Girl butt leaves Xiao Maza,Hand supported on the floor,Carefully climb a step forward,Pick up a photo with a white photo frame:“You look,Look very well。”

Zhou has taken a look,Bright eyes。
“very nice。
“I don’t buy it.。”
Zhou said, put the photo back in place:“How did you start stall??”
The girl silently saw him for a while.,I also looked at the photo of my eyes.,This is re-putting the head below,Staring at small floral on the stall:“Boy,Not alive。”
“This way.。”
Zhou pays attention to a few flowers green plastic small pistols on the small booth,Not asked:“What is this??”
“Small pistol,New。”
The buns have told it.,Also look up and align,Serious expression,Trigger。
A series of bubbles fly out,Reflecting the light of the sunset,Red-oriented variety of colors are fainted on the bubble,Blowed by wind,Soon floating to the distance。
Buns stopped attack:“Very fun,cousin,Buy one?”
Zhouzhi picked up a very chic,Gibbled,Drake trigger。
A small water column is shot,Exactly hit the buns。
The girl’s consciousness is squinting,But it is still a faceless expression,I only raise my hand to wipe the water on my face.:“This is the small water gun we bought when we went to the wild duck lake last year.。”
Zhou Zhijin will let it down,Feel awkward,Transfer the topic:“Why do you think of selling this?I mean a bubble pistol。
“Will someone buy??”
“Very popular。”
“Is it……”
Zhou always feels unreliable,But the girl is talking about it seriously,He doesn’t know how to refute。
“You sold a few?”
When I finish, I feel this whim.,It seems to be with accent。
Fortunately, it is a three no girl.,She is still very calm:“Haven’t sold yet,cousin,Buy one?”
There is soft:“How much is?”
These have added it.,These are too expensive.。

“Start training!”

These two days of training is relaxed。
Because it is close to the end,Training is mostly prepared for reporting performances,The intensity is not high,Special time when playing。When you are here, usually according to the requirements of big pig holes.,Go to invite female joints in the Economics or Foreign Language Academy to play,When you are in the order, you will usually have a favorite,Stick to play with the woven grass。
Walking two laps on the football field,Sitting and blowing a bull,Runned to the girls,I have passed in the afternoon.。
Disband,Baozi came to Zhou,Because it is not familiar,Her expression is slightly hard:“that,I said with my dad.,Change to lunch tomorrow,I call you in the morning.。”
“good,Online connection。”
“correct,I also said that I have to bring a roommate.。”Baozi said,“This is not so nervous。”
Roommate naturally refers to Li Du。
Just said she,She drills out after her buns.:“Originally, I am going to take you to eat a white-ray fish.,Ugh,I have to change the trip now.,Pushing sour and spicy fish to National Day。”
“Thanks a lot。”Nod。
“I plan to ride a bicycle in Dali to eat authentic.,How about it,This round will accompany me.。”
“Ride to Dali?”
“Not far away,A few hundred kilometers。”Nan Ge has planned a good trip.,“Your physical strength is good,Fast three days,Slow four days,I can still play a few more days to come back.。Of course, I will not ride the bike.,Let’s send the car back.。”
“I do not have a car。”
“fine,I have to buy a new car after my military training.,If you promise,I will call my dad to send my old car to you.。”Nan Ge said,“That car is also a few thousand pieces.,You can also use it in school,Old, riding electric vehicles is also very expensive。”
“Why not take a car??”
“Bicycle is fun.,Look at the scenery。”Nan Ge looked at the vicinity,“Well, you think so.?”
Zhou I feel that Nan Ge arranged him.。
So he turned to see the bun,This girl is still staring in front of it.,There is no expression on the baby’s face.,But there is always a impulse that reaching out of the claws.。
“How far your family is?”Zhou。
“good。”Zhou thinks,Nangong said,“The house I rented has been found.,On the side of Tianrui Kangyuan。”
“Why, give me this?”Nano did not solve it。
“Don’t you feel familiar??”
“It’s a little familiar……”Nan Ge is behind,Extend the hand into the bag,Take a book in numerous snacks,“I seem to think about it.,Is that place where there is a rice noodle??”
“It really is……”Nan Ge stared at the book,Hey will,“Decided,Go to eat tomorrow morning!”
“I invite you.。”
“That’s a deal!”
Zhouzhi is separated from them.,Returned to the dormitory。
Tonight by the 槐 序 军 军 军,He wants to find red dyeing rice。Originally, I have contacted the depression in the past few days.,Call him in the Mid-Autumn Festival, I have passed with her.,But because of trip,Finally changed tonight。
Here,There is still a consideration——
The group is really too much.,Mid-Autumn Festival she brought two twenty dollars a pound of bulk moon cakes to Zhou Zhihe and herce.,But eat the wild squid that has already been extracted for decades.。
Wild is certainly impossible。
Raising or can。
But the week is out.,Natural cultivation is not cheap,Eat more expensive in the hotel,And the ordinary hotel is still not easy to find。
Go to a big hotel is not a good one.?

