“Yes,Yes!”Kasuga Hakoko nodded quickly。

“by !What are you waiting for!Counterattack!Kill it!”Lu Menglin waved his hand,Shouted with excitement。
Before, he just thought of using the wraith spirit to deal with the statue,Anyway, everyone is huge,As long as it works,Even if you just use the wraith spirit to entangle the group of statues。
I don’t know that these wraiths happen to be the nemesis of the statue,Can actually invade the consciousness of the statue,Control them in turn。
But thinking about it is very reasonable,Those statues are special species continuously produced by the Lord Zuma,Mass-produced stuff,Individual IQ is definitely not good。
In other words,Those statues are all fools,And those resentful spirits can just replace their heads,In other words, it is infused with soul。
And Kasuga Hako can control those resentful spirits,I can control those statues naturally。
The statues invaded by the wraith are under the order of Kasuga Hakoko,All members are in an uproar,Began to counterattack towards the center of the altar。
And those statues that have not been invaded by the wraith,Is obviously a little confused,With their simple mind,I can’t tell what happened,Why are there so many companions fighting back。
quickly,The statues started fighting,Chaotic scene,There are giant statues attacking each other everywhere,Play ping pong pong,Unhappy。
Although there are many statues,But there are more wraiths,The two sides played inextricably.,And the Wraith Spirit obviously has the upper hand,Because they can encroach on the body of the statue,Who fought fiercely,Whose body is attached。
“Brother Lu!Too many to control,I don’t seem to have enough spiritual power!”Kasuga Mingzi pretty face

The meeting just ended,Lu Menglin can’t hold it anymore,Follow Kim So-yeon,The left hand is still holding Su Xuehen’s little hand tightly。

“Pooh!Scum!”Every human male walking out of the meeting room,I can’t help but sip in my heart。
And those women,Look envious,Reluctantly left the scum man’s vision。
As long as anyone is like Lu Menglin,Can continue to surprise the world,Even if he is a scum,It’s also the best in a woman’s mind,none of them。
In a blink of an eye,In the huge conference room,Only Lu Menglin and Su Xuehen left,There are three others, Kim So Yeon.。
if we assume,What situation is more subtle than meeting old lovers,So probably two or more lovers met at the same time。
“That one,long time no see!Let’s go eat crayfish later?”Lu Menglin wanted to make the atmosphere less awkward,Casually。
Kim So Yeon smiled:“Does Steel City already have a crayfish restaurant??I do not know how!”
“You go!I still have a bunch of scientific research tasks to complete!”After Su Xuehen finished speaking,His eyes stayed on Lu Menglin for a long time,But not moving。
now,Lu Menglin’s heart is really tangled,As the saying goes,In the world of love,The king does not see the king!
Now my two girlfriends are present,I can’t favor one another!But three people together,I have no opinion,It’s not a relationship to sleep together,But the girls are thin-skinned,Mostly unwilling。
“Don’t go!I miss you so much!Miss both!”Lu Menglin had to bite the bullet and said。
“Oh!I remembered,I have something to do too!There is a big order to follow up!Boss Lu,Accompany Xuehen today!”Kim So Yeon said with a smile。
“I don’t need him!He is busier than us!The guy who didn’t show up for a year or a half,Best not to appear!”Su Xuehen said with a smile but a smile。
The two women nodded quite tacitly,Surprisingly unanimous,No one wants to stay alone with Lu Menglin。
Maybe it’s been too long since Lu Menglin returned to the City of Steel,They both have opinions,But I can’t blame Lu Menglin clearly,Because they know,If there were no activities of Lu Menglin in Shenmin Continent,,How can the City of Steel get such a precious development opportunity?,This is for the entire earth world,Really important。
So no one will blame Lu Menglin,Shouldn’t blame him!
but,This does not mean that the two girls have no complaints in their hearts,After all, you are someone’s boyfriend!And also established a relationship with two girls at the same time,This in itself is wronged,But you still don’t show up all year round,This kind of boyfriend,Scum to the end,If it wasn’t for Lu Menglin,Never mind!
“It is my fault!I will try my best to come back later!Mainly because of being trapped in a different plane,No space coordinates,I can’t come back if I want to.!”Lu Menglin had to explain carefully。

