Zhong Miura dumb,Not having the strength to fight back means being beaten,Not even just beaten,More likely to be occupied,Enslaved,Even perished,He doesn’t know the blood family very well,But from the brutal methods of Liuyun Guan, we can judge how bloody this alien invading race is.。

He also heard about many incidents of alien invasion,Mostly from old man Dong,I didn’t think it would be this serious,Until Li Hao died in Liuyunguan,He spent more thoughts to understand what the heavens are,What space rift,What is the mark of eschatology,All this shocked Zhong Miura, who was practicing hermit life.,Shudder every time I think about it,This is how desperate persistence enters the wasteland with Li Tianzhi。
Zhong Sanpu couldn’t persuade an old friend to come out,But very carefully re-examined the purpose of practice,So what is the purpose??Get to?Soaring fairy world?Then leave this world?For those who are about to touch the catastrophe,The height at which you stand and the world you can see is far beyond ordinary people,But still deeply confused by this question。
Then the fairy world is not good anymore,According to what this kid said,The fairy world is long gone,If in the past,Zhong Sanpu would only sneer,To deceive the crowd,Invent a god world,Slander the fairy world,He doesn’t even care about this kind of god,Ants only。
But the person in front of you is obviously not an ant,Although it still looks like a mortal,But gesture,The magical powers swayed at will make him amazed,This person’s cultivation level far exceeds Zhong Sanpu’s cognition,It’s even beyond the understanding of true immortals in the spiritual world,God Realm seems to exist,The world is really as big as the legend?
But why the powerful world is destroyed?Once Zhong Sanpu starts to think about this issue seriously,The previous confusion is no longer a confusion,He wants to follow this young man to understand the truth,wrong,Is to understand all the unknowns with this guy who calls himself God Realm,But what Li Tianzhen said just now poured cold water on him。
“That demon……I mean to what extent the strength of the demon who fought with you has reached?”
“This is very important?”
“I just want to know more。”
“Very strong。”Li Tianzhen nodded,He knows Zhong Mipu lacks confidence,“in fact,I have seen a great supernatural power more powerful than him。”
Zhong Sanpu’s eyes widened,I don’t understand what Li Tianzhen wants to say,So more confused。
“In fact, the cultivation level reached the realm of true god or true immortal does not mean immortality.,Because this world is different from before,it is at……”
“Destroying?Just like you kept telling Xiao Dong?”
“Correct,At least has entered this process。”Li Tianzhen frowned,“Just imagine,The world no longer exists,How immortal you?”
“But you said you are not an eschatologist。”
“Two different concepts。”Li Tianzhen shook his head,Drink the tea in the cup in one sip,“The world has indeed entered a process of destruction,It’s actually happening,No one can deny this fact。But I don’t think this process is unique,Or it is irreversible。”
“Your trend,Change the world?”Zhong Sanpu wants to laugh,I really want to believe what Li Tianzhen said,But think carefully,This is really a very funny joke。

Now“Dream god”Cultivation is also《Small chaotic work》,No need for badges,Also progress,If the equipment badge,Can be faster three points。