“Mr. Xia,Still,Why do you think this picture is a fake?。”1t

Summer stop disappearing,Stand up,But the corner is still can’t stop smiling,1t
“Very simple。”1t
Speech,Summer walking to the past,Pick up a cup of tea from the coffee table,Pour to the corner of the painting。1t
“Trough,What are you doing?!”1t
This scene shocked Mu Tian,It’s going to stop over.。1t
But just two steps,I saw a corner of the wet in the summer.,Two hands are gently torn。1t
A corner that is wet is divided into two layers。1t
I didn’t see Mu Tian in the summer.,Laugh, said to Luo Tianfeng,“Tang Dynasty,The old people’s paintings used are jute paper,Ribbal paper,Mian paper and bamboo paper,After the Tang Dynasty, Huang Xuan paper is,Mr. Luo, do you see what paper?。”1t
Luo Tianfeng’s face is now changed.,Standing downright,Just for a moment,He opened his eyes.,“This is……”1t
“Modern handmade Dragon Xuan paper。”1t Luo Tianfeng。1t
Such a scene falls in Mu Tian’s eyes,Eye God is flashing。1t
Rate……It’s a fake?1t
Be wrong。1t
Keeping the Mu Tian reaction,A big step。1t
“Summer,You are less here to say,What is the modern Dragon Xuan paper,How can you know a small security guard!”1t
His face,Teeth。1t
And don’t say that the summer is not true.,Even if it is true,He will not recognize。1t
Luo Tianfeng is doubtful。1t
He has already recognized this is rice paper.,I also know that I started using Huang Xuan paper from the Tang Dynasty.。1t
So I concluded the morning.,Never be what Gu Yuzhi,As for Wu Dazi……Cannot be determined。1t
Summer is now modern production dragon rice paper,How is he identified?。1t
And the face is still a touch of smile on the face.,Two hands are pinched with two corners, respectively.,Suddenly torn toward both sides。1t
嗤 嗤。1t
The whole picture is divided into two。1t
See this scene,Mu Tianfang Immediate,When you want to anger。1t
Can just have to open,But now, Lu Tianfeng has an incomparably shocked look.。1t
Read down,Mu Tian immediately stayed。1t
I only see a layer of paper that is torn.,There is still……A picture。1t
The drawing content is exactly the same as the front graphics map.,Slightly。1t

