Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Two Who gave you the courage

Lin Yang、Qiao Ming、Lin Yu didn’t expect Qiao Zhenwu to suddenly say something like that,So Lin Yang’s gaze for help went directly to Qiao Ming’s side。
Because their betting with Lin Feng’s family is not that simple at all。
This also involves the industry of the Lin family in Yunshi?
How could Lin Yang let the fat that has reached his mouth fall off??
but,Qiao Zhenwu is so nosy,Then, how can the Lin family’s property in Yun City be so easy to obtain?!
Although Qiao Ming received Lin Yang’s look for help,But for Qiao Zhenwu’s approach,Qiao Ming is really helpless!
There is a huge difference between his own status and Qiao Zhenwu’s status.。
I don’t have the right to say no to Qiao Zhenwu。
and so,When Qiao Ming received Lin Yang’s help,,She just shook her head helplessly at Lin Yang。
Lin Yang’s heart!
It’s so cool right away!
Just when Qiao Ming and Lin Yang had nothing to do with this, they were still anxious,I heard Xiao Fan’s side,There was a cold sentence:
“Humph!In that case,Then I also give you a suggestion,If you take Lin Yang and the family to confess their mistakes,I can consider letting the person I invite to let you go!”
Qiao Zhenwu couldn’t believe his eyes,Qiao Zhenwu turned his head and glanced at the three Qiao Ming standing behind him。