Where’s Qiao Ming?I didn’t even see the look Lin Yang threw at him,As soon as I saw the car, I greeted it。

And Lin Yang?
Even if I didn’t get a verbal reply from Qiao Ming,But seeing Qiao Ming’s action,Lin Yang knew it in his heart。
and so,After Lin Yang noticed that Qiao Ming was walking towards the car,He walked directly behind Qiao Ming。
“Second uncle,You are coming,Did you work hard on this journey?!”
Qiao Ming saw the car stop,I walked directly to the side of the car,Greeted the people in the car respectfully。
And the person in the car?
After hearing someone talking to him outside the car,I also lowered the window,Looked at Qiao Ming,Then said lightly:
“Qiao Ming,Your kid is tossing me today,After going back,You must have a good drink with your second uncle!”
After Qiao Ming heard what Qiao Zhenwu said,,Also opened the door directly,Greeted Qiao Zhenwu out of the car。
Then he smiled and said to Qiao Zhenwu:
“Second uncle,Your kindness,Nephew must have written it down,But this wine with Erbo,Even if there is no such thing as today,My nephew also wants to ask Er uncle to have a good meal。”
“Second Uncle is here for the first time today,After the matter here is resolved for a while,Uncle Lin will definitely arrange a local meal to entertain your second uncle,As for my meal,It’s up to the second uncle in time,As long as the second uncle gives me this opportunity,Then I must have come here with whoosh!”
“Hahahaha……Qiao Ming, you kid,This is for girlfriend,I dare to tell my second uncle what it really is!”Qiao Zhenwu was told by Qiao Ming’s words,I also laughed immediately。
Also at this time,Lin Yang has also come to Qiao Ming and Qiao Zhenwu。
I saw Lin Yang asking Qiao Ming with a flattering face at this time:
“Qiao Ming,This is your second uncle,Qiao’s head, right??”

only,What makes this person more angry,Obviously it’s much more than that。

Because there will be more to make him unhappy later,Even the place that made him more angry。
And those that happened later,Compared with the current places that make him angry,It’s really like a little witch!
so,Now his anger doesn’t seem to have any meaning at all。
Because his little brothers are not angry because of this person,And change any of their decisions。
From beginning to end,Xiao Fan was watching everything happening in front of him with cold eyes。
Chapter One flash from
In front of the Civil Affairs Bureau,Huo Yunhe looked at the haggard woman and stopped talking。
The red book in the hand is unusually dazzling,Yangliu kept looking down,My eyes are filled with mist again,How long is this,The marriage certificate I got yesterday morning,I changed to a divorce certificate this afternoon。
Times of Day,They dissolved the legal relationship,From having an occasion to single,Flash away?They are talking about!
The joy of yesterday hasn’t had time to celebrate,Part ways today,Yangliu closed his eyes,But the dazzling name on the ID is still shaking before my eyes,One word difference,The meaning of carrying is very different!
The staff will help the parties go through the divorce procedures every day,But like they got the certificate yesterday, they came to divorce today,It can be said that I saw it for the first time。
Different from other divorced couples,They are calm,There is no mockery and abuse of each other,And there is no such luck and joy when liberated,Not to ignore the other party’s indifference and arrogance,Some are just pale cheeks and haggard looks,The fact that they want to separate。
The staff are not sure of their true intentions,In a responsible attitude,Repeatedly asking if you really want to go through the divorce procedures。
They didn’t answer right away,Just look at each other so persistently,As if time is suspended,Just when the staff thought they were going to give up,They clearly express their wishes with a clear voice,“Do it,We agree to divorce。”

“God knows why they refused,”Full of confidence when I went,Turns out to be beaten by reality,Anderson’s face can’t hold on:“Maybe their brain circuits are different from normal people?”

