thenAThe entrance opened smoothly,Because Qin Hao’s current human body simulation operating system is simulated by the staff here。

So it’s unimpeded along the way,At this moment,Qin Hao’s brain started to work quickly。
“The language system has been successfully matched for the host,”it’s here,Need to use Alibiya’s native language。
Otherwise Qin Hao spoke,Will be seen。
“The host fully matches the human body simulation operating system,”At this point,It means that the person Qin Hao simulated,Same as Qin Hao now in all aspects。
No matter the pronunciation,Or daily habits, etc.,All exactly the same。
“Sasakara,Is the system operator of the underground base……”
A series of things about this person appeared in Qin Hao’s mind。
“Sasha Kara died an hour ago,No one knows now。”
Qin Hao didn’t expect,This system is so smart,Arranged for him a seamless identity。
He is not afraid of meeting a real person now。
So Qin Hao walked around the underground base。
have to say,Somebody’s identity,It’s very smooth in the underground base。
No one doubted him,But he was stopped when he entered the material warehouse。