“Be careful!The other party is coming!”Zhao Ping reminds Shunzi。

Shunzi raised the gun again,Decided to accept the test of fate。
“The grievances between the two legions are caused by me,I should end it。”
Lu Yi smiled and gave Shunzi a thumbs up。
Indeed,Playing on behalf of you can win a momentary match,But it will also have a permanent impact on Shunzi’s confidence,It’s better to leave it to him,To defeat your own demon,Make a break with the cowardly self。
“boom!”Shunzi fired a shot at the sky,Declare that he is alive,Accept the duel with King Shan。
The mountain king who turned his head after hearing the sound smiled excitedly
“This is to be delivered by myself?My favorite thing to do is to do things with ease!”
Shunzi recalled Lu Yi’s action in the final match against Tiger.,Ask yourself,If in this case,What would Lu Dashen do??
I saw Shunzi dropped his sniper rifle,Rush out from the diagonal,Use a pistol to shoot in the direction of King Mountain。
“Guess your location!”King Mountain Surprised。
“Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!”
Electric light flint carving,Shunzi retracted the pistol and body again,After the attack interval of King Mountain appears,use“Step right”Fire again in the direction of King Shan。
“Feint?”King Shan Da didn’t expect a simple rookie in the past,Actually learned how to grow up,And I sold a flaw……
Accompanied by three gunshots,King Mountain fell in a pool of muddy blood,Lying side by side with the ancient giant crocodile that has turned into a corpse,Breathed out the last breath。
The system finally got an announcement:“FP.Shunzi‘Kill’Blackwind Mountain King!”、“Deathmatch mode score5:4!The Flower Army wins the challenge!The Arena looks forward to your next visit!”

Zhao Luo was taken aback,Look at her,“You don’t pay everyone,Conversely blame me for management problems?No money,Who will work for you for nothing??Are all fools?”

“All beginnings are hard,The company is now in the entrepreneurial stage,There must be someone who can stand the risk with you,Look at the game department you directly manage,All messing around,You have to put pressure on them,Only take money,No results,What’s the use for them?”Fang Na cast her anger on Zhao Luo。
Zhao Luo does not speak,He knew he was really useless,Management failure,I can’t get results in game development,All day is all kinds of worry and fear。
256 Going to be a mother
Fang Na got angry when he saw his unpromising appearance,Continue to arrange,“Games we bought,Have to make it fire,You have to come up with a plan,This is your business,Don’t talk about money with me all day,Annoying,Get out,Don’t let me see you!”
“I don’t want to see you either!”Zhao Luo finished speaking and went out grimacing,As long as Fang Na can get the money,,Nothing is better than nothing,Otherwise, as a legal representative, he really doesn’t know how to end it。
Fang Na has been worrying too much recently,I haven’t gotten recognition from the boss,Angry and tired,Slumped on the sofa,I get angry thinking about Zhao Luo,What a useless waste。
It would be great if Zhao Luo was replaced by Ye Boping,At least Ye Boping can do something,Smarter and more capable than Zhao Luo,She feels tired,I carry everything by myself every day,No one can help her share the burden on her shoulders。
Zhao Luo returned to the office,Close the door,Sit in a chair alone and get angry,The same。
Fang Na said it nicely,All the responsibilities are on him,But he has no real power,No matter the finances,I’m just a puppet。
“boss?What kind of boss am i?Bragging boss!The boss without a penny in the bag!”Zhao Luo talks to himself,Make a few sneers from time to time。
The company makes any decision,Investment,To develop a project,He was the last person to know,Where is the boss??
The more I think, the more upset,I thought it was a startup,I did not expect to become a puppet,Zhao Luo really doesn’t want to do it,Every day now is waiting for death。
Looks glamorous on the surface,It’s essentially the same as before,Live in a villa,Driver pick up and drop off,No worries about food and clothes,But there is no money in the bag。

Lu Siyan shook his head,A painful,“Mother,Zi Fuge is harmed by us,How can I still have a man who wes to marry?。”