In fact, compared to,Original version《Northern God》Faster practice,Cooperate with martial arts,More easily achievement。
instead《Small chaotic work》if,Although the grade is not《Northern God》under,But because“Dream god”It doesn’t have a congenital gas in itself.,You can’t change your meridians.,Cost performance is not as good as《Northern God》。
The reason why Chu Deirers choose《Small chaotic work》,In fact, it is better to have better choices.,Prepare for replacement。
after all“Dream god”Under condition,Chu Deiren once,Will can’t cultivate meditation,So change the internal strength,As with ordinary people,Need to consider the problem of before and after。
《Northern God》Most of the line of work,Both opposite to ordinary internal strength,and《Plastic star Dafa》Same,It belongs to the least suitable martial arts,and《Small chaotic work》Because of its nature variable,Almost any martial art,Can transition smoothly!
《Jade》Although the horizon,But there is no way to make the Chu Deirers to determine the extent to be changed.,Just temporary“collect”stand up。
Wang Yuchen worships into the tomb faction,Chu Deirers stayed again three days,After that, I decided to say goodbye to the leave.。
Take everyone to send everyone,Li Mozhen is still mysteriously called him.,Pull to the side,To say a few words alone……
Chu Deirers are puzzling,Li Mo said that the cavity said:“Since Chu Chuzi, since the person of our ancient tomb,The ancient tomb is something wrong.,Do you have to take the initiative??”
“This……What haven is there??”Chu Deiren looked at Li Mozhen,A look like“In addition to you, no one is bullying her”Look。
Li Mozhen continues to carry a cavity:“half year later,May 15,It is the birthday of the teacher.……In fact, she is still going back to the ancient tombs.。”
Chu Deirers continue to watch her,Felt……Li Mozhen seems to be in the defenses?
“Cough,This is the 18th birthday of the teacher.。”Li Mo suddenly said after it。
“so what?”Chu Deirers still don’t understand。
“So maybe someone will‘Contend’Name,Come to the Nanshan mess!”Li Mozhen bite his teeth。
Chu Deman:……
Obviously this is the necessary logical relationship——Why is it full of 18,I will definitely come to the martial arts.?
However, Li Mozhen has always glared at him.,Work hard to create“Do you want to ask who is”atmosphere of。
In fact, it is no longer available.!
It is definitely a resentment for the teacher before Li Mozhen.,So spread the rumors around,I am not embarrassed now.,Want Chu Deirers to solve。
Moreover, the Chu Deirers also reacted at this time.,There is indeed such an original.——Guo Jing took Yang to come to the Nanshan,I was mistaken to think that it is a small dragon.“Obscene”,Blocking the sword array……
It is also,Guo Jing and Zhao Zhi were knotted the hatred,Guo Jing is not going to my heart,Instead, I feel that I can stop myself. Zhao Zhijing is good.,Master, who is done, is very reliable,I have never thought about it.,Zhao Zhijing hate him to let himself lose face。
And the reason is such a out,It is because some people spread on the rivers and lakes.,The Tomb of the Life of the Life, there is a peerless beauty,It is necessary to recruit a rumor in the 18th birthday this day.,As a result, Wang Zi Huo, Mongolia。
“Can’t you let me help what is more than Wu??”Chu Deirers said difficult。
“No one makes you really recdounce!You are old as the outside,Suspicious people who will listen to rumors,It’s all, it’s all.!”Li Mo said that he didn’t have a good look.。
“If it is just the case……Well,May 15,I got it。”Chu Deirers are difficult,Let Li Mozhen got a snorker。
Tiansheng four years Run December,That is, two December,There are still nearly seven months,Chu Deirers will not be idle,February,Also want to go to Wudang。
As for now,After the Chu Deirers left the ancient tomb,Did not go far away,But ready now around“Adventure”!
Chapter 125 Trichry
And said that the Chu Deiren left the ancient tomb.,But there is no way to go,Instead, I am surrounding.。
If you are discovered by Sun May,I am afraid that I want to be a kind heart.……
In fact, the Chu Deiren is natural is good.!
No one knows in the ancient tomb“Rear”,What is not very dangerous to know the enemy??

The opponent is shy。

When he saw that Li Hui is with Zhang with Zhang,Immediately laugh。
“Bamboo,Is this not Zhang??
Now you can’t stay in the city.,Ready to buy a car toward the countryside?”
Chapter 618 disappears
Zhang Duo see people,Flash in the eyes,But still try to keep yourself calm。
“Hey-hey,Liu Tong,I am coming with the boss.,I am not so big.。”
“Hey, a few cars are very powerful.?
Zhang Zheng, this pursuit is really fascinating.,Do you want you to come over??
I will give you a car.。”
Zhang Duo heard this,Eyes are all bright,An immediate heart is。
Li Hui Feng saw the light in the eyes of Zhang.,I know what is going on.。
“Liu Shu,Are you not very good for my face??
And I am not ready to develop towards the country.,On the contrary, it is ready to develop towards the city.,I bought a car today, I came to the city to show my fists.。”
Li Hui Feng looked at Liu Sihai to talk to Zhang,The eyes are uncomfortable in Zhao Xiaoling, and the appearance of Jiang Shuyan.,He is an angry。
“Xiao Li.,I didn’t recognize it.,Fortunately, you open it.,You have to say that I thought that Zhang Gong said the boss is the beautiful woman next to you.。”
Looking at Zhao Xiaoling’s occupationOLSkirt,Especially the black silk wearing two slender jade legs,Let Liu Sihai want to enter non-non-non-,The mind is even planned。
As for Jiang Shuyan, although it is very beautiful,But more but love,He is not interested in cute women。
Zhao Xiaoling originally thought that the clothes accompanied by a relatively generous dress。
But because Zhang Duo’s call is anxious,She can only wear the usual career installed.。
I heard the words of Liu Sihai,As long as it is not a fool, I know that Liu Sihai is changing in the wind.。
“Hey-hey,Liu Shu,I am from this boss.,We have a few bosses,I remember that Liu Shu is in the city.,I don’t know where Liu Shu is now doing.?”
Li Hui Feng asked very random,But his heart is already settled to make the other person to eat some bitterness.。
After all, the other party three five times is difficult,There is also a lot of money in the mountains in the village, I spent a lot of money.,He has always remembered this account.。
I want to compete with me?
You around you, I went to me, but I took it away.,If you can try it with my head?,However, when I was, I was gave you, don’t blame, I didn’t remind you.。”
Say this,Liu Sihai smiled and watched a lot of Zhang。
“boss Zhang,I remember that you have a few workers injured.?
Do you really expect them??
They don’t care from you,I just said that I don’t want to do it.,Don’t start,They still don’t listen,If you are not Zhang, you will expect them to clear the relationship in advance.,I feel that you may really be lying in the hospital that day.。”
Liu Sihai’s words let Li Hui Feng instantly anger。
How can he still leave for those people?,It turned out to be a lot of expenditures。
Zhang Duo also did not expect Liu Sihai to say these in the face of Li Hui Feng.,This makes him a time, I don’t know what to say.。

