Dormant for half a year,Although Ermee City has also found enemy attacks and harassment,But for stability reasons, it wasn’t just a shot to defeat the army.,No chase。

And matters in the city have basically stabilized,Ready to conquer the war。
This time their movements are very big,Including Guya City,Four thousand troops came out,Attack the four cities that have harassed them and are close。
Each city is a brigade of one thousand people,Nelson、Dia(Disciple of Wright)、Lyon(Deputy leader of the bear mercenary group)、Linda(The head wife of the bear mercenary group)Led by four,Respectively attack the four nearest cities around。
There are not many people in each brigade,Can’t stand the strength of the army commander。
Nelson is the ninth-level peak powerhouse,Lyon and Linda are also eighth-level fighters!As for Wright’s disciple Dia,His vindictiveness has reached the seventh level,The real combat power is comparable to ordinary level eight fighters。
These ordinary towns,Even if you can have an eighth-level fighter。
And this is just superficial strength,Nelson is pretending to be a level 9 monster‘Kuroko’,Behind Dia is his teacher Wright,Linda is accompanied by Cecilia。
As for Lyon,Although there is no sanctuary strong to hide,But with‘Bear Mercenary Group’Old team,Nearly a hundred elite mercenaries,Plus the Elek at the ninth level,Although the strength is weaker than the others,But can easily capture a small city。
“stop!”Nelson raised his right hand,Shout out。
Suddenly all a thousand soldiers stopped,Everyone looked at the tallest figure in the front center with admiration。In you‘General’in,Nelson is undoubtedly the best at leading soldiers。
Soldiers training,They also train。
The soldiers are running with weights,But Nelson is practicing his thunder sword,His swordsmanship can be regarded as a level of weight lifting。The soldiers of the Great Bear City naturally adore their leader more and more。
“Les,Listen to me。”Nelson yelled。