Naturally, the cleaning and restoration of cultural relics and antiques can’t make him new.,In that way, the historical traces of the antique itself are lost。

Chen Xiu himself was completely silent. In the restoration work, he completely forgot everything about the outside world and the passage of time.,All attention is focused on the stove。
Five o’clock in the afternoon,An old man walked into the shop。
“Old man,What do you need?”Song Shihe up to welcome guests。
“You busy you,I just take a look。”
The old man’s shop went around,Obviously also an expert,Nothing on the display has a good eye and is about to go out,Suddenly he was attracted by the Xuande stove that Chen Xiu was playing with on the desk。
Take a look at Chen Xiu’s repair method,Very jerky,Curse:“Kid,You are destroying, not repairing,Getting started……”
He scolded here but stopped dumb,All his attention is on Chen Xiu’s hands,I saw that although his hands are not as slender and delicate as the advertising hand model,But it is extremely safe,Can’t see a trace of tremor,More stable than the top surgeon holding a scalpel,The dirt on the copper furnace is not a little too much and not a little。
Chen Xiu was out of state when he shouted,Too much to see is a half-hundred old man with a childlike look,I’m staring at my hands without blinking my eyes。
“Old man,My approach is wrong?”
“correct,But not perfect。”
The old man took Chen Xiu’s hand as if he was playing with beautiful jade.:“Really good hands。”
“Isn’t this old guy old glass?。”