Chen Geng wasn’t very angry,He pondered a little,Pointed to the water dispenser and signaled Anderson,If you are thirsty, pour water by yourself:“Tell me in detail about the whole process,From the moment you arrive。”
There is nothing wrong in the whole process,At least in Anderson’s opinion, there is nothing wrong,He went to the scrap car recycling company that initiated this temporary minor league,It’s the one called Tyson Scrap Car Recycling Company——Yes,Tyson,The Tyson of boxing champion Tyson,The owner of this scrap car recycling company is named Tyson,But now the name is not well known,The current boxing champion Tyson is just one12Year old kid。
“You wait,”Chen Geng thinks he knows what the problem is,He looked at Anderson dubiously:“Tyson Company?”
“Yes,”Anderson winked:“Is there anything wrong?Solve the most difficult guy first,The two guys at the back will soon be dealt with?”
Chen Geng is speechless,It’s really unreasonable to let technicians engage in business negotiations,This product is still standard engineer thinking,I don’t even know about the business negotiation“Pick up the persimmons softly”The truth……
But engineers are not stupid,Wait for Chen Geng to explain the reason for his failure,Anderson reacted,Boss with open mouth:“boss,You mean I shouldn’t go to Tyson first?”
“Yes,”Chen Geng nodded depressed:“The other two,You can find any one,but……”
Anderson tugged his hair depressed:Made the worst choice myself,that’s true,Tyson is the smartest of the three guys,Go and negotiate with him,He knew that there was room for negotiation for Fernandez.,Naturally, we have to seize the opportunity and take the opportunity to ask for prices。
“Then I’ll talk to the other two companies,”Stood up suddenly,Anderson annoyed:“I don’t believe it……”
“come back!”Chen Geng shouted in a deep voice。

Li Xiang is trembling,But I don’t know when Abao had such a group of friends。

Seeing that the black plastic bag containing money in her bag was taken out,The contents of the bag are also poured out,The man taking the lead is looking at her bag,She couldn’t help saying:“Isn’t it?Even the bag?”
“This bag is good,I can just send my wife off。”The man is smiling,Put the bag aside,Then say:“As for you——Give me all the bag and money you got from Abao,Nothing to do with you。Obediently, the matter is over,trouble making,Waiting to become a cat face,Do you understand?”
“Bright、understood。”Li Xiang repeatedly promised,I wonder who these people are。
She was escorted out of the room one after another,I found out that I was living in a rented house。
So he was so coerced back into the house,Put valuable jewelry,package,All installed,Was taken back again。
Those people took her card,Forcing password,Sent someone to withdraw the money。
“Just cooperate,That’s it,As for you——What did you do before,We all know,Go to the police,Then see who squats longer。”Those people threw the empty card back to Li Xiang,Take her downstairs,Then he walked away with a smile。
Li Xiang is angry and scared,I don’t know where these people come from.,Why would you stare at her……but,Her hard work for so long,Almost all searched,Waiting as someone else’s wedding dress,This taste,As if killing her!
She was already rich!
But now、What is left now?
Li Xiang felt ashamed for a while,But I have to go back and clean up the embarrassment in the house,Desperate to go back to the night scene。
Abao was looking for her,Strange question:“Where did you go?”
“A sister is short of money,I went back and gave her all the bags and sold it to the second-hand store to collect money。”Li Xiang made up lies,It’s also to explain the problem that the bags in the house are gone。
“Sick you?Don’t tell me if you lack money?What bag are you selling!”A leopard listens to the fire,Isn’t it a big loss to sell the bag??I bought a lot of packages recently!
“That sister is kind to me,I must do my best,How to make you spend money?I gave her all the valuables,How much you sell。”Li Xiang sees Abao’s look upset,Just say:“I also want to save you money。”
Leopard will not have much to say,Thinking too,It’s nice to not spend money on him,Just continue to drink and brag with everyone。
It’s getting late and late,People start to retreat。
The person who left,Not long,Suddenly came back,I asked Abao anxiously:“Leopard Millions!Why is your car not outside?”
A Bao shivered in his heart,Nothing,Ran out to see。

Wen Xu went back to his office to call Xiao Fan back,He came to the office,Say to Xiao Fan:“boss。Madam has cleaned up the table。”

