Liao Wenjie sighed outside the window,Confirm that both blood ghosts are indeed in millions,Feel:“I used someone to tell me.,Just need logic,Reality is not available at all,I will believe,Now it seems,Reality is indeed full of absurd leaves。”

Endless,Where is this feeling??
Nine Uncle is unclear,Also unused,Pointing the black cloth bag on the bed:“Everything is given to you.,Hurry up,We divide three packets。”
“Not urgent,Waiting for the sky and then say。”
“Why is Dianliang??”
“Nine uncles,Say you may not believe,The two vampires are being……”
Liao Wenjie said that the vampire has a problem that obsessive disorder.:“Don’t don’t believe,I also feel unbelievable at first.,Can be placed in front of you,Do not do not believe。”
“So there is such a throwing thing……”Nine uncle feels for a long time。
“Jiege,You intend to let two zombies continue to millions,Wait until the sky,When they are ready to leave, they will do it again.?”
“Be right,This is safe,Even if you play,We can also steadily occupy the day,Vampire is nightlight,The most feared is the sun。”
Speaking of which,Liao Wenjie turned to the nine uncle:“Nine uncles,Don’t mind,Don’t believe your business,But in case。When I was lasting in Ren Fu,Zombie tangent,We didn’t catch up with,This time I can’t repeated it.。”
“I understand。”
Nine uncle nodded,Liao Wen Jie is reasonable,He naturally does not refute。
Three people scream,Standing on the window to see the blood ghost,This is half an hour.,Seeing two vampires, the more happy, the more happy,Autumn is so big,I have never seen such a boring person.。
“They are not people.,From the perspective of biology,Follow certain nature of nothing,Even if the wonderful。”Liao Wenjie replaced the copper roller armor built on the black cloth,And then black cloth,Be careful outside。
Cooller is sent by Wen,A total of two sets,Qiusheng and one person。
“Ager,Where are you going??”
“Go to the dormitory of women,Suddenly think of,This group of women is too small to be too small.,In case the movement,We will waited tonight.。”
Finish,Liao Wenjie under the eyes of autumn envy and hate,Sneak out of the room。
“Master,Five people,Jiege is alone,Not enough at all.,Would you like me?……Ok,Just when I didn’t say。”
Dormitory,Fiber body film wearing pajamas,Shake the door。Haven’t set foot on the cloister yet,Just after a big hand from behind your mouth,Dark in the dark。
“Don’t speak,it’s me。”
Liao Wenjie no matter the struggle of young girls,Refers to the far floor,Nightlight,Two blurred people,I don’t know what to do。
“Listen,Vampire is on the door.,Don’t want to find them,Talk to the mouth of the mouth。”
Finish,He sees a girl with a girl,Alert again:“I am leaving,But you don’t say,Otherwise, disturbing them,Life is difficult!”
In an instant of Liao Wenjie,Girls hold their mouths,Although the look is panicked but also to obey the words,I didn’t send a little voice.。
“what,Small ring,Oh it’s you。”
Liao Wenjie pointed to the dormitory:“Not talk nonsense,Go in and quietly shouked,remember,one by one,I caught my mouth,You are responsible for explaining clear。”