“I want strength,Is there any way that I can get strong power in a short time,Whatever you ask me to do,I want strength。”

Fang Han listened to what the man in front of him told him,After viewing one by one,Look firmly at the man in front of you,Asked,Hoarse voice,As if two iron plates are rubbing,It’s impossible to make people think that this will be a human voice。
“Seems to be a newcomer with a story,Want to gain strong power in a short time,This one,You have to ask the owner。”
Jingtian listened to this voice,And the appearance of the newcomer,I know this is a newcomer with a story,Did not deny the other party’s ideas,Just raised his head and signaled the newcomer to ask the group leader,The 9th-order Weili Sedum is unimaginable,therefore,Also curious about the follow-up development。
Fang Han whispered,Then he looked at the white figure on the main seat,The host’s face was obscured by a cloud of mist,can not see clearly,It’s just that Fang Han just stared for a few breaths,I felt a tingling sensation in my eyes,Tears can’t stop flowing out,This phenomenon makes Fang Han more convinced that this group leader can help him,Disregarding the reaction from the body’s instinct,Just staring straight at the white figure on the main seat。
“Newcomer,The owner is not online now,You have been watching the host, beware that your body will collapse first,Isn’t it good to wait for the host to be online after a while??”
Jingtian watched the newcomer staring at the group leader,Body starts to tremble,Persuade,Simultaneously,I wonder if the first member of the chat group died is this new member,cause of death,Keep watching the group owner,Ended up dead,This makes people speechless。
“If the newcomer has any grievances or asks for help,Can tell,We can see if we can help you,Don’t be so desperate。”
Dryad grandma was originally watching the live broadcast silently,After seeing the new group members’ actions,Persuade。
“Interesting newcomer”
chaos,After Li Qiuxian sensed what was happening in the hall,Speak plainly,Then a ray of thoughts log into the chat group,Inside the hall,The clone on the theme opened his eyes。
“Hello, Lord”
After Jing Tian and others saw the group owner’s clone on the theme fluctuate,Know that the owner is online,Respectful greeting。
“Daozi with unlimited scenery,It looks like this now?”
Li Qiuxian looked at Fang Han at the end of the hall,Countless pictures flashed in my eyes,Speak plainly,Greetings to several group members,Just nodded,Then ignored。
“Lord group,I want to be stronger,I want revenge,I want to destroy the whole world,The world is rotten,The creatures have also decayed,I beg your lord to give me strength,I am willing to give everything。”
Fang Han stared at the white figure on the main seat,Begged,She lives in the world of immortality,Mortal,The strongest is the fairy,Immortals live in seclusion in Dongtian Fudi,Stable development of major immortals,According to the chat group,It should be one side in the world,And just five years ago,She is also the Taoist master of the top immortal gate of the Nine Nether plane,A young generation of Tianjiao who scorned the major fairy gates,however,Because an ancestor of the Taishang Dao is going to break through and become immortal,This move is bound to break the balance of immortal cultivation,then,Dozens of immortals attacked this ancestor,Cause its breakthrough failure,No bones,then,It even joined forces to destroy the entire Taishang Dao,The powerful elder disciples were killed one after another,The weak are slaves,Only a few thousand Taishang Dao disciples are left out,And herself,It’s because of his beauty and his identity,But imprisoned,This is also the darkest period in her life,later,Not long ago she took advantage of the enemy to relax,Fluke away,Ruined one’s appearance,Mute the voice,After making the enemy no longer recognize himself,And started wandering everywhere,now,Luckily got this big chance,After revenge,Fang Han will not let go of this only opportunity,She wants to avenge the innocent death of hundreds of thousands of disciples,To make those people pay。
“So-called right and wrong,It’s just that everyone’s perception is different,If you want strength,One,Check in every day,Earn points,two,The world you are in is one side in a thousand worlds,The so-called fairy,Strength is in the fifth rank,You can find a strong group member,To help you get revenge,remuneration,Is the entire Nine Serenities,three,I have an idea,in danger,Most likely to die,If you die,The plane you are in will become the public plane,Let all group members come and go,If you can survive,Should have the power to destroy your world,how to choose,look at yourself。”
Li Qiuxian looked at Fang Han,Failing to evaluate whether what the other person is doing is right or wrong,Just calmly gave the other three choices。

