Optimized business environment Valley multi-sectoral joints to protect "Golden Seed"

"Only a few hours, just proved the compliance, the residence efficiency of the district and the establishment of the Construction Bureau is really high." November 10th, Wuhan Changli New Material Technology Co., Ltd. related person in charge Hu Jie When talking about enterprises, when the company has been on the listing procedures, the government departments of Wuhan opened up a green channel. Wuhan Changli New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is the largest glass company in Huazhong, national glass backbone enterprises. Since 2006, it has been put into operation with 900 tons / day, 1,000 tons / day two large float glass production lines, two coated production lines and several foreign glass production lines, and the annual sales income is more than 2 billion yuan. It is a "golden seed" enterprise in Hubei, Wuhan City. At the beginning of this year, the company has been counseling in Hubei Securities, and plans to submit a listing application to the Securities Regulatory Commission in May next year.

According to the current verification norms and review points of the CSRC, the relevant departments need to issue corresponding compliance proven before the listing of Changli new materials in Wuhan.

In order to completing the company’s previous procedures, the regional financial office organized the district housing and construction in the region and the relevant person in charge of Changli new material communication.

I learned that the company has entered the listing key node, and the district homes quickly opened a green channel for the enterprise.

"When all of our parties exchange, we have neared from time to get off work at noon. We expect to get proven in a few days." Hu Jie recalls that the housing and construction bureau arranges a special person to work overtime to handle the relevant matters, and open it on the afternoon Compliance proof.

"Enterprise listing is a systemic project, including reform establishment, counseling, declaration, registration, distribution, and listed, etc., the person in charge of the District Finance Office, from the launch of the listing work to official listing takes longer, middle There is more factors, and any one is blocked, which will affect the company’s listing process.

"We will be a good" there is a call, no things do not disturb the "small number of gold shops, build a green channel for the listing of the reserve enterprises in our district, actively solve the needs of enterprises, and help companies have successfully listed.

"In recent years, Wuhan has attached great importance to the construction of multi-level capital markets, and the listing of the listing of the launching enterprises has established nearly 60 listing backup enterprises, and cultivated a group of key enterprises as" golden seeds ". Enterprises, focus on support, focus on advancement, focus on breakthrough.

At present, there are 8 provincial "golden seeds" enterprises in the region, 13 municipal "golden seeds" enterprises. (Reporter Peng Yu correspondent Li Pain).

Visibility of the trip to the vitality of the flow (the people’s commentary)

  China’s travel mode is not only reflected as a more convenient transportation, but also reflects people’s linkages in strengthening, there is a distinctive feature of mobile interconnection era, reflecting the progress of social civilization in new technologies, new technologies. Today’s traffic travel is not only faster, higher efficient, and more wisdom, intelligence, and also meets multi-level, diversified, personalized travel needs recently, good news related to traffic travel: Beidou system completed The global networking will provide more accurate navigation for users worldwide; my country’s first "smart high-speed" and Hangs Shao-Yutong Expressway projects support automatic driving technology; the development of network linkages, synergy and wisdom are development trends "Intelligent Traffic" has developed rapidly, bringing customized travel, sharing travel and green travel … In the comprehensive construction of a well-off society, these good news not only laid the speed of innovation and development in the transportation travel, but also means that the masses are more convenient. Traveling is more divers, travel experience is better.

  In the field of transportation, there is a common concept called "travel radius", which is also an indicator that measures people’s lives. From "I haven’t got out of small mountain villages in my life", go to the province’s study, work, and then to today’s increasingly popular multinational travel, the Chinese "Travel radius" is more and longer, reflecting the extension of a beautiful living range.