It is said that this patient tonight.。

The doctor’s duty doctor was scared by the nurse.,Word is not signed,Even running tape。A nurses have been pressed by the patient’s bed.。
Oh no,Patient heartbeat。
How did that happen,Just a patient is still good?,Blood pressure is only sent to the monitoring room170/100hg,Before you have,BrainctDidn’t see cerebral bleeding,ECG is not like myocardial infarction.,What reason will suddenly be trembled、Heartbeat。
Doctors on duty don’t understand。
Obviously,There is no time to leave him slowly.
Myocardial infarction?
Life said that this possibility is not high.,But Zhou Niwu or prevent accidents to make a heart map。
Otherwise, if Xu Tianfu is really a myocardial infarction,That is crying is Zhou Ye.!
Zhou Ye sent Xu Tianfu into enteringCTRoom,I quickly ran back to the emergency clinic.。
When he went back,Some patients who looked at Chen Riyuan in front of the front door。
Chen Riyuan saw Ye Ye,Exposed light in the eyes,Some joyous:“”
CTfinished,No more。Ambitious,There is also a little cavity cerebral infarction。The patient is worried about asking the old horse.,What is cavity cerebral infarction,Be strict。
Catochogeneous cerebral infarction,It is a small cerebral infarction caused by a small brain blood vessel.,The name sounds scary,But actually not serious,do not worry。The old horse saw him very good,Head-resistant is explained to him.。Usually the emergency is the same as the fight,Where is it so much?。
Senior man with high blood pressure,Generally do oneCTWill see a cavity cerebral infarction,More or less,Unscrupulous,Take blood pressure、Control blood sugar。His headache is nothing to do with this cerebral infarction.。The old horse continued。
BrainCTGive us the biggest and most important information, I didn’t see my own cerebral hemorrhage.,We can rest assured。Old horse。Since there is no cerebral hemorrhage,Then your father’s headache may have a relationship with blood pressure.,It is comfortable to reduce blood pressure.。
Can be at this time,The patient suddenly changed。
Patient pointed at their own chest,Talk to the old horse,doctor,I feel a little bit of chest.,It seems a bit of breathing。
The old horse is tight, and it has been loose.,I heard the patient.,The inner heart is gudged。Originally a patient’s chest tightness is a symptom of a neopes.,But the old horse always thinks he is a problem.,So every major complaint will affect the heart of the old horse.。
Old horse,May be related to your blood pressure,I have let the nurse take a blood pressure to give you it.,If you eat antihypertensive drugs or not,We have to use some antihypertensive drugs in venous.。Blood pressure can definitely fall,rest assured。
High blood pressure is caused by chest tightness,This is very easy to understand。Just imagine,High blood pressure is so high,xzangIf you want to put the blood pump out, it is difficult.,Just like the wind outside,You are not going to have a umbrella.,If you don’t blow it, you will be correct.。butxzangI can’t pump blood.,So even if blood pressure is high,xzangStill, I want to desperately think about the blood pump out,The higher the blood pressure,The more you need to spend vigorous, you can pump out,Thus,xzangI am more tired.,xzangIt is also easy to be ischemic hypoxia,So I will feel the chest tightness,Even chest pain。
Listen to the explanation of the old horse,Patients are more。
But chest tightness still continues,And it seems to have a greater trend。The old horse is not right,I will re-made an electrocardiogram for the patient.。ECG promptST-TSegment seems to have a slight elevation。This is not good news.,This change in ECG can meanxzangThis is ischemic。If it is caused by high blood pressurexzangIschemia have nothing,Lower blood pressure is fine。I am afraid that in case it is myocardial infarction.。
The old horse contracted two electrocardiogram before and after,I really changed.。The latter electrocardiogram is more poor than the previous electrocardiogram.,It’s really a myocardial infarction.,Patients have no typical chest crush-like pain,But not everyone is in such a typical,And the disease is progressing。
At this time, the blood of the blood came out.,The muscle protein has also come out。The troponin is still normal。Our previous article repeatedly explained,Calcin protein is presentxzangA protein on cell,whenxzangCells have necrosis,The troponin will leak into the blood,At this time, the number of test triumphals will rise at this time.。Elevation meansxzangCells have necrotic rupture。A chest tightness、Patient for chest pain,If there is an electrocardiogram change and the increase in troponin,It is highly suspicious of myocardial infarction.。
It’s not bad,This patient’s troponin is still normal。The old horse is again wide.。But can’t go home like this,Must be hospitalized,Old horse。Then contact the Medicine,Preparing income cardiology continued treatment。Patients diagnosed high blood pressure crude diseases,This is a more critical situation.。
Patients listen to hospitalization,I am not happy.,Said that chest tightness is not so serious,Can you not be hospitalized?。
What is the old horse?,An experienced emergency doctor,Touching climbing for more than ten years,I have never seen anything.。Patients have not spoken,He felt what the situation was。Where is the patient’s chest tightness?,Dictionary is the trust that I don’t want to be hospitalized.。So the old horse,I suggest you have a hospitalization for your condition.,If you don’t want to be hospitalized,Have a signature。
Patient son quickly played a circle,Say that the doctor told the hospital for hospitalization,Hospitalization is stable。
You must be hospitalized in this situation.,Close observation of the changes,Waiting for tomorrow, the situation is stable, you want to come to the hospital.。The old horse doesn’t want to say that it is so stiff.,Many tone is also slow。Then give him a blood pressure.。
that’s it,Patient income cardiology。
Cardiologists read the patient’s inspection report,I listened to the medical history of patients and their families.,Also think is a series of performances caused by hypertension,Not cerebral bleeding,Myocardial infarction is also not supported,But for security,It is also necessary to live in guardroom monitoring。
More sophor physicians want more,In addition to high blood pressure、Acute myocardial infarction,Also take into account that the patient will no aortic clamping?,Such high blood pressure,There is a chest tightness,This is not easy to exclude。The emergency department of the emergency department did not expect the aortic dissection,It’s just that this is relatively small.,And patients have no obvious chest pain,Just think about this。However, the medical doctor usually only looks at the medical disease.,So the aortic clamp is required to consider。Patients have to make a chest sooner or laterCTan examination,See if there is any interlayer。
Just explain the patient’s son to the patient,When signing the advice of admission,Nurses rushed out,doctor,The patient trembled!
patient,Robe fibrillation!
It is said that this patient tonight.。