“I go to。When Madam goes to your office,,Madam Wishes you to wipe the table,Already wiped,I didn’t use my hands at all。”
Xiao Fan said:“This was originally a punishment for you,Since you haven’t done it yet,Then i…”
“boss,I’m not to blame,I went to clean the table for you,but。Madam has finished cleaning。”
“I want to redeem it, there is no way,Not otherwise。Don’t bother me anymore。”
Xiao Fan stood up from Wen Xu’s office chair,tell him:“That line。Since you knew it was wrong,I won’t pursue it,I went back。”
“Your chair is quite comfortable,No wonder I fell asleep sitting on it。”
Wen Xu lowered his head and said:“Yes,boss,I never dare to sleep,I’ll send the documents right away。”
After Xiao Fan went out,Wen Xu took the document Xiao Fan sent just now and ran to deliver the document。
When Xiao Fan returned to the office, Lian Yuan hadn’t returned yet。Xiao Fan deliberately went to Lin Yuner’s table to take a look,Sure enough, Lin Yoona cleaned up pretty clean。
“how about it?I cleaned it up, right?。”Lin Yuner walked to Xiao Fan’s side,Said to him。
Xiao Fan said immediately:“This is indeed well packed。It looks exactly the same as before。”
Lin Yuner said to Xiao Fan:“You came here just now,Do you need her to help me clean up the table??”
Xiao Fan said:“Yes!I’ll find Wen Xu to help you clean up,I thought you couldn’t finish eating so fast。”
“Unexpectedly, when I went back to the office and told me that you had cleaned up the desk。”
Lin Yuna said:“I think you are already out,Then i have to。faster,Clean up。”
“Let you come back to work early,I’m finished,Let’s keep working,I haven’t finished reading the information just now。”

The heart that was just put down is raised again at this moment,Trembling body said:“one million,one million!”

Xiao Fan glanced at Huang Siye,Put away the machete,Patted Huang Siye on the shoulder,Said:“Ok,Not bad,These hands are indeed worth a million。How about this,You give me a million,I will leave your hands for now,how about it?”
Siye Huang looked at Xiao Fan even though it was a discussing tone,But where did he leave room for negotiation,But thinking of one million can send this plague god away,Fourth Master Huang is still very happy to do it。
So when Xiao Fan’s voice just fell,Fourth Master Huang said immediately:“Good good,Give me your account,I’ll transfer it to you right away!”
Xiao Fan took out his phone,Entered a bank account number to Huang Siye,Soon,Huang Siye took the phone and showed Xiao Fan the news of the successful transfer。
At this time, Huang Siye didn’t have any thoughts to think about why the mobile phone has a signal now.,He is now full of thoughts about when the man in front of him will leave。
Xiao Fan watched Fourth Master Huang obediently finish the transfer,Nodded with satisfaction。
Before leaving,Xiao Fan didn’t forget to remind:“You’d better stay away from Qiao Anan from now on,otherwise,It won’t be solved with one hand!”
Four Master Huang nodded after listening,And raised his right hand,Made a swearing pose,Said:“do not worry,rest assured,I will never get closer to Qiao An’an,Wherever there is her,I will withdraw as soon as possible,I promised it won’t hinder her eyes!”
Xiao Fan listened to Huang Siye’s guarantee,The content is exactly the same as the previous Huang Mao,Really worthy of what kind of master,What kind of subordinates。
See things done,Xiao Fan also left this club without looking back。
Fourth Master Huang saw that there was no trace of Xiao Fan in the room,This is like a mess of mud collapsed on the massage table。
At this moment, Fourth Master Huang is breathing the air to his heart’s content,He feels that he is now alive again,It seems that this woman, Qiao An’an, will not be offended in the future。
Think of the man just now,Fourth Master Huang still trembled uncontrollably。
Chapter Forty Seven Rare warm moment

