Fang Yu hasn’t said anything else yet?

It’s impossible,She actually likes Shang Yu?
It’s unlikely……
Must be an illusion!
First141chapter I don’t allow!
Fang Yu just parked the car soon,I saw Doctor Bi who was not far away greeted。
“Why only us?”
I saw only Doctor Bi,Fang Yu hesitated。
This seems to be different from what I imagined!
“Is such that……I think we just eat whatever we want。No need to bring other people……mainly,I don’t know them well!”
Doctor Bi said helplessly。
Although she is a high-level figure in the hospital,But I don’t get along well with other people。
But with other old doctors,Get along well!
But people,But I don’t have time to have supper with them。
and so,She is the only one left to eat with Fang Yu。
“Nothing!I just think it’s weird……What to eat?”Fang Yu looked at the menu,Usually eat skewers、Or waist、Meatballs and some vegetables。


Everyone clapped their hands and stood up,Ou Jianhua said anxiously:“What are you waiting for,Go chant!”
Chen Xiu hurriedly stopped everyone and said:“Although the mutant beasts on the mountain died in the explosion,The most powerful flying centipedes are in the mountains
599 Can’t say love, don’t entangle
“They have been eating the other day,Estimated to be no less than 30 million shares!”Wang Lan looked at the data analysis on the computer and said。
“Now they don’t have much stock in our company,In the end they will sell short!”
Qin Zhi once again ordered:“The price of ten yuan continues,We want as much as they put。”
While Wang Lan is trading,Chen Xiu asked without shame:“What does this short sale mean?”
“Some big dealers,No stock of our company,Still shouting to sell,This is called short selling。”
“This……Isn’t this illegal?”
“More than a violation,Still breaking the law!”< ------------ 600 Go up to Centipede Ridge Early next morning,Chen Xiu is with the Qin family、Ou's father and daughter、Gong Changchun and Tang Ren boarded Ye Hongfei's private jet together,By noon, I arrived safely at Xiangxi Airport。 Outside the airport, there are already arranged fleets waiting,A fleet of more than fifty luxury cars is heading for Miao Village。 The road from the county town to the Miao Village is still difficult,By the time Chen Xiu and the others arrived at Miao Village again, it was already 6 o'clock in the evening.,It's dark all around,There are still diesel generators left by them in the Miao Village for lighting。 “Is it Centipede Ridge over there?,Let's go up the mountain now!” Moonlight at night,Ou Jianhua only saw the fuzzy outline of Centipede Ridge in front of Miao Village,He is impatient ------------ 601 Rain and dew

180 Master of Porcelain

Zhang Lao took Chen Xiu out of Anshan city early the next morning,I arrived at a small town called Xinrong below the suburbs。
Before the convoy entered the town, they saw a chimney outside the town with white smoke。
Chen Xiu said in surprise:“In recent years, the country has not rectified pollution,No such open air pollution,Why are you making bricks here??”
“not educated!”
Old Zhang said with a smile:“Have you ever seen such a chimney with white smoke made of bricks?”
Chen Xiu once thought about the brick kiln chimneys that he saw in the countryside when he was a child, and the smoke from the chimneys was black.,It’s still different from here。
“This is for burning ceramics。”Zhang Lao solved the answer in his heart。
“Ceramics won’t work either,
181 Three-piece gift set
It’s okay for Chen Xiu not to say this,Once said this,Old man Liu broke out。
“Get out!Special,You master and apprentice are all gone,Laozi is an artist,Think of me as a craftsman。Fifty percent of imitations are not contaminating my hands!What’s special is 10,000 sets!When i am here、The workshop of burning dishes!
Laozi burns art here!