In 2019, civil aviation passengers transported billions, "paperless" service, "brush face" boarding, bringing people better "Blue Sky Experience"; China’s high-speed rail mileage exceeded the global high-speed rail mileage 2/3, the beautiful wishes of the ancients "Milky Jiangling Day" have become reality. The modern Chinese travel method represented by aircraft, high-speed rail, which not only became a synonym of a well-off life, quality life, but also established a new benchmark for traffic travel in comfort, efficient, convenient and other dimensions. China’s travel mode is not only reflected as a more convenient transportation, but also reflects people’s linkages in strengthening, with distinctive characteristics of mobile interconnection age, reflecting the progress of social civilization. At present, with the rapid application and development of new generation information such as 5G, Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the people of people, people, people, and things reflected behind traffic travel, have a profound change. Relying on algorithm, positioning, and big data, users can achieve accurate supply and demand matching; relying on 5G, cloud computing, intersection of traffic probes can monitor traffic changes in real time, dynamically adjust the traffic interval; relying on the network technology, The road running on the road can also become a network terminal, and automatically upgrade various applications and functions according to user needs … under the support of new technologies, new information, today’s traffic travel is not only faster, more efficient, and more wisdom, Intelligence, it is also more able to meet multi-level, diversified, and personalized travel needs.

  While feeling huge changes in traffic, we should not forget that in some remote areas and poverty, traffic conditions and people’s travel conditions remain to be improved.

Complete the short board of these regions, solve the problem of difficult people, not only the objective requirements of local development, but also the direct embodiment of "comprehensive well-being and less". Many places in order to meet the needs of low-income passengers, adhere to the low-cost "slow trains", for decades such as one day; before, my country’s last universal construction village – Sichuan Liangshan Bulgarum Town Wu Yi Township Abrov Harun enchanting "road double pass", the small-Kang dream tentacle of the mountains in the mountains. On the way to win the comprehensive well-off, do a good job in transportation and poverty alleviation, we must ensure that anyone will fall from the team. Wheel is flying, do not feel the year.

On the large land, the four-way road network, the convenient and efficient railway network, intensive interlaced route network, is changing the beautiful vision of the Chinese nation "Yue Yue, the best". Top more wider roads, let travel’s footsteps are more smooth, let travel services better, transportation more intelligent, a vibrant "mobile China" will have to make a continuous development of development.

(Editor: Chen Mingju, Yang Yang).

The reporter visited Yanqing Winter Olympics: rich Chinese wind full science and technology

Yanqing Winter Olympics renderings.

The respondent is a day ago, and the "central enterprises" in the "central enterprises Party construction effectiveness in the State-owned Assets Supervision" entered the scene of Yanqing Winter Olympic Village project, the reporter learned that since the national state-owned corporate party building, Zhongjian Group has established the party building Mutual integration with production and operation, adhere to high quality party building leading high quality development, high standards promote more than 20 Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics venues and supporting project construction. Among them, Yanqing Winter Olympics, China Construction, participated in the operation of investment and construction, and Yanqing Mountain News Center project is located at the foot of Xiahai Tuohan, Yanqing District, Beijing, with a total construction area of ??10,000 square meters, Yanqing Winter Olympics and Yanqing Mountain News Center project The total construction area is 10,000 square meters, including the Winter Olympic Village athletes, public groups, mountain news centers and ancient village sites, will provide more than 1,500 beds for athletes and with team officials, and undertake Beijing Winter Olympics Office function.

The project has been completed at the end of 2020 and is currently undergoing the operation and commissioning of the competition.

Shanxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration: 7 batches of lights have dangerous

  Original title: 7 batch lights have electric shock danger on December 29, the provincial market supervision and administration of product quality supervision spot results show that 7 batches of unqualified luminaire may lead to electric shock. Unqualified lamps are: Xiaodian District Xinhua Yi Lighting Directory Delivery of Foshan Nanhai Cooperator Electric Co., Ltd. Produced by Ketur LED lamp (KPE-8068201703), Wan Berlin District Mingtai Lighting distribution department distribution Nominal LED panel light (SP-XCTD-6W202006) produced by Zhongshan Wu’an Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., LED Bell Light (Xing Yun Series II 2020II), Nakaraping Department of New Year Lighting Federation Dongyang Lighting Ming Lan Light (TH1204CP3-7W202006) produced by Tianbang Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd., Type Zhenzhi District Pinyi Light Ming Dynasty Delivery Department distributing the name of Zhongshan Changyi Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. TD25701-5W), embedded LED lamp (MP-TM0211-5W201910) (16w).