“That is still talking to what they say?Go together!”

正 气 的 士,A pair is not afraid of a lot of things.。
崆峒 五 老 闻 闻 红 红,Have a shelf,Others are also installed, unable to leave the sword handle。
“嘿嘿 嘿,Usually say what to do with Xie Xun does not share the sky,Now Xiexun is in front of,But I am afraid of Chu Tai.?Then go home and cry.,Life is reluctant,What to report??Also congratulations,Next time,It is replacing Shaolin,Bulls in this river,The world is unresolved……”
at this time,A burst of yin and yang strange sound,and……Everything is all,Listen carefully and feel far,Obviously it is also a high-yield!
“Where is the small thief?!”Chu Deirers did not finish,Have a big drink。
Suddenly“Emotive”Can,Positioning it backward,Chu Deirers waved、Star soft silk colors hidden in the sleeves,Precision,Drag out of the back。
Star branches of this soft silk,Not only the internal strength effect is excellent,And the more perfusion inner strength,The more crystal clear,At this time,Regular people also see it。
Just as if the Chu Deirers waved,Take one person in the crowd。
I saw this person torn at this neck.,What is it,And this person comes out,The voice of the yin and yang is also broken.,Obviously don’t find a wrong person!
No need to see,I can recognize their identity.,Pour the old acquaintance——White plate,Previously in Lushan,Lounted to Wang Yizhen half,So being laughing at the evil master。
Whiteboard is barely folded behind the head,Caulu people dragged it,Do not give it a chance to react,The right hand quietly lifted soft silk、The left foot kicks it down to kneel down,The left hand is in a white plate mask.,Suddenly see……
White plate mask,It is actually a slightly abstract human facial features.,some“Shout”style of,At the same time, the white board is coming.,Just send some in the throat“Bamboo”Movement。
With the action of the Chu Deirers left hand,As if the human shaped flue gas is born,Then, the whiteboard is still moving.,Chu Deirers kicked the past,His people are also stiff,Almost keep down the posture,Kick back to the crowd,Everyone looks at、Not only swallowed,And it seems to die, it is generally stiff.!
“Evil door,Lose weight!”Chu Deirers are properly qualified。
Be right,Again“Fossil”,Chu Deer seems“drag”What,In fact, it is forcibly given him.“Fossil”,Make it rapidly stiff,As for any humanoid flue gas with facial shape……
In essence, there is no difference between the street trick,Just need internal force……
But others can see,But it’s a cold。
Using regularly、Evil,Collecting a large number of nine-flow“Treasure”,In the hand of Chu Deirers,It became the light of the forward。
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 867 Fair battle
“die、died!Already stissible、All over……”
“how is this possible?Clearly!”
“The legend is not the first time.,The soul will leave?Could it be too old?……”
“It is definitely like this!You also saw it.?The three souls of the gray bats have been smoke,I……I also heard his scream.!”
“Bamboo!Don’t talk to people!Sprinkle home!”
“You won’t be afraid.?”
Everyone discovered,Gray bat that is taken out by Chu Deirers,Have been cool、stiff,As if you die,I can’t help but have some associations at a time.。
certainly,This is the Chu Deirers.,In fact, it is not difficult,Stiffness“Fossil”Caused、Coolness“Cold”Caused,As for the soul……
Like“Treasure”Obedation method,Sound effect is the sound simulation——Moreover, the Chu Deirers specially control the sound of sound.、Seems like。