Xia Jian sat on the chair opposite Ma Xiao Style,Said quietly:“The floods in the Xichuan River Basin have occurred continuously in recent years,But the local villagers and village cadres have no heart。Such as Zhang Yangzhuang,They are separated from our village by a river。We have to clean up the river every year,And their village says every year we take off our pants and fart“

“this problem,You said I will come down to give them a meeting,Must be killed or injured。The cleanup of the river course should be on the agenda,Monthly cleanup。If they were like your Xiping Village beforehand,This disaster will be controlled to a minimum,It won’t cause such a big loss.!”Ma Xiaofeng said,Stood up,I personally poured a glass of water for Xia Jian。
Busy all night,Xia Jian was really thirsty and hungry,The most important thing is a beautiful sleep。But why is he embarrassed to go to sleep at this time??Are they okay in Xiping Village?,He doesn’t care about anything?This is impossible,Because Xia Jian is not such a person from the bone。
Drank the water in the cup in one breath,Xia Jian let out a breath and said:“Post-disaster work cannot be ignored,In addition to reporting,You have to hurry up to help yourself after the disaster,Especially the epidemic prevention work must keep up”
“just now,I’ll report the situation here to Mayor Chen,He scolded me for a doggie,What do you say this flood is citywide,Let us figure it out”Ma Xiaofeng said helplessly。
Xia Jian sneered:“What he said is a bit exaggerated,How many rivers are there in Pingdu?How can it be said that this flood is citywide??But then again,We still have to rely on ourselves”
Xia Jian’s voice just fell,His phone rang,Once connected,Zhao Hong’s unhappy voice came from inside:“What do i say about you running around?Didn’t sleep all night,How dangerous to drive a car!Auntie said,Let you come back for dinner and sleep,Don’t come back if you don’t listen”
“I got it,I’m in town,Will be back in a while”Xia Jian hung up the phone。
Ma Xiaofeng glanced at Xia Jian with embarrassment,She smiled and said:“All the cadres in the town went to the village,Even our old secretary Wang contracted a village。So I will also go to Zhangyang Village in a while,You take me on!”
“Hey!Who is Zhang Yangcun now as the village head??”Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。
Ma Xiaofeng sighed and said:“This village has the most things,The villagers are selfish and selfish,A village chief can’t do a few days,I can’t do it anymore。because of this,The work of river cleaning has not been implemented,This time the flood hits again“
“Birds do not fly without their heads!The village chief must be elected as soon as possible,Or the post-disaster work is really hard to carry out“Xia Jian said,Stood up,He is going home。Anyway, he is just the head of a village,He can’t talk much about other villages。
Ma Xiaofeng thought for a while and said:“You are a celebrity in Pingyang Town,So this time Zhang Yangzhuang chose the village chief,You must help me“Ma Xiaofeng has a sincere face,This made Xia Jian really unable to refuse her。

