It’s his wife Nancy,Suddenly asked:“Mr. Fernandez,Why do you think that the Soviet Union also deliberately promoted this?”

Nancy’s question,Suddenly attracted Reagan classmates and Howard·Seashell gaze:Yes,Why is the Soviet Union willing to cooperate with us to promote nuclear disarmament?
Or simply say,The Soviets are not unaware of Mr. President’s current difficult situation,Then why does he help us、Help us in disguise?
“This is a good question,”Chen Geng nods slightly,Tao:“I don’t know how much our American intelligence power in the Soviet Union is,It is also uncertain whether the White House knows about Mr. Gorbachev’s current situation.……”
“Mr. Gorbachev’s current situation?”Howard·Baker asked surprised:“What’s wrong with his current situation?”
“I will give you an example:I saw a big fire in China’s Daxinganling area in a shopping mall in Moscow.,For this matter,I am very concerned,I also very much hope to provide China with some help within its capacity.……”
I heard Chen Geng talked about the fire in Daxinganling,Whether it’s Reagan or Mrs. Nancy、Howard·Baker,All subconsciously improve concentration,They all understand,Chen Geng was also giving an explanation on why he pushed China and the Soviet Union closer together, which the White House and the entire United States were concerned about.。
“I passed the Soviet UnionKGBA liaison person arranged by my side……This is the guy who came to America with me this time……goKGBChannel,Ask the Soviet government,Can I pay for it personally、How to rent Soviet firefighting planes and helicopters,Help Huaxia put out the forest fire、At the same time, rescue the trapped people in the fire area?”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng gave a slight meal,Took a breath,Tao:“But you never think of what happened。
Before,I have met with many senior government officials of the CPSU and the Soviet government,I am in moscow,Go againKGBChannel,But three days later,My letter has not been delivered to the Kremlin。”
There is such a thing?!
Classmate Reagan、Mrs. Nancy and Howard·Baker glanced at each other,The eyes of all three are incredible:What a joke,If Fernandez·Chen was in far away Siberia.,But this is in Moscow、This isKGBwhat,Such an outrageous thing could happen?
“Isn’t it ridiculous??I can’t believe it too,”Chen Geng said:“Three days later,I still contacted Mr. Gorbachev’s Deputy Director of the Office and Assistant International Affairs Valentin directly.·Mr. Stalyevich,This allowed Mr. Gorbachev to make the decision to support China。”
That’s it!
Although there are many words about Fernandez·Chen did not say,But whether it’s Nancy、Reagan classmate or Howard·Baker,Are all human beings,Through Chen Geng’s words,They immediately realized a very difficult problem for Gorbachev:Mr. Gorbachev, the Supreme Leader of the Soviet Union who has just been in office for less than two years,He was not firmly seated in the position of the General Secretary of the CPSU!

None of the three believe so,But Qin Feng suddenly thought,Maybe something can be done about this。

“Let’s study it now,What is that guy doing here?,Then you can know,You also know that some bosses are very shy about some news,If something shouldn’t happen,What will happen to him then??”
of course,I also want to say a word,We don’t want to set a game,We have to be natural。
Qin Feng knows how powerful he is,This may be seen through,At that time, it may be a steal。
Qin Feng who doesn’t want any accidents all the time,Naturally he would not take such a method。
“This is fine,But we also need to know where David lives?That guy is very unique,At first he still lived near here,In this situation,It’s hard for us to hold that guy。”
“correct,We also have to be optimistic,We only have one chance,If you can’t catch this guy’s sore feet,Then we might be beaten back。”
“What should we do now?”Several people are watching Qin Feng,They also know that Qin Feng is the backbone。
Many things,Maybe Qin Feng had already considered it before。
“Current situation,We still have to start from the neighboring village,You also know that David went to that village before,As a result, the situation over there is very complicated,I also heard that some villagers next door are unwilling to move。”
Not willing to give money,Have you heard of such a thing??Qin Feng said with a smile on his face,He knows very well,The village next door is different from the one here。
The money next door is not in place,And there is no proper resettlement plan。
In this situation,Who wants to follow them?
of course,It is not ruled out that some people think that Xu Youling has fallen,That can also ask for prices。
For things like people’s hearts,Qin Feng has never believed very much。
Several people were taken aback,They didn’t pay attention to the situation in the neighboring village。
“How did you know?”Lin Qianqian cares more about Qin Feng’s news channels,This guy seems to know all kinds of things?