All holidays,The town government seems a lot quieter。Xia Jian didn’t go anywhere,Keep falling asleep。He feels that the best happiness in the world is to let him sleep beautifully all day。

Just when he fell asleep almost ten o’clock,Suddenly someone knocked on the door。Xia Jian was extremely upset after waking up,He shouted:“Don’t knock,Haven’t got up yet,I’ll talk about it when I have something to work”Xia Jian finished,Still want to sleep。But the knocks keep on,And it gets louder and louder。
Xia Jianyou is on fire,How is this person like this,He put on clothes,Fly out of bed。When opening the door,Xia Jian dare not get angry,Smiled。It turns out that it’s not someone else standing at the door,It is Zhao Hong。
“What does it mean,Isn’t someone hiding in the house?!”Zhao Hong said,Walk inside,Looking around with one eye。And looked very carefully。
Xia Jian just understood,She is looking at her dormitory。Xia Jian quietly locked the door,Then he swooped in,Hugged Zhao Hong。
“How did you come?I’m so tired”Xia Jian said,So I kissed。
Zhao Hong struggled twice,No more words,But kissed Xia Jian。Xia Jian on a whim,He pushed Zhao Hong down on his soft big bed。
Zhao Hongjiao panted and said:“Don’t stay here!This is the town government,In case someone comes to you,Isn’t that ugly??Xia Jian didn’t say a word,Two of his have been restlessly touching Zhao Hong’s body。
Xia Jian at this time,He doesn’t think about anything。In a while,Zhao Hong’s body is as soft as noodles,At the mercy of Xia Jian。I wanted to sleep beautifully,I didn’t expect Zhao Hong’s sudden arrival,Make Xia Jian difficult to control。They tossed crazy on the big bed,Until exhausted。
Zhao Hong came here with a mission,But when I met someone like Xia Jian,She forgot the task Sun Yuejuan gave him.,Until her phone rang,Zhao Hongcai remembered,He came to tell Xia Jian to go back to eat dumplings。
The two laughed,I got dressed and walked out of Xia Jian’s room together。Fortunately, if the big town government courtyard,Can hardly see a figure。When they came out,Only the guardian said hello to Xia Jian。
Since Zhao Hong came here on a motorcycle,So when I go back,Xia Jian had to put his car down。Back to Xiping Village with Zhao Hong on a motorcycle。
Sun Yuejuan’s dumplings are already ready,She saw her son walk in with Zhao Hong,So he was busy cooking dumplings。Xia Zecheng glanced at Xia Jian,Asked coldly:“The whole country is on holiday today,What are you busy with?No care for home。Didn’t we say that we will let you come back for the Mid-Autumn Festival?“

Liu Ying snorted coldly,No more words,But to leave。Wang Youcai went to the bathroom,When he came back he saw,Feng Yan really went to Liu Ying’s room。