However, the big man did not expect Qin Feng to squeeze by leaning over and turn around.,Just passed him like this。

“This.Marseille roundabout?This is really not a football beginner。”
“Attention everyone,May be a master of the ball。A few more of us to stare。”
“Humph,Don’t think about the past,See shovel!”
The defensive players themselves have big prejudices against Qin Feng,So I thought,This shovel down,Whether he shoveled the ball or the man。It’s better to shovel Qin Feng,No one on the other side changed anyway。What if he is sent off by a red card?In the case of one person for one person,It’s definitely the two-person team that suffers。
The shoveler even thought,“Make you arrogant!Dare to continue to be arrogant?”
But the next moment,He was actually taught by Qin Feng how to be a man。
Qin Feng seemed to predict that he would tackle,One ball,Then people have jumped up。It’s so easy and quick to avoid tackles

And then move towards the frontcourt。
“He is almost close to the restricted area。Defender pinch him,Don’t let him pass!”
Dige directs other players to defend。
However, when Qin Feng brought the ball to the position of Gourd Ding, the two guards had not yet reached Qin Feng.,The latter has already volleyed。
“what?Long shot?”
Although the goalkeeper had already expected this,But Qin Feng shot the ball too fast,Plus, the football sticks to the dead end,So the goalkeeper didn’t prevent it at all。

He is completely angry,Motherly,Just be intimidated,Was threatened twice。

A few minutes later,Father Zhou’s mood stabilized,Facing the few remaining humanitarians:“Qin Feng explained that Tian is going to fight with me in the stock market,You all come and watch。”
“See how i clean up this kid!Today i am tired too,Everyone just leave first,Tomorrow at eight,Go to my company。”
Mr. Zhou’s investment company rented an office in a top office building in the city center,Financial,Pay attention to being tall。
The address of the investment company,Everyone knows,Listen to what Old Man Zhou said,Everyone expressed their opinions。
“Ok,Old man,Then we will withdraw first,Come over tomorrow to see your old style。”
“Old man,Looking forward to your great power tomorrow,Kill that kid!”
“nonsense,Don’t look at that kid now arrogant,But when it comes to the stock market,Definitely can’t last two rounds。”
After everyone flattered,Then left home。
Song Litao wants to say something to Mr. Zhou,Opened his mouth,Finally did not say anything。
Of course he hopes Mr. Zhou can win,Let Qin Feng pay the due price。
8 o’clock the next morning,Master Zhou,Song Litao and several others came to his investment company together,Investment manager Chen Nan is already waiting at the door。
Talking about Chen Nan,Once wonhChina’s private equity fund managers ranked fifth,Is a well-known figure in the investment world。

Kim So-yeon probably got a little nervous about being talked to by Mother Lu,Replied with a serious face:“We are not classmates,I am a teacher at Shenzhen University。”