“Get off the horse?”Cui Kai glanced at Qiao Tianyu next to him。

“Do not,This is disgusting!”Qiao Tianyu smiled,It seems that Raman pays enough attention to Qiao Tianyu’s opponent today,Prepared a lot of tricks。
“Leave it to me。”Qiao Tianyu smiled,Stood up slowly。
“Whoops,It seems that Mr. Delfino is very familiar with the world’s major hedge funds.!But the bargaining meeting was postponed for an hour,They want to short the international gold market,It’s too sloppy?”
“What do you think?Who do international hedge funds want to short,Do I have to discuss with you??”Delfino asked not convinced。
“Of course you don’t need to discuss with me,It’s just that I don’t understand what Mr. Delfino means。”Qiao Tianyu explained with a smile。
“Did you mean to say,International hedge funds may short the international gold market at any time,In order to withstand the impact of international hedge funds,Five big gold merchants want to unite,Raise the price of gold together,right?”
“This.”Qiao Tianyu pushed Delfino back in one sentence。
Yes,The least willing to see gold prices rise now is their Credit Suisse First Boston Bank!
Delfino wanted to use international hedge funds to hit the international gold market,Give the new Qiao Tianyu a blow,Come on,But I don’t want to be logically reversed。
Delfino’s head hit his head,He was choked for a while,Sit down。
But the whole process,Raman’s face didn’t show anything from beginning to end,Qiao Tianyu was a little surprised,What does this big bald head mean??
Such a nonsensical attack,Is it the level of the famous Raman?,He threw Delfino out so anxiously,Just for disgusting Qiao Tianyu?
Leave it alone,Can only go one step at a time,So Qiao Tianyu quickly closed his eyes,Waiting for the decisive battle。
“As usual,Now first determine the opening suggested price this morning。”Karl saw the scene calm down,Then said。
“The closing price of the London gold market yesterday afternoon was376Dollar an ounce,This morning**The price of gold in the gold market is374Dollar an ounce,Just after internal discussion,Our Rothschild Bank’s suggested opening price is375Dollar an ounce,Please quote your respective merchants!”
This opening suggested price is just a price recommendation based on the previous transaction price,It also needs to be revised by the five major gold merchants based on the situation of the customer’s transaction sheet,Not final price,The major gold merchants don’t care too much。
So after Carl’s voice fell,then“Golden House”There was a crackling sound of typing on the keyboard,The trading representatives of the major gold merchants immediately passed their trading systems,The opening suggested price was sent back to the respective trading control center。

Lu Menglin was speechless,Dare to love i’m the villain,Unable to kidnap girls?Are you all blind??It was obviously posted by other girls,I didn’t even move!

Hu Lin heard the voice of the two,I can’t help but raise my eyebrows,About to attack,Suddenly endure it again,Just smile,Don’t speak。
Because she remembered seeing it in a certain romance,I want a man to be tempted by you,One of the best way,Is to stir up his ambition,Have competitors,Difficult challenge,Will cherish this untimely feeling!
Lu Menglin didn’t think so much,I just think these two young people are a little bit blind,On their own territory,Dare to yell,I really thought it came from the celestial kingdom,No one dared to touch them?
but,Lu Menglin didn’t bother to care about them,Ignoring is the greatest contempt。
“Hu Lin,Did you bring what I wanted this trip?”Lu Menglin simply ignored the two menacing night Korean officers,But looking down at Hu Lin,Smiled。
no matter who,As long as it can bring a large amount of supplies,Bring weapons and equipment,Lu Menglin would show such a charming smile。
The load capacity of the three transport ships is very impressive.,There should be a lot of stuff inside,Otherwise, there is no need to send three ships over。
Really can’t do,Detain these three transport ships,Also worth a lot,In a word,Just come,Sandstorm City will not suffer。
Hu Lin smiled sweetly,Speak loudly:“of course!Fu Yunfei,Take out the appointment letter and declare it!”
I heard what the lady said,The officer on the left suddenly tensed,Then he took off his helmet helplessly,Showing a handsome face。
have to say,This guy named Fu Yunfei,Looks really pretty。His face is sharp and angular,Big nose and big eyes,The sky is full,Feature lines can hardly find defects,Like a beautiful boy in a painting。
When Lu Menglin saw this face,I was also slightly surprised。

Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Two Who gave you the courage