“Hey,Little baby,Do you know this is going to scare people to death。”

Xia Chenglong shook his head,He really didn’t think of the scary part of such a costume。
“OK OK,Everyone is gone,never mind!”The branch president said to everyone,Turned his eyes around again,“Kid,You dress like this in the middle of the night,What do you want?”
“Come to kill。”
“What?”The club leader did not panic,“kill?The hair is not even,Not a small tone,Forget it,Happy today,I won’t be held accountable,Hurry up asshole。”
The other party finished,So I’m going to hand this matter to the next person,Turn around and leave。
This is the world,When someone tells the truth,No one believes,Instead, he will pay attention to a horrible and serious look。
In this case,Then follow the dark night,Let’s become eternity in this world together!
Xia Chenglong’s hands opened,at the same time,There is a color different from the environment coming from the outside to the center。
This color is called ink,In this ink color, all biological life is forbidden,Common name“Everything fades”。
Those who have gone out stopped in an instant,Their eyes were full of fear and confusion,Then the whole color around became black。
Their bodies have also become black,Besides the sound of my own heartbeat,Can’t hear any sound,Also unable to move。
A fire appears,Appear where people were standing before,Finally turned into black scum,Fall weakly to the ground。

Because he knows,These boxers in the national martial arts circle alone,Can’t stop these community members,at this point,Can only come forward,Call the senior officials from Hong Kong Island to suppress the incident。

Although Zhou Xingchi has never been willing to use favor and face to do things,But this time in order to protect this passionate young man with kung fu,He had to do it。
What’s more, the other party actually saved his life indirectly,Zhou Xingchi wants to be here,Even more reluctant to stand by。
Just when Zhou Xingchi was going to take out his mobile phone for help,The young man who was watched by the audience took the initiative to stand up。
“Tea is ok,Teach boxing。I only practiced for a few days,Can’t teach others。”Lu Menglin smiled and said loudly。
Hear his voice ringing,Master Ye Tian and all the boxers were shocked,Their faces changed a lot。
Why is this kid so naive?He even agreed to drink tea with these social figures?Isn’t this showing that the sheep is in the mouth?
No matter how smart you are,It’s not worth their bullets!What a fool!
Zhou Xingchi heard this,His complexion also sank,Resolutely turned around:“young people,I also want to ask you for advice,Why don’t you go to my house first!”
What he said,It’s not hesitating to publicly offend the four major communities on Hong Kong Island and the Vietnamese Gang,To rescue this brave young man。
Master Xing’s warm heart,Obviously moved the heart of cherishing talents,Anyone with a discerning eye can hear his maintenance。
How smart is Lu Menglin,I heard Zhou Xingchi say that,Suddenly smiled。
“Great!I happen to have something to ask Master Xing for advice。I actually have a movie idea about to start.”
Everyone heard this young man chatting with Zhou Xingchi about a movie at this festival,Can’t help but be funny,When is this?!Sure enough!
“it is good!Go to my house!”Zhou Xingchi interrupted this young man in time,Resolutely。
Talk about it,Zhou Xingchi even stepped forward,Took the initiative to hold Lu Menglin’s wrist,Obviously, I want to protect each other with the fame I have built up by Zhu Heyuan。
At this moment,The eldest brother Hu from the Vietnamese gang is not happy anymore,A rough person like him never watches movies anyway,In his eyes,Zhou Xingchi is just a movie star,Dare to manage the affairs of the rivers and lakes,I’m so bold。
“Hey!Who let him go?fourteenKDon’t give you any face?The person my brother Li wants,You dare to move?”Hu’s surname shouted thickly。

He was really watching Zhonghua sleeping just now,Can’t bear to disturb,Then wake up now,As usual,Naturally, we need to check,So he stopped and prepared to wait for Zhong Hua to finish calling and ask。

