only,What makes this person more angry,Obviously it’s much more than that。

Because there will be more to make him unhappy later,Even the place that made him more angry。
And those that happened later,Compared with the current places that make him angry,It’s really like a little witch!
so,Now his anger doesn’t seem to have any meaning at all。
Because his little brothers are not angry because of this person,And change any of their decisions。
From beginning to end,Xiao Fan was watching everything happening in front of him with cold eyes。
Chapter One flash from
In front of the Civil Affairs Bureau,Huo Yunhe looked at the haggard woman and stopped talking。
The red book in the hand is unusually dazzling,Yangliu kept looking down,My eyes are filled with mist again,How long is this,The marriage certificate I got yesterday morning,I changed to a divorce certificate this afternoon。
Times of Day,They dissolved the legal relationship,From having an occasion to single,Flash away?They are talking about!
The joy of yesterday hasn’t had time to celebrate,Part ways today,Yangliu closed his eyes,But the dazzling name on the ID is still shaking before my eyes,One word difference,The meaning of carrying is very different!
The staff will help the parties go through the divorce procedures every day,But like they got the certificate yesterday, they came to divorce today,It can be said that I saw it for the first time。
Different from other divorced couples,They are calm,There is no mockery and abuse of each other,And there is no such luck and joy when liberated,Not to ignore the other party’s indifference and arrogance,Some are just pale cheeks and haggard looks,The fact that they want to separate。
The staff are not sure of their true intentions,In a responsible attitude,Repeatedly asking if you really want to go through the divorce procedures。
They didn’t answer right away,Just look at each other so persistently,As if time is suspended,Just when the staff thought they were going to give up,They clearly express their wishes with a clear voice,“Do it,We agree to divorce。”