Lingnan Mountains,A military helicopter flies over。

Chen Xiu looked out from the helicopter,A clear blue sky never seen before,The first feeling this sky gave Chen Xiu was that it was very high,Very open,White clouds are unattainable,Elegant and light。The golden sun shines on the white clouds,White clouds emit a faint light,Gives a crystal clear feeling。
Look towards the ground,I saw patches of forest、Meadow and lake,Like a green carpet,Spread to the horizon。All kinds of exotic flowers bloom with colorful flowers,Colorful flowers,Dizzying。Trees growing on the ground,Even more,The vigorous branch pointed at the blue sky。
This gave Chen Xiu a feeling of returning to Shennongjia,Thought in mind:“The Li family would really find a place as the headquarters,The air inside the Lingnan Mountains is much cleaner than outside,It’s half the effort to practice!”
Chen Xiu is here this time,It was through the confession obtained from Luming that he found Li’s headquarters;I still know from Luming,Today is the day when the Li family elected the temporary family,All the masters of the Li family will come to the headquarters today,
He didn’t come to Li’s house for dinner,But to come over and kill all the senior leaders of the Li family。
As long as all the masters are finished,The Li family, which has passed on for more than 800 years, will be removed from the eight great families。
“Mr. Chen,Can’t fly ahead。”
“The mountains in front are very evil,Mountain mist and smoke all year round,Whether it is a helicopter or a fighter jet flying at a low altitude in front, it will crash。”
Chen Xiu looked in the direction the pilot pointed,I saw a towering green mountain range suddenly appeared ahead。This green mountain is like a dragon,Extend straight forward,The mountain is even shrouded in smoke,Can’t see its true colors,Just take a look from a distance,A breath of vicissitudes of antiquity is already coming,Make people happy physically and mentally。
“According to Lu Ming’s account of Li’s headquarters‘Wenfeng View’Is located on the top of Wenfeng Mountain,It should be here。Those planes that flew down from the low altitude of Wenfeng Mountain should be the people of Li’s family deliberately to avoid being harassed。”
Chen Xiu asked:“Is the mountain in front of Wenfeng Mountain??”
“Before, we had heard about it with local people in order to find the remains of the crashed plane,It’s not wrong to call Wenfengshan。”

NS993chapter:Bad guy

Blue Xin laughs,A happiness,“Xiao Jun,There you can rest assured this statement mom。
Just say your father,Our family really great Xiaojun!However, our family is really can’t afford.。”
Xiaojun heard that,Warm heart,Can help Mom and Dad, he is very happy.,He must work hard to grow better.。
“Mother,There are changes in his father called me in to。”
“it is good!”
Blue Yan smiled and hung up the phone,My heart very happy,Son sitting in front of a computer before feeling very mysterious,I only know now,My son is really worthwhile.。
Blue Yan started out electric wheelchair。
Nervously, she in the room,And he took the phone out。
25th floor has been very quiet,I miss her work day,time flies。
She went to his office.,Before and before,There is not much change。
She lifted,I looked out the window the blue sky,She suddenly sigh life is like drama 。
To the city after the river,She was many things happened this。
And the other side,Mu sub-Heng Jin Yan looked happy sleep for a long time,I want to leave,Yue Jin Yan has slowly opened his eyes to see the pupil of the eye。
He looked slightly nervous,This time to go,It is even more likely to escape her again.。
She said the last time,She does not find himself in,Let him not hide。
Yue Jin Yan blinked his eyes,Bleary eyes looking at the sub-Mu Heng,She thought that his dazzled,Take a closer look,Mu was determined to be sub-heng。
She is full of soft,I looked at him in a warm blanket,He gave her cover it?
She picked brow slightly,Lips slightly parted:“How will you be here?”
Voice coars,Also with deep sleep。
Her lazy and stretched their own uncomfortable feet,Uncomfortable sleep sofa,Her feet some hemp。
Mu Zizi smashed the lips,Cool and bright voice:“I came to A Yao,He’s not in now。”
Yue Jin Yan looked at the office,Yao is not really Oujing,She was asleep when?
She didn’t sleep last night.,Mu is because of the emergence of the sub-Heng。
She slowly sat up to,Not enough sleep,The people are not very comfortable。
Mu Heng child to see that she did not sleep enough。
“Gather,You sleep a little。”
Mu Heng child care involuntary exit。
Yue Jin Yan has touched the bottom of my heart that the most vulnerable nerve,She is awkward,Slightly dry lips in,Sound line pain:“I do not want to abandon?
Why does care about me?
I do not want to see?
Why do you want to appear in front of me,I see you every night because you are very happy to sad and painful it?”
“Ohh You bastard,Why do you do this to me?”
Le Yu’s cover,How can he do this to her??

