Face panicked:“You are still the first time.?”

Lu Haokai has become a little bad.,Norganic look at Gu Anan,This is a big trouble.。
He never provoked a woman like this。
Gu Ai’an sad pupil,Some somewhat looked at the red plum,A strong desperate,There is still tears in the eyes,But more and more。
Knocking outside。
Lu Haokai’s heart,I am not jumped by myself.,He instantly annoyed,Unreasonable fire,Brow,Roar:“What’s up?”
“Two young masters,Lu always makes you in the past,Miss Gu is also in the past。”
Lu Haokai,It is the voice of his father’s secretary Liang Wei,He is a tight,Why do they know??
He took a minute,Let your own calm down。
But,There is still no countermeasures in my mind。
She has to get up and bathe,Go to the door of the bathroom,He turned back,Looking at it, still in the sadness,I know that her first is left to Lu Haozheng.,He is not a taste,He wrinkled。
Cold channel:“Wear clothes,For a while。”After finishing, I entered the bathroom.。
When two people appear again in Lu Wei, they were already half an hour.。
Seeing the parents of both sides,The two moments are uneasy.。
Gu Xihong’s anger treated Lu Haokai,The sharp looks on the mall,Map:“Lu Haokai,Hello big courage,Dare to dare to move my daughter。”
Gu Xihong’s words,Let Gu Ai En-hearted a comfort。
Dad usually very cold to her ,Tonight is for her,For Lu Haokai,She finally felt a warm warm。
tonight,what is the problem?
Lu Haokai’s glitter,One by one is full of everyone’s face,When falling on his own father’s face,See the father’s face,He is afraid of him in an instant.。
His hands in hand,Swallow vomiting:“Gu Bo,I,I don’t know what is going on here.?”
NS170chapter:I was also shocked at the time.

NS170chapter:I was also shocked at the time.
“Come now to shirk responsibility。”Gu Xihong, looking at him.,“Lu Haokai,Do you really feel that our Gu family is no one??”Gu Xihong angry roar。
Although he doesn’t like the righteous woman who is adopted by his wife.,But crowned their household names,It is the person of their households.,In front of the outside,Never allow it to be spoke to others。
His blue blue,He always believes she is still living in this world.,One day will return to their side。
I think of my daughter,Gu Xihong is like a piercing pain,If the blue is still,Their family must be very happy。
Blue blue is very cute,I will seriously care about people.,He goes home every day,Just see the daughter powder dump and happy smile,He is exhausted one day,Instantly disappear。
Qin Ningyi,Smile:“Overall,look,Things have also happened,Now blamers who are late,Then,This thing is a slap in his capture.,Do you still have to discuss it?,How to solve this thing?”
Gu An’an Unbelievable tears looked at Qin Ning,How can she say this?,this matter,It is she arranged.。
Finally, it turned her son.,She really doubts,She is not intentional.?
“Lu Bu,you”
“Anan,I know that you are wronged.,But things have happened,Everyone is an adult,Things always have to solve。”Qin Ning smiled and looked at Gu Ai’an,Interrupt her words,That looks。
Gu An An instantly has a dumb to eat yellow,I can’t say it hard.。
She feels her heart,There is a kind of power in the rising recovery,A pain,Quietly crawl over the whole body,One of the cells that bite her body,Her pain, she is slightly curled up.。
Her beautiful face,Red halo,Bright eyebrows,Holding hands together。
She is a piece of chess that will be abandoned by Gu Jia at any time.,now,She can only marry Lu Haokai,At least,She still has a little use。
Looking at Mom and Dad don’t talk,Two brothers are also silent sitting,She can only strive for her own。
Her mouth is difficult to pull out a touch of faint smile,Gentle:“That Lubu wants to do what to do?I am awakened,The people lying around are Lu Haokai,I was also shocked at the time.?”