Lu Menglin was speechless,Dare to love i’m the villain,Unable to kidnap girls?Are you all blind??It was obviously posted by other girls,I didn’t even move!

Hu Lin heard the voice of the two,I can’t help but raise my eyebrows,About to attack,Suddenly endure it again,Just smile,Don’t speak。
Because she remembered seeing it in a certain romance,I want a man to be tempted by you,One of the best way,Is to stir up his ambition,Have competitors,Difficult challenge,Will cherish this untimely feeling!
Lu Menglin didn’t think so much,I just think these two young people are a little bit blind,On their own territory,Dare to yell,I really thought it came from the celestial kingdom,No one dared to touch them?
but,Lu Menglin didn’t bother to care about them,Ignoring is the greatest contempt。
“Hu Lin,Did you bring what I wanted this trip?”Lu Menglin simply ignored the two menacing night Korean officers,But looking down at Hu Lin,Smiled。
no matter who,As long as it can bring a large amount of supplies,Bring weapons and equipment,Lu Menglin would show such a charming smile。
The load capacity of the three transport ships is very impressive.,There should be a lot of stuff inside,Otherwise, there is no need to send three ships over。
Really can’t do,Detain these three transport ships,Also worth a lot,In a word,Just come,Sandstorm City will not suffer。
Hu Lin smiled sweetly,Speak loudly:“of course!Fu Yunfei,Take out the appointment letter and declare it!”
I heard what the lady said,The officer on the left suddenly tensed,Then he took off his helmet helplessly,Showing a handsome face。
have to say,This guy named Fu Yunfei,Looks really pretty。His face is sharp and angular,Big nose and big eyes,The sky is full,Feature lines can hardly find defects,Like a beautiful boy in a painting。
When Lu Menglin saw this face,I was also slightly surprised。