Such vegetables are even more than other supply channels。

“Lee brother,We don’t acquire it.,But there is no purchase channel.。”
This issue for Suwa,Li Hui Feng also preparations early。
“Do not worry,Taohua Village signed the contract with me,However, since the other party gives the price of vegetables so high.,We should also adjust it properly.,Otherwise, how much is some pressure of the mountains.。”
“Hey-hey,Lee brother,do not worry,We are not a small person。”
Follow,Li Hui is with Su Qing and Zheng Tiancheng discussions.,After Li Mei’s people took the vegetables of Lotus Village after acquiring these days,They put competition but the other side to acquire the vegetables of Taoyao Village.。
The purpose of this destination skill is paralyzed Li Mei.,I can get a good impression at the octavian village.。
The vegetables in lotus village were acquired a week.,Basically have been finished.。
This winter is destined to calm,Villagers who sell vegetables are all intelligent。
And the remaining villagers who have left the contract with Li Hui’s contract is also a bit uncomfortable.,But the way is their own choice.,no way。
Li Hui has a temporary acquisition station in Tanhua Village with Kanhua Village.。
All vegetables are detected,And the team is a large studio of a large greenhouse.。
The result is also letting Li Hui’s breath.,There is no pesticide residue。
This result is also very happy to make Su Chang and Zheng Tiancheng.,When the vegetables in Taoyao Village are also directly eaten。
Tight half a month,The per capita level of the two villages has been commissioned for ten times.。
And this news makes Shen Tian Si are also very happy.。
Although there is no value to giving taxes to the government,But the deposit of the villagers,The economic improvement of the villagers also makes Shen Tian Si have a feeling of playing a victory.。
Just in Su Liang and others have just returned.,Li Mei’s hotel has been reported to the food poisoning.。
This allows Li Mei’s chain hotel to immediately experience unprecedented pressure.。
And Su is a feeling of feeling.,Take advantage of this opportunity,It is also an outward expansion of cracking。
Li Mei is somewhat angry and reprimanded by the following people who acquire vegetables.。
Directly put the latest number of vegetable tests on each other’s face。
“you say,I will let you buy vegetables,You actually have a person who has been tested.?
What do you say this??”
Chapter 694 Chapter Bao Commandment
Li Mei’s beautiful pretty face is full of anger.。
“talk,We have lost its reputation this matter.,Loss a word of mouth,Lose money,You said it.,I will let you polish your eyes when you go to the acquisition.,As long as they acquire,We can increase the price。”
“The results of it?
As a result, you only take the acquisition.,Regardless of the quality of vegetables?
Feelive my money is a big wind blowing?”
“Even if my money is a big wind blowing,You can destroy me like this.?
the last one“Um”Li Mei has been burning in anger。
She has just prepared to enter the hotel’s chain into the surroundings.,The result is out,This is simply letting her have a feeling of moving the stones.。
“boss,I still have an idea.。”

There is a cold undercurrent surging deep in the center of the ravine,Although dull,But Li Tianchou seemed to see a passage along the undercurrent,Twists and turns to the depths of darkness,That should be the center of the earth。