Busy in the city these days,He’s really tired。He usually sleeps with the TV to accompany him to sleep,This time he didn’t do it,But turned off all the lights in the room,He wants to force himself to sleep。But tired,Not forced at all,In a while,Wang Youcai fell asleep。
Fire in Wang Youcai’s room,There are electric blankets on the bed。So even though it is the twelfth lunar month,,But he doesn’t feel cold in his room。
In a daze,Wang Youcai in his sleep feels cold,Then there was a bunch of soft,And something very cold clung to him。
Wang Youcai woke up in shock,He immediately understood that someone got into his bed,It should be this Liu Ying again。Don’t look at this woman being serious during the day,But at night,Especially in bed,She is not a peaceful person。
Woman’s body is cold,Desperately stick to Wang Youcai。Wang Youcai suddenly felt something was wrong,Because of this person,There is a good smell of perfume。Wang Youcai knows,Liu Ying in the Diamond Kitchen every day,I should never use this stuff,It’s hard that this person is Feng Yan?
When Wang Youcai thought of Feng Yan,The little heart beats wildly。But he pretends a lot,Deliberately scolded:“What a fucking skank,Zhengxiang where I sleep,Why do you alarm me??”
“Good you are rich,You live in such a warm room,Let me sleep in the same room as the ice cellar,Do you bear your heart?”In Feng Yan’s anger,Finally uttered。
Wang Youcai deliberately:“what!”Went on to say:“It is you!Not to let you go,But you said you want to live there,Why am I so embarrassed not to let you live in??”
“roll!”Feng Yan cursed lightly,His hands and feet greeted Wang Youcai’s body。
At this time, Wang Youcai can’t wait,He doesn’t care about anything,Think of nothing。Sleeping beside such a stunner,What old Chinese doctor’s advice,He has forgotten everything。There is only one sentence left in his mind“Death under the peony,Be a ghost”
Feng Yan was a little angry and deliberately prevented Wang Youcai from succeeding,But soon she gave up resistance。The big wooden bed squeaked overwhelmedly。
But Wang Youcai thanked Dr. Lu from the bottom of his heart,He can revive,Still his medicine works。This night,Neither of them slept much,Tossing till dawn,They just fell asleep in exhaustion。
Meet a raging fire with dry wood,Or long drought and heavy rain to describe these two people,Shouldn’t be too much。
Sleep almost noon,Wang Youcai in his sleep suddenly heard the sound of a car horn。He suddenly stood up,This ghost place where he lives,Who can drive to him at this time?what!Wang Youcai suddenly remembered。Feng Yan didn’t tell him yesterday,Has Hu Huiru arrived in Pingdu??
Over,She should have come to investigate the guard suddenly。Wang Youcai fiercely woke up Feng Yan who was sleeping beside him and said:“Get up soon!Hu Huiru is here”
Feng Yan heard that Hu Huiru was here,It’s also Yunluo got up。She moved quickly and put on her underwear,When the coat is worn, I hold it and run out of the door。
“Go back to President Hu’s room”Wang Youcai said,Jumped out of bed。Men’s clothes are relatively simple。Wang Youcai put it on after two strokes。
When he ran into the yard,Liu Ying was about to open the door with an angry look。Wang Youcai made a face at her,The woman ran over and opened the big iron door。

thenAThe entrance opened smoothly,Because Qin Hao’s current human body simulation operating system is simulated by the staff here。

So it’s unimpeded along the way,At this moment,Qin Hao’s brain started to work quickly。
“The language system has been successfully matched for the host,”it’s here,Need to use Alibiya’s native language。
Otherwise Qin Hao spoke,Will be seen。
“The host fully matches the human body simulation operating system,”At this point,It means that the person Qin Hao simulated,Same as Qin Hao now in all aspects。
No matter the pronunciation,Or daily habits, etc.,All exactly the same。
“Sasakara,Is the system operator of the underground base……”
A series of things about this person appeared in Qin Hao’s mind。
“Sasha Kara died an hour ago,No one knows now。”
Qin Hao didn’t expect,This system is so smart,Arranged for him a seamless identity。
He is not afraid of meeting a real person now。
So Qin Hao walked around the underground base。
have to say,Somebody’s identity,It’s very smooth in the underground base。
No one doubted him,But he was stopped when he entered the material warehouse。

It’s his wife Nancy,Suddenly asked:“Mr. Fernandez,Why do you think that the Soviet Union also deliberately promoted this?”