  The quality problems of the above-mentioned luminaires are unqualified by insulating resistors and electrical strength projects.

The project requires the resistance of the insulating material in different parts of the lamp, and the insulating material will not be destroyed at the specified electric field strength.

The project is unqualified may result in an insulated breakdown during normal use, thus causing the user’s electric shock danger, which will hazard to life safety. (Reporter He Bao Guo).

Shanghai has issued a rules and regulations to "kill" "not"

  Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai November 18 (Reporter Cheng Siqi) Algorithm Technology Application In the improved network consumption experience, the promotion of high quality development, and also produced a big data "cooked", algorithm discrimination.

Recently, the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau formulated the "Shanghai Network Trading Platform Network Marketing Activity Algorithm Application Guidelines (Trial)" ("Guidelines"), standardizing the application behavior of network marketing activity algorithm network trading platform, and draws out of the platform operator Base line. Network marketing activity algorithm application refers to information network sales of goods or services through Internet or service, applying algorithm technology implementing various automation decisions, including information push or commercial marketing to consumers, providing search results, and carries out transactions.

  In order to standardize the platform algorithm, the "Guide" proposes seven "not" and draws the compliance bottom line.

Do not use the algorithm to implement improper price behavior; may not use the algorithm to implement unreasonable differential treatment; must not use the algorithm to provide the results of the search results for its personal feature options; can not use the algorithm to make a prize sales; Do not use the algorithm to unreasonably restrict or add unreasonable conditions to the platform; must not use the algorithm to hinder, destroy the normal operation of network products or services provided by other operators; must not use the algorithm to abuse market dominance. In the future, the Shanghai market regulatory authorities will strengthen publicity and guidance, urge the Shanghai network trading platform operators to refer to the "Guidelines", establish corresponding algorithm application compliance management system, timely assessment of relevant legal risks, and carry out network marketing activity algorithm applications .

(Editor: Ouyunhai).

Powerful health life is submitted again

(Source: CFP) It is understood that powerful health life is Jiangxi Province’s integrated property management service provider, service network covers the Yangtze River Delta, Dawan District, Bohai Region and China.

Force high health life provides a variety of services through three business lines (ie, property management services, non-owners and community value-added services). The management of the project includes residential properties and non-residential properties, mainly covering commercial properties (such as office buildings and commercial streets) and public facilities.

As of June 30, 2021, a total of 88 people in the management project, with a total construction area of ??13.9 million square meters, and the contract management is located in 25 cities in China’s 11 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. 127 projects, total contract area of ??22 million square meters.

The income of a healthy life is increased from RMB million in 2018 to RMB million in 2020, and the compound annual growth rate is%.

It is reported that the growth of the total income is mainly three points during the tracking period. First, the growth of the property management service is mainly due to the increase in the construction area of ??the Power Group and its joint venture and associates. As of 2018, June 31, 2019 and June 30, 2021, is millions of square meters, millions of square meters, millions of square meters, millions of square meters; Second, the company has been in 2020 12 On the 31st, the Wuhu Forest was acquired, and the new 25 projects were added. Based on the combination of the management project as of December 31, 2020, the total construction area of ??the tube is about million square meters, which is on June 30, 2021 and The financial performance of six months of the latter has been incorporated into the Group; the third is the income growth of non-owners’ value-added services, which is usually with the company’s business extension (especially service combination expansion) and continues to increase in the pipe building area. In addition, as of 2018, December 31, 2019 and June 30, 2021, with%,%,% and% belonging in the construction area of ??the tube and its joint ventures and associates Property.

Samsung Pile found important sites

  This newspaper Chengdu July 29 (Reporter Wang Yong War) Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics Archaeological Research Institute Recently released results: 1 group in Joint Village, Nanfeng Town, Guanghan City, Sichuan Province, is located at the 8 km of Samsung Guo City, the Guanghan Joint Site, Discovery The rich new stone, Shang Zhou, Qin and Han, Wei Jin, Tang and Song Dynasties, with a renewable period of Tang and Qing Dynasties, and stretched around nearly 5000 years.