Zhong Hua greeted the 18th generation ancestors of the person who called,No call early or late,Call me at this time!
He pretended to be confused,Rubbed his face with both hands,Head still tilted,Then take out the phone,Took a look,It’s Lao Fan。
Lao Fan is asking him to die!
(End of this chapter)
Chapter nine hundred and ninety six Arrested
He once again greeted the eighteenth generation ancestors of Old Fan,Just connected。
Old Fan on the phone said:“Old clock,What surrounds you now is the net of heaven and earth,You can’t escape,I also thought about it,As long as you come,How about the 50 million and our 46 points,You six me four,The big head counts you!”
That anger in Zhong Hua’s heart,What are you telling me at this time?,I want to give you four or six points!
“Sorry,I disagree。”Zhong Hua put on a tone of business negotiation,The acting is quite good。
“Sanqi is fine too,You seven me three,Ok?”
Lao Fan took the initiative to lower his worth,Paused,Zhong Hua didn’t respond,Gritted teeth:“Twenty eight,This is the minimum,You eight and two,I want ten million,You won’t connect this……”
“Sorry,I said i don’t agree,Please don’t call me again,Goodbye!”I didn’t wait for Lao Fan to finish,Zhong Hua interrupted him,Still use very business words and tone,Then hung up。
After hung up,He continues to pretend to sleep,The process goes smoothly,Nothing wrong。
But the security guard looked at him from Congzai’s car window,Tao:“This friend,Could you please show me your ID card?。”
This ishSecurity system,So that most criminals have nothing to hide。
Zhong Hua can’t make up this time。
But if he tells his ID number, he will show it directly。

“Two,This is not a place to compete,And my time is precious,If yes,Let’s go ahead。”

When Qin Feng said this,Looking at the captain of the innate realm completely,The other side was taken aback,Suddenly understand,Qin Feng is saving him,By the way, he resolved the embarrassment just now。
Qin Feng glanced gratefully,And said in a voice as calm as possible:“Several,Get in the car if nothing else。”
At this moment, Wu Lang’s expression became a little more serious,Yang Yinyin is covering her mouth,Looks a little irritated。
The black glasses who had just received a punch by Qin Feng looked gloomy,But Wu Lang shook his head at him,He doesn’t say anything anymore,In this tense atmosphere,A few people in the car。Up to the back of the car,Yang Yinyin never forgets to tell Qin Feng
“Qin Feng,Don’t take what you just said to your heart,The guard in the area is very hot-tempered,In the absence of superior orders,Whoever has the big fist is the boss。”
Qin Feng doesn’t care,Whoever has the big fist is the boss,He just saves time。
Just drove the car inside,Someone came to check the vehicle。
After the captain’s explanation,There is no real body search。
It’s just that the four people including Wu Lang are blindfolded,Sat on the captain’s jeep together。
Yang Yinyin sits alone in the co-pilot,Qin Feng and Wu Lang huddled in the back seat。
“really interesting,Do this to us,Jiang Gu is not much better than here?”Black glasses were blindfolded and extremely dissatisfied,The tone of speech is very provocative。
“You can get out if you are not convinced,No one begs you!”
The captain who drove was also grumpy,Seeing that I have torn my face,Talking doesn’t give face at all。
“spit!Kind of fight with me for a while!”
If Qin Feng had just intervened,,The black glasses made the captain cry for father and mother,Where can I get him to speak?,At this moment, he became dissatisfied with Qin Feng again。
“Boy, dare you stop my fist,Pretty crazy,I think I’m invincible by being invited as a representative of Red Valley, right??”