The voice of Lu Si, some out of control。
“Shut up,Lu Si,If you, if you dare to say it?,Don’t blame me for you.,What is called being harmed??
Do others have evidence to prove that we are harmful??
Do you want to die is a mother??
Mom is doing it to help you get Mu Ziqi。”
Qin Ning is angry looking at the daughter in front of the eye。
This daughter,Not like her at all,Weak and weak。
Lu Si, looked at her,The look shook his head painfully:“Mother,But those people you arrange,Why is the advantage?
Why do you want them to hurt the child?。”
Qin Ningyi heard this,Straight eyebrow,“How many times I have said to you?,It is an accident,Counters only want to protect you,Only this accident appeared,How can you not believe in my mother??
Don’t mention this after this thing.,Especially in front of your father。”
“Bamboo”Lu Wei kicked the door。
Sudden sound,I scared the mother and daughter of Qin Ning.。
“what”Lu Si, called the soul.,The whole person trembles,The last thing left in her heart.,She never encountered her,As long as a little sound occurs,She is like a frightened little deer。
Qin Ningzhen is also stunned to look at Lu Jian, who is coming in.,At this time。
“Tidy,轲,How do you suddenly come back??”
Qin Ning was first swallowed in front of Lu Juan.。
NS787chapter:Is it still?
Lu Wei’s eyes look at their mother and female,He didn’t say anything.,Go up,Raise hands,“Snapped”A slap is fighting on Qin Ning’s face.。
“what”Qin Ning is painful。
Invasive look at Lu Wei,He actually hit her。
“Lu Wei,Are you crazy?
You dare to hit me。”
She smashes the lungs toward Lu Wei.。
“Qin Ningzhen,I really didn’t think,You are actually such a person.,Not good to teach yourself,Instead teach them,You look,What is Grace now become like??”
Lu Juan’s words of the severely rushed to Qin Ning。
He was originally back and wanted to implement the situation.,I didn’t expect it to be Qin Ning.。
This kind of thing she did。
“hehe”Lu Wei smiled coldly,“Too,When you climb your bed with such a means,Really dead,This means should be used in the daughter’s body.,Are you still human?”
He is because he is obsessed with her beauty,Come and divorce with Mu Qing,But Mu Zihao is still young,There are many options,Do so,Even successful,Mu Zihao does not necessarily choose Grace。
Even under the pressure of two,Character of Muzi,Will not。
Qin Ning’s face,The face is hard to see,“Lu Wei,You don’t want too much.,In the face of my daughter, I said this.。”
He did have such a means of this year.。
But by his pro.,She also feels a humiliation,If it is not forced to have,She will not marry a man who doesn’t love.。
Lu Wei smiled coldly,Looking at her with disappointment,That sharp look,Have ruthless and cold。
Qin Ning hovered this Lu Wei,Big ate。
Lu Wei’s ruthless,She is known。

Liao Wenjie sighed outside the window,Confirm that both blood ghosts are indeed in millions,Feel:“I used someone to tell me.,Just need logic,Reality is not available at all,I will believe,Now it seems,Reality is indeed full of absurd leaves。”