The discovery of the joint site is of great significance to study the origin, development and evolution of ancient civilization.

  In October 2019, in cooperation with the construction of Tianfu Avenue North Extension (Guanghan Section), Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics Archaeological Research Institute, Deyang Cultural Relics Archaeological Research Institute and Guanghan Cultural Relics Management Institute, etc. The area of ??excavation is 7,000 square meters.

  The archaeological excavation project is concerned, as of the end of July, the excavation area has been completed nearly 5,000 square meters, covering the history of regional development in the past 5,000 years, exposes the number of gray pits, tombs, and kiln sites in each period. Thousand gauges, there is a large amount of pottery, porcelain, stone, etc.

  The highlight of the archaeological discovery is to uncover the mystery of the Samsungdu Kingdom. In this site, archaeologists have discovered rich Samsung’s first period of remains (Puddun culture), mainly based on gray pits, sandwashing the vast majority, closely connected with the development sequence of Samsungi culture, and understand the ancient rules During the period, the surrounding area of ??Samsung Turquoise has an important value.

In this site, the main cultural factor of Samsungdui is the most abundant, of which unearthed mud plastic pigs, yin line engraved dragon and phoenix trays, vivid images, belong to the work of this period. Xin Zhonghua introduced that the site is the historical site of Chengdu Plain. In this site, Neoller remains contains factors that are earlier than the cultization of Baodun, and the pottery is mainly treasy, and the sandwood has a certain amount, and the rope pattern accounts for the vast majority. The remains of the Han Dynasty have a gray pit and a ditch, a verablehold, outning the utensils, tanks, pots,, spinning wheels and Ming Wen Wei.

During the Tang Song Dynasty, the tomb is mainly, the tomb of the brick room is mostly the secondary bone, there is a double room, the three-bedroom burial tomb, and the other small part of the burial.

Putin: The Russian economy has resumed the level GDP will increase by 4.7% before the epidemic.

Russian President Putin said on the 12th that Russia’s GDP growth has returned to the level before the new crown epidemic.

When Putin, in Moscow attended the Equipoto Economic Cooperative (APEC) in Moscow, Putin said that although there are many problems, the global economy is gradually recovering from the crisis. The latest prediction shows that the global GDP growth will reach% by the end of this year, and this number is even higher for the APEC economy, average is%. He said that Russia’s GDP growth has returned to the level before the epidemic, according to Russia estimated that it will reach% in 2021. This is a good indicator for our economy.

Putin said that there are many socio-economic and other issues in the Asia-Pacific region and the world, especially the new crown virus is far from being defeated, and there is no new or even more dangerous variant strains. Therefore, all necessary measures should be taken to optimize resources and technical support, strengthen the construction of health sector, and strengthen international cooperation in medical and pharmaceutical sectors, and support the World Health Organization to play a greater role. Russia will continue to help all needed countries in terms of vaccine, medicines, equipment, testing systems, and personal protective equipment.

Putin said that Russia opposes trade protectionism and opposes the limitations of unilateralism and political motives to compete for the market and elimination of competitors.

Russia believes that maintaining and strengthening the multilateral trade system with the WTO as the core in accordance with the interests of the entire international community.

He pointed out that digital technology helps strengthening the development of interconnection, infrastructure construction, transportation and logistics hallway in the Asia-Pacific region. Russia is interested in working closely with APEC economies. Putin said that climate change is one of the most severe challenges facing humanity.

While protecting the ecological environment and natural resources, in the process of global economic adaptation, more stringent environmental requirements and to clean energy transitions, consider the actual problems of economic and social development, and strictly follow the United Nations framework The agreement is based on the basis.

Putin believes that strengthening coordination with other regional forums and organizations in the Asia-Pacific region, such as the Eurasian Economic Union, ASEAN and Shanghai Cooperative Organization, will help improve APEC efficiency.

Russia will actively participate in the development and construction and mutual cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.


The first three days of "May 1", Hangzhou has received 623.9 million visitors.

Original title: "May 1", Hangzhou has received 10,000 visitors in the first three days! On May 3, the heat of the scenic spots in the "Shuangxi" scenic spot, Liangzhu Ancient City Site Park, Qinghefang and other urban scenic spots continued, and the instantaneous area passenger traffic continued to rise.

