“God knows why they refused,”Full of confidence when I went,Turns out to be beaten by reality,Anderson’s face can’t hold on:“Maybe their brain circuits are different from normal people?”

Chen Geng wasn’t very angry,He pondered a little,Pointed to the water dispenser and signaled Anderson,If you are thirsty, pour water by yourself:“Tell me in detail about the whole process,From the moment you arrive。”
There is nothing wrong in the whole process,At least in Anderson’s opinion, there is nothing wrong,He went to the scrap car recycling company that initiated this temporary minor league,It’s the one called Tyson Scrap Car Recycling Company——Yes,Tyson,The Tyson of boxing champion Tyson,The owner of this scrap car recycling company is named Tyson,But now the name is not well known,The current boxing champion Tyson is just one12Year old kid。
“You wait,”Chen Geng thinks he knows what the problem is,He looked at Anderson dubiously:“Tyson Company?”
“Yes,”Anderson winked:“Is there anything wrong?Solve the most difficult guy first,The two guys at the back will soon be dealt with?”
Chen Geng is speechless,It’s really unreasonable to let technicians engage in business negotiations,This product is still standard engineer thinking,I don’t even know about the business negotiation“Pick up the persimmons softly”The truth……
But engineers are not stupid,Wait for Chen Geng to explain the reason for his failure,Anderson reacted,Boss with open mouth:“boss,You mean I shouldn’t go to Tyson first?”
“Yes,”Chen Geng nodded depressed:“The other two,You can find any one,but……”
Anderson tugged his hair depressed:Made the worst choice myself,that’s true,Tyson is the smartest of the three guys,Go and negotiate with him,He knew that there was room for negotiation for Fernandez.,Naturally, we have to seize the opportunity and take the opportunity to ask for prices。
“Then I’ll talk to the other two companies,”Stood up suddenly,Anderson annoyed:“I don’t believe it……”
“come back!”Chen Geng shouted in a deep voice。