Endless,Where is this feeling??
Nine Uncle is unclear,Also unused,Pointing the black cloth bag on the bed:“Everything is given to you.,Hurry up,We divide three packets。”
“Not urgent,Waiting for the sky and then say。”
“Why is Dianliang??”
“Nine uncles,Say you may not believe,The two vampires are being……”
Liao Wenjie said that the vampire has a problem that obsessive disorder.:“Don’t don’t believe,I also feel unbelievable at first.,Can be placed in front of you,Do not do not believe。”
“So there is such a throwing thing……”Nine uncle feels for a long time。
“Jiege,You intend to let two zombies continue to millions,Wait until the sky,When they are ready to leave, they will do it again.?”
“Be right,This is safe,Even if you play,We can also steadily occupy the day,Vampire is nightlight,The most feared is the sun。”
Speaking of which,Liao Wenjie turned to the nine uncle:“Nine uncles,Don’t mind,Don’t believe your business,But in case。When I was lasting in Ren Fu,Zombie tangent,We didn’t catch up with,This time I can’t repeated it.。”
“I understand。”
Nine uncle nodded,Liao Wen Jie is reasonable,He naturally does not refute。
Three people scream,Standing on the window to see the blood ghost,This is half an hour.,Seeing two vampires, the more happy, the more happy,Autumn is so big,I have never seen such a boring person.。
“They are not people.,From the perspective of biology,Follow certain nature of nothing,Even if the wonderful。”Liao Wenjie replaced the copper roller armor built on the black cloth,And then black cloth,Be careful outside。
Cooller is sent by Wen,A total of two sets,Qiusheng and one person。
“Ager,Where are you going??”
“Go to the dormitory of women,Suddenly think of,This group of women is too small to be too small.,In case the movement,We will waited tonight.。”
Finish,Liao Wenjie under the eyes of autumn envy and hate,Sneak out of the room。
“Master,Five people,Jiege is alone,Not enough at all.,Would you like me?……Ok,Just when I didn’t say。”
Dormitory,Fiber body film wearing pajamas,Shake the door。Haven’t set foot on the cloister yet,Just after a big hand from behind your mouth,Dark in the dark。
“Don’t speak,it’s me。”
Liao Wenjie no matter the struggle of young girls,Refers to the far floor,Nightlight,Two blurred people,I don’t know what to do。
“Listen,Vampire is on the door.,Don’t want to find them,Talk to the mouth of the mouth。”
Finish,He sees a girl with a girl,Alert again:“I am leaving,But you don’t say,Otherwise, disturbing them,Life is difficult!”
In an instant of Liao Wenjie,Girls hold their mouths,Although the look is panicked but also to obey the words,I didn’t send a little voice.。
“what,Small ring,Oh it’s you。”
Liao Wenjie pointed to the dormitory:“Not talk nonsense,Go in and quietly shouked,remember,one by one,I caught my mouth,You are responsible for explaining clear。”

“There must be a way。”

Elderly or strong wind,Want to tear the big array。
Or turned into gusts of wind,Trying to penetrate the big array。
but,He couldn’t get through Li Ming’s battle before,When the power of the big formation surged,But there is no other way。
In the array,Chaos,A stray wind can only resist constantly,But finally unable to resist!
Chapter Thirty Two Daozu Fall
The other party,The fight between Tang San’s burial and Mozhu Daozu is getting closer and closer to the great world of Zhongshan。
Tang Sanzang,The old man Yinfeng wants to kill most,The big enemy who killed his second disciple—As for Mozhu Daozu,Killing is not serious。
《Three Burial Palms》Of the hand and《Buddha in the palm》Combined with each other,The pressed Mozhu Taoist ancestors back again and again。
to be exact,Mozhu Daozu’s self-protection is easy,But he is not very good at stopping opponents。
and so,Tang Sanzang keeps approaching Yinfeng Daozu!
however,This situation makes it possible for Mo Zhu Daozu to help the old man Yinfeng。
Daozu Mo Zhu stretched out a left hand,Countless Mozhu blooming flowers,Stopped Tang San’s funeral。
Tang Sanzang saw the old man Yinfeng fall into an absolute disadvantage,Instead, he wants to stop the Mo Zhu Dao ancestor who wants to help—He hopes that the ancestor of Yinfeng Dao will fall,But don’t care who killed it—However, the outbreak of Mozhu Daozu,The same is the strength of the top Taoist ancestor,Completely stopped him。

Jizuishanxia,Is already lively。All kinds of machinery and equipment are started,Workers shuttle back and forth。This is how a busy day begins。

