He was really watching Zhonghua sleeping just now,Can’t bear to disturb,Then wake up now,As usual,Naturally, we need to check,So he stopped and prepared to wait for Zhong Hua to finish calling and ask。

Zhong Hua greeted the 18th generation ancestors of the person who called,No call early or late,Call me at this time!
He pretended to be confused,Rubbed his face with both hands,Head still tilted,Then take out the phone,Took a look,It’s Lao Fan。
Lao Fan is asking him to die!
(End of this chapter)
Chapter nine hundred and ninety six Arrested
He once again greeted the eighteenth generation ancestors of Old Fan,Just connected。
Old Fan on the phone said:“Old clock,What surrounds you now is the net of heaven and earth,You can’t escape,I also thought about it,As long as you come,How about the 50 million and our 46 points,You six me four,The big head counts you!”
That anger in Zhong Hua’s heart,What are you telling me at this time?,I want to give you four or six points!
“Sorry,I disagree。”Zhong Hua put on a tone of business negotiation,The acting is quite good。
“Sanqi is fine too,You seven me three,Ok?”
Lao Fan took the initiative to lower his worth,Paused,Zhong Hua didn’t respond,Gritted teeth:“Twenty eight,This is the minimum,You eight and two,I want ten million,You won’t connect this……”
“Sorry,I said i don’t agree,Please don’t call me again,Goodbye!”I didn’t wait for Lao Fan to finish,Zhong Hua interrupted him,Still use very business words and tone,Then hung up。
After hung up,He continues to pretend to sleep,The process goes smoothly,Nothing wrong。
But the security guard looked at him from Congzai’s car window,Tao:“This friend,Could you please show me your ID card?。”
This ishSecurity system,So that most criminals have nothing to hide。
Zhong Hua can’t make up this time。
But if he tells his ID number, he will show it directly。