On day 3 of the holiday is also the peak day of the "May 1" holiday, Hangzhou has experienced the test of the peak of tourist passengers. It is expected that passenger traffic will be dropped from May 4, the afternoon or ushered in the return small peak. From the perspective of overall tourists, as of 3 pm on May 3, the West Lake Scenic Area (including Xixi Wetland) received 10,000 visitors, and the Hubin Pedestrian Street received 10,000 visitors; the Historical block of Qinghefang received 10,000 visitors, Song Cheng Scenic Area received tourists Ten thousand people, the canal scenic spot receives tourists, the Qiandao Lake Scenic Area receives thousands of people, the Liangzhu Museum receives 10,000 visitors, and the Liangzhu Ancient City Site Park receives 10,000 visitors.

The various types of cultural theme projects in each area of ??each district (county, city), gather popularity and grounding, and the passenger flow of the peak of the main urban area places a certain shunt, reducing the passenger flow pressure of the key scenic spot.

In the past few days, Tonglu Yaolin Wonderland, Yan Zhiling Fishing Station, Qi Mountain and other scenic spots, tourists have a wave high over a wave, break the 2019 episode of the same period; Lin’an River Bridge Gu Town National Frozen Digital Theme Town Scenic Area "Fox Shi Xiao Niang" Immersion night tour opening, use "Anime + Technology + Night Tour" ancient town new experience model, so that the scenic spot has become a new favorite of the "net red" of the country swimming card. "The May Day holiday is full, most of the store will order one month in advance.

"Nearby the" Cloud Acacia "B & B in the Grand Canyon of Zhejiang West, this year’s" May 1st "room reservation speed, far ultra Qingming small holiday, the founder of the home, Zheng Li, is" not expected "to describe the" May 1 "heat.

Star hotel, boutique home and B & B is hot, booking "rising" sound, became the normal state of Hangzhou "May 1st" tourism market, the total booking is basically the same as 2019. According to the city’s cerebral forest system hotel, B & B bookings data, Tonglu, Lin’an, West Lake’s boutique homes are high, and Xiaoshan Hotel has exceeded the city average. (Editor: Jin Zhongyao, Kang Mengqi).

Shenzhen Futian: The first district is then pushed 10 "people’s livelihood blessings"

Original title: Futian District: The first good district will then push 10 "Minsheng Fu Li" | 100-year-old, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, a new public primary and secondary school degree, 5 new community health service agencies, and prepare for the public housing not less than 3000 sets,70 years old and above, the old-year-old, one-time, one-month, one-month-old allowance, implementation of the "One Street All Road" project, build 10 special boutique blocks … to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, recently, Shenzhen Futian District continued to celebrate the founding of New China70th anniversary, the 40th anniversary of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone was established and the 30th anniversary of the Futian Jianzhi District, "Minsheng Fu Li" has once again launched a new "Minsheng Blessing" again.

This 10th "Minsheng Fu Li" includes 100 benefits such as superior education, health, support, livable, music, environment, care, support, cultural and sorghum, and enterprises, covering the elderly from infants. All people, wide coverage, strong targeted, high perception.

  Huang Wei, deputy secretary of the Futian District Committee, and Zhuang Huang Wei, "Minsheng Fu Li" really is actually serving the residents of the jurisdiction, and is a full sincerity of the Futian District Committee and the District Government. The development of education is the leader of the premium education resource coverage in 100 benefits, and the Futian District is the leader of education, continues to improve the well-being of people’s livelihood. Education is the foundation of people’s livelihood, as the central city, Futian District launched 8 Qijiao "Fu Li", continued to increase education degree, implement school after-school services, integrate various types of educational resources, and strive to promote the construction of education first line demonstration zone.

In order to make the education resources more quality and balanced, Futian District accelerate the promotion of grouping schools, and newly established no less than 2 educational groups, and the Group’s business coverage increased to 40%, expanding the coverage of quality education resources. In recent years, Futian District has been working hard to reverse the difficult situation of tense from degree. This time, the Futian area also increases the supply of primary and secondary schools.

