Lyon is going to play,Liao Wenjie by the side lifts the hand。

“calm down,You will only make him cool.,Don’t。”
Lie,Liao Wenjie frowned to see ghost:“Although I am not very understanding of evil spirits,But on your legs,with all due respect……Is the curse really on your leg??”
Ghost King raises his hand with thumbs up:“Ager,Your eyes are good,The curse is indeed on my leg.,It is on another leg。”
“How to say?”
“I participated in the free fight competition.,Mandabate neon karate master,I have encountered nonsense, I have not broken my leg.。At that time, there were the people who told me.,Don’t be too arrogant,Especially the people of the martial arts,Interrupt others’s legs,Isometric waste of people for a lifetime,I will give yourself a retreat.。”
Ghost King laughs,Continue to say:“I am young.……Ok,I am too floating.,Have you can’t hear it in a word.,Still in my life。”
“so,You are revengeen by neon?”
Ghost Kings continued to say,He participated in neon free fight for three consecutive years.,All win the championship,But everyone’s hand mask,No matter what genre,I met him is the lower leg.。
These three years,He played a neon empty hand drawn layer alone.,Upper and lower green yellow,International influence and day slip。
certainly,He is not a fool of iron,The challenge of the old guys is ignored,Pick the same age。
Finally one day,The karate masters of the broken water are out of the mountain.,This version of cultivation is the hand of the ancient sky.,In the foreign name,But in the neon martial arts status is very high。
Disappropriation of water,Low-key,Every generation of museums only received two three disciples,Herbiculous life without hidden world。
Generate inheritance,History of thousands of years,The door is amazing。
Cao Dada received a challenge,On a Sino-Japanese Friendship Competition,The high-grade decent。Both sides a battle,The other party is obviously ready,And in order to wash the blank body,Special attacked Ghost Wang。
This match,Chess blonde half a catty,final result,The two people fight together,Ghost King,The water is broken, and the waist is injured.。
The game is over,According to rules,Ghost King stands standing,Be sentencedko。
“Wait a minute,Half a day,Where is the curse?,When did you be cursed??”Liao Wenjie can’t help but interrupted,Ghost King is full of arrogance,I have not mentioned the matter.。
“Curse,I don’t know at the time.,Later, the broken leg kept well.,I found that the situation is not right,Looking for senior people in senior,People tell me……The situation is very troublesome。”
The curse of the ghostwood is very evil door,It is a neon spell master personally fencing,Find a birthday eight words and his,Remove his silk blood,First, I will curse it on the ghost.,Return to the ghost king。
“No bar,You are too unhappy.,Even if you have hair,How to even have a bloody?”Liao Wenjie is very strange,Ghost Wang Dawn’s routine is old,Can I don’t have any questions。
“Ah this year……”
Ghostwear is a poor words,This is the long history.,That is a night of wind and rain.,He married the neon female fans who came.……Here I omitted five million words……Hair silk is taken away by people.。
Lyon asked:“so,Can’t find a deceived,The curse on your body will never be removed.?”
“Be right,That’s it。”
Ghost King shakes his head,There have been many good people to help him go to neon to find the deceased.,Which opponent hides too deep,There is no more clues.。
He is also very clear,People in the sea,Don’t say deliberately hidden,Just just find a corner,I can’t find it for a hundred years.。
“Look at the situation,If I have not guess wrong,That reelsted ghost is still dead,Right?”
“Yes,He will relieve him.。”