“Everyone is quiet,The gambling god has a mysterious gift for everyone.。”

Just then the sound of Liuyi Yueuri sounded,She glanced at Lin Feng.,This rogue actually became a gambling,She wants to let Lin Feng out。
NS85chapter Gambling gift
“Mysterious gift of gambling?”
Liu is here,Suddenly let the present are quiet enough,Each of them is exposed on the face of each person,Take 10,000 eyes stare at Lin Feng’s figure。
“wipe,This girl smashed me!”Lin Fengqin couldn’t help but a sentence。
Lin Feng really wants to find an excuse flashman,But when I saw that the 10,000 eyes stared at him.,Lin Feng is a bit embarrassed.。
Can’t let yourself establish a high image destroyed。
“May I ask God,What gifts are you ready to give each person??I remember that you want to say everyone.10000Dollar bill?”Liu Yu smiled and came to Lin Feng’s side.,She has a gods of gods.。
“Everyone on the spot10000Dollar bill!”
“We can’t rain today.20000people,So, the gambling god is going directly2Billion。”
“is not that right?2Billion dollars are just a fur, rainy.。”
“Gambling is really atmospheric,He is just like the God of Wealth.,my idol。”
“Yes,Is my idol!”
I heard money at this moment.,Many young men have begun to shoot Lin Feng.。
“good,I said,I become the moment of gambling,I want to give everyone the present10000Dollar bill。”Lin Feng smiled and picked up the microphone:“Of course, it is better to teach people to fish.,I firmly believe that everyone can make big money in real gambling.,Make a big fortune。”
“well said,Give gambling!”
“Is it a gambling to teach our gambling cheats??what,definitely is,We have a gambling cheats,We must become a peerless master,We must make big money。”
The warm applause sounds again。
Lin Feng’s eyes sweeping the entire venue,His big hand,Make a moving action,Suddenly the whole site is quiet。
“All people come to Honghai report,Leave your contact information and address,I will write a copy of my gambling, I will send it to you.,I am willing to exchange gambling stone experience with everyone。”Lin Feng’s face revealed humble smile。
Tell this,Suddenly exploded。
“Yes,His chest is broad,He is a real gambling。”
“Yes,Unlike some so-called masters,Whole day, nostrilical,Cow,It is impossible to communicate,You talk to him,You can take care of you.。”
“This is the real gambling!”
“Ha ha,With gambling cheats,We can make a speed of flying in the stone technology.。”
“good,We have no white coming this time.。”
“Yes,Really don’t come,Can get gambling secret。”
Many people discuss,Men and women and old people are excited,They worshiped Lin Feng from the fire exhibition.,Lin Feng is just a touch of smile,Then handle the microphone to the willow。
Willow 银 银 微 微 微,This bastard is actually distressed.。