“It is difficult to achieve with your current strength,But with it, it’s not a problem。”
“Don’t you have this power?”
“Of course there is。”Lotus villain is very proud,“But I won’t let this idiot get cheap。”
“prior to,Didn’t you say you want to go in and have a look?”Li Tianchou is depressed,I really don’t understand this little guy,’This idiot’It seems to refer to the mortal will,So what does picking up cheap mean??Could it be the ability to enter the terrain?
Lotus villain does not answer,Flicker and dive into Li Tianchou’s deep hiding,Fly directly into the small world,Left Li Tianchou alone outside。
The big hand holding Li Tianchou’s neck suddenly paused,Followed by a slight jitter,Li Tianchou’s body sank suddenly,Was dragged into the depths of the gully by a huge force。
A penetrating cold air invades,Li Tianchou shivered involuntarily,This indescribable coldness is more terrifying than all the pain suffered before,Too late to react,The passage is right in front of you,The undercurrent spews out like substance,Tyrannical。
Caught off guard,Li Tianchou’s arms covering his head were almost discounted,The body feels torn apart,Fly back involuntarily,If it wasn’t for that big hand,,I’m afraid I’ve already flown out of the tunnel,Broke the gully。
The invisible big hand rage,Afterburning pressed Li Tianchou and rushed down again,The undercurrent is more ferocious,Finally revealed the outline of the big hand,And Li Tianchou’s body is at the front,Severely deformed by the torrent,Except for the neck,I don’t know how many bones are broken,The pain of being torn is beyond words。
The scariest thing is,Li Tianchou can hardly faint,Perception is fully stimulated by mortal will,I watched my body instantly become riddled with holes,Even if my eyes are blind,But the vision of the divine consciousness is still very clear。
In this situation,No matter how strong the will is, it will be quickly defeated,Li Tianchou’s body has become a skeleton,Except for a few light groups,All the flesh and blood of the skin are turned into pieces,This is the second time he has seen his bare bones since the Asura Secret Realm,And all the bones except the head,It was golden last time,This time it is dark gold with purple fluorescence,The body that an extraordinary life can possess。
Although the bones are broken in many places,But the strange thing is,All the broken bones are hung on the torso in different shapes,Piecemeal but extremely tenacious,No matter how the undercurrent scoured, it never dropped a single trace,It just looks more tragic and terrifying。
of course,This still has a hidden and hard to destroy place,One in the brain,There is always surrounded by milky white light,Even the hard skull is covered up,The undercurrent cannot be shaken at all。
This is the most important part of Li Tianchou’s body,God hides and the small world is inside,And the vast outer space after the world was rebuilt,During this period, there is a strange power hidden that makes the will of the mortal be very jealous,Dare not touch。
The other is in the lower abdomen,There is also a light group,This used to be the source of the air in the small world,Now too,But it is no longer the only source。
The last light group is on Li Tianchou’s left chest,It is much dim compared to the first two light clusters,But after the transformation of the small world,Li Tianchou’s new heart,It’s still hard to see its special place,The surface is covered by dark smoke,Seems very mysterious。
This poor skeleton was pressed by a big hand,Straight into the depths of the channel,After a turn,Li Tianchou actually saw the light,It’s like a drowning man suddenly grabbing a straw,So that the bones all over the body are shaking slightly。
The light is also milky white,Just like when the lotus boy first appeared,Bright but not losing warmth,But it is very attractive to Li Tianchou’s body,He felt a certain calling,Then the emotion is sour,It’s hot again,Suddenly I was full of emotion,Like a wanderer who left his homeland a long time ago to go to the outside world,I can’t wait to return home with my vicissitudes。

“A race that has been disturbed by ghosts for tens of thousands of years,Bloodthirsty,Cruel to kill,This race seems to exist to destroy other races。”

