Farm in Jingnan Changsha,Sneeze……

I found someone in the year.“Flower chief”,Now“Short-term”NS?
“It is difficult to die?That is still inviting the moon and the pity star two palace owners……”Wanchun flow is obviously not wrapped in。
Chu Deiren heard a patted table,Anger:“Yes!Be too university!What do you do for a child??Isn’t it the feeling of cracking??I don’t know if he is not forgetting to Jiang Feng’s little white face.!Waiting for me to meet her,Be sure to say some!”
Wanchun is still thought that Chu is going to play with himself.,Just want to mighty can’t succumb,As a result, he did actually say this.,Instinctive:“Not、Not……”
Wanchun flow is guess,It’s not an medium.,Chu Deirers rushed on white:“Why not?Don’t say it is you,I have long seen this.!No need to persuade,I will never let go of her.,Always don’t forget Jiang Feng!”
“what?what……”Wanchun’s eyes are a bit emptied……Is we discussing this matter??
“That `s a deal!”Chu Deirers said that they can’t help but refute,Then I turned and asked:“Is that waiting for the dragon mountain?,If you have a million god doctor, go to the pity.?”
When did I promise??
But after watching the Chu Deiren, I saw it for a while.,Wanchun sighs:“it is good,However, meridians injury,There are different conditions,The old man is trying to。”
One is a Chu Deirers saved the little fish,Two to Wanchun,Three……After all, it is a pity star.,Not inviting the month!
Wanchun is still thinking about it at this time.,I want to change to Yan Daxia here.,I will definitely ask him to shoot.……
Chu Deirers are also curious,Real Yannan Tian,Didn’t flow together with Wanchun,That is where to hide?
However, I didn’t make doubts.,Solver Wanchun, knowing that hences broke the plan of Yannan Tianhe Lu Zhongyuan,Heart will add tension in the heart。
Chu Deirers thought about it.,This has not used the love of the Fuyang Wangfu.——It is not considered Zhao Min.“ransom”?Can’t count it.?
After leaving the ruling hall,Chu Deiren returned to the inn,I found a lot of people stared at you all the way.……
Although it is hidden,What is dressed,But most of you have no hidden walking——Obviously the sound of the Longshan Villa,and……God Hou also take it in this,That is to monitor him!
It seems at least on June 15、Before the heart wakes up,Zhao ignored the absolutely dare to relax and vigilant against any wind in Beijing.。
Chu Deirers,It is also“Awareness”Can you safely。
Therefore, I received a book of Murongjiu sent from Xiaohong at night.,It is also to write to the Chu Deer.,Waiting for the next June 15th。
Chu Deirers are very understanding,But at this time in the county,Murongjiu is already drunk gold branch——Yun Luo knows that you can’t find Chu Deirers in these days.,Can’t blame 驸 驸 谎,The result is under the nine anger of Murong、Pressing the knees,piaHomemaster……
The two noisy all night!
In the middle of the people,Slightly alarmed……
God also gets a message the next day,I learned that Yun Luojie is a fierce quarrel with the horses.!
Thirty thousand in the room,After watching the communication, he said:“It seems that Yunli County is the Chu Deirers.,Still?If not Murong is copying,Once they meet them,Maybe a variable。”
“different,Yun Luo knows that he is a false marriage,Naturally, it will be repeated,Cute deer people don’t know,How can ordinary men accept?”Zhao Tie said very reasonable.。
If you don’t know how to Murong,In other perspectives,At this time, Murong Fu and Yunli fake marriage,Extract、Balance of Cao Zhengyu,Among them, Murong has already turned his face.、Gossip,Yun Luo and Chu Deer have also similar to the road。
And in God Hou and Thirty Thousands,Chu Deirers have also counted,Start alienation、Contact with royal family is cut off——This is also the effect they want to achieve.!
So the Chu Deirers,The county households have quarrels,It is estimated that it is speculated that Yun Luo wants to see Chu Deirers.,But by Murong!