Through the high-quality new revision, 11 public and middle schools such as Jinglong Primary School, Qiao’an Primary School, adding 6,300 degrees; at the same time, 3 kindergartens, and 990 kindergartens degrees.

  Previously, the "Futian District Compulsory Education Stage School Afterward Service Implementation Plan" is released, which will provide full coverage of the entire district public and private schools this year.

In this case, the Futian District also focused on the post-school after-school service. He will fully promote the organic integration of the post-class service and quality education, and create a rich multi-curriculum system, and provide students with students in the compulsory education. 1-2 Free service, benefiting 180,000 students in the district.

  In terms of medical care, the quantity is up to 13. At present, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is repeated, and the Futian District has further increased new crown vaccination services. Relying on inoculation resources in the jurisdiction, free new crown vaccination services are provided for eligible target populations, benefiting 1.72 million people. At the same time, complete the renovation project of the hospitalization building of the District Chinese Medicine Hospital, put into the use area Second People’s Hospital Rehabilitation Care Center, 200 new beds. In the health of the door, there are 5 health services such as New Mefeng and Construction Bank Building in Futian District, benefiting more than 100,000 people. Looking at the top 10 "People’s Livelihood Fu Li", 100 Huimin Measures, 100 Huimin Measures, 100 benefits, and 100 benefits. This year, Futian District continued to increase the housing demand of all kinds of personnel in the jurisdiction, further strengthening the appeal of Talent in the jurisdiction. Specifically, for the safeguard housing of the people, Futian District launched a housing housing inventive action, and prepared not less than 3,000 public housing, providing physical rental of 2,000 sets, focusing on 1000 sets of currency rents. At the same time, it is also provided with low-rentering affordable housing subsidies, according to the standards of 810 yuan per person, pay low-rent security monetary subsidies to difficult families to the jurisdiction.

  As a highly built zone, Futian District has no shortage of old communities.

In 100 Huimin Measures, Futian District is 100% upgrade and renovation of the "Three No Commodity", the unreasonable main committee, no material special maintenance golden community; actual advancement of the inconvenience of the old residents in the old residents, vigorously promote elevator plus Work, accumulate 100 elevators, and complete 150 old elevator update modifications, each elevator subsidy fee is 50% of the renewal of renovation. On the other hand, Futian continues to expand to increase parking spaces.

Promote commercial buildings, parks, hospitals, and institutions of parking spaces in the parking space, in the city, community, business district, etc., the new three-dimensional parking garage, parking lot.

In the year, 30 parking lots were completed, and the new 6,000 parking spaces were added to alleviate the problem of parking.

  10 real things in new Hui En-enterprises to create employment entrepreneurship is the foundation of people’s livelihood, and also the basis of life quality. In the employment, Futian "Leye Fu Li" will implement recruitment introduction, employment incentives, appropriate post training, youth stations, public welfare classrooms, and workers charging and other initiatives. At the same time, the 10th "Minsheng Fu Li" also added a new type of benefit, and the benefits of Huimin advan from the depth. "Hui Company" Fuji includes policy assistants, approval, and guarantees the activities of enterprises and enterprises, promotes the improvement of service enterprises, and optimizes the business environment of the jurisdiction. Among them, Futian will introduce the "1 + 9 + N" industry fund policy, give full play to financial fund-oriented incentives, highlight the integrity of social resources, and reduce business costs. Optimize the upgrade of intelligent enterprise service platform, arrange more intelligent approval projects, and use digital currency form to achieve second batch.

  And continue to promote the "Futian Gifts" Tesco Festival, continue to promote consumption activities with coffee, cars, digital home appliances, night economy, strengthen "Futian gift" activities, guide the city’s internal and external consumers to Futian consumption shopping, help jurisdiction Merchants to improve their operations.

  In addition, there will be 15 categories of macroeconomic forms, microeconomic research, internal management of enterprises, and organize entrepreneurs in the jurisdiction, assisting private enterprises to improve, and issue policy spree to the jurisdiction, including industries Policy, application guidelines, etc.