He stepped away。

Pick up a wooden cover on one of the water cylinders。
Put down the wooden cover,Set off a one more。
Or empty。
After the third wooden cover set off,Summer is already squinting,From the afternoon accumulated to the current killer, it is like a tsunami.。
In the water cylinder,Broken hand,Break foot,There are also various residual meat stacked together.……With salt water,Floating on a dark red。
Summer calls out a breath,Close your eyes,Open again,Rotate a wooden cover again。
This time,The inside is no longer a residual arm,But a stacked head。
These skull have men with men,Have a little older,But no exception,I have been digged with my eyes。
His thought is just a gang that controls the child begging.,However, from these residual limbs and the body……They are still selling human organs。
A group of thousands of scum!
Double-eyed condensed blood,A moment of burning red summer eyes。
He also killed a lot of people,Even nicknames,It is said that it is a murdere.。
But the summer never killed or even hurt a innocent person.。
This is the bottom line of him.!
But he now encounters a group of no bottomless scum……Not,They don’t even match the scum。
Is a group of pigs that are not as good as!
Continuous breathing,In the summer, the heart is in the heart of madness and the violent pressure.。
Kill disappearance。
His face has a quiet and wave expression,Everything seems to be restored。
Summer seems still summer。 But only understand the summer people clear,He in this state,Is the most terrible!
His look is moving,Body shape,Iron in the dark shadow。
哒 哒 哒。
Suddenly there is a heavy footsteps,From far and near,Slowly come to the door。
The door is opened,Flavor,Someone squatted on the switch on the wall,The whole room suddenly lights the light。
“Dog hybrid,The internal organs were hollowed out.,How is it still dead and dead?。”
Around the two clothes that wearing a raincoat,Sticky blood on your body,The two rose a plastic bag before one before.。
Talking is a bald head walking.,This guy is full of faces,Wooden bed looking around,Laugh,“Old two,This new hand is given to you,I am going to 跺,That

The small supermarket in the school puts a beautiful apple today.,Selling phases,Natural prices are also very high。

This is not all their carnival。Some people who have a classmate of the active, wholesale apple,Packed,Also buy ordinary apples back to pack their own packaging and sell,Always make a big money。
Zhou Zhi and Nan Ge together to the commercial street to eat clear soup,On the way back, Nan Ge looked at the roadside.,Say:“In the past, the shops on Christmas Street must be hung.,I have rarely hang it now.。”
When passing a small shop,Nan Ge slowed down,Twist watching the apple posing outside。
Zhou Sheng followed down。
Nan Ge came to see the price on the apple packaging box.,Think about it,Alert——
“Selling good!”
“I am watching the car these two days.,I don’t know which one to buy.,Hey, I am dazzling.,I can’t sleep well.。”Nan Ge said,“You see that I have a dark circle.?”
“a little bit。”
“It seems that I have to buy some fruit to add vitamins.。”
“How about Nan Ge?”
Zhou Zhiyou looks to Nan Ge。
Nan Ge one hand grabbed the arms,Catch well,Five fingers,At the same time, I turned my dead and stared around.:“Send an apple for Nange,Have you heard it??”
Zhou Jingwei mouth water,Connect to the head:“Heard it,I will buy it.。”
“Who let you buy it now???”
“When is it……”
“I secretly bought myself.!”
“I know that Nan Ge you let go.……pain!”
Zhouzhi said,On the side of the roadside。
Sports a small stall,The stall is a small pile unpacking apple,Selling can also,And sitting in front of a smart girl with a fisherman hat,Low head stars on the ground,It seems to be in digital ants。
The buns looked up at them:“Buy apple??”
The two were surprised to squat down.,Looking at the apple that piled into a hill,Flip。
“Where did you enter the goods??”Nan Ge asked。
“Fruit market。”Buns look at her eyes,“Buy apple??”
“How long have you been sitting here??”Nan Ge asked。
“Aspect a morning。”Packets,“Buy?”
“Why don’t you pack??”Zhou。
“Lazy bag……”
“How much is a pound?”
“Ten one,Bought a few?”