Li Tianzhen’s expression is serious,“The truth of Liuyun View is hidden inside,There are all the memories of Xiao Yanda in the soul,But I can’t spare my energy now,Forgot to tell you,There is a scarier guy trapped in the ruins。”
“Scarier guy?!”The instructor and several other practitioners who accompanied them were stunned。
Old man Dong was also shocked,He stared at Li Tianzhen’s eyes tightly,Trying to find out what he wants to see,Finally, he waved his hand not irritably,“Don’t you find any excuses……”
“The reason why I wasted time talking to you,I just want to know twenty years ago,What are the identities of the two old men rescued abroad by the special operations team?,Xiao Yanda has been investigating,Hid for more than 20 years,Think about it,Is it terrible?”
“I do not understand,I only know about the murder of Liuyunguan,There is no explanation for this matter,Don’t blame me turning my face and ruthless。”
“You are very rare practitioners,The vision is far from comparable to ordinary people,So I think things should be more reliable,What is the kinship planning?This matter is more important than the bloody murders you ranted all day long,You won’t understand。”Li Tianzheng turned around and left,The tall war puppet stared coldly at the angry old man Dong,The huge weapon in his hand glows with the unique cold light of metal,That kind of murderous breath represents Li Tianzhi’s attitude。
Chapter nine hundred and sixty four Not exchange
Old man Dong and the few practitioners around him can’t beat the three war puppets.,It was only in vain to scold for a long time,Apply to mobilize advanced heavy weapons?Don’t even think,Not only is the procedure extremely cumbersome and complicated,And the incident must be clear,Sufficient evidence,The purpose must be clear,It’s not just whoever pats the head.,And it makes no sense to Li Tianzhen,It will bring endless troubles。
then,The pressure on old man Dong’s heart has become much heavier,Based on Li Tianzhi’s uncertainty,And there is a new and scarier guy,These two things,Either way is a huge hidden danger,his**I seem to have committed another illness,Looking up at the sky,Watching the boundless darkness rushing toward your face。
“I’ll talk to him in detail later。”Instructor consolation,It seems to be self-recommended,After the awakening, the chance of contact between Li Tianzhen and him is getting less and less,I seem to be far away emotionally,Although still fighting together,But there is almost no time to really communicate,But Liuyunguan bloody case is different,Twenty years ago, it’s even more different,So he has a strong desire to talk to Li Tianzhen,It’s a pity that a more terrifying demon suddenly appeared。
The guy who deserves to make Li Tianzhen so active,Must be terrible,Even surpassed Panmang,Three spatial rifts have not been resolved,Many gods and demons who invade from other worlds are hidden in the world,Is this really the end of the world??Who can break it?
Old man Dong said nothing,Turn around and leave first,Left behind other practitioners to monitor the ruins of the underground palace,He has a lot of clues to clarify,It’s a race against time,Even whether to mobilize heavy weapons with mass destruction is also under consideration,I’ve been busy until late at night before picking up my phone to check,Subordinates will report to him every ten minutes,Nothing happened in the first few articles,There are still countless gnomes digging,He was too busy to watch。
See now,The content of the following dozens of messages has not changed at all,Only the last one is different,The excavation of the underground palace stopped,Those dwarf villains are gone,Everything in the ruins is calm,The instructor went to see Li Tianzhi,Talked for a while before leaving。
Old man Dong just remembered,At the scene in the evening,The instructor once mentioned this to him,He was in a bad mood,Did not answer positively,Unexpectedly, he still insisted on doing it。
Old man Dong suddenly wanted to hear the result of the instructor’s talk,Although he doesn’t know what the result is,So put on a coat,Opened the curtain of the tent,A dark shadow is squatting outside the tent,With a cigarette,Tilt your head and don’t know what you’re thinking,Take a closer look,There is already a circle of cigarette butts on the ground。
“You find me,Why not say a word,Or just come in?”