“What?teacher?You are Lu Meng
Lin’s teacher?”Mom was excited,I almost dropped the bowl in my hand。
Kim So Yeon doesn’t know what’s wrong,I just nodded very sincerely。
Mother Lu gave her son a fierce look,Said quickly:“You kid!The teacher came to visit the house without giving notice。Made me misunderstood。”
Talk about it,Mother Lu smiled at Jin Soyan again:“Teacher Jin,Sorry,I am sorry!You are too young,Beautiful people,I thought it was a friend brought back by this kid!I’m sorry!”
Jin Soyeon heard Lu’s tone change,The expression on his face was slightly dark,Continue to smile and shook his head,Did not continue to explain。
Lu Menglin can’t listen anymore,Smiled:“mom!You got it wrong,She was already young!She is no longer a teacher,The friend I brought back for the New Year。”
What he said,Mother Lu was a little unhappy,Gave Lu Menglin a look,Said angrily:“Brat!Help me in the kitchen。”
Talk about it,Mother Lu started to clean up the desktop,Kim So Yeon wants to get up and help,But my mother stopped him with a stern look。
“Teacher Jin must be tired along the way,You go to the room and rest for a while!You will sleep in Lu Menglin’s room tonight,I’ll teach you to use the bathroom later。”Mom held Kim So Yeon’s hand with great enthusiasm,Took her to Lu Menglin’s room,And a lot of nagging,Then he closed the door with his backhand。
In desperation, Kim So Yeon,I had to sit by Lu Menglin’s bed,Looking at someone curiously“boudoir”。
In the kitchen,Lu Menglin is under my mother’s supervision,Washing dishes,While listening to my mother’s nagging。
“Be honest,Have you bullied other girls?”Mom with hands on hips,Asked sharply。
“No,of course not!You won’t know who your son is?How can!”Lu Menglin hurriedly tilted his mouth and cleared away。
“This girl is so handsome,Unfortunately a foreigner,She should be older than you?Why did you kidnap someone’s teacher home?”Mom’s problem is like a gun,One by one。
Lu Menglin is weak,Have to see tricks,Wryly smiled:“How old are you,I said it all,She is no longer a teacher at Shenzhen University。She is in China alone,It’s not new,I brought her back。”
“Ugh,It’s really embarrassing!To be nice to you, brat,Not even a university teacher anymore。You must not let them down!You can’t be wronged about spending money。But,The foreign country seems a bit far away,You have to make it clear,Wait until later married,You can’t go back to your mother’s house every year for the New Year!”Mom has fallen into a happy brain-filling time,Muttered。

Qiao Tianyu frowned,Think about it。

Why not use chubby face to make a game?
Just do that!
After making up your mind,Qiao Tianyu got up and bowed deeply to everyone。
“I know you guys are busy with my business,Trouble everyone。”
“Hey,Brother Joe,We are sorry for this。”
He Junliang was ashamed to help up Qiao Tianyu,Quickly explained。
“We are both Chinese,We definitely want to hand over the fund to you,But they went directly to the school board.Shall we fight again??”
“No no no,No need。”Qiao Tianyu is really embarrassed to trouble everyone。
“But the contract can be signed,But the agreement can be changed!”
“Oh?How to change?”Everyone stretched their ears。
Qiao Tianyu whispered to everyone,Then said。
“Guys,Could you help me Qiao Tianyu again?。”
“Please say,As long as we can do,Everyone must help!”
Everyone expressed their opinions,Expressed willingness to help。

Man hears,Chuckled a few times。

Warm and Nuan then realized what stupid things he said,Hurriedly took the clothes and went straight to the bathroom:“I’m going to take a shower first!”
I saw her running away from the back,A trace of sentiment flashed in Situ Yan’s deep eyes,Fleeting,Turned around to find clothes。
Fortunately, although the two are embarrassed,But I have been at the same table for a while,Even if you don’t speak, you won’t feel embarrassed,Just spend the night together in peace。
Get up in the morning,The two of them are also very tacitly not mentioning what happened yesterday,Went to school together。
It’s pretty early now,No students,But some are far away,Will come earlier,Warm and Nuan glanced at Situ Yan next to him,Seeing that he has no plans to go to school now,Followed him to the breakfast shop。
There are quite a lot of people now,Office workers coming and going nearby,If you have enough time,I would also choose to have breakfast here before going to work。
“Warm and warm?”
A girl rang,With a trace of doubt。
Heard someone call his name,Warm and Nuan looked back,I found out that it was Wang Ping, a little follower beside Wen Yunyun,Call yourself,Expresses strange,I never talked to her。
“Why are you with Situ Yan?Are you worthy of your sister like this?”
My mood early in the morning was destroyed by a clown who didn’t know where to jump out,I want to scold my mother。I’m sorry Wen Yunyun when I’m with Situ Yan?I guess I really cheered,Always sorry。
Although I don’t want to care,But the other party keeps twittering,Sarcasm oneself,If you can be warm and warm,She is not warm!
“are you kidding me?Are you my mother or my dad?Or your family has a sea view room in the Pacific Ocean?As wide as the tube?”
Finished,I used my finger to dig my ear,Means she is noisy。
See Wang Ping,His face turned red all at once,A little bit ashamed to say:“Shame on yourself!Can’t take Yunyun’s ex-boyfriend,Still want to get in!”
Why don’t I know when I stole Wen Yunyun’s boyfriend??
Isn’t she talking about Wang Zhenjie??Sneer,There is no opportunity for the opponent to gain power at all:“Are you her lackey?She yells without calling you!”