Sitting in Wang Youcai’s broken jeep,Feng Yan is eating breakfast,And said to Wang Youcai:“The group will drop more than 100 people today,This accommodation is still a problem。You will get this done in a while”
“Ok!How dare you listen to what Manager Feng said?,Otherwise, I won’t let me go to the kang”Wang Youcai was laughing,So I took my own breakfast and ate away。
This person’s fault is lust,But once he promises to do something,It’s pretty good,Otherwise, Hu Huiru would not give him the position of manager。
The soil from the landslide of Jizuishan Mountain is basically cleaned up。The task now is to build a 30-degree stepped slope。Build from the foot of the mountain to halfway up the mountain。This is a huge project,Don’t talk about manpower,Cement and stones alone are incredible。
She talked with Hu Huiru on the phone last night,Hu Huiru let her take care of it,I can hear that the accident has hurt Hu Huiru a lot。Only she knows the truth in this。
Feng Yan stands at the foot of Jizuishan,Look up,In fact, her heart is also very complicated。Hu Huiru, this woman is very cruel。It turns out that her Feng Yan is Hu Huiru’s powerful lover,Take her wherever you go。But since Hu Huiru learned about the rebate for Landscape Tree,She’s done。
People are transferred back to the group,But Hu Huiru asked her to take care of the logistics,Isn’t this forcing her to go??End of birds,Yoshikura。She doesn’t understand this truth。It’s just that Feng Yan is not a person who surrenders easily,Her biggest failure in Pingdu,Just rolled onto the same bed with Wang Youcai。
After her careful consideration,On this matter,Cheng Ye Wang You Cai,Wang Youcai。It was Wang Youcai who made her desire swell,Only then has the rest is out of hand。
Just when she was about to leave Gongdongsheng Group。Slippery body in Donglin Township gave Hu Huiru a fatal blow,at this time,Feng Yan became another trump card in Hu Huiru’s hand。
Because Feng Yan is most familiar with in Pingdu,Not only did she meet Xia Jian,More importantly, she was only transferred to Donglin Township,Wang Youcai, who was transferred later, can stay honestly in Donglin Township。
In fact, Hu Huiru also knows。Wang Youcai is a double-edged sword,If you use it well, it’s a strong general,Once used wrong,That’s a counseling,If it doesn’t work, it will cause problems。

He uses the flying sword technique,The Law of the Protective Realm,It is biased towards the light and dark Tao of Liangyi。

He is a spiritual practitioner。This is a bit like the Lord Pantheon,It was secret for a long time。
Until later, after King Pantheon chased and killed the enemy,He made it public‘All things live together’‘Everything is in check’‘Everything’The three strongest ways,So good at,Formation alchemy and talisman are all refined。
Li Ming’s method,Although it’s not as complicated as Pantheon,But also very weird。
However, the major forces in the endless territory also know that Li Ming is good at formation.。
While watching Li Ming fight,Fighting style。Daojun Yanlin with strong eyesight also saw it。
“A peak Daoist who is good at formation,And it’s still mental flow。Maybe he does not have the potential to reach the top three among the Taoists of Infinite Territory,But Jindao is very strong in other aspects,comprehend by analogy,His chances of success in harmony are 30% higher than that of other peak daoists。”
Emperor Yanlin,Do not,It’s from Daomeng Palace‘Emperor Yi Sen’Smile,“Draw him into our Dao League fairy palace,The benefits are much more useful than the ordinary peak Daojun。”
“at least,On Breaking the Formation Prohibition,Help to refine treasures,The ten peak Taoists may not be like him。”
“Brother Ming Dao,you win!”Daojun Xiaomeng just whispered,But it took a few steps back。
In Li Ming’s opinion,The personality of the Taoist Xiaomeng is similar to the ancestor of the wind demon of the Three Realms,Withdrawn、Cold。
But strictly speaking,The ancestor of the wind demon is truly withdrawn。But Mr. Xiaomeng’s character is obsessed。
Obsessed with a blood knife in his hand。
This obsession,Will make Xiaomeng Daojun go very smoothly on the road of Daojun,But I want to succeed in harmony,I’m afraid it’s very difficult。
Unexpected,An eternal breath radiates。

And on finding water veins,Li Ming can only constantly look for and explore in the pool,You can only find out unless you touch it。

