“Night,younger generation”

Zhengxiang is red,Small channel:“Senior senior,The late generation is nothing.。”
He didn’t know that Liao Jie said is true.,Can be,World’s never,There is always one in cases。
Start,He doesn’t believe that there is land god in the world.,The result is true,Also wear a word drag,Also like to eat bubble noodles。
This can happen this way,The Buddha is not a mahjong bureau.,so,Don’t add this little Shati.,The self-touch of the yellow Buddha is to force it.。
anyway,This land god is not because of playing mahjong.,Great to the Buddha,I realized that I came to the palm.?
If so,The card addiction of the Buddha is not small.!
The predecessors of the sky said,Their palm fierce spicy,Conducted,Hosting
Zhengxin bowed standing around us,Calculate the Buddha better,Go back and get angry with mahjong skills,Surface is moving,Just asleep。
“Fault,One delay my time,Be late, I will report your name.。”
Liao Jie lights,Turn away,Two steps stop,Serious road:“Suddenly think of a thing,Rate is big in the day,I am ready.,Don’t lose your life.。”
“Senior dare to ask,What is big??”Chang Chongzi asked in the right time。
“Unclear,Last times,Who listening to the door of the wall,At that time, there was a touch of Dongfeng.,There is no listening。”
Liao Jie is helpless:“Later, my night view,One night of romance,really,The mystery is a deceptive,My generation is still in practice.。”
“If you care,Go back to find a few days telescope,May not see what。”
It is not a land god,Speak,They also can’t understand these fartings.。
“Wait a moment,senior。”
See Liao Jie to finish,It seems to go smoothly,Rong Yuyi carefully wings:“senior,That land”
“Yes,Who is it not?。”
Rong Yuyi wiped the amount of hard sweat,Expression of stiffness:“The late generations know that the mildew bead is the foundation of the former,Can be joined from thousands of years,Not a local person,There is a teacher waiting for the family.,Now the female magic,I want to go back to tell the news on her.,I also hope that the seniors borrowed the mildew。”
You still have a teacher,Be no early!
“It turned out to be like this”
Liao Jie touched the Pakistan,Deeply:“really,The leaves are still needed,What’s more, you a big living?,Fasting is endless。”
“Thank you for your seniors.!”
Rong Yuyi,The land god seems to be a spicy,Similar to the evil part,In fact, it is still very reasonable.。
“But you will fall into a foreign land.,It is not a poor road to fall into the countryside,What do you talk to me?,Is it related to me??”
Rong Yuyi stunned,Liao Jie next to it can’t see it.,Top of land gods,Fearless:“senior,The so-called person returned to the saint,Where is the play?,It’s just a kite that is smashed.,This line is a hometown,broken,Kite is gone。”
“Senior rally,Let one person return to the hometown,Who is not?”
“You can say music.,Then I don’t have a face!”
Liao Jie snorted,Look at the eyebrows,Silently a bit,Gringer:“No home,You don’t help her.,See your baby’s behalf,Nothing is bad,No one is giving together。”
Rong Yuyi cheek is red,If you really don’t go,By the predecessors say。
Liao Jie shook his head,See Yuri Xiaoyang Many White,Language long explanation:“Jade is not misunderstood,Can stay with you,I am naturally happy,It can be said,My peach flower is a bit flood,Because I won’t refuse girl children,Have a few red knowledge,Not a good choice,You will only delay yourself with me.。”
“simple,Take those red faces,You don’t go to your hand.,The poor road can be handled。”