Lin Yang、Qiao Ming、Lin Yu didn’t expect Qiao Zhenwu to suddenly say something like that,So Lin Yang’s gaze for help went directly to Qiao Ming’s side。
Because their betting with Lin Feng’s family is not that simple at all。
This also involves the industry of the Lin family in Yunshi?
How could Lin Yang let the fat that has reached his mouth fall off??
but,Qiao Zhenwu is so nosy,Then, how can the Lin family’s property in Yun City be so easy to obtain?!
Although Qiao Ming received Lin Yang’s look for help,But for Qiao Zhenwu’s approach,Qiao Ming is really helpless!
There is a huge difference between his own status and Qiao Zhenwu’s status.。
I don’t have the right to say no to Qiao Zhenwu。
and so,When Qiao Ming received Lin Yang’s help,,She just shook her head helplessly at Lin Yang。
Lin Yang’s heart!
It’s so cool right away!
Just when Qiao Ming and Lin Yang had nothing to do with this, they were still anxious,I heard Xiao Fan’s side,There was a cold sentence:
“Humph!In that case,Then I also give you a suggestion,If you take Lin Yang and the family to confess their mistakes,I can consider letting the person I invite to let you go!”
Qiao Zhenwu couldn’t believe his eyes,Qiao Zhenwu turned his head and glanced at the three Qiao Ming standing behind him。

“Let’s take a look at the recipe first?”Tian Lu responded politely。

The middle-aged uncle skillfully introduced the recipe,Pass the recipe to Guru friendly,Let her choose。
Tian Lu held it in her hand for a while,Simply ordered a few bowls of homemade stir-fry。After taking the order, the greasy uncle arranged her to sit in a corner of the store openly。
Bronze solid wood dining table and chair,On the table are hundreds of wooden chopsticks,It’s like a restaurant in a martial arts movie,Simple,The dim light creates a serene hue,Antique though,Most diners are not sophisticated,Suitable for family gatherings、A comfortable place for friends to gather。
Tian Lu came to this place for the first time,It is because the restaurant has a better reputation on the Internet,And the price is moderate,Taste meets the public,Just picked this。
Waiting time for serving,Tian Lu’s eyes are looking east,Bored observing around。
Milo squatting down,Honestly set his eyes on Tian Lu,Waiting for the host’s reward。
There is a TV hanging in the alley of the restaurant,For those who go to eat to pass the time,Add the lively atmosphere of the restaurant。
The news watch column is playing on TV,The beautiful female anchor is using her bright red lips to broadcast a piece of social news one by one:Now we will broadcast a revelation about finding dogs,A lady recently lost a Tony dog near the trendy women’s clothing market,Off-white fur,Ears are a bit curled.
“what,Which dog is so stupid,Can’t pee while walking as a mark,Never come home,What dog,Lose it。and many more,The dog looks like the same breed as Miró,Isn’t it Miró?。”
Tian Lu sneered at the comment,Look down at Mi Luo and the dog-hunting enlightenment picture on TV,Startled。
“Won’t it be you,Miro?”Tian Luzheng wants to watch dog hunting enlightenment on TV again,The screen has switched to other。
“Forget it,Whether it’s your Tony dog or not,Someone finds it。”Tian Lu domineering side leakage。
After a while on TV, it continued to broadcast,Mobilize all people to find Tony Dog,Offer a reward10Ten thousand,And played the enlarged daily photos of Tony Dog。
Tian Lu glanced at Miluo,Really lovely。Off-white fur,The tail is like an enlarged version of a reed,Fluffy,Neither long nor short,Injury is healed,The tail keeps shaking,Two big round eyes show soft gaze,Like crystal clear pearls shining。
“Are you the Tony dog they’re looking for??If it is,Will I get the contact I left after calling10Ten thousand yuan?Haha,Forget it,This girl is righteous,What will happen to you for money,But if you really are that family’s dog,You have to return it,What money do you want。Milo, are you right??”
“Tut,What a pity,How could that family accidentally lose the dog?,Is there a dog abuser?,Alas,nausea!”Tian Lu speaks alone,have a bee in one’s bonnet。