By contrast,These ape lizards also look for water veins,Even if they are slow,But the long years touched the water veins,But it will also be recorded。
“Ok?Are there two water veins??It’s a pity that one of them disappeared。”
“This ape lizard knows a lot。”
“Alas?”When Li Ming inspected the besieged ape lizard,But found something。
“A strange passage in the deepest part of Black Fiend Pool,Eat a flower by mistake after entering the passage,Wisdom has changed。”
“And there is a sword,He only observed the saber for three hundred years,So that he made special progress in his own moves!”
Li Ming’s eyes light up,This ape lizard seems to have some chance in the Black Fiend Pool—Seems quite interesting。
“Go have a look!”Li Ming’s heart moved,Obliterated part of the memories of these ape lizards,Then the body sent out waves of heart power,Converge and leave。
First8chapter Knife?sword?
For Li Ming,It’s not difficult to fly at full speed around the interior of this black evil pool。
He is evading《In a moment》The achievements on the,In the external void environment, it can reach about fifty times the limit of heaven–have to say,In terms of pure escape, Li Ming is relatively weak among the peak Taoists。
But even so,After 30 breaths,He appeared outside the strange passage discovered by the black marsh ape lizard。
“The surface of this strange passage is actually black evil stone,Can only be observed with the naked eye。”
Li Ming’s heart moved,A figure appeared beside me。

Mu Rong Sisi hurriedly stood up,Lock the office door from the inside,She took a breath and said:“No,President Xia’s heart is so cruel,Knowing that so many of us care about him,But he never made a phone call”When Mu Rong Sisi said this,Tears almost shed。

Ouyang Hong sees it,I couldn’t help but tremble,This Xia Jian broke the hearts of many girls,It seems that even Rong Sisi has a soft spot for Xia Jian。
“Isn’t the group coming over this time??”Ouyang Hong still asked unwillingly。
Mu Rong Sisi lowered his voice and said:“Yesterday!Mr. Wang and Fang Fang have been here,When i asked,Mr. Wang only said that Mr. Xia’s case is still inconclusive.,The group has moved frombjHired the best lawyer to defend our president Xia,After the Chinese New Year, there should be results”
“Oh!This is good news,Worth our pleasure”Ouyang Hong said,Smile on face,Her mood suddenly improved a lot。
Mu Rong Sisi thoughtfully said:“President Xia doesn’t know where he went?It’s so cold,I don’t know if he has any money,”
Seeing Mu Rong Sisi caring about Xia Jian so much,Ouyang Hong only feels sour in her heart,She grudgingly said:“Do not worry!Who are you in summer? You don’t know,Even if you don’t have a penny,He won’t let himself suffer”
Mu Rong Sisi listened to Ouyang Hong’s words,There was a big smile on his face。
From the Xiping Agricultural Trade Company,There was snow white in the sky,Ouyang Hong couldn’t help but muttered,I hope he knows to cherish his body。
First0518chapter After drinking
This winter is not so peaceful,The weather changes very frequently,This isn’t the sky is starting to snow again。
Jia Lina treats Xia Jian like this,Sometimes cold and sometimes hot,He simply abused Xia Jian,Let his dignity!What macho,All went to see ghosts。
It’s the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month in two days,The agricultural trade exchange meeting in Wuying Town has begun to do some preparatory work intensively,Such as zone,And set up a stage for singing,It looks very lively anyway。
It’s Fengji this day,There are so many people here,A whole day busy,Busy at noon, I didn’t even eat any food.。Until 5 o’clock in the afternoon,This talent began to gradually disappear。
Jia Lina smiled to Xia Jian holding a thick stack of banknotes in her hand:“Today’s income is not small,If this happens every day,I can still do business,Let alone I have to hire two people”
After Xia Jian listened,Didn’t say a word,Instead he cursed inwardly,Proud ass,She’s just a landlord’s wife,Always think of exploiting people。
“All right!close the door,Let’s drink two glasses”Jia Lina saw that Xia Jian was not interested in what she said,I know Xia Jian has grievances,So she just came to rest。

Wang Yizhen grows up in Manda Villa,Mother because of the cause of the slag male,Some moods,Although it is better than Qin Red Cotton,But the education of Wang Yizhen,Also very simple and rude。

