“A race that has been disturbed by ghosts for tens of thousands of years,Bloodthirsty,Cruel to kill,This race seems to exist to destroy other races。”

Li Tianzhen’s expression is serious,“The truth of Liuyun View is hidden inside,There are all the memories of Xiao Yanda in the soul,But I can’t spare my energy now,Forgot to tell you,There is a scarier guy trapped in the ruins。”
“Scarier guy?!”The instructor and several other practitioners who accompanied them were stunned。
Old man Dong was also shocked,He stared at Li Tianzhen’s eyes tightly,Trying to find out what he wants to see,Finally, he waved his hand not irritably,“Don’t you find any excuses……”
“The reason why I wasted time talking to you,I just want to know twenty years ago,What are the identities of the two old men rescued abroad by the special operations team?,Xiao Yanda has been investigating,Hid for more than 20 years,Think about it,Is it terrible?”
“I do not understand,I only know about the murder of Liuyunguan,There is no explanation for this matter,Don’t blame me turning my face and ruthless。”
“You are very rare practitioners,The vision is far from comparable to ordinary people,So I think things should be more reliable,What is the kinship planning?This matter is more important than the bloody murders you ranted all day long,You won’t understand。”Li Tianzheng turned around and left,The tall war puppet stared coldly at the angry old man Dong,The huge weapon in his hand glows with the unique cold light of metal,That kind of murderous breath represents Li Tianzhi’s attitude。
Chapter nine hundred and sixty four Not exchange
Old man Dong and the few practitioners around him can’t beat the three war puppets.,It was only in vain to scold for a long time,Apply to mobilize advanced heavy weapons?Don’t even think,Not only is the procedure extremely cumbersome and complicated,And the incident must be clear,Sufficient evidence,The purpose must be clear,It’s not just whoever pats the head.,And it makes no sense to Li Tianzhen,It will bring endless troubles。
then,The pressure on old man Dong’s heart has become much heavier,Based on Li Tianzhi’s uncertainty,And there is a new and scarier guy,These two things,Either way is a huge hidden danger,his**I seem to have committed another illness,Looking up at the sky,Watching the boundless darkness rushing toward your face。
“I’ll talk to him in detail later。”Instructor consolation,It seems to be self-recommended,After the awakening, the chance of contact between Li Tianzhen and him is getting less and less,I seem to be far away emotionally,Although still fighting together,But there is almost no time to really communicate,But Liuyunguan bloody case is different,Twenty years ago, it’s even more different,So he has a strong desire to talk to Li Tianzhen,It’s a pity that a more terrifying demon suddenly appeared。
The guy who deserves to make Li Tianzhen so active,Must be terrible,Even surpassed Panmang,Three spatial rifts have not been resolved,Many gods and demons who invade from other worlds are hidden in the world,Is this really the end of the world??Who can break it?
Old man Dong said nothing,Turn around and leave first,Left behind other practitioners to monitor the ruins of the underground palace,He has a lot of clues to clarify,It’s a race against time,Even whether to mobilize heavy weapons with mass destruction is also under consideration,I’ve been busy until late at night before picking up my phone to check,Subordinates will report to him every ten minutes,Nothing happened in the first few articles,There are still countless gnomes digging,He was too busy to watch。
See now,The content of the following dozens of messages has not changed at all,Only the last one is different,The excavation of the underground palace stopped,Those dwarf villains are gone,Everything in the ruins is calm,The instructor went to see Li Tianzhi,Talked for a while before leaving。
Old man Dong just remembered,At the scene in the evening,The instructor once mentioned this to him,He was in a bad mood,Did not answer positively,Unexpectedly, he still insisted on doing it。
Old man Dong suddenly wanted to hear the result of the instructor’s talk,Although he doesn’t know what the result is,So put on a coat,Opened the curtain of the tent,A dark shadow is squatting outside the tent,With a cigarette,Tilt your head and don’t know what you’re thinking,Take a closer look,There is already a circle of cigarette butts on the ground。
“You find me,Why not say a word,Or just come in?”