefly describe to Han Genji,How did Xiang Chen hit the infusion room for a mother and daughter before?,Han Genji also deeply understands this,After all, no man will be angry for the same sex。And from Wang Qiaoqiao’s words,Han Genji has sketched out the appearance of the little girl called Gao Ya。
When Han Genji admired Xiangchen’s fate for women,Wang Qiaoqiao, who is sitting opposite him for dinner, is also quietly observing Han Genji’s behavior。
Well-dressed,Unexpectedly, I was riding a motorcycle to the hospital to invite myself to dinner,But still a gentleman,And didn’t start the car and bring yourself,It’s a home away from home by taxi。
Recalling the look of the locomotive parked in front of the hospital,This guy named Han Genji should be quite rich。
The corners of the mouth rise slightly,Suddenly Wang Qiaoqiao has the cunningness of a little fox。
“Since you invited me to this meal to thank me,If you can’t finish it for a while,,Can you pack it?”

‘When did Xin Zhao become a researcher?,Or this guy is purely acting in front of me13,Shouldn’t。I know what kind of person he is,When it’s time to install,Don’t you say he will go。

This kind of scene where only three people are watching,Doesn’t seem to be installed13Necessary。
Or,Does Xin Zhao really have something he doesn’t know??’
Chapter Two Hundred and Nineteen Demon analysis
Xin Zhao is of course studying the body of the devil seriously.、Pooh,I’ve mispoken,Should be the sequence of genes,And the composition of the atom。
This is a serious study, OK?。
As for the things that Angel Yan thinks are attracting her attention,If Xin Zhao knew she thought this way,,Will tell her,You are just thinking too much。
If Xin Zhao wants to attract Angel Yan’s attention,Talk to her directly,Some direct ones would be better,Why is it so troublesome?。
‘The genetic structure of this devil is different from that of the earth,Because of the local environment,Caused by the physical differences of these people,Or it’s because of Atto’s so-called sword of command。
What is going on with this sword?
Is the so-called genetic virus,Biochemical weapons?!
These demons feel like instinctive beasts,No IQ at all,Not to mention that the demons on the earth can have their own independent thoughts,Even has his own unique character。
If you analyze this aspect,Then these demons should belong to the simple evolutionary version,Better than ordinary people,If this Sniff is equipped with some corresponding weapons,Can also kill the devil。
but,The genetic structure of the human body on Ferrejo,I don’t know how?’
Thinking like this,Xin Zhao’s gaze fell directly on Snife,This mighty warrior,Much stronger than ordinary people on earth,If you can analyze his body。

A long sigh,Even if you don’t look at the face of Korean Xiang,I also want to give Han Zhili a face at this age。Get up and hug Han Zhili,Xiang Chen suddenly discovered,If the person in the princess’s arms doesn’t cooperate,Really tired。

Picking up Han Zhili and walking towards the bedroom,Han Yuxiang also feels warm after seeing this scene。If when entering the bedroom,Xiang Chen didn’t almost woke up Han Zhili,Han Yuxiang is going to give him some reward!
“He,I usually don’t tune in more often,But just because you want to trouble him,It’s really impossible!So I advise you to think about your own future life,Stop being like your two brothers,go astray。”
Take back your sight,Also take back my thoughts。
Han Yuxiang looked at Yuan Qing,I will naturally have some pride on my face,It’s just that pride has nothing to do with so-called pride。
“When you have nowhere to go,Please remember that there is still a way behind you,That is crime!This is what I just saw in the study,Now for you!”
Yuan Qing replied with a Korean sentence。
Maybe she really can’t get revenge on Xiang Chen and Han Yuxiang right now,But the water drops through the stone,As long as there is a natural chance,,Then all the enemies will be forever!
Heard what Yuan Qing said,Han Yuxiang turned to look at her again,Slightly frowned,Pondered,Just smiled and said:“I remember this sentence should be said by Mayakovsky,You can remember,not bad!But do you remember the last sentence of this sentence?Kill corrupt officials,To prove yourself!”
Korean Xiang arms around chest,She doesn’t have the habit of drinking yogurt like Yuan Qing,Savor the yogurt in your own hands carefully,Then he spoke to Yuan Qing again。
“And you still have to know,The background of this sentence was a dark age,And the society we live in now,He Qiguangming?”
“bright?Both my brothers died in prison,I told me about light?I’m an orphan now,Where can I see the light??”
Yuan Qing was a little excited when she spoke,But the voice of speaking is a bit sad,And the volume is only controlled within the range that she and Han Yuxiang can hear。
“I used to think prison is the safest place,But what I did not expect is,My only two relatives left,Where are they all dead,How do you do your work?If my brother really does something wrong,You can hurt them,Why kill them?”
When Yuan Qing looked at Korean Xiang,Some contempt in the eyes,As the talk progresses,Two lines of tears fell down her cheek。
In the end just whispered this sentence“I have no relatives!”
Han Yuxiang is a little helpless,This is indeed a negligence at work,She has no way to answer Yuan Qing。
As for making her a little girl go to prison for revenge,That’s even more whimsical!
What else?It seems that only Xiang Chen and herself can be her revenge。


Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty Six Tyrannosaurus
“You are not afraid that i will kill you?Find out the crystal mineral fossils?”Lu Menglin smiled faintly。
This remark,Gu Hen, the soldier next to him, suddenly changed,However, Liu Niu’er still smiled extremely calmly,Tao:“I don’t think you are that kind of person!If i miss you,It deserves this life!”
Listen to him so bachelor,Lu Menglin felt that this man was worthy of being a warlord in the Golden Triangle,Quite courageous。
“And you just need to support me,The stone in my hand is yours,And will continue to collect these things for you in the future,After all, if you become my backer,I naturally hope that you will become stronger and stronger in the future。”Liu Niu’er smiled。
Lu Menglin smiled,Shook his head:“You are so optimistic about me?”
Liu Niu’er had a show when he heard this,Hurry up:“of course!You are the Young Master,So young,Unlimited future!My Liu Niuer chooses to cooperate with you,There is definitely no loss!”
Lu Menglin smiled in his heart,This great warlord thought he was the Secret Medicine Venerable,This first step is wrong。And it happened that Hong Tae-ran was missing,Fan Chu is gone too,There is only one Venerable Tu Qunchan who has made friends with Lu Menglin again,He obviously has no choice。
but,Lu Menglin didn’t promise him immediately,But after thinking about it,Asked again:“Since you know that crystal mineral fossils are precious,Why are you willing to take it out??”
This remark,Liu Niu’er shook his head and smiled bitterly:“Lord Venerable,You are asking me,Liu Niu’er, why are you not a venerable?!Not that i don’t want,I can’t do it!
I also know that crystal mineral fossils are very valuable,But for me,This toy is a decoration,Only you venerables collect。”
Lu Menglin nodded,I already have a plan in my mind。
“How can i support you?”Lu Menglin asked lightly。
When Liu Niu’er heard this,,Suddenly happy,Got up quickly,Patting his chest:“Lord, please rest assured,A few small things don’t require the Venerable to do anything,You just have to show up in public at the right time,I will fix the rest。”

He quickly found,Kind of table、stool、Just wait for the cabinet。

others,Furnishings such as vases are the most,Small picture frame and so on,Are somewhat practical,Not just furnishings。Let him find more than 130 items in total,The price is not uniform,Thousands of expensive,There are also dozens of cheaper,Such as wooden comb,Inlaid with crystal。
Hu Yang organized a lottery,Immediately draw more than 100 viewers,As for who will receive what,Then there is no guarantee。
Lucky audience,address、Contact information etc.,Get it together,Then take a screenshot,Pass it to Master Cao,Send out this job,Hu Yang plans to leave to Master Cao。
“rest assured,rest assured!I promise it’s done,Every piece,Will be delivered to everyone,Will check in time、Track courier information。”Master Cao assured Hu Yang。
Such a small matter,Of course he will not refuse。He cleaned up so much inventory for him,He is grateful。
right now,He finally experienced the power of the Internet。
Get!Over a hundred pieces,And spent nearly 100,000 yuan on Brother Hu。of course,By contrast,The benefits this time are relatively average。
In addition,Undrawn audience,See those works,Heartbeat,And capable,One after another。quickly,曹师傅’s other inventory,Be swept away,There are even some orders。
He was surprised,The remaining orders,Is enough for him for almost a month。
To this group of Populus,Naturally thank you very much,Finally understand,What the little girl said just now“Bring goods”,It turned out to be this way,It’s terrible。
He didn’t understand,Now some celebrities live streaming,That’s pretty tough,How many tens of millions,Billions of。

he,Also go home。

Huo Yunhe’s heart beats fast,Can’t say whether it is excited or perturbed,Hands that won’t tremble even when shooting,The thin, almost weightless document bag made him tremble slightly,When you close your eyes and open,Regained the calmness of the past。
The information is a copy of the copy,That for nothingA4The writing on the paper is quite clear,Also quite.Dazzling!
willow,Female,22year old,pregnancy11week,Intrauterine single live birth,Mild anemia.
They have been divorced for more than three months,It’s impossible to calculate based on the last time together11week,child.Not his!
This result is not what he wants,He thought he was wrong,Stared at that number for a long time,Have to admit,His last trace of faith collapsed。
The day they separated,He remembers clearly,So far it happens to be99day,And the only child in her belly77day,This means they just separated,She was with other men!
Anger is boiling in the chest,Embarrassment spread all over,Huo Yunhe thought everything was under control,Who knows that things are still off track!
Yang Liu’s anger he understands,Decide he cooperates,Give her time to soothe the pain,Wait for each other to calm down,Restart。
I didn’t expect Yang Liu to give him such a big one“gift”!
Human heart,Is the most elusive thing,He thought he knew Yangliu well,I thought she would not forget him in a short time。
but,Reality slapped him hard!
The video has pictures and the truth,But he doesn’t believe,Real hammer,Now there is a real hammer,Why are you making excuses for her?!
Huo Yunhe,You can’t sleep all night for such a flamboyant woman,You are a fool through and through!