“All right,you can go now。”

This wood often doesn’t know how to kill.,Keep more useful,I didn’t expect this time Wu Zi’s accident to save Chen Gong.。
Rui Rui home,Wu Zi’s foundation did not hide at this time.,Seeing him asked:“Long pool,Can I tell you a few words??”
“Long pool,Tomorrow I will return to Japan,Thank you for this time to take care of me。”
“Is the lady lady going back to Japan?!Also,Return to China。”
“Long pool,I have come to China, I have learned a lot.,thanks for your reminder。”
“Miss, lady, don’t misunderstand,I was also because the death of Wu Zo is very angry.。”
“Thank you for the salvation of Town Town.,I hope to do things for Long Pool Jun in the future.。”
“Miss, lady, don’t put it on your heart,I protect you should the。”
“Long pool,I will come,You also come to the time where you can do?”
“sure!Because Yamei really likes you,I hope you treat this place as your home here,Tang us as your loved ones。”
“Long pool,Don’t kill innocent people in the future??”
“I promise you!”
“thanks!”Wu Zi’s purezi is a long time to return to the room.。
“Long pool,Why don’t you eat??”Fu Ying Xue asked,
“Yamei,I have something to go to Zhuang Xiaoman tonight.。”Sorry, I am sorry.,
“Go back。”Fu Yingxue understands that there is too much to have too much.,Zhuang Xiaoman is one of them,
Qi Rui promised that Zhuang Xiaoman will go to her today.,Already eight o’clock now,He is driving return to the legal rental。
“Nine brother!You haven’t eaten it.?”Zhuang Xiaoman saw Qi Rui asked,
“Promise you to eat here,But tonight to encounter an emergency thing to handle,I’m late,sorry。”
“I know,http://www.zldq888.cnDo you take someone to save Chen Gong??The boss calls,Chen Gong has told the boss.。”
“The boss is called?”
Zhuang Xiaoman helps the jacket take off the jacket,Say:“Nine brothers, take a break first.,I am going to help you hot rice.。”
Serve the costright,Zhuang Xiaoman said:“The boss will praise you.,In addition, the boss said something to think and discuss.,Is about Wang Tianwood。”
“Is the boss intend to meter??”Qi Rui,
“Yes,The boss means that since Ji Tiri Jun is used in the idlock,Then continue a step.。”
“Wang Tianwu knows a lot,Is this possible to bring some losses??”
“The boss means that Wang Tianmu gets the trust of Japanese people.,Strive for him to enter Wang Jingwei Group,There is no relationship between the loss,Adjustment is made because this time has been made,The loss is not very big。”
“Can!Does the specific plan??”
“The boss said that it is best to let you go to Chongqing battalion to save Wang Tianwu,This will not be better for you.?”
“Then I plan to plan it.。”
“Nine brother,Are you not gone tonight??”
“Not gone!”
“I will give you a hot water.。”
“it is good!”
Zhuang Xiaoman began busy,After the water is ready,Li Wei shy softly:“Nine brother,I’m your woman knows that the Japanese,But one day, if they know that I am at the child’s body how to do?”

At this time, you can’t take care of the risk.,Risk,Need to treat。certainly,The risk of thrombolytic is also very large,It’s not good for patients.,Or otherwise bleeding。Because we use it after all, it is thrombolytic drug.,These drugs are in addition to the thrombosis,It is also possible to act on other blood vessels,May lead to bleeding。We are still not afraid of bleeding of skin,The most afraid of cerebral hemorrhage,Then you finish it.。Hua Ge is explained by the family,Poster an informed consent,I hope that they will sign as soon as possible.,Treatment as soon as possible。

