But look at their secrets of God,Murong9Some disfused,Be unlikely……

And the wood is in a hurry to stand up.:“Injuried?how come……So dangerous?I have to go see it.!”
“Sister!Don’t tell you!Although there is a risk when working,But Chu Da Ge must be a solution that has already been solved.!”Lin Ping has recently been really some“Stand up”,Also reprimanded two sentences in Yue Lingshan。mobile phone\end Remember a second《24kwx》Give you\Wonderful novel\read
Some feelings are true,Let Yue Lingshan said,maybe“Home”The thing is to expose,Lin Ping is nothing,Anyway, I didn’t practice.,But it is necessary to give Lin Yuanchao.。
I heard Lin Ping.,Wooden Face:“Then you are careful,If you are too dangerous, don’t practice it.。”I didn’t have to follow。
So after the meal, only Lin Ping entered the Room of Chu Deirers.……
Chu Deirers come in,Throw a few papers to him。
“what?Chu Da Ge,This internal work……”Lin Ping’s rough looks now,It seems that some doubts。
“and《Evil spirits》Very big?Bigger!This is a martial arts that can imitate other real gas.,If you can truly practice,Anyone in the world,Everything is pushing up……But you are sure to practice,So this is what I help you change.‘Evil’Version!”Chu Deirers said it is big.。
《Evil spirits》To practice without injury,Need to pass two difficulties,One is the abnormality at the time of practice、Second, the exception is。
Part 2,As long as you use“Tianshi”,Can avoid past,Although power should weaken,But can also accept。
However, the first part is not,Only a place where I am walking,Come to practice evil spirits,What is“no”Instead of“Don’t go”,This also jumps directly,That is almost the same as the woman’s practice.,Two rigory。
Chu Deer is a direct chaotic analog,But“Chaotic work”if,Even if the Chu Deirers are willing to teach,Also there is a martial art、Add a sense of inevast,Secretary,It is possible to practice。
After all, I sent martial arts.,Originally, there is more qualifications,and“Chaotic work”It is based on Xiaoyao Wu。
Lin Ping’s qualifications are not bad,but……Don’t say“Chaotic work”,original《Unhappy》Nothing hope!
So the Chu Deiren used an afternoon.,Write one《Small chaotic work·Evil evil》,Before essentially approaching《Small chaotic work》?However, the entry is much easier than before.?At the same time, it is like this.,This“Puppet·Small chaos”?It can only imitate“Evil spirits”。
Just like a set of answers?Naturally, it is necessary to have more knowledge.。
After all, the cultivation of evil spirits,It is not difficult to?Just the cost of the front condition is very big.。
Chu Deirers are fully grasped under the basis,It is not difficult to write a limited version.?Exchange other martial arts?There is no practicality in this qualified version.,After all, I imitate it.,After all eight9Result。
And if not《Evil spirits》It is not difficult to,This limiting version will not be as simple as it……
Chu Deiren explained the principle to Lin Ping?And the road:“This martial arts?have《Congenital strength》Charm,So before Xiao Cheng,Congenital gas can’t lose,It is best to get in the room.,Don’t break it easily。”
Chu Deirers said?Look at the direction of the window,I asked more.:“Before you and your sister……Not yet?”
“No no!”Lin Ping heard?I quickly shake my head.。
I only listen to the window.,After that, the footsteps are gradually far away.——And two footsteps!
Obviously Yue Lingshan and Mu Qingqing?Come and sneak around,The result was ashamed by Chu Deirers。
“In addition, during success?Also affected?Must use this method?Avoid these meridians and acupuncture……”Chu Deirers will“Tianshi”Also taught Lin Ping。
In fact, in terms of cultivation difficulties,Evil definition and the lack of the sky,It’s not easy.,Even more than direct cultivation《Evil spirits》It is still more difficult。
Cultivate both,exchange《Evil spirits》Eight9Result,Comprehensive consideration,That is, it is not full、Effect of first-class martial arts——Muku complement of Chu Dee,I can also say something,Own grade。
Evolution of cultivation,Also important metrics,Like the Chu Deirers Multiple Integration、These exercises are being used,Basically, it is difficult to define,The effect is natural, it is also extracted in peerless martial arts.,However, the difficulty of cultivation is too high.,Other people,Value is actually not big。
《Evil spirits》、《Sunflower》,Even all kinds of boy,It is also difficult to measure,In the eunuch,It is definitely a peerless,I have to be my heart.……By people!
“Unfortunately, this,There is no effect when you start getting started.……”Lin Ping’s slightly regrettable。
But immediately Linping’s own correction:“Chu Dage rest assured,I don’t want to swear about it for a moment.!”
Be right,《Evil spirits》There is also a benefit,It is the home of the hometown,Successful cultivation、Internal and external interruption,Skill can“Get rope”a bit,But Chu Deirers“Harmonious version”,Needless you need to be home,Naturally, there is no effect。
“In fact, it does not necessarily。”Chu Deiren heard,Sink。
Lintong shocked Chu Da Ge——Could not……Chu Da Ge is so embarrassed to himself?
“As far as I know,This weight,It is a vein feedback after disconnecting this part.,If the method is proper,Fully simulate……Maybe you can use the meridians of others,A similar effect!”Chu Deirers pursue the road。
This part is that the Chu Deirers have not thought about it.。
However, in theory,If it is a part of the meridians,use“Tire”Suck,Then before it affected himself,use《Evil spirits》Magma,Will this part of the meridians“Chop”,It should also be similar effects。
certainly,This is only theoretical,How to implement,There are still many details。
“Chu Da Ge!If there is any way,I can try it first.!”Lin Ping immediately said。