NS993chapter:Bad guy

Blue Xin laughs,A happiness,“Xiao Jun,There you can rest assured this statement mom。
Just say your father,Our family really great Xiaojun!However, our family is really can’t afford.。”
Xiaojun heard that,Warm heart,Can help Mom and Dad, he is very happy.,He must work hard to grow better.。
“Mother,There are changes in his father called me in to。”
“it is good!”
Blue Yan smiled and hung up the phone,My heart very happy,Son sitting in front of a computer before feeling very mysterious,I only know now,My son is really worthwhile.。
Blue Yan started out electric wheelchair。
Nervously, she in the room,And he took the phone out。
25th floor has been very quiet,I miss her work day,time flies。
She went to his office.,Before and before,There is not much change。
She lifted,I looked out the window the blue sky,She suddenly sigh life is like drama 。
To the city after the river,She was many things happened this。
And the other side,Mu sub-Heng Jin Yan looked happy sleep for a long time,I want to leave,Yue Jin Yan has slowly opened his eyes to see the pupil of the eye。
He looked slightly nervous,This time to go,It is even more likely to escape her again.。
She said the last time,She does not find himself in,Let him not hide。
Yue Jin Yan blinked his eyes,Bleary eyes looking at the sub-Mu Heng,She thought that his dazzled,Take a closer look,Mu was determined to be sub-heng。
She is full of soft,I looked at him in a warm blanket,He gave her cover it?
She picked brow slightly,Lips slightly parted:“How will you be here?”
Voice coars,Also with deep sleep。
Her lazy and stretched their own uncomfortable feet,Uncomfortable sleep sofa,Her feet some hemp。
Mu Zizi smashed the lips,Cool and bright voice:“I came to A Yao,He’s not in now。”
Yue Jin Yan looked at the office,Yao is not really Oujing,She was asleep when?
She didn’t sleep last night.,Mu is because of the emergence of the sub-Heng。
She slowly sat up to,Not enough sleep,The people are not very comfortable。
Mu Heng child to see that she did not sleep enough。
“Gather,You sleep a little。”
Mu Heng child care involuntary exit。
Yue Jin Yan has touched the bottom of my heart that the most vulnerable nerve,She is awkward,Slightly dry lips in,Sound line pain:“I do not want to abandon?
Why does care about me?
I do not want to see?
Why do you want to appear in front of me,I see you every night because you are very happy to sad and painful it?”
“Ohh You bastard,Why do you do this to me?”
Le Yu’s cover,How can he do this to her??