“This one……We are not sure……”

“uncertain?”The leader has some doubts,Looked at the report in front of me,Look at the experts in front of you:“Unsure,Then this report……”
“This report is based on our analysis of the buying and selling information we have obtained.,But these selling and buying information,How many belong to Chen Geng,We can’t be sure,”Said the leading expert:“But although we can’t determine the exact number,But according to our analysis,Roughly,Chen Geng should have made money in this stock market crash120to280100 million。”
The leader was immediately moved,For a while,He just asked:“All dollars?”
“All dollars。”
“……”For a while,The leader finally spoke:“Amazing,Really amazing。”
Several experts did not speak,In fact, their ideas and leaders are the same:Chen Geng’s almost magical operation technique,It’s really amazing。
How amazing is it?
Chen Geng earned this over a month,More than China’s military expenditure last year。
It’s so amazing。
Such an amazing、Such a talented young man,Ok……
The leader turned to look at the other leaders:“You say……”
Several other leaders nodded in unison:“Can consider it。”
Chen Geng didn’t know he was given to him again“Eye on”Up,And more than one eyed him。
Received feedback from the negotiating team,Nicholas·Marinkov is uplifting,He personally gave the leader of the negotiating team Andre·Nikolaev called to verify:“Comrade Nikolaev,I just saw the report,The minibus will carry part of the funds and the total75An order for a trainer,Hope to be able to participate in this project,is that true?”
“Dear Comrade Malinkov,This is real,”Andre·Nikolaev answered yes:“this matter,I personally confirmed with the Chinese comrades and Mr. Fernandez,I even commissioned comrades from the Ministry of National Defense to verify with the Minibus Ministry of National Defense,There is indeed this。”
“Ok,Thank you very much, Comrade Nikolaev。”

He really didn’t expect,Monkey King likes bragging,Bad temper,The careful guy is already married,And didn’t notify him and Nezha,It hurts him so much。

Losing him to play in other worlds and thinking of bringing Monkey King,He seems to think too much,Sun Wukong, just stay in the realm of the monster race.。
“Son misunderstood,My husband and I are not married yet,As soon as the husband came here, he went into retreat anxiously,I am worried,So just guard outside the hall。”
Fairy Zixia looked at her husband’s friend and seemed a little misunderstood,Mildly,Although she and her husband are not married yet,But it’s just a matter of time。
“Oh,Not married yet,It’s embarrassing girl,but,Why do girls like Monkey King?Girl, don’t look at Monkey King, this guy looks hideous,It’s a narrow-minded personality。”
“in fact,Monkey King is really like bragging,Watchful Lord of the Monster Race,Some time ago I saw Sun Wukong bullying a four or five year old child。”
“It can be used as cruel,Human face and animal heart to describe Monkey King,If the girl is bullied by Monkey King in the future,Please let me know,I’ll help you teach Sun Wukong。”
Sedum leaning on a chair,Looking at the fairy in front of me,Mrs. Monkey King,Said with a smile,A master of the monster race,King of the Demon King,Even married a female fairy,Really strange,But what is even more strange is that these two are actually destined to be married。
This can’t help but let him feel that the fate is really wonderful,but,Jingtian looked at the soft and weak look of the fairy in front of him,I feel that if this fairy and Monkey King get married in the future,I’m afraid I’ll be bullied by Monkey King all day?
“Thank you son for your kindness,I believe my husband is not such a demon。”
Fairy Zixia looked at the man in white who wanted to tease her husband,Mildly,It seems that her husband has a good relationship with the man in white,Then she can’t be rude。
As for the things the man in white said,Fairy Zixia feels like she just listens,Maybe it’s just joking,not to mention,Her husband has already closed up,How could he bully a four or five year old child?
“What is it called a demon,The girl doesn’t know,Sun Wukong always said that he killed corpses all over the world.,Then I went to the heavens and killed those heavenly soldiers again,It seems that the ground of Nantian Gate was stained red with blood。”
“Then he fought against the Lord of Heaven in Heaven for 300 rounds,Defeated the emperor,If it weren’t for the buddhist Buddha,I’m afraid he won’t be sealed for five hundred years。”
“Actually,These are just bragging,Have the ability to let Monkey King go to the Emperor to fight for 300 rounds now?I’m afraid I’ll be seriously injured and dying back in less than a breath。”
Sedum felt a little eagerness in the hall,Said with a smile,Now Monkey King has just advanced to Tier 4,And Zhang Xiaofan has already advanced to Tier 5,If Monkey King really dared to provoke Zhang Xiaofan。
Sedum doesn’t mind coming to a live broadcast,Let all members of the group see what it means that Monkey King, the lord of the monster race, goes beyond the rank and fights the emperor Zhang Xiaofan,Then the suspected demon student was beaten。
“The son joked。”
After Fairy Zixia heard the joke of the man in white,Mildly,Some words,Just listen,She doesn’t know how to answer,Does her husband really like to brag??
“Sedum, are you provoking me??Look at my monkey palm mountain supernatural powers。”