Everyone clapped their hands and stood up,Ou Jianhua said anxiously:“What are you waiting for,Go chant!”
Chen Xiu hurriedly stopped everyone and said:“Although the mutant beasts on the mountain died in the explosion,The most powerful flying centipedes are in the mountains
599 Can’t say love, don’t entangle
“They have been eating the other day,Estimated to be no less than 30 million shares!”Wang Lan looked at the data analysis on the computer and said。
“Now they don’t have much stock in our company,In the end they will sell short!”
Qin Zhi once again ordered:“The price of ten yuan continues,We want as much as they put。”
While Wang Lan is trading,Chen Xiu asked without shame:“What does this short sale mean?”
“Some big dealers,No stock of our company,Still shouting to sell,This is called short selling。”
“This……Isn’t this illegal?”
“More than a violation,Still breaking the law!”< ------------ 600 Go up to Centipede Ridge Early next morning,Chen Xiu is with the Qin family、Ou's father and daughter、Gong Changchun and Tang Ren boarded Ye Hongfei's private jet together,By noon, I arrived safely at Xiangxi Airport。 Outside the airport, there are already arranged fleets waiting,A fleet of more than fifty luxury cars is heading for Miao Village。 The road from the county town to the Miao Village is still difficult,By the time Chen Xiu and the others arrived at Miao Village again, it was already 6 o'clock in the evening.,It's dark all around,There are still diesel generators left by them in the Miao Village for lighting。 “Is it Centipede Ridge over there?,Let's go up the mountain now!” Moonlight at night,Ou Jianhua only saw the fuzzy outline of Centipede Ridge in front of Miao Village,He is impatient ------------ 601 Rain and dew