How muscle-type calves can mutate

How muscle-type calves can mutate

The most difficult part of the stovepipe to break is the muscular leg, and the most effective way to make the leg thinner is exercise plus proper control of the amount of food.

Some people may worry that exercise may make the legs thicker, depending on the type of exercise.

If, like a cyclist, the thigh muscles that continue to make progress every day, the muscles that become the legs become thicker, and the thighs become thicker.

Therefore, we advocate a long-lasting and slow exercise to burn excess aunts and make the legs thinner.

  Stovepipe points: The muscles of your legs are very strong. If you want your legs to become young, you must first relax your legs and stretch your hamstrings. The legs will naturally grow longer.

  Ways to prevent muscle-type calves: First, adjust the standing position and the walking position. This is the most basic but also the most important point. The correct standing position can not only correct the unsightly leg shape, but also make the whole person’s posture look good.It will also make the muscles of the knees and thighs strong, and even the hunchback can be slowly improved, and it is very simple. Just remember that the knees should be close together and straightened at the time, the waist sticks straight up the lower abdomen, and the head is raised, but it must be sustained.Do, and then become a habit, can gradually see the effect.

  The walking posture is also very important. The parts and methods of the incorrect walking posture are not right. It is easy to have the calf and the legs and the belly look like radish. The correct walking posture should be the tip of the toe first, and the path of walking is a straight line, walking.When you are on both sides, you will touch the friction slightly.

  Second, stretch the calf and abdomen for a whole day, the weight of the whole body that the foot is subjected to downwards due to gravity, and even walking, the calf and leg can easily become strong and slowlyIt becomes a muscle again. Even if it is sitting, the leg is still the lowermost part of the human body, so it is also necessary to stretch the leg.

  It’s also a very simple action. You can sit on a chair and hang down your legs naturally. You can also sit on the bed and put your legs flat. Let’s relax for 15 seconds, then step on the foot up as above.Feel the acidity of the calf, then stay at the end and stay for 10 seconds, then relax for 15 seconds, then do the second time, so do eight times each foot and then change the foot eight times, a total of six rounds.

You can do it when you feel that your legs are very hard or a little swollen.

  Very convenient and simple action, can be done in the office or school, or go home to massage before doing well, can be used as a massage to warm up, let the legs and abdomen first warm up, massage is also less difficult.

  Third, the main function of massage calf abdominal massage is to avoid the development of the calf and abdomen, so it is very hard to massage, not the kind of comfortable massage, it is to press the kind that will be sore, and force the part of the legThe pressing massage makes the muscles softer, and then the foot is stepped up through the calf to the bottom, and the massage is performed from the bottom up. When the massage is done, the calf tries to relax, probably in the sitting position as shown above, and the tread is bent, so that the calf belly naturally hangs down.Massage according to the above method.

  One way to change the muscle type of stovepipe is to beat the inside and outside of the thigh.

Sitting on the ground, burying your legs and gently tapping the outside of your legs with your fist.


Then open your legs and tap your legs with your fist.

  Second, the lunge presses the leg 1.

Put your hands flat on the ground, parallel to the shoulders, and step forward and backward.


Press the front end down to form a bow and arrow type. After 5 seconds, raise the spindle again.

Exchange the front and rear legs and do 10 times on each side.

You can do one side before you do the other side.

Pay attention to the hind legs and knees to try to straighten.

  Third, supine stretching 1.

Sitting on the knees, the calves should be close to the thighs and buttocks, and the hands should be placed behind.


Lie down slowly until the body is stuck to the ground, and your hands are flat.

The action is maintained for 15 to 30 seconds.

Do it once a day.

  Fourth, press the leg 1 before the overlap.

Sitting on the floor with your legs crossed and overlapping your hands.


Slowly press your body forward, and look at the neck and head down for 15 to 30 seconds.

The left and right legs exchange overlap and do it again.

  The thigh muscle is actually a health reminder that is difficult to practice: there are a lot of MM who think that their muscular legs are actually not, because the muscles are difficult to practice. If your legs are hard to touch, it is possibleThe density of cockroaches is relatively high, so please pay attention to your type of stovepipe.

For most people, the real “culprit” of the thick thigh is jealous.

But how to judge it?

“When the legs are not working, all that can be manipulated and picked up are cockroaches.Under normal circumstances, weight loss is much easier than increasing muscle. After effective fat loss exercise, the muscles will become firm and firm in most cases, but the circumference of the legs will decrease.

General jogging, relaxed running and long-distance running without competition are all relatively soft movements. These unfortunate disappearances and the development of muscles is relatively small, so these types of running will not make the legs thicker.There is also the effect of stovepipe.

The relatively soft movements in power include: bicycles, easy skipping, swimming, etc.

On the contrary, fast running, strength exercises and other exercise intensity are relatively high, which can increase the volume of the muscles and thicken the legs.

  Running will not make the legs thicker or even look at genetic factors. In fact, the hormone secretion required for the synthesis of muscles in women is very small, even a lot of exercise, it is difficult to form muscle.

Moreover, the contribution of normal diet to muscle growth is very limited.

However, all muscles that exercise are more likely to correct nutrients than those that are not used for a long time. Exercise can also increase the level of growth hormone relative to each other, so that if each person has leg thickening during exercise, it depends on the specific situation.

It may be because each person’s genetic condition is different, and it is not excluded that running causes a very small number of female lower limbs to thicken.

  Muscle thighs and calves are more difficult to reduce. Correctly speaking, only the shape of the muscles can be improved. We need more patience.

However, the above method, whether it is a muscle type or not, more exercise always helps the stovepipe.

If you want to be beautiful, you must not be lazy. Spend 15-30 minutes a day. Remember that there are no ugly women under the sun, only lazy women.