“Brother,Let’s go over there and take a look。”

Populus nodded:“Row,Let’s go!”
“Mind if we follow together?”Song Ying asked。
Fatty Zhao speaks:“beauty,We go here,I have seen over there,Not cost-effective。”
in fact,At this moment,Ge Tian can also see,Song Ying doesn’t mean Zhao Fatty,So the more threatening,Still that little white face。then,He stood by Fatty Zhao for the first time to help persuade:“Yes!Go here!”
Song Ying ignored them,Staring at Populus euphratica。
Populus is speechless,This beauty,Seems to use him as a shield!Have to pull him into the water,If it’s not for Xu Mengyun’s face,He is too lazy。
Xu Mengyun:“Mr. Hu,May I?”
Populus nodded:“With beauty,What do we mind?right?Brother Zhao。”
Xin Zhao smiled:“Let’s go together!This area,Plan to pick one more,Time is running out,No nonsense。”
Finished,Take Populus and Huazi to the left。Two women behind,Leave Fatty Zhao and Ge Tian looking at each other,Hurry to keep up,Not to be left behind。
The audience in the live room watched,Direct call:Lick the dog,Lick the dog,Nothing!
Pick up girls,Should be like Brother Hu。
Wander all the way,Finally they stopped in front of an oval rough stone。This wool,Although the window was opened,But very small,It seems to be used to drill dense holes,It’s kind of like being eaten by ants。
From which holes to look in,Can see the green jade,Is apple green。
“You may not be able to distinguish the green of these emeralds,Feels complicated。But actually,Although there are many shades,We can distinguish from dark to light。

Wen Xu was instructed by Xiao Fan and took some food to the male staff。

Rice on site,Wen Xu went to get some and came here。Lin Yoona and Bai Qi’s dormitory table were eating together。
And the chicken fillet they bought。I also ate a lot. Lin Yoona thinks that the chicken fillet and duck neck taste pretty good,Xiao Fan feels pretty good too。
He rarely eats these things,I usually eat very healthy,And nutrition once in a while,This kind of fried meat is pretty good。
After eating,Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan reluctantly
Xiao Fan said:“I have to go with Wen Xu。”
Lin Yuna said:“Oh,Then you guys go,Are you in a hurry??Don’t go back late。”
Chapter VIII I am here
Xiao Fan said:“If nothing happens tomorrow,I will come again。”
Lin Yuna said:“Forget it,Don’t come,I’m going back in these two or three days,We will start working tomorrow and we will go to school。”
“You don’t come,After the work, we also finished the measurement and hurried back to the company,Do not worry,nothing。”
Xiao Fan is still worried,This is the first time he works at home and Lin Yoona is away。
Xiao Fan is usually on business,Lin Yuner is at home, although sometimes Xiao Fan is away on business,When Lin Yoona stays at home, he will feel very upset。
But never like today,He always feels uneasy,But the company does not let it go。
So Xiao Fan had to leave here,Fortunately, Lin Yuna and Bai Qi are working in this area,In this case,Xiao Fanyin can be a little less worried。
“Video with me every night,If i send you a message,You try to get back to me in time?”