This makes Wang Yin in the character,Also built,Even if you have been dissatisfied with twelve points,Most more only the appearance appears.。
Chu Deiren saw Wang Yini still,I explained a sentence.:“Do not,Wang girl misunderstood,Just have a hatred,High martial arts,It is not much likely to help Mu Rong’s position.,Plus, I have some relationships with the elders of the way.,So I will allow me to come here.,This hammer,Naturally I also have a copy。”
Chu Deirers are lying, there is no sprinkle——I have seen the welfare version of the people《Northern God》,Can be completely concatenated“Some relationship”Bar?
“Hatred?I do not know how?”Wang Yizhen saw Chu Deirers, unlike lying,I didn’t doubt it.。
But for Wang Yin’s inquiry,Chu Deiren naturally only did it——At this time, I said it is just to add.。
Seeing Chu Deirens just“hehe”Smile,Wang Yizhen also said something hanged:“How can martial arts??How do you know that I can’t take it??”
“kindness。”Chu Deirens just nodded,After that, continue to watch“Misconduct”,Obviously I haven’t listened at all.。
This is the secret of Xiaoyao!
I will ask the world who is in front of the martial arts,Can you listen to Wang Yanyu speaking??
Original Chu Deee thought,“Misconduct”There should be no good things in the middle,But just at this time,Chu Deman suddenly found,Among them, there is still a set of practicing skills.——That is, the so-called“Hard work”。
Just this set of happy《Pope》,Not at all“hard”,And Jin Zhongcang、Iron cloth、Iron palm、Enthusiasm, such as iron,Not a number of ways……
This is the first time Chu Deirers.,“Mechanism”middle“body”Priestology,After forming a badge,Chu Deer’s first one,Naturally, it is possible to directly equip——Now look at,“gas”and“Technique”Both can’t be directly equipped,“Heart”and“Trend”Be able to,but“Heart”and“Trend”Before you have to understand the badge,So Chu Deirers estimate,Directly forming a badge“body”Ten eight or nine……
However, it has become!
“what?”Chu Deman discovered,Actually equipped directly。
Just after the equipment,The whole body is not from autonomous.,It seems to be a job practice,but……This move is broken.,Chu Deirers suddenly felt the umbilical three inch alert!
“you、What’s wrong with you?”Wang Yizhen saw Chu Deirers suddenly red eyes,Very aggressive look at yourself,Obviously it is just a look,Also made her could not help but feel some panic。
Chu Deirers gradually feel that all body is hot,At the same time, I perceived a different fragrance.……I saw the burning incense.、I looked at Wang Yuzhen again.,then……Look at your left hand。
Chapter 59 Bigger
Be considered!
Chu Deee thought it was at the beginning.,It is a cultivation《Pope》,What is the saucer?,Forcibly will take the Pengpeng badge,Still a soft body、Small face。
But immediately,Suddenly I apologically。
exactly,This aroma has heard it before,Just after my own work,The aroma is particularly rich!The source of aroma,It is the incense burner on this table.……
Li Qinglu calculates himself?No way,Secrets are clearly true……and……kindness,Northern God is so good……
Chu Dee people feel their own mind,It seems that it is already affected。
“you、What’s wrong with you?”Wang Yuzhen was shocked.。
Chu Deirers don’t say,First shot it——In case, Li Qinglu is to,At least there is a hostage,And can also be used……
wrong!No other use!
“what are you doing?You are crazy……My mother will not let go……”Wang Yizhen see Chu Deirers a parage look,Can’t help but panic。
“Who is put in this incense?!”Chu Deirens try to make sounds cold,As if:Please respect me for poisoning.。
“delicious?”Wang Yizhen looked at the fragrance,Sudden face,What seems to be recognized?。
“Wait、and many more……I know……You don’t want to be chaotic first.……”Wang Yizhen is anxious to cry,The effect of this secret,She also knows。
At the same time, Wang Yizhen more wants to cry.,One is because of this effect,Two……This is obviously still a hill, some people accountive.,What happened after that?,I am not blame.……Do not,That is also blame him!
Wang Yao is annoying,Moving an eyeball,Starledate,But just a sweeping eye,I am afraid of low,Because of a pointer,So she can only be colorful now.,Even can’t shout too loud。
Pulvering point method,Absolute professional!
Chu Deirers did not care about her color,The hands have been on the shoulders of Wang.,When exposed to,Acupoint road is sealed、I can’t move the king of too big voice.,Can’t help but close,At the same time,Seeing the Chu Deirers will force……