“Hey,Little baby,Do you know this is going to scare people to death。”

Xia Chenglong shook his head,He really didn’t think of the scary part of such a costume。
“OK OK,Everyone is gone,never mind!”The branch president said to everyone,Turned his eyes around again,“Kid,You dress like this in the middle of the night,What do you want?”
“Come to kill。”
“What?”The club leader did not panic,“kill?The hair is not even,Not a small tone,Forget it,Happy today,I won’t be held accountable,Hurry up asshole。”
The other party finished,So I’m going to hand this matter to the next person,Turn around and leave。
This is the world,When someone tells the truth,No one believes,Instead, he will pay attention to a horrible and serious look。
In this case,Then follow the dark night,Let’s become eternity in this world together!
Xia Chenglong’s hands opened,at the same time,There is a color different from the environment coming from the outside to the center。
This color is called ink,In this ink color, all biological life is forbidden,Common name“Everything fades”。
Those who have gone out stopped in an instant,Their eyes were full of fear and confusion,Then the whole color around became black。
Their bodies have also become black,Besides the sound of my own heartbeat,Can’t hear any sound,Also unable to move。
A fire appears,Appear where people were standing before,Finally turned into black scum,Fall weakly to the ground。