Zhou Ye:“not so good,You hurry to see if I have just had a diabetic ketoacidosis.,I should have no problem.。”

Zhou Ye is rushing to pull out the drug and insulin that has just been opened to the girl.,And Li Qifeng seems to be anxious.。
There is a feeling of vitality, like a mustard……
Perhaps it can be said that it has experienced too much calm after life and death.。
Li Qifeng looked at the medicine of Zhou Ye,If you have a thought:“First of all, you have to diagnose,Give me a view of the report.。”
Zhou Yeny nodded,If the diagnosis is wrong,Treatment will only aggravate the condition.!
He immediately gave the girl’s test with Li Qifeng。
Li Qifeng quickly looked at an eye,For many years, he didn’t see the girl.,Celeptively:“IType diabetic ketoacid is poisoned,High blood sugar,Plasma osmotic pressure,Acidosis,Urose and urethyl,Even the sodium is low……”
“Blood sodium is due to electrolyte disorders。”Zhou Ye We will play with the words。
Li Qifeng nodded,Then Zhou Ye once again called out his insulin and brine!If diagnosed,In fact, Zhou Ye is still a grasp of his treatment.!
Although there is a fear,But if you should deal with the scheme of the internal book, it should not be wrong.!
Treatment principles of diabetic ketoacidosis include removal of induced factors,Such as infection, etc.!But this girl’s blood bill is normal,There are no symptoms of infection,Therefore, Zhou Ye did not want to add more physiological saline.、Small dose venous with insulin、Potassium and supplementation, etc.。
Li Qifeng looked at the physiological saline from Zhou Yewu,Noddion:“I do not care what time,The key to the treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis is infusion,In principle, it is quick to slow,Pre-salt,Preferred physiological saline,Your replenishment is definitely not wrong.!”
Li Qifeng suddenly turned,Then look at Zhou Ye。
Finish,Is it wrong??
Zhou Yewu looked at Li Qifeng,Zhengxin wants to have something wrong with what you have。
But think about it, I don’t see my own treatment plan.。
Li Qifeng This time:“But you should pay attention to the patient’s blood sugar.,According to blood sodium,Timely adjustment of the solution,Not as good as5Glucose solution or sugar brine with short-acting insulin。”
Zhou Ye realizes the details of ignore ignore,Some bites nodded。
At this time, Li Qifeng has once dials the infusion room.,Let the nurse pay close attention to the girl’s blood sugar。
Sour, severely supplemented alkaline drugs properly,The rest of the remaining local Zhouwu is very good。
Li Qifeng is also a smile showing appreciation。
If the patient is very likely that ketosis or ketoacidosis,But I can’t get a doctor for a short time.,Should use some simple method to handle immediately,Drink more water if you give patients,Including drinking light salt,Every2~3Short-term insulin in deep muscle10~20Unit, etc.,And try to send it to the hospital in time。
Diabetes ketoacidosis has a tendency to episode,Therefore, after the ketan or ketoacidosis is correct,Patients should be vigilant against their incentives,Adhere to the correct treatment,Early effective treatment when infection,And timely adjustment of the dose of hypoglycemic drugs such as insulin,Anti-diabetic ketoacidosis。
More than 10 years in the emergency department,Diabetic ketoacidosis can be considered by Li Qifeng often meets one of the diseases that will meet.!even thoughIType diabetes is not common,But for Li Qifeng,He is really very experienced,He seems to beIType diabetes patients have special fate!
And it is also a young beautiful girl!
Remember,Li Qifeng sighed:“If I can be young, I am a teenage.。”
Zhou Ye is still worried about patients。
He looks to Li Qifeng,Whisper:“Q,Do you want to go to the infusion room?。”
Li Qifeng looked at Ye Ye who was unconfident:“You are too cautious.,But you want me to see,I will go see,Hahaha,After all, you have to help me sit at night.。”
and many more,night?
Zhou Ye is a little stay。
My day!
Therefore, Li Qifeng is still preparing for forcing him to arrange a night shift.?
NS100chapter Is the takeaway not eaten?
I went to the emergency infusion room with Li Qifeng.。