Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty Six Tyrannosaurus
“You are not afraid that i will kill you?Find out the crystal mineral fossils?”Lu Menglin smiled faintly。
This remark,Gu Hen, the soldier next to him, suddenly changed,However, Liu Niu’er still smiled extremely calmly,Tao:“I don’t think you are that kind of person!If i miss you,It deserves this life!”
Listen to him so bachelor,Lu Menglin felt that this man was worthy of being a warlord in the Golden Triangle,Quite courageous。
“And you just need to support me,The stone in my hand is yours,And will continue to collect these things for you in the future,After all, if you become my backer,I naturally hope that you will become stronger and stronger in the future。”Liu Niu’er smiled。
Lu Menglin smiled,Shook his head:“You are so optimistic about me?”
Liu Niu’er had a show when he heard this,Hurry up:“of course!You are the Young Master,So young,Unlimited future!My Liu Niuer chooses to cooperate with you,There is definitely no loss!”
Lu Menglin smiled in his heart,This great warlord thought he was the Secret Medicine Venerable,This first step is wrong。And it happened that Hong Tae-ran was missing,Fan Chu is gone too,There is only one Venerable Tu Qunchan who has made friends with Lu Menglin again,He obviously has no choice。
but,Lu Menglin didn’t promise him immediately,But after thinking about it,Asked again:“Since you know that crystal mineral fossils are precious,Why are you willing to take it out??”
This remark,Liu Niu’er shook his head and smiled bitterly:“Lord Venerable,You are asking me,Liu Niu’er, why are you not a venerable?!Not that i don’t want,I can’t do it!
I also know that crystal mineral fossils are very valuable,But for me,This toy is a decoration,Only you venerables collect。”
Lu Menglin nodded,I already have a plan in my mind。
“How can i support you?”Lu Menglin asked lightly。
When Liu Niu’er heard this,,Suddenly happy,Got up quickly,Patting his chest:“Lord, please rest assured,A few small things don’t require the Venerable to do anything,You just have to show up in public at the right time,I will fix the rest。”