If there is no thrombosis,The patient will die soon.。Hua Ge added a sentence,Cache。certainly,The thrombolysis is not necessarily to save him.,But a chance。Hua Ge did not dare to die。
sometimes,Doctors do not push their families,The family member is no way to make the right decisions.。certainly,When China, I buried hidden dangers at this time.。If the patient is unfortunate,Saving of pulling is back。
Let’s do it.,Two son-in-laws once again。
Signing or signing by daughter。Overall, they are still very active,It is fear and worry,If Hua Ge is not explained this at this time,It is easy to incorporate。
Everything is appropriate,Nurses use the thrombolytic medicine with the patient。
Hua Ge is staring at ECG,Keep checking the patient’s limbs,There is also a nervous system inspection。Take a picture of the patient’s pupil when it is still in time.,It’s really afraid of this needle thrombolytic drug.,Patients have bleeding。Once there is a cerebral hemorrhage,Limb examination、Nervous system examination、Pupil, etc. have some prompts。
If there is any change,Timely review the headct,Seeing the patient is really cerebral hemorrhage。Superior doctor。This is actually very contradictory,Patients are currently very serious,Not suitable for doingct,But if not doct,We have no way to accurately determine if there is cerebral hemorrhage.。Two difficulties。
so,Must pay attention to the patient’s physical examination。
Daylight,Nurses called Huawang。
Have trouble。
The patient’s arm appears in large flap.。
Trough,The brother is cold behind。Suddenly sleeping。
Patient arm appears,This shows that the skin has bleeding.。This is definitely the effect of thrombolysis。This is a side effect of drugs.。But Huo also found good news。
The patient’s breathing is not so pressing.,Blood oxygen saturation also rose97。Look,The thrombolytic drug is really effective.。
Huo also checked the patient’s nervous system carefully,Still not finding how much exception。God bless,Don’t have cerebral hemorrhage。China is of course not believed in heaven,But this time,He has a great god。
Day next day,Patient situation is greatly improved
Can the ventilator help??It is definitely not critical,If the patient is really pulmonary embolism,We want to thrombosis right away,There may be a line of life。But before the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism,Before thrombolysis,Patients have been very hypoxia,At this time, the ventilator is still,Ventilator does not reverse the condition,But how much can alleviate some hypoxia,Because we can take pure oxygen into the patient’s lungs,If there is a blood, you can get rid of the thrombosis into the lungs.,Then let them have more oxygen、Let them support full、Let them overload,Maybe you can give tissue multi-pointed oxygen,crucial moment,Take a little more。
Old horse rushed back to the rescue room,Huo has helped ready to get all the tracheal intubation equipment。
Did you agree?,Huary asked。
agreed,Plug。Old horse。
normal situation,It should be the emergency department of the old horse to the patient cannon,After all, this is the land of the emergency department.。But the relationship between the old horse and the Chinese,I can’t miss so much.。When the old horse is communicating with the family,Huo has been prepared to work hard.。
I don’t delay for a moment.。
Get the authorization of the old horse,In three or two of China, I put a tracheal intubation.,Nurses quickly connect the ventilator,Transfer100Oxygen inhalation。Seeing blood oxygen saturation82Rise to90,Then I can’t go.。Blood pressure is also lost,only90/no。Because the patient’s alveolar is not hypoxic,The granary is sufficient.,Is it a nanny?,Nanny has no way to reach the granary, there is no way to get food.。At this time, how can you oxygen in an oxygen? There is no way to relieve the patient’s hypoxia.,Simple in mind。We have to do,Is cleaned the road,Dissolve the card in the pulmonary artery,Or intervention means broken or surgical eject,Let the blood this large oyster can enter the lungs smoothly,Get oxygen,Bring the use of the organization。50hg。
It seems really awkward。
The horse has already contacted it.ctroom,Also called the doctor in the breathing medicine.,Respiratory medicine doctor,Agree to consider pulmonary embolism,agreectPulmonary artery。At this time, please consult too important.,More than a number of people,Two,Multiple people share responsibility。This is to protect patients,Also protect yourself。The old horse and the Chinese know this truth。
The old horse personally escorts the patient.ctroom。
Huang brother firsticu,icuThere is also something to let him handle。ctthere,The old horse can cope with it.,And the patient is currently inserted on a ventilator,It is estimated that。Hua Ge is going back to prepare your bed,ifctAs a result, it is really pulmonary embolism.,Acquisition to prepare thrombolytic therapy,Only thrombosis,Patient has a line of life。
China has just reported the upper level,I will receive the phone from the old horse.。