Nancy’s question,Suddenly attracted Reagan classmates and Howard·Seashell gaze:Yes,Why is the Soviet Union willing to cooperate with us to promote nuclear disarmament?
Or simply say,The Soviets are not unaware of Mr. President’s current difficult situation,Then why does he help us、Help us in disguise?
“This is a good question,”Chen Geng nods slightly,Tao:“I don’t know how much our American intelligence power in the Soviet Union is,It is also uncertain whether the White House knows about Mr. Gorbachev’s current situation.……”
“Mr. Gorbachev’s current situation?”Howard·Baker asked surprised:“What’s wrong with his current situation?”
“I will give you an example:I saw a big fire in China’s Daxinganling area in a shopping mall in Moscow.,For this matter,I am very concerned,I also very much hope to provide China with some help within its capacity.……”
I heard Chen Geng talked about the fire in Daxinganling,Whether it’s Reagan or Mrs. Nancy、Howard·Baker,All subconsciously improve concentration,They all understand,Chen Geng was also giving an explanation on why he pushed China and the Soviet Union closer together, which the White House and the entire United States were concerned about.。
“I passed the Soviet UnionKGBA liaison person arranged by my side……This is the guy who came to America with me this time……goKGBChannel,Ask the Soviet government,Can I pay for it personally、How to rent Soviet firefighting planes and helicopters,Help Huaxia put out the forest fire、At the same time, rescue the trapped people in the fire area?”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng gave a slight meal,Took a breath,Tao:“But you never think of what happened。
Before,I have met with many senior government officials of the CPSU and the Soviet government,I am in moscow,Go againKGBChannel,But three days later,My letter has not been delivered to the Kremlin。”
There is such a thing?!
Classmate Reagan、Mrs. Nancy and Howard·Baker glanced at each other,The eyes of all three are incredible:What a joke,If Fernandez·Chen was in far away Siberia.,But this is in Moscow、This isKGBwhat,Such an outrageous thing could happen?
“Isn’t it ridiculous??I can’t believe it too,”Chen Geng said:“Three days later,I still contacted Mr. Gorbachev’s Deputy Director of the Office and Assistant International Affairs Valentin directly.·Mr. Stalyevich,This allowed Mr. Gorbachev to make the decision to support China。”
That’s it!
Although there are many words about Fernandez·Chen did not say,But whether it’s Nancy、Reagan classmate or Howard·Baker,Are all human beings,Through Chen Geng’s words,They immediately realized a very difficult problem for Gorbachev:Mr. Gorbachev, the Supreme Leader of the Soviet Union who has just been in office for less than two years,He was not firmly seated in the position of the General Secretary of the CPSU!

None of the three believe so,But Qin Feng suddenly thought,Maybe something can be done about this。

“Let’s study it now,What is that guy doing here?,Then you can know,You also know that some bosses are very shy about some news,If something shouldn’t happen,What will happen to him then??”
of course,I also want to say a word,We don’t want to set a game,We have to be natural。
Qin Feng knows how powerful he is,This may be seen through,At that time, it may be a steal。
Qin Feng who doesn’t want any accidents all the time,Naturally he would not take such a method。
“This is fine,But we also need to know where David lives?That guy is very unique,At first he still lived near here,In this situation,It’s hard for us to hold that guy。”
“correct,We also have to be optimistic,We only have one chance,If you can’t catch this guy’s sore feet,Then we might be beaten back。”
“What should we do now?”Several people are watching Qin Feng,They also know that Qin Feng is the backbone。
Many things,Maybe Qin Feng had already considered it before。
“Current situation,We still have to start from the neighboring village,You also know that David went to that village before,As a result, the situation over there is very complicated,I also heard that some villagers next door are unwilling to move。”
Not willing to give money,Have you heard of such a thing??Qin Feng said with a smile on his face,He knows very well,The village next door is different from the one here。
The money next door is not in place,And there is no proper resettlement plan。
In this situation,Who wants to follow them?
of course,It is not ruled out that some people think that Xu Youling has fallen,That can also ask for prices。
For things like people’s hearts,Qin Feng has never believed very much。
Several people were taken aback,They didn’t pay attention to the situation in the neighboring village。
“How did you know?”Lin Qianqian cares more about Qin Feng’s news channels,This guy seems to know all kinds of things?

“Hey,Little baby,Do you know this is going to scare people to death。”

Xia Chenglong shook his head,He really didn’t think of the scary part of such a costume。
“OK OK,Everyone is gone,never mind!”The branch president said to everyone,Turned his eyes around again,“Kid,You dress like this in the middle of the night,What do you want?”
“Come to kill。”
“What?”The club leader did not panic,“kill?The hair is not even,Not a small tone,Forget it,Happy today,I won’t be held accountable,Hurry up asshole。”
The other party finished,So I’m going to hand this matter to the next person,Turn around and leave。
This is the world,When someone tells the truth,No one believes,Instead, he will pay attention to a horrible and serious look。
In this case,Then follow the dark night,Let’s become eternity in this world together!
Xia Chenglong’s hands opened,at the same time,There is a color different from the environment coming from the outside to the center。
This color is called ink,In this ink color, all biological life is forbidden,Common name“Everything fades”。
Those who have gone out stopped in an instant,Their eyes were full of fear and confusion,Then the whole color around became black。
Their bodies have also become black,Besides the sound of my own heartbeat,Can’t hear any sound,Also unable to move。
A fire appears,Appear where people were standing before,Finally turned into black scum,Fall weakly to the ground。