he,Also go home。

Huo Yunhe’s heart beats fast,Can’t say whether it is excited or perturbed,Hands that won’t tremble even when shooting,The thin, almost weightless document bag made him tremble slightly,When you close your eyes and open,Regained the calmness of the past。
The information is a copy of the copy,That for nothingA4The writing on the paper is quite clear,Also quite.Dazzling!
willow,Female,22year old,pregnancy11week,Intrauterine single live birth,Mild anemia.
They have been divorced for more than three months,It’s impossible to calculate based on the last time together11week,child.Not his!
This result is not what he wants,He thought he was wrong,Stared at that number for a long time,Have to admit,His last trace of faith collapsed。
The day they separated,He remembers clearly,So far it happens to be99day,And the only child in her belly77day,This means they just separated,She was with other men!
Anger is boiling in the chest,Embarrassment spread all over,Huo Yunhe thought everything was under control,Who knows that things are still off track!
Yang Liu’s anger he understands,Decide he cooperates,Give her time to soothe the pain,Wait for each other to calm down,Restart。
I didn’t expect Yang Liu to give him such a big one“gift”!
Human heart,Is the most elusive thing,He thought he knew Yangliu well,I thought she would not forget him in a short time。
but,Reality slapped him hard!
The video has pictures and the truth,But he doesn’t believe,Real hammer,Now there is a real hammer,Why are you making excuses for her?!
Huo Yunhe,You can’t sleep all night for such a flamboyant woman,You are a fool through and through!