Back home,Lu Youshan didn’t accompany his wife and children,But with Zhang Xiaoli again,And Huang Yuanshun chatting in the living room together。

A few big men swallowed the clouds,Make the living room smoky。
Mother Lu has gone back to the room,Poor Lu Menglin can only sleep in the living room,The sofa is occupied by these big men again,So I can only squat aside,While receiving the baptism of smoke,While listening to their small talk。
From their small talk,Lu Menglin gradually understood something。
The two who had dinner today,Da Cai Xiao Cai,From Hong Kong Zhaohui Company,They have a commercial land under development in the suburbs of Guangzhou,The project that Lu Youshan and them talked about was to build an exhibition hall for willow textile products on this commercial land.。Put it more vulgarly,Which is the brand flagship store of later generations。
About this project,They are currently discussing two topics,One is China Merchants Rental,One is cooperative development。
If you choose to rent a venue,Then Liufang will approve a rent first,Call directly to Hong Kong Zhaohui Company’s account,Equivalent to booking in advance,There will be a larger discount on the price,The lease contract is for at least five years。
And if it’s a cooperative development,Is also a huge sum of money to enter the market,But Hong Kong Chaohui will mark a block on this commercial land,Split and sold to Liufang Group,You can use it as an exhibition hall,You can rent it out,They don’t care。
to be honest,One is long-term lease,One is to buy it directly,All need Liufang to invest a lot of money here。
But in the long run,If Liufang Group can have such a piece of land in Guangzhou,Such an exhibition hall,Will greatly help the business of the Guangdong operation center。That’s why Lu Youshan and the others are so devoted。
This Hong Kong Zhaohui company was previously a customer introduced by Zhao Yuanchao,Zhao Yuan Dynasty is down now,They must be in a hurry,I’m afraid there will be any new changes in Liufang,That’s why I invited Lu Youshan to dinner,Hope He Liufang’s business can continue to be completed。
Lu Menglin listened silently,I didn’t hear any flaws,Because in the suburbs of Guangzhou in 1998,No matter which piece of land you buy, you make a profit。So he even hopes Liufang can take down the land of the exhibition hall,It’s not just a five-year lease for ten years.。
only,Just let Lu Menglin think about it carefully,Can’t remember that Liufang Group once bought such a place in Guangzhou,And it was through the hands of Dad Lu Youshan。
Dad has a habit,I like to remember bitterness and sweetness,The best at hero,Every time I drink,Will talk over and over again about the great achievements in the factory that year。
So those projects that dad did,What careers have been accomplished,Lu Menglin is basically familiar。
If the transaction for this exhibition hall is completed in the hands of my father,There is no reason why he wouldn’t show it off。
Unless there is a ghost in it,Have unspeakable suffering,That’s why the father of the previous life didn’t mention a word。
Lu Menglin reverse push,I already have a plan in my mind。
“dad,You go to see the venue tomorrow,I’ll go and see if it works?”Lu Menglin suddenly looked up,Smiled。
Lu Youshan drank two cups of tea,Most of the wine wakes up,I heard my son ask,Nodded casually,Tao:“Okay!Reading thousands of books is not as good as traveling thousands of miles。You can go to the market。”

Qiao Tianyu is not cold-blooded,Although he and Xiaopang face are not counted“Old friends”,But happy cooperation today,His impression of chubby face is still very good。

It’s just that investing in this thing is really a chore,Great psychological pressure,Very devastating to the body。
Even Qiao Tianyu from the previous life,Severe heart disease after being devastated by the investment market,So Qiao Tianyu really doesn’t want to bring her chubby face into the pit。
If there are other ways of making a living,Qiao Tianyu still hopes she can switch careers。
“Qiao Tianyu!What do you mean?!”
Little fat face sees that Qiao Tianyu doesn’t give face at all,The hot temper is ignited。
“You look down on me Cui Keying,is not it?”
“Choi.Cui Keying?!”
Qiao Tianyu heard the name,The body trembled like an electric shock。
she was.She is Cui Keying?
First0006chapter Hedge Fund ATM
Qiao Tianyu quickly turned around,Re-examine the chubby comrade in front of you。
About one meter six,Very sensual and not outstanding face,“One-line sky”Small Eyes.
This is the legend“Yoshiko Kawashima”?
Qiao Tianyu feels that the Three Views have been hit hard and unprecedented in history!
Unexpectedly, Cui Keying, who is so dreamy,Unexpectedly.ordinary!
Cui Keying in the future,Known as“Hedge Fund ATM”,Is a big man who can stir up Wall Street!